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Returning after a long while~

Started by MrAddison November 13th, 2019 10:41 AM
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Virginia, USA
Seen November 14th, 2019
Posted November 13th, 2019
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5.8 Years
I remember signing up for these forums and then I haven't done much at all here!!!
Let me check for my signup date ... ... ... ... April 7th, 2014, wow!
5 years ago~
5 years and I still remembered Pokecommunity very well =)
I'm looking forward to coming back here because I'm definitely thinking about making some friends here for Pokemon Sword/Shield that's releasing for purchase in a couple days!!!
I usually have very low standards/expectations for video games! So, upon looking through media/screenshots/videos of these games, I'm very very very excited to get my hands on these and start playing!
I can see myself making friends here for the raids in these games and then other Pokemon stuff too!!! I really love Pokemon a lot and I'm looking forward to coming back and playing more Pokemon!!!
I'm in no way a professional or anything and I'm very bad at PvP but would really love to try PvP and study more about Pokemon!!!

My name is Addison and it's great to meet you all! I can't wait to meet you and add your friend codes for this upcoming game ^_^
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