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as of right now

Started by Her July 16th, 2019 5:26 PM
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how clean is your room on a scale of 1 to 10
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lmfao, 3, the room i share with my siblings is an absolute mess.
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Posted 10 Hours Ago
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it's fine. it could stand to be cleaner of course and that's definitely on the "to-do" list, but as long as it's not a hot mess that's all that matters to me


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Most likely a 9. My bed is made, as it always is. Nothing is on my desk (other than my makeup brushes, of course). All of my clothes are folded and put away properly, or hanging in my closet. And the rest of my room is organized and mostly spotless.

The only issue is that my bedding may be slightly creased and I left a bracelet on my headboard along with a plastic Starbucks cup.

So all in all, it’s quite impeccable as one would expect. I am a clean freak, after all!


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Posted 6 Hours Ago
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Probably a 5-6


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Like a 3
It really needs cleaning but it's not toxic yet and some of the mess is currently unavoidable.


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Bed is unmade. The place is cluttered, very packrat-looking bedroom today. There are books everywhere, covering my table and not put back in place on the shelf. I have boxes from packages I received in the mail stacked in the corner of the room instead of in the recycling bin. I have my handbag hanging on the knob of the door and not in the closet. The water should be changed in the vases of roses. My floor needs a good sweep as these are wooden floors, not carpet, so nothing is hidden from the eye by patterns. My dog is a chronic shedder. He is a snow-white dog so his fur stands out against anything, but especially a dark hardwood floor. So if you don't sweep of mop for a day or two you will see strands of hair. I have dishes from tonight's dinner still sitting on my nightstand asking to be washed, but I haven't pulled myself away from the computer yet. Clothes and lingerie are draped over the bed that need to be taken to the laundry. I do have the dignity at least to scoop the cat's litter box 2-3 times a day or as needed, but it is time for the wooden enclosure (a cat-sized house) to be hosed down, disinfected and made to look like new again. I even see a cobweb at the window from not using the duster in a while! It looks like the bedroom of a Sam on days where she has been too busy for proper housekeeping.

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My desk is completely disorganized, bed is unmade, I have a lot of things over my piano keyboard that should be elsewhere, most of my clothes are unfolded. I can still move without much issue here and at simple sight it doesn't look that disorganized though.
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I forgot but I would rate my work desk a 6. Could be better. Things are rly out of place but defs could be better.


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Posted 20 Hours Ago
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a nuclear bomb explodes in my room every hour, turning it into a mess


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Like a 3. It’s organized chaos but chaos nonetheless.


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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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errr I currently live abroad until November and share a flat, I suppose the main room is uh. 8-9?? cleaned it very recently

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i'd say my bedroom is probably an 8 or 9 - we don't typically let it get messy. my office, however, is probably...a 5 or a 6? i could definitely clear up a few more things from my desk and clean out my drawers. the house in general typically stays pretty clean, though. we don't like letting things stay messy.
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Posted October 13th, 2019
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like, a 6 or 7. it's pretty clean for the most part. mainly because i am always cleaning up trash after my little sister who's 14. constantly clean up after her so the bedroom isnt messy. other than that though, the bedroom is clean. i just have a lot of stuff under my bed and so does my sister but those things are important to me so yeah.
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My room is a 10 at best and a 9 at worst, when I have tissues and leftover earplugs on my bedside and so on. You could consider messy the pile of currently-reading magazines and books on my desk but that's part of the environment -they need to go somewhere- and they get sorted as soon as I finish them. Otherwise, everything is as clean and ordered as humanly possible -bed made, dust dusted, consoles arranged, books placed by genre- without being obnoxious- I have a comforter in a chair next to my bed in case I need it and doubling as a seat, for instance. Clothes are either in my wardrobe or in some hangers behind my door, shoes ordered next to my bed, etc (other than home clothes/pajamas, which I tend to leave on my spare chair).

It's all very methodical.


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Posted 5 Hours Ago
Probably like a 7.5

It's not messy at all, I don't really ever let that happen. But I was never one of those make the bed everyday, dust frequently sort of people, and spending your whole working hours cleaning doesn't really make you feel like doing even more cleaning on top of that. Could use to vacuum the floor though.
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Posted 21 Hours Ago
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Around a 9 typically. I have a whole house to take care of and I generally don't include the basement in this assessment (particularly the back, oof), but aside from the back, I'd say the whole house is around a 9. Laundry's mostly all done, kitchen is clean, floors vacuumed, things are getting dusted, everything is in it's place, etc. But I'm rarely satisfied with how clean my house is, so while some might put it at a 9.5 or a 10, I'm usually hesitant to go that high.

But I'm pretty proud of how clean it is now, so I'll give it an 8.5. Floors need shampooed, bathroom floor and curtains need to be cleaned, the basement floor needs a steam mop, the office (my partner's space whose cleanliness is around at 2 or a 3) is gross and I'd prefer to keep the door shut, and the turtle's filter needs cleaning.

But with 2 dogs, 3 cats, a lizard, a turtle, and 2 humans, I'd say the house looks and smells pretty dang good.
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An 8 I would say because I have a bad habit of leaving my pants laying around but thats all.


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Dani California
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Like a 3 or 4. Bed unmade, loads of old books and VHS tapes pushed aside, notebooks and papers all over the place, my desk unorganized, clothes lying around...

I do dust the floor and such every couple days, but no matter what there will always be hair and cat fur everywhere oof.

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Posted 16 Hours Ago
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Mine is an 8 right now but I haven't actually cleaned it in a few days. I typically keep my room very tidy but a few of my clean clothes that I have yet to fold have piled up on my desk
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