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Unpopular Pokemon you love Page 6

Started by Palamon January 5th, 2019 4:02 PM
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I love a lot of "unpopular" Pokemon so I'll only name a few that I like the most.

- Crustle: It has an amazing design and it's one of the coolest Pokemon imo. It also can be very usefull with stuff like Sturdy, Shell Smash, Stealth Rock,... Dwebble is also one of the cutest Pokemon ever.

- Archeops: It does have a bad ability but it's still a powerhouse despite it. It has a great lore and an amazing design, much better than Aerodactyl. It is without a doubt the best designed fossil alongside Tyrantrum.

- Jynx: Even though the design isn't that great I loved this Pokemon from the moment I used it for the first time on my VC Gold. It was amazing with it's good Speed and Sp. Att. The dual STAB Ice and Psychic moves are amazing and it also has access to decently accurate sleep inducing move. Try using Jynx, you won't regret it.

- Dusclops: Dusclops > Dusknoir. It has a better design and shiny colors than it's evolved form. Thanks to Eviolite you can even make a case that Dusclops is also better competitively. I love Dusclops so much that it is even one of my top 3 favorite Pokemon of all time.

- Stunfisk and Quagsire: They are the kings of derpy Pokemon. They are cute but also surprisingly useful on a team. Used both of them and they were both the MVP's of their respective teams.

- Emolga: Best Pika-clone and even better than the original if you ask me. Super cute and even uniqe for a Pika-clone. Love how annoying and even challenging Elesa's Gym can be thanks to her Emolgas.

This post is already to long so I'll just list a few more without going into detail about them: Hypno, Sudowoodo, Dustox, Swoobat, Beedrill, Gligar, Pyroar, Florges, Muk (Kanto version), Fearow,...


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Maractus has always been something of a low-key favourite of mine, its design is really cute imo. :3
Maractus deserve so much better. I hear people claim "Maractus is forgotten" so many times. I used a Maractus in my first Gen V playthrough and I've loved it since then...
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I've always been a fan of Volbeat, chunky firefly boi


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While I'm very lucky my other favourites got plenty of screentime (Audino, Deerling, the Litwick line, Frillish, Vanillite--even showing up again in lovely XY quality art+animation), poor, poor underutilized Whimsicott! I haven't any idea why such a sweet, adorable design rarely ever showed up in the anime!!!

This miiiight partly be my bias for lambs (Wooloo and the Mareep line are also favourites of mine!!!), but it's such a cute chibi ram...

I noticed a lot of folks don't even realize it's supposed to be a (very chibi) ram!


If you're used to East Asian pop culture, it's more recognizable as a cutesy ram, they always emphasize the tightly curled horns. Smash also describes it as looking like a sheep, but its fleece feels more like cotton than wool!

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How are we defining unpopular? I'll mostly go with Smogon's oh-so-viable opinions (that word gets so annoying).

I have several, with lengthy outbursts of memories attached. I now realize most are from generation 4, but there are others too.

Arbok. We watched the early seasons of the anime when it was on TV when we were little, and I just... I don't know, the way its head is so smooth and seamlessly crosses into the hood, I just love looking at it, even today! I misheard the name and thought it's called Arbo for a while, and it was, along with Abra, my favourite Pokémon when I was little. Oddly enough, after all these years, I think I've never had one.

Wurmple. I love it and all its evolutions and the way they evolve, which I unsuccessfully tried to determine experimentally by catching Wurple in the grass and in the forest before reading that it was at random. For me, Wurmple is THE early caterpillar Pokémon. It's just so cute and so familiar, always on Hoenn's early few routes which I know, like the entire region, like the back of my hand. Beautifly is so pretty and has this cool swirly proboscis, and Dustox is so endearingly weird with the six eyes.

Burmy. I absolutely love the Burmy line, ever since I first saw Burmy on Serebii's Pokédex, with what looked like leaf eyebrows and twig legs. In fourth grade, while my sister and I were saving money for our Nintendo and our Pearl version, I used to draw the Pokémon I wanted to have, and Burmy was among them from the start, always in my favourite Plant Cloak. I had wanted a male, and imagined having a Mothim on my team. And when when my sister told me that the honey tree shook while she was playing and that she caught me a Burmy, of course it turned out to be female. Oh well, you get what you get, and she was awesome. She stayed with us for a long time, got the Pokérus along with everyone else in Eterna Forest, evolved into a Plant Cloak Wormadam and reached level 30-something in active use. She had her own Ball Capsule with swirling colouful hearts and petals, which remains unchanged in the box to this very day. Later we caught more Burmy and evolved all cloaks of Wormadam and, of course, a Mothim. He and the original Wormadam live in our forset-themed box, while the other two are in the city-themed one and the desert-themed one.

Finneon. Both Finneon and Lumineon are just beautiful, my favourite fish Pokémon ever. It was also among the ones I drew, and it was predetermined that our surfer would be Finneon. Along with Infernape the starter, Staraptor the flyer and Bibarel the all-purpose obstacle remover, he ended up always staying on the team, and picked up Waterfall and Defog. And he can battle! He can take on the rival's 15 levels higher Rapidash!

Snover. The "eeyoo eeyoo" sound it makes brings back memories on its own. I used Abomasnow a lot when link battling a friend and he was fantastic.

Shieldon. Was one of the reasons we picked Pearl, and my favourite fossil, along with...

Cranidos. I will have to use one someday.

Glaceon and Leafeon. Glaceon is my favourite Eeveelution ever. Period. I got its theme deck during Christmas time long ago, and that was the first cards I got in years. Leafeon was my sister's favourite, and it has such warm brown eyes. I used him in my emulated Moon and he did very well.

Deerling. So cute, and I love the seasons gimmick, which I actually predicted before Black and White came! Sawsbuck is awesome and in fact quite strong.

Unfezant. It has slightly mismatched stats and moves, but it is sooo cool with the mask and the elegant long tail, and the female looks so sleek.

That's all I can think of now. I'll have to open the old Nintendo these days, nostalgia gets me.


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to be honest, I actually really like the elemental monkeys!
( I'm more meh on the evolutions, but something about the Panpour line just speaks to me woop) Water monkeys are something I never knew I needed lmao

Corphish is also one I really like, along with Staryu and Fomantis
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I personally love the Elemental Monkeys, especially Pansear. I hear they get a lot of dislike, however I though they were very neat when I first played Black and White.
Hey, I love the elemental monkeys too! specially Simisear, its my favorite Pkmn :D

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I love Walrein and Unfezant. The latter might not be unpopular, but it doesn't gather a lot of attention either. Also add in Leafeon. I love it, though it's not great in the competitive scene.

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a wavering flower, a bird taking flight

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It was mentioned on page one and I just wanted to say Girafarig is soooo cute!! Definitely not forgettable (althoughI had trouble spelling its name...).
The beta Girafarig is a thing of nightmares, both happy it doesn’t look like that (I would hate to be the child to send out the cute giraffe I caught and get that slasher smile back sprite in my face), but also a little sad because I love creepy Pokemon.
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