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As of the most recent June 5th Direct, five more new Pokémon were introduced. Do you have plans to use any on your team?

EDIT: As of the June 11th Nintendo E3 showcase, even more new Pokémon were introduced!


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I think its too soon still for me to decide who is going to be on my team especially since I liked every Pokemon that was announced so far! They're definitely all on my list of potentials though so we'll what other Pokemon are announced before I start trying to decide. If anything I'll play the game like I did last gen and not really go in with a team in mind and just develop a team while I play.
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Grookey's final evolution's typing will influence who else gets onto my team as I usually want to avoid too much overlap. That rules out Gossifleur already. And though Wooloo is cuteness itself, I don't usually have a permanent Normal type on my team.

I do plan on only using new Galar pokemon or Galarian forms, but I think it's too early to commit to anything other than my starter just yet.
My hypothetical Galar team:
Rillaboom, Toxtricity, Grimmsnarl, Coalossal, Polteageist, Frosmoth

Type combos I desire:
Grass / Fire
A real Grass / Electric
A proper Grass / Rock
An actual Grass / Dragon

yes i like grass type what of it


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Posted 2 Hours Ago
Like others have said, it's too soon to decide. The final starter evos will definitely play part in how I'll shape my team, as will other evos and what other pokémon are available.


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I'm definitely going to use some of the new Pokemon. For now, I'm thinking of something like this:
-The starter
-Eldegoss (unless I end up picking Grookey)
-Drednaw (unless I end up picking Sobble)

Not sure about the other team members. Maybe my final team will only have new Pokemon and new forms of old Pokemon like my Pokemon Moon team, but I could throw in some Pokemon from previous generations.
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So far I have only my starters decided, Scorbunny for Sword, Sobble for Shield and my wife is picking Grooky her first run on Shield. Other than that, While my wife definetly will be, I'll probably use a Corviknight.

Besides that I have no idea. After E3 I'm basically going to dissapear from the internet to try and not spoil all of the new Pokemon or much of anything else. Only thing I'll keep an eye out for is the final evolution of the starters but besides that I'm going in more or less blind and building my team as I play ^^ but I hope for an accessible Dragon Type somewhere around the 5th badge so I have the time to train it for the E4 ^^


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Corviknight looks pretty lit, I can definitely see myself having one somewhere on my team. I think it would go well with Scorbunny as my (potential) starter too.

We'll just have to wait and see though. :)
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Posted August 7th, 2019
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i'll be using gossifleur for my grass-type since i'm already set on choosing either sobble or scorbunny for my starter.


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I know I'm using Corviknight and Grookey, but everything else is pretty much up in the air.


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I may catch as I go, and switch out teammates as my journey goes along, so there's a good chance that Wooloo and Eldegoss will be on my team at least for some period of time. Whether or not they make it to endgame is a whole other matter that I likely won't know the answer to until I'm actually there.


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Yes! I'm hella having bitey boy on my team. Pokemon that are "relatively difficult to tame" are just my aesthetic!
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I'm using 3 Yamper and 3 Wooloo


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On my first playthrough of new games, I only use new Pokemon. I don't think that'll change anytime soon. Corvinight is definitely on my list.



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with new regions, i always use a full team of new pokemon on my first playthrough. right now, i have no definite party members aside from my starter which is probably gonna be the bun bun........unless final stage bun bun is ugly then pass
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I always make it a thing to only use the new Pokemon in initial playthroughs, with priority placed on ones that weren't revealed at all. It's definitely too early for me to completely decide a team, though I usually think about it as I play. Though I'm team Sobble for sure, and Corviknight looks CLEAN, so I might pick it up too. The rest, I'm not sure. Might save one for the legendary, as I typically do.
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