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My Starter is Shiny!

Started by Palamon July 18th, 2019 9:00 AM
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Have you ever gotten a Shiny Pokémon starter in your Pokémon games? Not via trade, btw. Just selecting normally!

I have maybe once when I played Emerald. I got a Torchic randomly. But, I didn't save the game because I remember I had a really good team on my current Emerald. To this day, I really regret this! This was my first shiny starter Pokémon, and I was a silly kid. I mean, I had sentimental value because I had a Sceptile I loved, but still. I'm sure I'd have made many shiny hunters mad if they heard this. (Please don't be mad at me, shiny hunters.)
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Surprisingly, I have not. I say surprisingly because I have played through so many Pokemon games so many times. Figured I would have gotten one by now! Might reset for a shiny Torchic in Emerald though.


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I could've sworn I had one shiny starter at some point, but maybe that's just false memory. I certainly would've recalled such a thing, so I'm going to go with no.

Would be interesting to see how long it would take via soft-resetting before I got one, though!



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i've never gotten a shiny starter on my own unfortunately. i've hatched an egg maybe or gotten some through trades? but i've never gotten one just on my own. i tried sring for a treecko once but ultimately gave up.
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By chance no. Well I’ve never intentionally restarted my game 1000s times until I’ve gotten one either. If it ever happened one time I would absolutely lose it and obviously make them my star player during my play through.
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never starting a new game and picking it as the shiny
I have gotten a shiny Fennekin via breeding for a team
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Ain’t no way my unlucky butt is ever going find a shiny starter lmao.


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by first pick, no. but i have hunted for a shiny chimchar via soft resets back when I replayed platinum last year. and I was actually successful. got it in less than 300 soft resets - I was lucky as hell o.o


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Nope, never got one from a first pick or soft resetting. All shiny starters I got were from trades! Have yet to breed my own. Eventually that Chespin will be home though... ❤️

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