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Pokémon Origins of Obsession

Started by Arkianna August 17th, 2019 2:46 PM
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Warning: Mature Content

(Author's Note: This is a story I have written on I'm editting it to be PokeCommunity friendly for you guys!)

Origins of Obsession (Special Edition)

A Unova Story

Chapter 1: A Surprise Encounter

"Excuse me, we're looking for a Pokemon for our young boy. Do you have any suggestions?" an older lady asked a tenant behind the counter. They heard that Floccesy Ranch wasn't just for Pokemon breeding, but they sheltered in Pokemon that were either abandoned, hatched from a returned egg or just plain found roaming about if it was clear that it was originally owned.

"Is he a brand new Pokemon trainer? Or are you looking for one as kind of a pet?" the young man replied. Looking back at her husband, he smiled, placing his arm on the table.

"I guess you could say a little of both. You see, it's for a birthday present to him, and it just so happens that he's turning the proper age to be a Pokemon trainer. Being a retired trainer myself, I know what the standard Pokemon issued to them is, however, I want to get something special for my boy, a Pokemon that really stands out from the rest. Have you got anything like that?" the man insisted very sternly. The gentleman came off as a kind, confident person who wanted the best for whomever he was shopping for. Thinking for a moment, the young man behind the counter smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"I've got just thing! You definitely don't see these around to often, hold on," the young man said as he went to the backyard area. Sitting and playing, all of the Pokemon seemed fairly happy. The Floccesy Ranch prided itself as being the best breeding center as well as a fun place for all Pokemon of all kinds to enjoy. However, the Pokemon that the young man was seeking out wasn't too liked by the other Pokemon.

They couldn't quite figure out why, but there was a young Zorua that was abandoned by its trainer years ago. She was still young, only between 2-3 years old, and she was confirmed to be a pure bred, which was exceedingly rare considering that Zorua weren't common in Unova to begin with. For some reason though, it was like the other Pokemon would pick on it, or even play fight a little too roughly with it, which saddened the staff of the ranch. Seeing that someone was looking for something rare, the young man was overjoyed to know that the poor little Zorua would finally have a home of her own. Zorua did like all the people that worked at the ranch, so it wasn't as if she were a bad egg or anything. The young man walked over to the adorable little Zorua, who was laying and resting in the shade of a tree that sprouted over head.

"Hey, Zorua, wake up. I think we found a home for you," the young man said with a bright smile. The Zorua rub its eyes with its paws before opening them, revealing a pair of beautiful, sky blue eyes that practically glowed in the sunlight. Hearing the word 'home' was all the little Zorua needed to hear for it to quickly hop onto its feet and howl with joy. The young man picked it up and held it close to his chest in a warm hug, since Zorua was one of his favorites. The father's eyes lit up the moment he saw the brilliant looking Zorua come into view and lightly placed on the table.

"This is Zorua. She's a dark type Pokemon and incredibly rare around these parts. She's only a few years old, and was born from a pure breed litter of Zorua. We raised her ever since she first hatched from an egg, so she's very good with people and has been trained to handle its own bodily functions. She's an adamant nature, so she loves berries like sitrus, pinap, and lum and as far as we know she has no medical problems what so ever. Say hi Zorua!" the young man spelled out all of her wonderful traits with pride, letting the couple before him know that she was one of the best they had. Zorua hopped up and down, yelping happily before sitting and looking up at the couple with the happiest of expressions. The couple looked at one another and gave an affirming nod before turning to the young man with a smile.

"Aw look at her, she's so cute!" the woman said, softly petting Zorua on the head. The man removed his wallet from his pocket, ready to throw down any amount money that the young man would bill him with. The young breeder simply shook his head with a smile as he pushed the wallet away from the counter.

"Don't worry about the bill, knowing that this little girl is about to be a new Pokemon trainer's pal is more than enough compensation for us. Please let me know if you have any questions about Zorua in the near future and we'll be glad to help you with her. All we ask is that you provide her with good love and care OK? Also, bring her by sometime in the future, cause I'm gonna miss her!" the young man cheered Zorua on as it happily jumped into the woman's arms, nuzzling into her cheerful with a smile. Zorua finally felt that she would find somewhere she would belong. Ever since her birth, none of the other Pokemon wanted to play with her. She had no clue as to why, but all the other Pokemon looked at her with a sort of fear in their eyes. All that was going to change now that she was headed to her new home.

Keeping Zorua a secret for one day was a surprisingly difficult task. Every chance that she got, Zorua would try to escape and run around the house, so completely full of joy that there was no way she could sit still. That day soon passed however, with the following day being Zorua's special day that she officially became part of their family.

"Wow that's a really big box! Is it really for me?" their kid said with a big smile. His name was Alric, as far as anyone could tell he was a fairly normal boy that had a fairly normal life. Although he didn't get along with others very well from time to time, as far as his parents knew he was a good kid. For the past month he had been marking X's on a large calendar, counting down the days til he was old enough to take his Pokemon trainer's exam. Today was the day when he'd finally begin his new life as a wandering Pokemon trainer, free of rules and able to pave their own way to the life they wanted. The box began shifting from side to, catching young Alric's attention as he approached it. Reaching down slowly, he lifted off the top of the box to reveal the special surprise that he was hoping for.

"My own Pokemon!" Alric cheered as he leaned into the box. Zorua playfully hopped onto his head happily yelping before hopping into the boys arms. Alrics eyes lit up with wonder as he held Zorua close, nuzzling the side of its head affectionately before Zorua did the same. It was this feeling of warmth that Zorua craved, and for the first time in its life, it had a genuine feeling of belonging somewhere.

"Her name is Zorua. She's a very rare Pokemon that has been looking for a new friend, and now, she belongs to you, happy birthday Alric!" Alrics father announced, ruffling Alric's hair lovingly. The month worth of days that Zorua and Alric experienced with one another felt like a dream.

