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Red Pokemon Red: Little Cup

Started by GreenAndACat September 4th, 2019 4:36 PM
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Posted October 3rd, 2019
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Pokemon Red: Little Cup
A new challenge Hack for Pokemon Red

Download Link on my discord:

This hack changes all pokemon to follow official little cup rules.
This means all Pokemon must be able to evolve, must also be at their lowest evolution, and all pokemon must be level 5
This brings a new challenge to Pokemon Red, and forces you to come up with new strategies. TMs are crucial.

Gameplay Changes:
All levels reduced to 5
Pokemon can't gain XP
Pokemon Can't use Evo stones
Pokemon Can't use rare candy
All Pokemon (should) follow Smogon LC rules
TM 23 (Dragon rage) has been removed
Water routes have decreased encounter rates (5% to 1%)
Pokemon Tower has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 1%)
Mt. Moon has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 1%)
Rock Tunnel has a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%)
Victory Road has a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%)
The Seafoam Islands have a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%)
Diglett cave has a decreased encounter rate (20% to 1%)
Pokemon Mansion has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 5%)
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I did play up to Celadon City, but I quickly realized than no one really uses anything else than regular level up moves. So as long as you just get some strong Pokemon, it doesn't really matter if you give TMs to your Pokemon, since you can always be stronger than your opponent. You could just get a full team of Water types and break the game with spamming Surf, while everyone else has Tackle or something.

I really like Pokemon hacks where you cannot level up and focuses more on catching many different Pokemon, like this one. Perhaps just need to give your opponents a bit of a better movepool, so it's not as much of a cakewalk.
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