Third Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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    This is a guide written for all the frequently asked questions on the boards such as the Regis and Mirage Island. Catching the other Legendaries will come in a later topic. I'll edit this as we add new guides. If you have a question, contact me. Check my profile for information, I can be reached via E-mail,AIM,YIM,MSN,or ICQ.

    You can also PM Frostweaver or me if you have any questions.

    Regi guide by Arcanine, edited by Kairi, Frostweaver
    Latias guide brought to PC by Shuko
    Mirage Island by Kairi.
    Other Legendaries by Dr. itsy
    (Rayquaza guide updated by Demonchaos916)
    Pokeblock guide by Master Zangoose
    PAR v3 Update FAQ by HellishHades
    Breeding guide by Toothache
    Base stats guide and Feebas/Milotic guide by Ice Demon
    Effort Value and Pickup guide by Mr Cat Dog
    All other guides by Demonchaos916

    Mirage Island

    Mirage Island is an Island found on Route 130, and appears when certain conditions are met…

    Each time you catch or obtain a Pokémon, it's assigned a hidden "number". Let's say your Ralts has the number 1425.

    Every day a random "number" is picked.

    If the number of any of your Pokémon matches the chosen one of the day, Mirage Island appears. Talking to the old man will let you know if one of your party Pokémon is the right number. So, you need to bring all your Pokémon to him each day.

    So, when the number 1425 is the number of the day, and you take your Ralts to him, he'll be able to see it. There's no way to know the actual number of the day nor your Pokémon's. You just have to check back with him everyday, bringing all your Pokémon to him.

    Groudon and Kyogre

    Throughout Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you will occasionally have encounters with Team Magma and Aqua. In Pokemon Ruby, you will be facing Team Magma who is trying to revive Groudon and in Sapphire, you'll be facing Team Aqua who is searching for Kyogre.

    Once either Kyogre or Groudon has been revived from stone, you can capture them in the Cave of Origin, which is in Sootopolis City. It's impossible to get lost in the cave. As there is only one path.

    Save before battling it as you only get one shot at this. Just use a powerful Pokemon with False Swipe that can resist Kyogre/Groudon's attacks. Then toss balls at it when it's weak.

    The Regis

    The Pokémon you need are:

    Relicanth and a Wailord.

    Pokémon with :

    Fly to Pacifidlog.

    Go left and Surf, stay down near the bottom but not all the way. Keep going until you see a dark spot in the water. Go to that dark spot and use Dive, now you are under the water inside a room. Exit out of the room though the door. Now you’re in a tunnel. Keep going until you see a big rock. Go to the end of the tunnel and on the rock you will see writing on the rock. Use Dive here. Now you’re in a room with 10 stones it's just ABC... and so on. The wall at the end of the room it tells you to use Dig there. Now a door is there go in and you will see 7 stones the last one is the important one. It says first comes Relicanth last comes Wailord. What it means is put Relicanth first in your party and Wailord last when you enter the room and read the last stone. Then you hear three doors open and those are the three doors at the ruins were you can find Regice, Regirock and Registeel.


    Fly to Dewford town and then go north and stay to the left. Keep going until you see a big island. Land on the island to the left, go past the island and go up until you see another island (It’s the island in the middle of 6 rocks). Regice is inside, Enter and press “A” on the wall.
    ”Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice” is what it says.
    What it means is wait 2 minutes and the door will open.
    Now you may enter and catch Regice.


    You will need a Pokémon with Strength.
    Item you need: Go-Goggles (you get them after you beat the 4th gym)
    First you fly to Mauville city then, go north to Route 111 and Desert Ruins (you need a Pokémon with Rock Smash to get there). Keep going until you see the desert. Then go right and down until you see the Ruins. Go in and heard towards the wall. The wall says:
    ”Right, right, down, down, then use Strength.”
    What it means is from the wall press right right down down and have your Pokémon use Strength.


    You will need a Pokémon with Fly.

    First Fly to Lilycove city then go west (left) until you go past route 121 and keep going until you get to route 120. Continue until you see stairs. Go up the stairs and keep proceeding up them until you see a cave. This is the Ancient tomb. Go in and press a next to the wall with the text, this is what the wall says:

    “With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle.”
    It means to go to the middle of the room and use Fly.


