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Ugliest human in Pokemon

Started by PageEmperor August 22nd, 2019 2:11 AM
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What the title says: who do you think is the ugliest or worst looking trainer here in terms of design?

For me it would be the HGSS female protagonist... ugh. I’m sorry, she is my least favourite fictional character ever, solely because of the way she looks. Actually, she doesn’t look like a she. She looks like a 90 year old dude cross dressing wanting to prey on other by pretending he is a child. I’m sorry, but her design just disturbs me to no end, I just can’t stand her!

So guys, again, who do you guys feel is the worst looking trainer in the series?


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Nate from B2W2 in particular strikes me as the worst because his clothes and hair are all over the place. Just...what is going on with the bottom half of his design. Although honestly, from Gen IV onwards all of the male player character designs have been absolutely horrendous and borderline clones of one another, especially when you compare them to the female characters, who all have completely different designs. Of varying quality of course - sorry Rosa, but I never liked Usagi Tsukino, you should have ripped off one of the better Sailor Senshi - but still different. Male PCs are just...lazy.
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May be controversial, but for me it's Kris. She has the worst hairstyle in all of the games (why are her pony tails jutting up like zig-zags?!) and her face seems out of the uncanny valley. It just seems so boyish(?) which looks so out of place on her body. Not to mention that her clothes don't do her any favours.
It seems that I'm not the only one who thinks this as Gamefreak upgraded with Lyra in HGSS, whom I much prefer as a female player character.


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I don't really like the usage of "ugly", but I will say that I'm far from a fan of Hilbert and Lucas' designs.


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Nobody is! Ugly is a stupid subjective word that people use to feel better about themselves, so therefore, no human character in Pokémon is ugly, the end.
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