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Old October 23rd, 2005 (4:52 AM).
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I making a game, but i need hlp, who would help me?

Mail/msn [email protected]

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Old October 23rd, 2005 (5:09 AM).
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You should have done that!

You should go to the Member recruitement thread and search for someone!! But I doubt someone will help you!

Also, you should have posted some screenies and a story!
Old October 23rd, 2005 (6:17 AM).
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ok, i should show a few screens, tonight, or tomorrow
Old October 23rd, 2005 (7:18 AM).
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the rules say you need to post a story and an in-game screenshot.
just edit your first topic to put some screens and info in it,
or i need to close it.
rules are rules

Old October 23rd, 2005 (7:22 AM).
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I have maps, but ik can't script...

But, Rules are rules...

Lockie :surprised
Old October 23rd, 2005 (1:51 PM).
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Well, you'll have to learn script in order to finish a Pokmon game, but you can start without that knowledge
So only a story and a in-game screenshot to keep the thread open. You can keep learning script while making the game
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