Day in and day out, they would run around and play. From time to time Alric would like to venture into the woods behind his home, which Zorua accompanied him nice and closer to keep him safe. In fact, they had their own little spot around some rocks that they enjoyed taking naps together and talking to one another. For that month, Alric didn't care about becoming a trainer, because he already had his new friend that he had always wanted. It wasn't til the beginning of the next month in fact that Alric decided to go ahead and try to get his trainer's license. His parents soon left the home on a trip around the world for just the two of them. This wasn't so strange in his area and he had lived on his own in the home before for months on end. It just meant more free time for him and Zorua to learn how to battle. However...his parents didn't take into account that they hadn't taught Alric anything about Pokemon battling, not even the basics of teaching their Pokemon to follow commands before leaving on their trip. Without that common knowledge alone, Alric struggled hard trying to figure out how Pokemon battling actually worked. Uneasy and nervous about his test, Alric took Zorua with him to the testing center a town over for him to obtain his Pokedex and license.

Not being the brightest child, Alric took quite a while to do his test. The questions seemed to spin in circles as he tried to comprehend them; it was as if each question led into another which each of them seemingly answering the other. Needless to say, Alric's first attempt at getting his license was a complete failure. Devastated by this fact, he led Zorua home, where he couldn't help but to weep quietly as Zorua laid next to him. Mental and emotional anguish built up inside of Alric as he continued to try and take the test twice a week, which is the most that a person could do. Each time he left with the bitter taste of failure in his mouth. The questions were always changing so that people like Alric couldn't just bite their way through it by attending an infinite number of times.

" I a failure...?" Alric said, sniffing snot from his nose back up into it. Zorua shook her head and rested herself in his lap. She lovingly nudged up against his stomach, forcing a small smile to form on his face.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 2: The End of Innocence

Petting Zorua softly, he wondered if it would be possible to become a trainer without a license. Alric's frustrations from the test would only be doomed to carry over as he began testing Zorua's battling capabilities. Unfortunately for Alric, she had never been in a battle or even seen one ever since she were born.

The word battle was completely foreign to her, which proved to be hazardous to her health. Alric frustrations built up inside for the next month, eventually leading him to the rationality that none of this was his fault. Another week passed, and that's when things really began to change for the worst.

"Come on, are you serious?! I know you can do better than that Zorua! Get up!" the angry sounds from Alric's mouth stung Zorua's ears like nails being hammered in. It was a Pokemon battle set in the backyard of Alric's home, which was the only place he could actually practice such a thing without any restrictions. Zorua struggled back up to her feet as a wild Pidove dove into attack it again. Zorua quickly dodged to the right, causing the Pidove to glide along the ground and back into the air. Alric wasn't very liked by the other kids all around him, mostly due to the fact that he had an awful inferiority complex at this point. It was a result of all his failures that he endured as he struggled to be a trainer.

This anguish grew inside of Alric considerably, causing his treatment of poor Zorua to waver for the worst. Zorua tried to evade another peck but tripped over a root sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard. After the Pidove pecked at it several times it flew off back into the wild. Frustrated from yet another loss to a wild Pokemon, Alric covered his face in frustration, stomping the ground angrily before walking over to the now injured Zorua.

"You're supposed to be strong! It's proven by statistics that a Zorua should be much stronger than a pathetic Pidove, but look at you! You just let it beat you up! Are you stupid or something?!" Alric shouted in Zorua's face like a drill sergeant. Even though Zorua had been trying to battle for the past few week, she still couldn't comprehend the concept of it, which left Alric in complete rage. Zorua huddled up in a ball of fear as Alric left to go back in the house. Sadly...this was actually an improvement over how Alric had been acting; the last time Zorua lost he gave her a strong kick to her stomach after yelling at how worthless she was. Not once in the past few weeks had the poor Zorua been given any form of healing, positive reinforcement, or even love.

Zorua winced in pain with tears in its eyes as it watched various wild Pokemon play with each other at the edge of the woods. No matter how much Alric treated Zorua like garbage, Zorua didn't hate Alric. Instead she hated herself for not doing better for Alric to prove that she could fight on her own. But...all Alric ever ordered Zorua to do was simply to fight. No commands, no structure, just fight and not fail. Zorua wondered why he didn't take notes from Pokemon battles that he watched in his spare time. They would always call out things for their Pokemon to do, but it seemed that he only watched them for the fighting and nothing more. The concept of battle was lost to Zorua as it stood back up, wincing in pain as it tried to make its way to the edge of the woods. Day after day Alric would whine and complain about how he couldn't pass his trainer's exam to be a full fledged trainer, and occasionally, would take it out on Zorua.

Zorua remembered how bright and happy Alric's eyes were when he first received Zorua as a gift from his parents. Zorua were incredibly rare in the area so Alric used to play with her all the time. They would laugh and enjoy each other's company, the things that made friendships happen flowed freely between the two of them.

After failing his last trainer's few trainer exams is when he began to treat Zorua as a tool for battling and not a friend any more. Zorua continually thought it was because he wanted to be proud of her, that she could proved that she could be the best to him, that is what kept Zorua going. What the world would call awful abuse, Zorua saw it as tough love, which clearly wasn't the case.

Alric's parent's never came back, it was as if they had abandoned him, even though they clearly left notes that they'd be back in another few weeks or so. Due to their negligence, they had no clue as to how cruel Alric was becoming, and how it used that cruelty on Zorua. With no guidance either, Alric's cruel advances were simply a product of his frustrations. Occasionally, sitrus berries would fall from one of the trees within the woods, and that proved to be Zorua's only form of real nourishment since she was only fed once day. It was as if Alric was conditioning Zorua to one day become a wild Pokemon with no regard for other Pokemon's safety or well being, which honestly wasn't too far off from his progress with Zorua.

Another night went by, each of them seeming longer than the last for Zorua as it suffered from pain whenever it tried to rest. On rare occasions, a young girl would stroll by in the woods and take care of poor little Zorua. It had been nearly three days since the last visit, but it was well worth any wait. She wouldn't question why Zorua was in as rough a shape as it was in, she would simply use potions and vitamins to try and make Zorua re-energized to try his hardest for Alric again the next day. Unfortunately Zorua was out of luck this night, leaving it to wince and whimper in pain into the night air.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 3: A Taste for Violence

"Hey! Wake up!" the sounds of the aggressive yelling could only be Alric awakening Zorua from its slumber. This form of waking up method was the regular for each day. No matter how many times he had done it to Zorua, the amount it bothered her never changed. As her eyes focused, she look up at Alric in surprise. Alric was standing there with a potion spray in his hand. Zorua perked up as it slowly limped over to Alric, in desperate need of any healing it could get its little paws on. With a few spritz of the potion, Zorua felt her wounds heal and her body feeling restored.

