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Love Morpeko's type combination. Electric/Dark was definitely one of my most wanted type combinations up to now. Glad to see it finally happen!

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RAWR RAWR I'M HANGRY! ZZZZZTTTT! Seriously...hangry? Has Gamefreak become hipsters?
Team Yell and their motive? Uhhhh....this is going to be the most messed up story ever!
And Galarian Weezing, may I take your hat sir?
I'm iffy on the trailer tbh.
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.
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I didn't know Pokemon news was coming up today so it was a welcome surprise this morning 😃

I really love that they're keeping the regional form concept. I always felt that it is one that makes sense in the Pokemon world (and something I should have been in the games a long time ago 😜)

Galarian Weezing and Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone look awesome. So nice to have our first Poison/Fairy pokemon. Though I am mad that Galarian Weezing has a second ability because a lot of Levitate Pokemon don't so it seems unfair. Why couldn't Gengar have both Levitate and Cursed Body last gen 😒
Though I am interested what its second ability is since they usually don't hide the abilities in trailers even if it is a new one.
The best surprise for me was Galarian Zigzagoon. Finally a non Gen 1 Pokemon getting a regional form. The coloration looks well on it and Linoone. Then the fact it gets an evolution into Obstagoon. I think that's my new favorite revealed so far. I'm hoping more old Pokemon gets evolutions.

Morpeko being the new Pikaclone is kind of cool. I like that it changes form and is Electric/Dark. The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems to be an actual clone of Pikachu compared to the others. If they had made the brown and black coloration extend all the way to the feet and maybe change the Pikachu yellow to white , it would look better.

The new rivals look pretty cool. I like the clothes Bede is wearing and him having a Duosion. Marnie seems interesting with having her own fan squad in Team Yell. It'll be interesting to see how Team Yell differs compared to Team Skull.


This is fine.

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I am warming up to Obstagoon - the Kiss reference/inspiration is neat. Just seems a bit awkward to always be attacking with its arms folded like that. Poor regular LInoone though - no evolution for it at all? Not edgy enough.

New typing for Galar!Weezing is quite interesting, and I imagine it'd be neat to consider how it goes in the meta.

Maybe the most refreshing thing - region-specific forms NOT restricted to gen 1! Hurrah!

Team Yell is a meh name but I do like how they appear. The new Skull, I suppose. Rivals seems to have some characterisation to them too, that's promising.


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kinda wondering what the "real" evil team is. seems pretty obvious that Team Yell is basically the Galar version of Team Skull, so I do wonder if there's another one that will be revealed.


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Dang, Game Freak really wants me to buy their games. These designs have actually piqued my interest. They know I love strange design choices (Galarian Weezing). The Galarian Zigzagoon looks cool, too. Shame Morpeko looks dumb...

Oh, uh, yeah. The new characters. Team Yell's male members look like Pesci, and while I love Pesci, these guys...don't sit right with me. Bede and Marnie look cool, though.

I only listen to high-quality video game rips.


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Posted September 9th, 2019
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While I am still somewhat disappointed what with all the controversies and stuff, I gotta say I'm really loving the character designs this gen, along with their expressions. Finally seeing older Pokemon get new evolutions made me quite happy. Though the fact that it's exclusive to Galarian Linoone makes me think that it may be a while before we'd see it again after these games. And Galarian Weezing looks like a cross between Doug Dimmadome and a bong, which is too funny for me to hate.

I'm probably more interested in the other rivals than Hop tbh. Bede not only seems like a possible return to a jerk rival in some form, but has that air of mystery to him, like, I wanna know what his other goal is. And it's official, I've found best girl. Marnie is cute af, from design to expressions... That's it, I'm joining Team Yell.

Speaking of Team Yell, I get Team Skull vibes from them. Like S/M, I'm almost 100% certain they're not the big bad, though I can't wait to see the leader use an Obstagoon. I just know they're gonna have one. I do like how they even appear in the background during Marnie's battles cheering her on and distracting you. While we haven't gotten a truly "evil" team in a while, it's pretty nice to have teams with so much character to them. My only gripe is that they're probably gonna be used as an excuse for blockading the player from certain areas if their official site description is anything to go by.

All in all, a pretty nice update. Now where do I sign up to become a Team Yell member?


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Posted August 10th, 2019
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Ilike that Game Freak has decided to include Regional Forms in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Like other people in this thread have mentioned, the concept of Regional Forms makes sense and could probably have been added to the series a couple of Generations ago. As for the Regional Forms that were revealed within the trailer:
-I like Weezing's Galar Form, but I think that a different shade of green or even a different color might have worked a little better for the eyebrows, moustache-beard, and clouds of gas around it. I don't have much else to say against it... though I don't think I'll be able to resist nicknaming it 'Doug'.
-I like Zigzagoon's Galar Form, but I'll have to grow used to Linoone's Galar Form and Obstagoon: the colors look nice, and its a nice reference, but I've never really been a fan of KISS.

Team Yell is probably going to end up in a similar position to Team Skull from Pokémon Sun and Moon, with another organization within the game being the "real" evil team. Perhaps whatever organization(s) behind sponsorship within the Galar Region?
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Poison/Fairy, huh?? That one is going to be interesting. >:)

Happy to see a Linoone evolution! Even if it's only Galarian, that's still a very welcome addition. Also Marnie is ADORABLE my lil' goth princess. :')
I thought so too! I would've guessed Weezing was poison/steel!

So that leak awhile back about Team Yell, Marnie, Bede, and Galarian Formes was real...

Also, LMFAO, the memes this time around for all the new Pokémon are wild.
Morpeko is already being Snicker memed to death, I'm loving it. I also really like Zigzagoon's new forme and final evolution! Neato! Also, maybe this means we really are getting a Farfetch'd regional evolution that was rumored a really, really long time ago? I hope so.
A Farfetch'd is long over due! I hope the rumors are true 😳

I'm not quite... a fan of Galarian Zigzagoon/Linoone yet, but at least they get Obstagoon as a new evolution, so maybe I might need some time to getting used to it. And is it just me, but Marnie seems to give some mysterious vibe?
I think you're right to watch out for Marnie. Definitely seems like she's up to something, I hope we learn more about her backstory.


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Strangely enough, the new regional forms are probably the least interesting thing revealed so far: not that their bad, I just want something new! Or maybe I expected regional forms to be a 1 gen thing like megas were.

Whatever it is, I’m still saving all my thoughts on everything once the real games come out.
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I'm glad the leak about galarian forms is real, and I'm very glad we're getting evolutions for old pokemon. Just those two additions alone has me hyped. If Farfetch'd gets an evolution it's going on my team. I like Weezing, and zigzagoon. I'm indifferent towards Morpeko. I gotta say Marnie is the best design of a pokemon character in a long time, I love her. In fact this whole gen has excellent character designs, I'm truly impressed this time around. Great trailer, I'm looking forward to more false forms.
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Galarian Zigzagoon must be protected at all costs.
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