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Old May 23rd, 2005 (5:16 PM).
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    I've already posted this in Pokon RolePlaying, but it's even more relevent here. I spent two hours working on this, and here's my "guide" to Community RolePlaying. With out further comments, here goes:

    Katsuros Guide to Community RPing

    Note: Ive written this mainly because of my RP, Orange Islands. Not many people seem to understand the term Community Roleplay. Ive gotten PMs asking questions about it, and not many volunteers willing to try it out. Hopefully this will help any roleplayers interested, but not quite willing to take the plunge and give it a try.

    Overview of Community RPs [CRPs]:
    -CRPs always start out with a village, town, city, island, or practically anything habitable. They try to recreate the feeling of having a structured alternate life. Most aspects of our real life are inserted in, but sometimes in a more fantastical or fun manner. You can be whom ever you want to be, however old you want to be, and have a social status to represent your desires.

    -CRPs need a lot of members. Just like a real community, many people are involved in the upkeep and interworkings of it. It becomes more and more realistic as it grows, adding more places and people to visit/befriend respectively. The CRP starter will usually have guidelines for how many of each type of stores can be set up, how the RP government works, etc. Currency is sometimes used but can be tricky to monitor. In my opinion, a bartering system works better.

    -Be prepared to stay. This isnt a short RP. If youre in, youre in for good. People get bad reputations for ditching out in the middle. You dont have to post a lot, but just make sure people know youre there. Believe it or not, these can end up soap-opera-ish. Relationships can get rather tangled and RP fighting can ensue. Usually its pretty peaceful though.

    -Make friends. Being a lonely, hardened, mean, grumpy guy isnt going to get you far. Sure youre mysterious and a great writer, but the people over at the fantasy RP would be glad to have you! Outgoing RP characters fit in more readily, as they interact more and make the community stronger. A little bitterness is great! Im not trying to discourage people. Its just anti-socialism that can cause problems.

    -Ive pretty much covered some things that go on in Community RPs, and what they are. If you have other questions, read the rest and then PM me ;

    -Ill restate one of the above: be social! Try and interact with other community members as much as you can. Thats how these kind of RPs work, and makes them succeed and be more fun for everyone.

    -Use common typing courtesies. Big pet peeve of mine: Dont Type Like This! It bugs the heck out of people! Also, please use quotes when you say something like, Wow! Thats a really big melon Gerry! Whered you find it? As outlined in the other rules, use the storytelling format. Works a lot better.

    -Romantic relations ships. This ones important. Most CRPs will use a love system of some kind. The most common is the color-coded one. It usually goes something like: Grey > Green > Orange >Blue >Purple >Red. Grey being just friends to red true love. Gauge your romantic relationships with the colors. Dont say, Im feeling so RED for you!! but instead do something like: OOC: Sarah and my relationship level has just reached red! . It works a lot easier. Just like real romance, red doesnt happen overnight. Or even over a week. Yes, time has sped up, but you still have time to do things with your boy/girlfriend. Go sailing, dating, partying, whatever. Put some thought into. Also: dont go into deep stuff unless your CRP is rated for it. Keep to the following guidelines to make sure to stay within the boundaries: G= No kissing, just verbal exchange of love [VEoL]. PG= Kiss on the cheek. Also supplemented by a lot of VEoL. PG13= Kissing. Not making out/sucking face per se, but, yes, kissings allowed. Still, because its text based, use the verbal stuff, always actually. Remember it in- R: Making out. $3x probably not, mainly because anyone can read it. If youre willing to do that: get a life!

    -Find a trade and be good at it. If you work at a Caf act like you do. At least pretend to know what youre doing. Dont volunteer to give boat tours if you dont know what starboard means. Things like that.

    -Kids. Depending on your CRP, you could be RPing your kids, or members will join to be your kids. If its the first one, RP them well. Spend as much time on them as you do yourself. Kids are an integral part of any community, and that includes your CRP. If its the latter, dont be afraid to be a parent! Be strong willed, and dont just be like, Sure. Do whatever, because I dont really care. Be a part of raising them! Act like your parents. It just makes it more realistic.

    -And remember; follow the tried and true basics. CRPs are just more extensive than regular ones. Read the regular rules, as this is a supplement to them, not in place of them.

    Pokon CRP Specifics
    -If youre in the Pokon RP forum, there are a few extra things. Pokon still play a part, but theyre more of a background supporting cast part now. They do work for you, or befriend you. Its not the same training atmosphere as you may be used to.

    -Yes, some pokon CRPs will have gyms. Then you may be a local trainer trying to show your skill. If this happens, yes, you should train! Im not saying battling is bad in a community roleplay! Train your heart out, then find a place to battle with someone, or the gym leader. And remember, always have a ref judging!

    Closing Notes:
    -I genuinely hope that this helped you. If it didnt, like I said, PM me or one of your local mods. And yes, this did take a while to write if youre wondering. Was it fun? Yes. Ive never bothered to write a guide, so, it was an experience. You may be seeing some more of me in the future ^_~

    For now,
    Let's all seperate our world
    Our world that's already cracked enough.
    How can we see, when our windows so broken?
    And let's all just be friends.
    Would that kill you, yeah maybe it would.
    ~~~But better dead with friends.~~~

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      Some comments would be nice ^-^;;

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