"Listen Zorua, these things aren't cheap. So you better show some progress today to make sure this doesn't go to waste. OK?" Alric half-heartedly encouraged. Zorua let out a pleasing yelp as it ran in circles around Alric's legs. It didn't take much to lift Zorua's spirits as long as it came from Alric. Even the slightest positive re-enforcement seemed to melt all the pain and anguish away, leaving it all as a nasty after thought.

Leading her out of the back yard and onto the street, waiting for them, was another boy around the same age. Unlike Alric however, he had already passed his trainer's exam and had already received his first Pokemon and Pokedex.

"Hey Alric, did you use that potion I gave you on Zorua?" the boy called. Zorua hopped out in front of Alric as happy as could be as it made its way to the street. The boy smiled and gave it a nod.

"Nice! This is the first time I've ever seen a Zorua before! Do you mind if I add its initial data to my Pokedex?" he gawked, pulling out his Pokedex. Alric just glared at the kid; all the things that Alric wanted to be was standing before him, practically mocking him for his failed efforts. After the Pokedex added its base data, he removed a Pokeball from his bag.

"Awesome thanks! Let's see what that Zorua has to offer in this battle, I'm excited to see!" the boy called out, initiating the battle. Alric's glare then fell on Zorua, which caused a temporary shake in her little legs. Zorua felt it's unnerving force like a ray of black light, showering Zorua with feelings of doubt and fear as she faced out at the other trainer.

"Go on, get out there," Alric ordered. Zorua gave a nod and pounced into the street, ready for its very first real Pokemon battle. The boy smirked as he enlarged the Pokeball in his hand. With a toss out to the field the ball shot open. From the bright light formed a Snivy, a common starter choice in the Unova region. The boy gave his Snivy a thumbs up to which the Snivy replied with a full body cheer. It then leapt out in front of Zorua, ready to fight.

"Go get em' Zorua, show him what you've got!" Alric called out confidently as he crossed his arms, putting Zorua in an attack stance. The Snivy crossed its arms and raised its head at Zorua with a superior gaze upon its face. Zorua felt belittled by the Snivy's expression, it was almost like Alric looking down on her in shame. Zorua shook off all these unnecessary feelings in order to try and make Alric happy again.

"Snivy, Vine Whip!" the boy ordered. Zorua watched as the opposing Snivy leapt into the air, shooting out vines from behind its body. Zorua looked back at Alric for an order of any kind but was only met with a cold gaze of disapproval. Zorua grit its teeth in frustration as it dodged one of the vines, only to be struck by the other. Zorua easily shook it off as it readied for an offensive again.

Looking back at Alric, she was met with the same disgruntled expression, clearly reminding Zorua that she was on her own. As the Snivy tried to retract its vines, Zorua jumped up and sank its teeth into it. The Snivy cried in pain as Zorua played tug of war with its retracting.

"Alright if that's how we're going to play, Snivy, Tackle!" barely phased by the pain it withstood, Snivy pulled the vine into itself which launched Snivy forward with incredible speed. With a look of surprise, Zorua's face met with the Snivy's whole body, bashing into her with a small battlecry. Zorua barked in pain, releasing Snivy's vine from its painful bite. The trainer looked at Alric in pure confusion; not once had Alric issued any kind of order or command. He looked down at Zorua with a slight pity in his eyes, he then shrugged it off as he returned his focus on the battle.

"Alright Snivy, let's finish this. Wrap!" The trainer called. Zorua watched as vines once again formed from behind Snivy. Zorua turned her head to Alric in a desperate panic, only to see that he was just shaking his head in disappointment. She then watched as Alric walked away from the battle. Zorua's whole body stood still as he watched his beloved trainer leave him for dead in the battle. Without any struggle, Snivy snapped its vines around Zorua's neck and legs, restraining it. The opposing trainer couldn't believe what he was seeing as he heard Zorua's cries of agony and sadness pierce the sky. The trainer sighed and shook his head in disbelief as he gave the order for Snivy to stop. After returning Snivy to his ball, the trainer walked up to poor Zorua who just laid there in complete shame.

The sight of the poor Zorua, frustrated and angered the trainer, causing him to chase after Alric. Zorua cried softly as she turned to follow the boy moving into her back yard. As the trainer came up on Alric, he gripped his shoulder tightly and spun him around.

"HEY! What's you're problem?! Why did you just abandon your Pokemon during the battle?!" the trainer yelled. Alric just sneered at the kid, looking down at him for acting like a goody goody two shoes. Alric slapped the trainers hand away from him as Zorua slowly walked past the trainer and up to Alric's side, ashamed of its major loss.

"That's none of your business! Now get out of here!" Alric roared at the trainer furiously. The trainer showed no signs of provocation or any flinches from intimidation. He simply shook his head and turned away, heading back to the street. After the trainer had left sight of them, Alric's enraged stare changed its target to Zorua, whose ears lowered shamefully when her eyes met his. A swift kick came out of nowhere, causing Zorua to yelp as it rolled into the middle of the back yard.

"You worthless piece of crap! I've had you for months now, trying to train you while that was that Pokemon's first day with his trainer. Do you know how bad that made me look?!" Alric screamed, causing Zorua to flinch and shake with fear. As Alric approached once more, Zorua felt something snap inside of its mind. All of the disappointments, all of the screaming, all of the abuse, Zorua did her best at everything only to be treated like a piece of trash. As pain clasped her tightly and as ashamed as Zorua was, it's body retaliated against those feelings, screaming to her that enough was enough.

Zorua growled loudly at Alric, tired of never being praised for doing its best, never thanked whenever she would try to comfort him, and every other example of kindness that she was rejected. Zorua suddenly lashed out in a fit of rage, leaping up at Alric and biting down on his forearm as hard as she could.

As Zorua yanked and pulled, her growls growing louder, she noticed something very off on Alric's face. It wasn't an expression of pain, or an expression of anger. What she was expecting was a face of pain and anguish to match the one she had suffered with for these long weeks. No, instead of pain, it was a sick, twisted smile of joy as Zorua's eyes met his. Zorua's teeth unhinged from Alric's arm, causing it to bleed as she stared in confusion.