    Shuko's (not really; I read it somewhere, but can't remember where) Method of Catching Latios/Latias

    -Acro Bike
    -At least 1 Defeat of the Elite 4
    -At least 1 Max Repel
    -Something hard and heavy that you can place on a single button of your GameBoy:P

    Here's what you do. After you've defeated the E4, go to any patch of grass (really, it doesn't matter where) in Hoenn and use your Max Repel. Equip your Acro Bike. Then, place your heavy object on your Game Boy in such a way that it holds down only the B button. Watch the screen and make sure that your character is bunny hopping, but is remaining in the same spot. He is? Great. Now leave your Game Boy alone for an hour or two. No, I'm not kidding. Go away for a good long while, and then come back. Don't bother watching, 'cause this method usually takes time to work. Anyway, when you come back, you (Should) have run into Latios/Latias.

    Here's why it works:
    Latias/Latios works in much the same way that the Legendary dogs did in G/S/C. He/She changes regions frequently, and will do so even if you stay in one region all the time. This method works on the theory that, if you wait in one region long enough, he/she'll eventually meander into it, and then you'll encounter the wily Pokemon. The Max Repel will keep other Pokemon away from you, and the bunny hopping simulates walking through the grass without wasting steps and exhausting your Max Repel.

    So now you should have run into the elusive Latios/Latias. What happens next is up to you. I always used a master ball, because I hate chasing them around. But if you want to do it the hard way, just remember that once you've run into Latios/Latias, you can track him/her but everytime you go to a different location the location for [email protected] will change - look at the area page for that Pokemon in your 'Dex. It'll show the current location of him/her. Of course, this is provided you don't make him/her faint. That's it, people. Happy hunting!



    Rayquaza is atop Sky Pillar, which you cannot ascend until you beat the Elite Four. From Pacfidlog Town, go east and there will be an opening near the top of the rock walls. It's not that far away from the town and should take less than 20 seconds of traveling (assuming you don't run into any wild Pokemon). The new path should, from the opening in the rocks, go west then north to a cave. If it doesn't, you're in the wrong place.

    Get through the cave (it's easy) to reach the tower itself. On the floors, there will be cracks on the tiles. if you step on them, you will fall down to the next floor. This is where you need the Mach Bike. Pick up some speed in the uncracked tiles and run right through the cracks. Avoid bumping into any walls or rocks as you will fall down if you bump into one by a crack. Save often so you don't have to keep redoing this. On the final floor, you'll notice a dead end at the end of the both with cracks. There'll be cracks ini the middle of the dead end and to the left and right. Run your bike to the ones in the middle and stop it there and fall through on purpose to reach a new path. Then just continue until you reach the top of the tower where Rayquaza will be.


    Catching it is easy, the hard part is getting there. I suggest you practice your mach bike on cycling road before you head to sky tower.

    With this Shedinja moveset...

    False Swipe
    Swords Dance
    Shadow Ball

    It is SIMPLE AND EASY, first use Shadow Ball, if it uses Fly use Protect, if it uses any other move, it won't effect you. The only thing in your way is it’s Rest!

    Once it is down to one HP (Shadow Ball + False swipe) chuck Ultra Balls!

    Note: Evolve Nincada at lvl 25, and it'll learn false swipe. Evolve Nincada then, and the Shedinja will carry over the Nincada moveset so it'll have false swipe. It can also pick up Swords dance from Ninjask =)

    Eon Ticket and Southern Island

    Both [email protected] can be captured in one game, but you need the Eon Ticket which was given out by Nintendo some time ago. Just use and E-reader to scan the Eon Ticket and you can take a boat to the island where either Latias or Latios (depending on your version, it'll be the other [email protected] you don't have, assuming you've already captured the one running around the place) will be. Once there, examine an egg/rock there and the [email protected] will appear. Repeat the strategy listed in the Capturing Latios or Latias guide to catch them again on Southern Island.


