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Beat agatha.. did not get surf. Levelled a pokemon up to get surf. Cant use surf because it says i need another gym badge. Stuck now. Really annoying this.. cant find any answers anywhere.
Are you playing the new version? If yes, Speak to Misty on Kanja Boulevard after defeating Agatha. Then go to Florina town. One of the residents there will give you HM surf.
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X-Ball, Demon Mewtwo's special move

I think Murkrow evolves with the Evo Stone or Runic Gem if remastered.

Only Giovanni because it would be very OP if the player could use it on their team :)

However... if you beat the game, you can access a cave in Merryfall Town. If you're lucky you'll encounter a Mewtwo there. Mewtwo in this game can evolve into God Mewtwo at Lv. 100. But because you can only catch Mewtwo after beating the game, it is just like an easter egg...
There is also a little thing where if you Teleport from the rainy path to the town right before it, it puts you in a previous version of the game where the only thing you can find on the rainy path is mewtwo. You can just go into any building in the town you teleported to in order to revert it back to normal.
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(I hope this double post is OK)
Hey guys, hope you are all doing fine in the summer heat.

I just wanna make a quick update on what I've been doing because some of you may be wondering if there are any plans for a sequel or another update to Pokemon Kanlara, or anything like that. And well, truth be told, I have been doing work on some projects but I haven't been able to finish anything. I eventually realized that I have no reason to do another ROM Hack, because I've already made one. So this is going to be a 'farewell' type of post.

You know, some creators just vanish one day right, and that's fine. But, since I have the opportunity, I might as well just make a goodbye sort of statement before leaving and that way I won't be leaving you guys in the dark on the future of this hack either. So, guys, I'm 26 and I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was a kid, and ROM Hacking since I was like 16 or something. Making a ROM Hack was always a dream of mine. But it wasn't until I wanna say about 2 years ago or so that I really started getting into ROM Hacking. I did a bunch of different things that no one except for me got to witness. In the end, the only thing I published, is Pokemon Kanlara Adventures and the updates I did to it. And I gotta say, I'm surprised that the game was received as well as it was. I think even the very first version despite being very unpolished and hard to get through, was received well by the people who did make it through that game. And obviously, Kanlara Adventures: Remastered sparked new life into the hack, and then finally Ultimate added the last amount of polish while also making the game less of a struggle to get through.

But yeah, the point of this post is just to let you guys know that Kanlara is finished and I won't be doing a sequel at least for the near future. I really wanna do something else at this point and I do feel 'done' with ROM Hacking so I wanna be able to leave that behind me and I wanna make sure I do it on a good note because why not. You know making a ROM hack is very hard and stressful at times, but also quite fulfilling and fun but it's certainly going to be nice for me to leave this behind and not have these thoughts like 'I could be making progress on a hack right now!' when I'm doing other things.

Thank you guys for supporting this project, for playing the game, for you know, leaving comments in the thread, doing playthroughs on youtube, whatever it is, I've been really enjoying being part of this community and I wish you guys the best of luck. Also, people may be wondering 'Can I use 'Demon Pokemon' in my ROM hack?' And really, I want you too. You can use anything from my hack in your own, I mean it's not like I would be able to stop you either... but if someone makes an awesome hack with Demon Pokemon or something like that, I would sure play it.

Finally, I'll leave you guys with a little graphic I made showing off the various Demon Pokemon featured in Kanlara Ultimate along with their unique moves. You'll be able to find this png as an attachment in the first post.
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Hello everyone!

I'm back from a bit of a hiatus and today I will talk about an upcoming patch I am working on for Kanlara Ultimate.

This will be a minor/major patch (I would say it's somewhere in between there) with the purpose of extending the play time by adding more content to the hack.

The main features of this patch will be
- Updated Gen 4 style sprites for all Pokemon
- Updated level-up movelists for all Pokemon that don't have that yet (Most Gen 1-3 Pokemon in Kanlara Ultimate use their default Gen 3 movelist)
- Some areas from Kanlara Adventures: Remastered that didn't appear in Ultimate will return
- There will be at least one new bonus area (never before seen, not even in Remastered)
- About 30 or so new Pokemon added to the game upping the total amount of Pokemon in the game from 412 to 440ish

Unfortunately I don't have much to show yet, as I'm still working hard on getting everything into the ROM, so I only have two pictures to show you guys.

This is the beautiful Kanja Boulevard, one of the areas from Remastered that didn't appear in Ultimate.

This is one of the new Pokemon. It appeared in Remastered, but not in Ultimate. Since I learned how to add more Pokemon to the game without replacing, it can now return to the game.

Words only mean so much - that's why I'll keep this relatively short, and keep working on this patch! I'll be doing a proper 'Patch notes' style post when the patch is ready. There'll be more screenshots in that one.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who still supports this hack :P
I'm trying my best to make it better :)
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Hello everyone!

- Updated level-up movelists for all Pokemon that don't have that yet (Most Gen 1-3 Pokemon in Kanlara Ultimate use their default Gen 3 movelist)
Thank goodness, Porygon's Gen 3 one was awful, having to wait a while until it learned Psybeam. This patch makes me want to play the hack again.
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Hi everyone, just tuning in to say that the update for Kanlara Ultimate is still in progress. I have been away for a while but got back into it recently and here is what I've worked on today.

So, as you can see there are some new places, some of these are from KA: Remastered, and some are brand new. I'm still working on some of these.

Here is one of the new areas - it is called 'The Wilds.' It features new Pokemon added to the game and as you can see, there are some special trainers there for you to battle.

I've added some new demon Pokemon to the game.. this time it is a focus on Gen 1 sprites.

Stay tuned for more updates.. it looks like I'll be working daily on this now, so release shouldn't be too far away.
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I caught Rotom-F in this game, which is an Ice-type, but I can't teach it Ice Beam and it won't learn any Ice-type moves through leveling yet. Can it get any Ice moves?
It should learn Blizzard at least as a TM, maybe as a level up too.

hey i am playing and enjoying the game, i took the ultimate version, i watched some Walkthrough (dated april 19)
it had lots of stuff i didnt had (the custom pickachu and some items as well)

will be like 1 complete game at the end and would the save files be playable?
Yeah that's basically the idea. So what I actually wanted to do initially was make an update for the Remastered version of the game, but that didn't work out so I decided to just incorporate some of the good elements from
Remastered into Ultimate and so when I'm done with this update Kanlara Ultimate will be bigger than ever before and have some of the things that were missing from Remastered such as the hat Pikachu, and more.

Is there a place to revive fossils in this game?
No, there could be, but they are available in the wild instead. For example Kabuto and Omanyte can be found really early on by fishing in Moss Cavern with a good rod.

Based on the preview, is this a postgame you're working on?
Yes, I am working on a postgame, The Wilds is one of those areas you can visit later on. You don't necessarily have to beat the League before you can access these areas though, however some of these areas will provide more
challenging opponents than the League itself, so it's recommended you save those for last.
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