"Now that's what I'm talking about! Haha! I knew you had it in you!" Alric cheered and laughed. Zorua, in a great fit of absolute confusion, sat obediently, looking up at her Alric. Blood could be seen dripping down Alric's arm as he reached down towards Zorua. Zorua, scared that she had made Alric incredibly infuriated, quickly ducked its head against the ground. Instead of a violent hit to the head, however, it was something that Zorua hadn't felt in some time; it was a soft, petting motion that came from Alric's tyrannical hand. Alric plopped down next to Zorua and began showing it the affection that it had been dreaming for for so long. Zorua felt her eyes fill with tears of broken joy as he proceed to scratch behind her ears. Alric grinned down at her as he gave her hair a little ruffling.

"If you can do that in our battles, I know that you'll win for sure! I want you to remember that feeling you had before attacking me, can you do that Zorua?" Alric asked, his words of kindness began to tread a darker line than that of happiness, but to Zorua, it was all the same. Alric watched the air as a Pidove landed right in front of the two of them, gazing at them before digging for food. Alric gave Zorua's head another pat before raising up into a stand. Zorua looked up at Alric, and Alric looked down at Zorua, a toothy smile filling is now maniacal face.

"Show me what you've got, Zorua," Alric ordered. Zorua barked with joy up at Alric in response. But when Zorua narrowed its eyes onto the Pidove in the yard, they quickly shifted to eyes filled with murderous intent.

Alric couldn't help but to laugh as he watch Zorua tear the Pidove up, barely leaving it alive enough to escape. As it limped away into the woods, Alric walked up to Zorua, giving her more of the love she had longed for for so long.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 4: The Birth of Madness

After the day that Zorua latched onto to Alric's sick desires for battle, the two of them did more training on wild Pokemon. Slowly but surely, Zorua devised patterns of attack that were the most effective for critically injuring, and occasionally, killing her target.

To Zorua, killing and maiming meant that she would obtain more love from her beloved trainer, creating a twisted match equation that she began to live by.

Starting their journey, Alric gave up on the Pokemon exams and tests and decided he would pave his own way to greatness with his now trusty Zorua at his side. Alric began telling Zorua time and time again that winning is everything, and that she needed to do anything to achieve it. It was these words that she began to live by.

"That's it Zorua! Finish them off!" Alric called out into the battle. Zorua smirked as it pounced and tore into Watchog's shoulder with its rabid teeth. As blood was drawn the opposing trainer returned it to its Pokeball. Zorua licked the blood from her fangs in victory as the opposing trainer ferociously eye'd the both of them. Fearing the worst for his Watchog, he felt that his words were well justified as they poured from his angry mouth.

"What the hell kind of battling is this!? Who let's their Pokemon run rampant during a battle? Can you not control it!?" the trainer yelled angrily. Alric simply shrugged his shoulders as Zorua slowly trotted over to his legs and rubbed lovingly against them. Alric reached down and scratched behind Zorua's ear for a job well done before returning his gaze to the infuriated trainer.

"I don't know about you and your Watchog, but I trust in Zorua's abilities. Me and her are in sync with our desires in battle, so their are no need for words between us. It's this bond that allows us to battle without hesitation and without mercy. Barbarous or not, there's always going to be a victor in battle, and we intend to stay victorious. Now, pay up!" Alric laughed walking his way over to the opposing trainer. The trainer growled helplessly to himself as he handed Alric his prize money. Putting his wallet back into his pocket, he spat at Alric's shoes in disgust.

"If you aren't capable of controlling it, it may just turn against you one day," the trainer huffed, turning his back to Alric to move onward. Alric threw on a cocky smirk as he snapped for Zorua to come follow him. As ominous as that trainers words were, it was that very fact that was now bringing them their success.

"That's what I was hoping for," Alric snickered as he put the money into his bag. Moving onward from Eurbank City, Zorua and Alric decided to try and take the Pokemon challenge. Knowing that not having a license would cause them to be refused, the decided to try anyway in hopes of a little luck coming their way.

Both Cherim and Roxie both declined his attempts at trying to battle them, only to meet some very colorful language and arrogance from Alric. Regardless of not being able to battle in any gyms, it didn't stop Alric and Zorua from moving on. With every battle fought, Zorua grew more and more tenacious, aggressive, and relentless. It was all for the sake of her beloved trainer, who was now finally giving her the attention she so desperately desired for so long. At first Zorua wasn't sure about her raw instincts taking over her actions, but the more and more Alric showed her affection, the more and more she let go.

"I'm so proud of you Zorua, we have 15 wins straight under our belts! If we keep this up they'll be forced to let us battle the gyms, and we're going to do it together right?" Alric cheered off to Zorua, rubbing her head once more, making her sound off a happy yelp as they approached the ferry to Castelia City. Zorua and Alric hoped that the third gym leader Burgh would allow them to pass. In truth however, Alric didn't care about the gym leader challenges as much as he let on, no, he mostly just enjoyed watching Pokemon battles turn into near bloodbaths, especially from the monster in which he created.

Watching the other trainer's dismay and their Pokemon's pain is truly what kept him going onward. Zorua of course was none the wiser, as far as she was concerned, these are what normal Pokemon battles were. She figured it was normal to look completely enraged to the point of violence every time someone lost.. Alric smirked as he pulled half his prize money out and flashed it to the ticket distributor for the Castelia City ferry that provided transportation to the mainland portion of Unova.

Finding a nice and comfy seat for the both of them, Alric was ready to take a short nap as the ferry whisked them away to the big city. Drifting off as they were drifting away, it wasn't long before they awoke to the sounds of bells dinging to alert arrival to the port. Alric put up a long stretch as he shook Zorua awake, signaling that they had arrived.

"Hey Zorua, after we see if we can battle with Burgh, what do you say you and I stir up the local trainers and show them how strong we are, would you like that?" Alric grinned as they rose to their feet, Zorua yapping happily in response. Whatever made Alric happy, is what Zorua was determined to do. Hopping down off of the ferry, the both of them made their way into the dazzling metropolis of Castelia. Its tall buildings and narrow alleyways signaled a life of small living spaces and fast paced living. Unlike most places, cars were actually common here. Since most of the cities and towns in Unova were more simplistic, most of them don't have a use for automobiles.

