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Old September 22nd, 2003 (7:58 PM).
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    I saw this thread posted on SNF and I decided to post it here

    Favorite outfits on males

    1) Hazuki/Harrison
    2) Shigeru/Gary
    3) Junichi/Jackson

    Favorite outfits on females

    1) Flannery and Clair
    2) Misty *houen*
    3) Macy and Jasmine
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    Old September 22nd, 2003 (11:53 PM).
    Mystic Mew Mystic Mew is offline
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      I like May`s outfits the most. She looks really cool with red jacket and black shorts.
      Ash looks very nice too in Houen.
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      Old September 23rd, 2003 (2:10 AM).
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        Favorite male outfit:

        Gary/Shigeru's! It's purple! >.>
        Second is Harrison and then maybe Brock! (On the Hoenn series)

        Favorite female outfit:

        I like Misty's new look, and May's! It's too cute!
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        Old September 23rd, 2003 (1:15 PM).
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          Hello, it's me the newbie.....

          My favorite oufits are

          Marina (Deni/Dani/Crystal)
          Haruka (May/Kimi)
          Girl from third movie with the Aipom
          Yuuki (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire) (Brendan)
          Kenta (Yoshi)
          Yukinari, younger version (Sammy)
          Hiroshi (Richie)
          Nagi (Winoa)
          Tsukishi (Bugsy)

          and I think that's it.
          Paired up with Kenta

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          Other Cool Pokemon Ponyta-Growlithe-Espeon-Relicanth

          And please take a visit to my shrine dedicated to Marina of the Raikou Special.
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          Old September 23rd, 2003 (2:09 PM).
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            Outfits, eh? Funkay topic! ^__^

            *points to PKMN_grl* I found another person who likes to use teh original name too. Cool! XD


            Kasumi (In teh Pokemon Special manga)

            Whee.... o.o;;
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            Old September 23rd, 2003 (8:40 PM).
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              1) Junichi
              2) Nagi
              3) Kasumi

              1) Kenta
              2) Haruka
              3) Anyone else who wears red. Red ish ugly.
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              Old September 23rd, 2003 (8:43 PM).
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              OK! Kanpeki!
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                the thread was made for favorites. Not the worst

                Moderator edit: You signature has been modified due to it size

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                Old September 23rd, 2003 (11:16 PM).
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                  Kenji. X_____o() The hideous red shorts grow on you after a four-year infatuation. n.n() Iv worn headbands like that in public before (not without the company of an equally strange freind, however. n.n()) *L* I'm just kidding.

                  Sakura's shirt is cute. n.n- I want it! TeeHee.
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