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Ruby [Hack of the Year 2012] POKéMON LIGHT PLATINUM Page 370

Started by Wesley FG October 26th, 2008 1:57 PM
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Allen Ceedos

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Hi there :)

Was playing this game recently and the walkthrough I was using only covers the Zhery region arc. This is the walkthrough I used:

So I typed up a walkthrough which covers the Lauren region. Here's the link to the Notepad doc:

You're free to share the doc and post it to other sites better than Zippyshare, no problem. I hope it helps.
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Posted October 26th, 2019
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I'm not sure what version I'm playing and whether it's Plus or Final, but I know it has some gen 5 pokemon like Lampent and Mienfoo. I was wondering if this game has Mamoswine so that I can evolve my Piloswine? And also if it has Chandelure so I can evolve my Lampent. I saved my game and proceeded to level them up to the 60s to test if they evolved or not and they didn't and just found it odd for them not to have their finale evolutions. Does anybody know?
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