While Zorua was amused by all the lights and sounds, Alric was already glaring around, sizing all the trainers up in hopes of finding a quick battle or two for some lunch money. Although there were street signs at every corner, Alric still managed to get lost on the hunt for Burgh's gym. Every street began to look the same as the two began to wear themselves out from miles of walking. Finding a bench next to the city fountain, they both plopped down to have a rest.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 5: Fountain Rumble

"Ugh...this city is too freaking big! I can't find anything around here!" Alric whined as Zorua curled up at Alric's feet and began to nap. Some local kids began to dance around where they were resting, practicing dancing moves for God knows what reason. They laid a hat down on the ground as they began to perform, slowly pulling in a crowd to watch them. Alric couldn't help but grow annoyed by the fact that they were doing it right around where he and Zorua were resting so he decided to move to a differently spot.

Alric went to stand up, only to have a foot being flung in his face from one of the 'can't stop' break dancing routines before him. He quickly threw up his arm to block the kick then shoved it back, causing the dancer to twirl around and lose his balance. Catching himself, the young boy turned and gave Alric a dirty look, quickly approaching his way. Alric couldn't help but to let a sick grin grow on his face as the boy got in his face.

"Hey man! You could've hurt me there! What's your problem?!" The boy barked in Alric's face. Alric took the complaint in stride, knowing that a Pokemon battle had probably just fallen into his lap from 'good fortune'. Alric tilted his head up and narrowed his eyes down at the kid. With a twisted smile he snapped his fingers, calling Zorua to his side.

"You swung your foot at me first pal, I was just trying to get up so I could move to a different bench. So, what are you going to do about it huh?" Alric antagonized. The boy snarl in his face like a guard dog on a leash, ready to beat him up in front of the crowd that was watching. The boy grew hot headed as he resisted the urge to plant his foot on Alric's throat.

His movements were rigid and aggressive as he signaled Alric and Zorua off to the side away from the routine. One of the four boys began to go crazy in front of the audience, showing off all of his dancing skills like his life depended on it while the other two dancers went off to back up their buddy. Each of them gave Alric and evil eye as they passed by, mean mugging him as they met up with their friend already at the stand-off.

"Alright punk, think you can take all of us on? It time for a 3 on 3 multi-battle. Are you going to man up or are look like a fool in front of all those people?" the middle kid taunted, Alric's horrific smile grew ear to ear as he signaled for them to bring it on with his hands. Immediately all three of them threw out their Pokeballs in unison. Flashing to life before Alric and Zorua were Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear, three popular start off Pokemon in Unova for those who can't travel to a lab. Alric's eyes glared down at Zorua and moved them towards the Pan squad before them.

"Make me proud Zorua, tear them apart…" Alric cackled as Zorua jumped to the front line. It quickly bared its fangs and growled viciously at the three. They all looked at each other and then back at Alric, wondering where his other two Pokemon were.

"Bro, where are your other two Pokemon? This won't be any fun if it's a handicap if its just 3 on 1," the boy called out, only to have Alric grin and shake his head.

"Zorua is my only Pokemon, and she is the only Pokemon I need. NOW BRING IT!" Alric shouted, getting Zorua psyched up for the fight. The boys all looked at each other and shrugged. All of them were thinking "it's his funeral" in unison as they got into their battle stances.

"Pansage Vine Whip!" the first boy called.

"Panpour, hit em' with Water Gun!" the second commanded.

"Come on Pansear, light it up with Incinerate!" the third ordered.

Immediately all three of the pans surrounded Zorua in a triangle formation, setting up for their attacks. Zorua hopped around in circles, figuring out where each pan was located as they readied their attacks. A pair of vines shot out from behind Pansage as it lunged forward with a swing attack at Zorua. Zorua quickly ducked around them, now coming face to face with Panpour opening its mouth wide. As water shot from its mouth, Zorua quickly spun to the side to avoid it but now coming face to face with a pillar of fire. Like an acrobat, Zorua jumped back onto Panpour's head then launched off of it forwards, grabbing Pansear's arm with its vicious teeth.

Zorua spun and flung it to the ground, immediately releasing it to turn and use its sharp claw to cut down Pansage's second Vine Whip attack. The one remaining vine caught Zorua by surprise, clasping around her neck like a collar. With a yelp of pain, Zorua used all of its strength try and claw itself free. With every slash mark that Zorua's claws took at Pansage's vine, the more Pansage cried out in agony. Pansage winced in pain as it released its grasp on Zorua, giving Zorua an opening to chomp down on it in response. Pansage cried out loudly as it tried to retract its vine once more, only causing Zorua to tighten her bit down on it viciously.

The boy quickly returned his now injured Pansage, giving Panpour and Pansear more spacing . Zorua reared back with a claw to its front, gripping its sharp claws onto a crack in the road. It licked its chops as it grinned down at the other two, ready for the next assault. Their battle began to attract the crowd as the other boy finished his dance routine. It was quite the spectacle to see a 1 on 3 Pokemon battle where the 1 was actually winning.

"What's with you? You're Pokemon seriously injured my Pansage!" the boy hissed. Alric just shrugged his shoulders as another smart ass smile curled on his lips.

"Hey now, you're the one who agreed to fight me 1 on 3. How my Zorua chooses to handle the battle is fine by me because I trust it. So come on guys, quit complaining and fight!" Alric stalwartly put as Zorua made a dash for the Pansear. Pansear and Panpour split apart as Zorua made a lunge for it.

"Pansear Incinerate!" the trainer called once more.

"Panpour Water Gun!" the other ordered.

Alric shook his head at their futile attempts to constantly throw the same attacks at Zorua over and over again. Firing at Zorua from both sides, she quickly juked out of the way, causing the attacks to clash and explode in a smoking mist.

The two boys held up their arms to keep the smoke from getting in their eyes while Zorua howled wildly. Cries of pain and agony were masked by the sounds and smoke of the instance, giving Zorua a major advantage in the battle. As the smoke cleared, the trainers looked on in horror as Zorua licked over blood that it had on its teeth. Behind him, panpour was a mess of scrapes and cuts, bleeding lightly onto the ground. It was quickly retreated as well, leaving Pansear to go 1 on 1 with Alric's little monster.

The Pansear stared into Zorua's eyes in terror. With every step forward from Zorua, Pansear made a cautious step back. Zorua's eyes began to glow an eerie blue shine as it stared at Pansear like it were prey instead of an opponent. Pansear pressed its hands to its head and began to shriek in agony. The final boy shouted angrily as he retreated Pansear as well. The crowd was in a mixed uproar; while half were excited to see the victory the other half was mortified at the gruesome display that they just witnessed. Snapping his fingers, Alric called Zorua over to him, giving her pets of praise on her head.

