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Showcase A Sunfishy Gallery Page 7

Started by Sunfished January 28th, 2014 4:38 PM
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The Maddest Shaymin

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Your style is PERFECT for these little fakemon. They all look great the way you draw them. And your humans have such a nice flare to them. I can't really describe what about them makes me like them, but they're just really pleasing to the eye. I just love it all!

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Those trainers captured that unique Pokemon artistic design so, so well. I'm really impressed with how accurately you replicated it while also making it distinctly your own. 10/10 as always Sunny!!


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Thanks yall! Almost forgot I had a thread ;;

nothing major to update but im currently redesigning some of my older designs to get them up to par with my newer designs. many more incoming later once i figure out which ones get the chopping board ;;

and a doodle of my oc
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