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Scripting Question Rival phone contact

Started by stubbyfinger September 6th, 2019 3:08 PM
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So I want to be able to make the rival a contact in the phone app, but there’s a problem. I followed the wiki’s instructions for defining a special contact (like professor Oak) but in the contact list it just displays the rival’s name as \v[28] instead of their actual in game-name. I guess that the \v[] thing only applies to the message box? Do any of you guys have an idea on how to make the rival’s name display in the contact list? I can’t call the rival just fine and do what I want with that, it just doesnt display their name in the contact list, or in the message that says “you registered \v[28] in the pokegear”. Thanks in advance for your help :)


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Instead of "\v[28]", use pbGet(28). \v only works if it can get preprocesed, which it doesn't in a regular string. pbGet however returns the value of the contents of the variable, so it'll show up perfectly. I tested it!


Pardon me

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Posted September 29th, 2019
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Try it without the quotation marks.

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