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Question 3d models

Started by Shaun501 August 31st, 2019 4:20 PM
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Posted August 31st, 2019
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After 2 years of using essentials and making my game my windows crashed and after installing everything I though was it still worth it can essential give me what I really want and between a pros and cons list I decided no,
Do anyone know where I can downloads all 800 Pokemon's 3d models please I'm making a game from scratch both in 1ste and 3rd person mode and need 3d models of the pokemon asap I would really appreciate the help and if anyone also know of where I can get voice actors it will be great thanx


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Well, models wise, there's The Models Resource. Not sure if its in a format you can work with but its certainly models. I also can't guarantee every pokemon is uploaded.

Not really sure what you mean by the voice actors stuff, but voice actors tend to be later development stuff, no? Like after the script is finalized?
I guess there's the Recruitment forum. Could ask for voice actors there.
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