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Old December 17th, 2005 (4:45 AM).
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    Well as far as I know, some people can be a bit scared of posting threads asking for help, they are more confident posting in a thread made by someone else...thats how I was anyways.

    So, I decided to make this, a thread where you can ask any question related to RPG's that you are unsure of, and I and the other members will do our best to answer them for you, no matter how common a question it is. From starting RPG's to more advanced questions.

    So, don't be afraid and just ask!

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    Old December 17th, 2005 (10:59 AM).
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      Ok, here's one: Almost every RP I start never gets off the ground. I know its prolly because I have too much backstory, but I edited one to the bare minum and still no luck. Am I doomed to be outbid by Harry Potter and Pokemon RPs?
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      Old December 17th, 2005 (6:24 PM).
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        It seems so, yes. I know the boat you're in, my friend. I write a beautiful RP, great backstory and world... And no one joins. even my fandom RPs don't get joined. Originality seems to be in the minority here...

        Sorry if I'm a little bitter...
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        Old December 17th, 2005 (6:38 PM).
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          I totally agree with both of you. One factor I find important in RP making is title. You need a title that grabs someone's attention when they are browsing around.
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          Old December 18th, 2005 (12:59 AM).
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            Your not alone, I get the same problems x_x and I know, it is disapointing when no one joins, or it doesn't lift of the way you expected it to. But then it falls down to peoples interests, it's not your Plot or anything, it's just the members who join. With that, I can't really help, because it falls down to the members more than anything.
            Old December 23rd, 2005 (8:41 AM).
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              I must admit that's actually why I haven't been RP'ing much in PRP lately. the only way to really give your RP a good chance of taking off is to have a good few close friends who can keep it going, and if they lost intrest in pokemon role play... Well, I'm thinking about trying to get my efforts going in there again. @[email protected]
              Old February 7th, 2006 (1:50 PM).
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                I'm just scared to start one, cuz noone ever reacts to newbie junk...*sniffle*
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                For now.

                Any comments??

                mail me!
                Old February 7th, 2006 (2:08 PM).
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                  Please don't revive threads that are over a month old X.X; That's against the rules...

                  *Reports* Sorry >.>;;;
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