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What if Pokeballs Didnt Exist Question

Started by Kryptio August 17th, 2019 2:00 PM
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Heh Heh simple you lure the pokemon with food than when it's close enough pounce on it then just keep holding it until the pokemon gets tired then it will stop trying to escape.
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You'd probably just befriend/bond with them, like in Pokemon Conquest where Pokeballs already don't exist.
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pretty much what Palamon said. pokeballs are really just fancy technology to keep pokemon with you, but there's nothing preventing them from traveling with you already provided you have a strong enough bond with them.


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There's plenty of examples of Pokemon who aren't adhered to Pokeballs and are instead bonded through friendship. I'd imagine the case would be the same.


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Keeping some Pokémon around seems like it'll be tough without something to hold them in. @_@ I'd probably only have small mons and try not to evolve them, since depending on their evos they may not fit in the house lol. Or I could move to the countryside and get a ton of outdoor space...

If we absolutely had to have some other items to catch them with though, maybe computer/tech chips? Maybe my mind is going down the path of Megaman EXE and Digimon with that though, lol.
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Dude, you ever see what happens when someone comes out of a pokeball?

Sure, people in pokeballs don't age, don't decay, any physical ailments stop progressing. You can stick someone in and they'll "live" until the end of time. But you can't bring them out again without frying their brains. Nobody's ever been able to store human consciousness in a pokeball. Which is a huge blow to the medical and transportation industry.

It's been tried and tried and tried. Zero success. Every test subject was permanently burned out. Either they're insane, mentally disabled to the point where they can't function alone, or they're totally catatonic.

There's just something about our brain structure and mental makeup that's incompatible with energy storage.

Eventually, every region mutually agreed to ban research and anyone who captures another human in a pokeball is tried on the same level as murder and treated accordingly. Go up to a random Kantoan at the scene of a Pokemon attack and ask why we don't just stick that beedrill-victim in a pokeball until the ambulance arrives and you'll be lucky to get outta town in one piece.


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well those things that rangers have could be useful if there are no pokeballs


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Then we would probably recruit mons using friendship or something.


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THE ULTIMATE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! ( nope, i’m not joking)
WizardOfOdd you are completely correct, I don’t believe that in any offical (we use that term lightly-it is Nintendo after all) timeline, proper Pokéballs were invented, during a time in which we know that People and Pokémon worked together. That’s why AZ is actually important to the storyline, you know multiverse theory.
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I think it would either work like what one person said like they did in conquest, or it'd be like pokemon rangers where they have those top things and you can befriend them that way. That or you'd just have to do like we do in the real world and be nice to them, treat them well. feed them, basically be a good owner of your little pet that could blow fire at you, explode you, electrocute you, or in fighting pokemons case, punch you into the dirt if you treat them badly.
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