    Jirachi can only be obtained through the use of the bonus disc that comes with Pokemon Colosseum when you pre-order it or through cheating. You can also buy the disc from some stores or a friend. Then just transfer the Jirachi to your game.

    Deoxys and Its 3 Forms

    Deoxys is a genderless, Psychic type Pokemon that cannot breed and has 3 different forms(Offensive, Defensive, and Balanced) which will be explained later on. Right now in the U.S.A., Deoxys can only be obtained through using a cheating device. Until Pokemon versions FireRed(FR) and LeafGreen(LG) is released in America (or if NoA holds a special event before the release), that is the ONLY way to obtain Deoxys. Anything you heard, ranging from capturing all 200 Pokemon, getting 5 Trainer Stars, to flying to the moon, is a rumor and a lie.

    In FR/LG, you can get Deoxys through the use of an Aurora Ticket to reach Island 9, which is what people are calling the island until an English name is given. The Aurora Ticket was given out through an Nintendo event, which will probably also take place in America once Fr/LG is released. You can still also just use cheats to get Deoxys like most people.

    For those of you who own Deoxys in Ruby/Sapphire, you might've noticed you can only have the R/S form (Balanced) of Deoxys and not the other 2 forms. That is because Deoxys' looks, icons, and stats change depending on which version it is in. So if you traded the Deoxys you own in R/S to a FR/LG cartridge, it would change forms depending on which version it is traded into. Deoxys has more offensive stats in FR and more defensive stats in LG. It's stats are more balanced in R/S.

    Here is Deoxys' base stats for all three forms. I ahve also listed for each stat's maximum with a personality, in order from left to right, that decreases it by 10%, does nothing to it, and increases it by 10%.

    Ruby/Sapphire Base Stats
    HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
    Attack: 150(359, 399, 438)
    Defense: 50(179, 199, 218
    Speed: 150(359, 399, 438)
    Special Attack: 150(359, 399, 438)
    Special Defense: 50(179, 199, 218

    Fire Red Base Stats
    HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
    Attack: 180(413, 459, 504)
    Def: 20(129, 135, 152)
    Speed: 150(359, 399, 438)
    Special Attack: 180(413, 459, 504)
    Special Defense: 20(129, 135, 152)

    Leaf Green Base Stats
    HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
    Attack: 70(215, 239, 252)
    Defense: 160(377, 419, 460)
    Speed: 90(251, 279, 306)
    Special Attack: 70(215, 239, 252)
    Special Defense: 160(377, 419, 460)

    Just like how Deoxys' stats and looks change from version to version, what it can learn also changes. But it's ability, Pressure, stays the same throughout all of it's forms. Here is what it learns from leveling up, using TMs/HMs (these are from RS as I am not sure what the TMs/HMs in FR/LG are), and through the use of the Move Tutor from FRLG.

    Ruby/Sapphire Level Up Attacks
    Level 5: Night Shade
    Level 10: Teleport
    Level 15: Knock Off
    Level 20: Pursuit
    Level 25: Psychic
    Level 30: Snatch
    Level 35: Cosmic Power
    Level 40: Recover
    Level 45: Psycho Boost
    Level 50: Hyper Bea,

    Fire Red Level Up Attacks
    Level 5: Night Shade
    Level 10: Teleport
    Level 15: Taunt
    Level 20: Pursuit
    Level 25: Psychic
    Level 30: Superpower
    Level 35: Cosmic Power
    Level 40: Zap Cannon
    Level 45: Psycho Boost
    Level 50: Hyper Beam

    Leaf Green Level Up Attacks
    Level 5: Night Shade
    Level 10: Teleport
    Level 15: Knock Off
    Level 20: Spikes
    Level 25: Psychic
    Level 30: Snatch
    Level 35: Iron Defense Amnesia
    Level 40: Recover
    Level 45: Psycho Boost
    Level 50: Counter and Mirror Coat

    TMs/HMs Compatibility

    TM 01, 03, 04, 06, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48, 49
    HM 01, 04, 05, 06

    FR/LG Move Tutor Compatibility

    Body Slam-Normal
    Double Edge-Normal
    Mega Punch-Normal
    Mega Kick-Normal
    Seismic Toss-Fighting
    Dream Eater-Psychic
    Rock Slide-Rock
    Thunder Wave-Electric

    Catching Feebas and Milotic

    I highly recommend catching Feebas for these three reasons -

    1) To complete the pokedex
    2) For some bragging rights
    3) To obtain a Milotic which is has great Special Attack and Special Defense, along with a great move pool.

