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Started by TheCrystalFlaaffy February 14th, 2017 1:04 PM
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Haven't been active here for a while now xD Decided to start with a surprisingly easy solo run - Clefairy solo run on Yellow, this mon learns a ton of tms so it's really easy, you can easily sweep past everything besides Brock xD

Click here for video since yt video doesn't work
I don't care about EV's or IV's - I play for fun not competitive.
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I'm trying a pretty dumb challenge for myself after watching a youtuber complete said challenge. I've done a couple of solo runs in the past but today I have started what is going to be the most insane thing I've done. I want to beat each Pokemon League with only a single Rattata. I plan to go through all regions other than the one from Sword and Shield seeing as I do not have a Switch. Will this run be impossible? Perhaps. Will I try anyway this summer? Absolutely.
I've already managed to defeat Misty with my trusty rodent and so I'm gonna go ahead and sign up here to keep track of my wins.

Username: johnnythe3rd
Partner Pokemon: Rattata
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): Blue (8/8) Crystal (8/16) Omega Ruby (0/8) Platinum (0/8) Black (0/8) Y (1/8) Ultra Moon (1/8)
Previous Progress: Nope

Current Progress:
Completed in 14:42!
Brock took one attempt at level 14. Misty took three attempts at level 22 and 28. Surge took one attempt (sweep with no damage) at level 35. Erika took two attempts at level 46. Sabrina took one attempt at level 58. Koga took one attempt (sweep with no damage) at level 61. Blaine took one attempt (sweep with no damage) at level 65. Giovanni took one attempt (sweep with no damage) at level 67. I was able to defeat the elite four after a couple attempts at level 72, but my rival forced me to train to level 86 and even use PP Ups. I did not use any X-Battle items.

Level 86
HP 198
Attack 152
Defense 130
Speed 178
Special 92

Skull Bash

Falkner took one attempt at level 13. Bugsy took one attempt at level 20. Whitney took one attempt at level 25. Morty took four attempts at level 34. Pryce took five attempts at level 43. Chuck took one attempt (sweep no damage) at level 46. Jasmine took around six attempts at level 48 because there is no reason for a purple rat to beat up a giant steel snake and I had to resort to lucky misses. Clair took five attempts at level 56 because I forgot that dragonairs are not flying type and so dig will hit them hard.

Level 56
HP 124
Attack 102
Defense 70
Sp Attack 62
Sp Defense 73
Speed 113

Icy Wind
Rock Smash
Shadow Ball

Y Version
Viola took two attempts at level 13.

I bred for this Rattata in Omega Ruby and put it in the Pokemon Bank in order to get him in this game as quickly as possible. The egg moves were accidental but appreciated.

Level 14
HP 34
Attack 24
Defense 17
Sp Attack 17
Sp Defense 16
Speed 26

Quick Attack
Last Resort

Ultra Moon
Totem Raticate took one attempt at level 17. After so many long and arduous attempts my Rattata beat Hala's Grand Trial at level 23 and no, Rattata would not stop disobeying me which is why we lost so many times. I was so proud on that last attempt when he stayed strong so that I wouldn't be sad. What a trooper!

I got this Rattata by transferring her in through Pokemon Blue virtual console at level 3.

Level 23
HP 54
Attack 34
Defense 22
Sp Attack 18
Sp Defense 25
Speed 51
Ability: Hustle

Hyper Fang

Wish me luck! (I'll just update my progress on this post if that's alright.)
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Posted May 5th, 2020
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So as I complete the Johto side of my Rattata solo run I've come to the realization that I have no solid way to get a regular rattata egg into Pokemon Y, Omega Ruby, nor Ultra Moon. So what I'm doing as a side project is to reach that goal with a secondary solo challenge. This one just a single run through Omega Ruby with the Treeko line. I'm gonna catch a ton of pokemon throughout it but only Treeko-Grovyle-Sceptile will be used in combat. My goal is to complete this game so that wild Rattata will appear in Hoenn so I can catch a couple and breed them, transfer three eggs into Pokemon bank (as well as all the extra pokemon I catch) and then restart Omega Ruby as well as Ultra Moon and start Y with a Rattata egg.

Here is my sign up for my Omega Ruby Run:

Username: johnnythe3rd
Partner Pokemon: Treeko -> Sceptile
Challenge: Single
Game: Omega Ruby
Previous Progress: No

Completed in 16:47
I beat Roxanne, Brawly, and Wattson with one attempt. Flannery took seven tries, I had to give up leveling Grovyle to 43 to get Fury Cutter coz Sceptile's Sp. Defense was the only way to beat that Flamin' Tortoise. Not ten minutes later I beat Norman in one attempt. Winona also only took one attempt. Liza+Tate and Wallace only took one attempt as well.

Level 67
HP 197
Attack 157
Defense 119
Sp. Attack 164
Sp. Defense 130
Speed 198

False Swipe
Rock Tomb
Giga Drain
Leaf Blade