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Old June 13th, 2005 (4:51 PM).
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hey wouldnt say that...theres been alot of n00bs infesting forums might want credit lol
And now for the cerimonial banging of the plastic toys!

Relevant Advertising!

Old June 13th, 2005 (5:06 PM).
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I'm also noticing there's a LOT of back-and-forth, some of which is irrevelevant... so yeah... Kyledove is talented in spriting, but there's a line you can cross in terms of praise... It's nice to make each other feel nice, but after a while it becomes spam... you know?
Oh spam? Oops, sorry, thanks for telling me. I deleted the spammiest message I could find, only one though. I hope this wont be spam.
To make this not spam, Kyledove-chan, have you ever made a weeping willow tree? If not, think of it as a very light request.
Old June 14th, 2005 (12:33 AM).
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Gold Tom Gold Tom is offline
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Can you make some buildings that have water at the very base of them.
thanx in advance.
Old June 18th, 2005 (1:53 AM).
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hey kyledove, you know those heros you did in the thread Pokemon.....Jhoto could you make surfing sprites of them aswell?
Old June 18th, 2005 (2:19 AM).
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Demonic Budha Demonic Budha is offline
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i have 2 quick requests.
can you make a Statue with Bellsprout on it rather than the gorwlith one.
and a r/s and FR/LG style lighthouse.

for statue 2 squares big
and lighthouse about 7 wide and 15 high please

Thx in advance
Demonic Budha
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