"Get your sorry butts out of here before I have Zorua take a bite out of you too!" Alric growled aggressively, sending the three boys who were sobbing and staring angrily at him to take off to the Pokemon Center. As Alric fastened his bag to his back, a loud, authoritative voice blurting out from the crowd demanded his attention. Turning around, they saw none other than the eccentric dresser himself, Burgh; he had a little girl yanking on his arm and talking to him about what Zorua had done as she pointed at Alric and Zorua. A cocky smile from Alric slapped itself in Burgh face as their eyes met. Alric finally found that he had caught a big fish to eat.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 6: The Ferocious Transformation

"So I heard that your Zorua is a savage battler. Letting one's Pokemon fight madly like a wild animal is no way to enjoy the elegance and true nature of battle. Battles are more than just a fight between Pokemon, it's a ritual of respect as well as a thing of beauty. I can't allow your vile display of poor sportsmanship go unpunished, especially displaying it in such a way in front of the young children of this city.

So I, Burgh, the leader of the Castelia Gym challenge you to a Pokemon battle! I will show you what it means to truly have a battle worthy of a crowd!" Burgh's face was more serious than it had ever been seen before. Normally Burgh is such a kind and gentle gym leader who treats both his opponents Pokemon and his own with the highest respects and praise. But right now, Burgh looked as if he were a town sheriff about to round up a villain terrifying the streets.

"AH so there you are! I must say this place is so confusing and I couldn't find your gym anywhere. I am so glad my little show called you to me! I accept your challenge Burgh, I'll show you the trust and respect that Zorua and I both share at an unspoken level!" Alric cried out, signaling Zorua back to the front line. Zorua found it a little tough to move forward after the last battle seeing how it wore her out. Trying her best to stand tall, she hopped onto the line with confidence. Burgh noticed Zorua's stagger as it stood ready to battle.

"Young man, I'd suggest taking your Pokemon to the Pokemon Center to rest before battling me. Your poor Zorua looks like it's about to fall over at any moment," Burgh ordered. Alric just snickered and shook his head, laughing at his words.

"The more wore out my Zorua gets, the more fierce she grows. We've fought many continuous battles like this before and have yet to be bested. So I suggest that you refrain from telling me how to do my training and show me yours!" Alric snapped at Burgh. Burgh sighed heavily and shook his head. It was clear to him that this child before him was completely delusional.

He looked down at the poor Zorua that struggled to stand, wishing with all of his heart that the boy would have a change of heart. Knowing now that their was no way to get through to the boy, he grabbed his first Pokeball from his belt.

"Know now that I am not challenging you as as the leader of the Castelia Gym. I am challenging you as the strongest Bug Type trainer in all of Unova! I'll be sure to end this quickly, because I do not like seeing Pokemon suffer in this fashion. Now, go Heracross!" Burgh called throwing his ball to the front line. As Heracross emerged from its Pokeball, it looked down upon Zorua, towering over it like a building. Alric's cocky attitude refused to flinch as the battle begun.

Zorua, anxious to try and give it her all to win as fast as she could, immediately charged forward, jumping up and biting onto Heracross's arm. As it growled and shook, Zorua noticed that Heracross's expression didn't show pain at all, but rather, pity for her from what was going to happen this battle.

"Heracross, use Counter," Burgh said casually, seeing absolutely no need to raise his voice. Heracross grabbed a hold of the tuft on the back Zorua's neck and plucked it from his arm. It then raised up Zorua and used its full strength to smash her to the ground in a vicious throw. Zorua cried in intense pain as she rolled along the ground towards Alric.

Zorua's eyes caught a hold of Alric's, which were glaring down at her angrily from the pitiful display. It was the very look that hurt her the most and also the look that lit her raging flame. Zorua clenched its teeth and trembled as it raised itself back onto its feet. Heracross stood back with its arms crossed, waiting for Zorua to make a move. Barking and howling in both anger and pain, Zorua limped towards Heracross the hardest it could to get back into the battle. Burgh shook his head with pain in his eyes as he watch the poor Zorua as it refused to back down from a match that it clearly couldn't possibly win.

It went to tackle at Heracross, who simply stepped aside. Falling off its feet, it growled louder, hopping back up to go for another. Once again Heracross shifted to the side sending Zorua to hit a wall due to its complete lack of control. Alric's hand gripped so tightly that they began to bleed, furious at how pathetic his Zorua had become in this fight.

He clearly didn't know that fighting AND bug types were the number one type for knocking out dark types, which would have made any normal person decline the fight. Letting out a sigh disgust, Burgh looked back to see people dispersing from the pitiful display of the battle and what it was turning out to be.

"Heracross, Arm Thrust," Burgh command. As Zorua leapt up to bite it, Heracross met its injured jaw with a strong strike of its palm. Knocking it to the ground, it proceed to hit her over and over again, sending it grinding along the ground with its final strike. Growling furiously, Alric began stomping his foot in frustration.

"Zorua! Don't be that pathetic piece of crap you used to be! Now get up! I swear if you give up on me now I'm going to leave you here to suffer on your own!" Alric cursed at Zorua. Burgh's eye's hurt from the horrific display of this poor Zorua's trainer. He couldn't believe someone so stupid and arrogant even deserved a Pokemon to begin with, much less one as tenacious. Z and special as a Zorua. Ready to put an end to this, looked at Heracross.

"Heracross, Megahorn. Let's finish this..." Burgh ordered. Heracross took to the air and charged towards Zorua and Alric, its horn now shining as bright as the sun. Zorua tried to get up but cried out in pain. As the Heracross charged in like a wild bull, Zorua felt something break inside of her, just like it had when she first attacked Alric.

It was a feeling of despair, an intense fear of being abandoned that began to fuel the furious rage that it housed deep inside. After all the work and praise Zorua had put into its fighting, she feared abandonment more than losing her own life.

As Zorua shrieked in pain, she began to glow brightly, blinding Heracross to a stop. Slowly, the ball of light began to grow and shape out into a brand new form. As the glowing body rose up its four paws, it gave out a battle cry, shattering the light to pieces.

Growling and glaring down Heracross on all fours, was the embodiment of Zorua's desires. Zorua had evolved into a Zoroark to defend the desires that she held so dear. Alric gazed on in excitement as Zorua changed, giving him a renewed energy to get everything together in this fight.

"Zorua...I'm so proud of you!" Alric cheered. Zoroark glared back at him, both happy and mad at the provocation to its change. The smile Alric gave her felt warm, and it felt as if it gave her more energy to get back into the fight. Burgh watched in amazement, wondering why it would even want to evolve for a pathetic trainer like the one she obeyed. Burgh issued the order for a Megahorn once more, which shook Heracross from its gaze of surprise.

Scraping it's feet on the ground, it lifted off into the air and charged once more like a bus into oncoming traffic. Zoroark's eyes began to glow as a wicked smile formed on its face. Heracross felt it's balance waver as feelings of pain shot through its head. Try as it might, it continued its charge, only to have Zoroark swiftly dodge it. Heracross tried to turn around but to no avail; unable to stop, its horn had enough force to crater the wall it was charging to attack Zoroark.

As Heracross recovered, it turned to meet a terrifying face from Zoroark; licking its chops, Zoroark began slashing its claws into Heracross over and over again, refusing to stop until it was down.

"Heracross, Counter!" Burgh shouted. During one of the slash swings, Heracross then grabbed a hold of Zoroark's wrist and used its pure power to turn it around and slam it into the ground. Blood coughed up through Zoroark's clenched teeth as it rolled back onto its feet.

Heracross was finally showing signs of a struggle as it took hefty breaths to regain its composure. Zoroark rose up on its two hind legs; She began to wobble and shake from the lack of balance as hard as she tried to stand proudly. Never having the ability to stand on two legs before she fell back onto all fours to maintain her balance.

"Your Pokemon can no longer stand. Give up the fight now!" Burgh shouted in frustration. Alric regained his jerk composure and shrugged his shoulders.

"What's wrong? Can't stand the fact that my exausted Zoroark is slowly taking down your mighty Heracross? How pathetic!" Alric spat as Zoroark leapt onto Heracross, knocking it to its back. Burgh furrowed his brow at the cheap trick of distracting him so that his Pokemon could gain the upper hand. Zoroark growled and barked loudly as it went to claw and bite at Heracross's odd face. Heracross then grabbed a hold of Zoroark's wrists and threw her off of him, allowing him to stand.

"Bullet Seed!" Burgh said as Heracross glared Zoroark down. Immediately, seeds of light began to fire away from Heracross's back towards Zoroark, whose legs refused to move and was forced into defending. The vicious barrage pushed Zoroark further and further until she was knocked onto her back. She trembled and howled in pain as her body refused to move. The scrapes, bruises and wounds all over her body began to pulse with pain as she rolled back over onto its feet. All though upright on its feet, it couldn't bend its limbs to raise her body up without whimpering in agony.

"I'm absolutely astounded that your Zoroark is even still able to move after my assaults. Not only are you being negligent about its safety, but you are wildly overestimating your Pokemon's ability to handle super effective attacks. As amazing of a Pokemon as it is, I can tell you right now that it will not be able to continue. Now, call the match! If not I will be forced to finish off your Zoroark.

I personally don't want to do it, I pity the poor thing, but I have to make an example of trainers like you and how monsterous they all are!" Alric shook his head in disgust, signaling that he wasn't going to give an inch. Burgh closed his eyes, a small tear edged out of the corner of his eye before returning his sights to the battle. Hesitating to call the order only for a moment, Burgh then grabbed a hold of his words.

"Heracross, Close Combat!" Burgh issued the command like an executioner. Zoroark squinted it's wounded eyes in complete torment; all it could see was a flying blue blur as it quickly approached her. The blur then turned clear as Heracross met her nose with a strong punch. Zoroark tried to scratch and crawl away from Heracross, only to have its back and side pounded on with a flurry of blows like a punching bag.

Tears began to well up from Zoroark's eyes as she watched Alric, the one she gave her life for to please, walk by her, Burgh, and leave the battlefield. She howled desperately and raised one claw up to grab Alric's leg. Alric simply glared down at her like a piece of garbage and groaned loudly. He shook her paw free of his pant leg and kicked it aside.

"You are useless…" Alric growled as he walked away. Those were the last things that Zoroark heard as she began to lose consciousness. The last thing she saw was Alric disappearing through the crowd as a team of Audino's quickly approached her with a stretcher. Her sad face turned to one of furious anger before she finally lost all of her strength, blacking out.

To Be Continued


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Chapter 7: Alric's Fatal Decision

Zoroark found herself sitting in complete darkness. Without warning, all of the cruel and kind words of Alric began to scream, filling her mind with complete a complete madness of words flying around like bees. She felt it all as if she were in a torture chamber, with all the words being scream acting as tools of torture. She felt her body physically scream out in pain, she glared around in the darkness, trying to find the source of the voices only to find more and more darkness around her.

Finally, the image she last saw of Alric appeared in front of her. She watched in frustration as he shoved her off and walked away. After he was gone from sight she began to tremble and howl like a mental patient, all of the stinging words, visuals, and intense finally breaking her mind apart. Alric's final words, "You are useless…" edge into her ears like needles, causing her to shoot wide awake in the medical hammock that she had been placed in.

With a setting sun from another day shooting through her window, she looked around wildly, trying to analyze her surroundings so that she could try to ease up. She felt her heart pound in her chest, feeling like it was being strangled as panic surged through her system like electricity. Trying to move from the bed she howled out in intense pain. Re-analyzing herself, she saw patches of fabric all over her cuts and wounds that she had received from her last humiliating battle.

Looking around then looking down at her paws, she couldn't help but to whimper and cry; she found herself all alone. The one thing that she fear more than death itself had now plagued her soul; She had been abandoned. As her tears began to fall, her sadness slowly grew into frustration as she visualized everything she had done for Alric to make him proud. Then that frustration soon grew into hate as she remember the feeling of every kick and hit into her system no matter how hard she tried. The harder she tried for Alric the harder she was left falling to the floor by him, leaving her a broken mess on the floor. As she visualized his final words, her eyes grew cold, and lifeless. Her body felt like it was going numb. The feelings of pain she had been devoured by suddenly vanished like a blown out candle. Her heart felt like it was on fire, constantly being fueled in her chest the more she thought about Alric.

She paused for a moment then looked down to stare in confusion at her claws; they were now in the shape of a human's hands. She felt over her body, soon realizing that something wasn't quite right. She looked into the small nightstand mirror next to her hammock only to see Alric staring her in the face.

She jumped and growled viciously at the mirror, but at a second glance, she realized that it wasn't really Alric, it was her starring in the mirror. As she let Alric leave her mind, she then shifted back into her normal form. She laid back in the hammock for a moment to let her racing heart rest, slowly realizing something new that she could do. A toothy grin formed behind her lips as she made sadistic growling noises that resembled laughter. Only one thing was on her mind now, it was the original instincts that both scared her yet made Alric so proud. It was the thought...of killing.

"I'm coming in to check on you Zoroark," the kind voice called through the door. As she turned the knob, the shattering sound of glass echoed on the other side, causing her to throw the door open quickly. All that was left were bloody bandages on the freshly used bed with the window above it shattered into a million piece. Small streaks of blood were on the jagged edges of the windows shards, a trail of it vanishing into the grass out the window. The nurse stepped and covered her mouth as she cried out, quickly charging out the door and crying out for the doctor inside the center.

"Damn it! I can't believe how badly I was beat. was all Zoroark's fault, it's not my fault that she can't battle worth a damn!" he said to himself. Unlike normal internal conflicts, he did hold himself somewhat accountable for what had transpired in the city or anything for that matter. His whole perspective on life had twisted to the point to where nothing could possibly be his fault. It wasn't until he approached the Pokemon Center to rest the following day that he was shooed away by police, stating that he was suspended from visiting Castelia City for a whole month.

It was to be expected, but it only served to piss him off even more. As day turned to night, It seemed like forever as he made his way all the way home; it was easily 8 hours from the city to his home. Knowing the front door of his home would be locked He briefly thought about what could happen to Zoroark, then shook it from his mind. As he jumped the fence into his backyard, he glared at the ground where Zorua would run and play, where she suffered from his wrath, where she attacked him just the other day. In frustration he picked up a sizeable rock and threw it into the forested area behind his yard. Sighing heavily he turned to reach under his doormat for his spare key to get into the back door. Suddenly, a rock smacked right into the back of his head, causing him to blow up in a raging fit.

"WHO THE HELL IS THERE?! COME OUT!" Alric yelled. He slowly approached the supposed source of the trajectory, his eyes swooping around in hopes of finding the source. Suddenly, the sound of emergency sirens rung through the area, slowly heading his way. As his attention turned to the other sirens, some broken branches sounded to his front. He shifted his eyes to back in front of him where he was met with a disturbing sight.

A pair of sharp, blue eyes were glowing from within the forest, slowly increasing in size as it grew closer. Alric's eyes opened wide as Zoroark's terrifying face emerged from the darkness. He cried out like a girl as he tried to turn to run, only to hear shrieks in his head that paralyzed him with fear. His face began to distort with the worst fear he had ever felt in his life. He couldn't move. There was no escape as Zoroark moved in front of him. She leaned down to his face until she was centimeters away from his own, smirking with her eyes wide open.

"Z-Zoroark I-I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry! I-I shouldn't have treated you like that! P-Please forgive me! I b-beg of y-you!" Alric pleaded like a scared little girl. The noxious smell of his urine pouring onto the ground steamed up in front of her as her eyes grew brighter. Her claws pierced his shoulder, pushing him onto his back befor Zoroark crawled over top of him until she was practically straddling his waist. Crude human laughter leaked from her mouth, causing Alric's to shake violently and sob like a lost child.

A twisted smile formed upon Zoroark's face, her heart racing wildly as she raised her claw up. Before Alric could make another plee, Zoroark swiped her claw against his neck in one swift swing. Alric's words quickly turned into weezes as he felt a warm liquid slowly crawling down his neck. With another gruff snicker Zoroark began to drag him off to the woods as he croaked and gag'd. Dragging him in a little ways, she left him up against a tree out of view, the very same tree that the both of them used to nap under when they were both in a happier time.

As she re-approached the edge of the forest leading to his yard, flashlights shined into her face, catching her off guard. Immediately she thought of Alric as she had before, which caused her body shape shift. They lowered flash lights to her chest which was now the same as the clothes that Alric was wearing at the moment. Moving in between the two officers, a female approached, the name 'Jenny' was on her badge.

"Excuse me. We are on the lookout for a crazed Pokemon in the area that we believe has become undomesticated. We are in pursuit in catching it and sending it into extreme Pokemon care to rehabilitate it so that it won't be harmful to others. It's a female Zoroark that escaped a Pokemon Center within Castelia City. Have you seen the Pokemon? You're his trainer correct?" Jenny interrogated. Barely able to hold her form, she put on an innocent smile and looked Officer Jenny dead in the eyes.

"She...went…" her voice croaked pointing back to the road. Speaking like a human was like having nails slashing across her vocal chords. It stung to say the least but she had to do everything in her power to maintain the illusion. Officer Jenny then smiled and wrote down some notes in a notepad.

"Thank you for your cooperation, if we find your missing Zoroark, we'll be sure to contact you first. Have a pleasant evening," she said as she turned and retreated with the two other officers with her. With a hefty sigh of relief, with the officers leaving sight, she changed back to her normal form, now encroaching back into the forests again.

Her heart thrashed in her chest more than any Pokemon as she went on. She felt it beat in her throat like a drum while it was accompanied with the feeling of adrenaline shaking her entire body with excitement. What a wonderful thing that she discovered she thought. It felt like the first time Alric showed her any affection, except amplified to the 10th degree.

She then returned back to the forest where Alric was almost at his last breath. With his neck turning from pale to crimson, his tears drenched down his face endlessly as she shifted back into his shape before his terrified dead fish eyes. With a devilish smile on her face, she moved her lips right next to his ear. A few gruff snickers lead into her words.

"You are useless…" she said in a scratchy whisper. His eyes took one more stare in horror before his final breath left his heart. She couldn't contain it anymore as she began cackling maniacally. With his now pale body and cold lifeless eyes gazing back at her she shifted back into the shape of a Zoroark and grazed her tongue over her vicious set of sharp teeth as she took in the gorgeous moon that had accompanied her on her greatest of nights.

To Be Continued
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