    What You Will Need

    1) old/good/super rod [old is preferred as Feebas can be caught with it, but you don't have to waste time with other pokemon besides Magikarp and a few Tentacool. It can be obtained by a fisher in Dewford town. He stands near to the gym]
    2) approximately 5 pokeballs [higher grades are not nessary for such a weak pokemon] as you will want to catch a few feebas.
    3) a pokemon that knows surf [HM slave ^_^]
    4) a pokemon that knows fly [not a must but after sitting in that water for so long i would think u would want to get out of there as quickly as possible]

    Feebas is a rare little fish pokemon. How rare you ask??
    Well let me see. It is obtainable in 6 tiles [sections of surfing water] out of approximately 400 tiles of surfing water on route 119.
    Now thats something isn't it??
    The feebas tiles are random and if you change the "Popular Phrase" in Dewford town the tile positions are RANDOMLY RESET[ie you can't take someone else's 'popular phrase' and try fishing where they got their feebas. It won't work.]

    Now that you have what u need head up to the base of route 119. Do this by flying/walking to mauville and then surfing across the narrow stripe of water right of the gym.
    Now you will be on route 119. This is a very long route [unfortunately] packed with sections of water [potential feebas grounds] along its length. I recommend you start form the first pond you come across. Start form one corner and work your way up. Fishing in each tile you move into.I recommend fishing 3 - 5 times in one tile as any less may allow our fishy friend to slip through and any more would be overkill.
    Now all this sucks i must admit, but when u do find the feebas tile you will be pleasently surprised to find that they will appear with a 60-80% probability. Which is, in my opinion, fairly sweet.

    Evolving Feebas

    Well now that you have feebas you must be wondering - "I hate you Ice Demon. This thing is ugly!!"
    Thats why we need to evolve it.

    To evolve feebas you need to get its beauty rating to 170. To do this feed feebas blue/indigo pokeblocks. However you will only be able to feed Feebas 12 pokeblocks thats why these factors below are important -

    1) personality of your feebas - The way a feebas responds to a pokeblock is determined by their personality. It is recommended that you use either one of these personalities :Rash, Quiet, Modest[the best as it increases SpAtt and decreases Attack,which is an important quality for all milotic],and Mild. If you get a feebas with an Impish, Careful or Adamant[like anyone will want those personalities XD]don't bother.They hate dry blocks [which blue and indigo are] and so will require high grade berries to make their pokeblocks which is difficult.

    2) The grade of pokeblock you use - level 11 blocks can be obtained from : Weaper, Lum, Oran, Chesto and Bluk berries [these are the lowest grades]
    level 23 blocks can be obtained from :Wiki, Kelpsy, Hondew and Cornn berries [these are the best type of berries as they are more effective than lvl 11 berries but are easier to obtain than lvl 45 berries
    level 45 blocks can be obtained from : Pamtre berries [the highest grade berry]

    Berry types A and B can be found throughout Hoenn. However a popular destionation for most trainers is the "berry masters house"
    To get there surf down from mount Pyre and you will be in route 23. Follow the route and you should eventually reach the berry masters house. Or you can surf right from mauville but instead of walking up through route 119 go straight and you will reach his house.
    The berry master gives you berries. To obtain the berry u want save before you talk to him. Keep restarting and talking to him until you get the berries you want.

    PS to get pokeblocks you need a pokeblock case which can be obtained from a little girl in Slateport City in the Contest Center there.
    To blend berries go to anyone of the Contest centers and blend with the old man on the side of the screen.

    Feed Feebas the 12 pokeblocks and lvl him up. You should now be a a proud owner of a milotic.
    Come post your milotic movesets at the GB Strategy Section and get any help with Egg moves at the Breeders corner.

    Two New Unowns

    There are two new Unowns in Ruby and Sapphire, ! and ?.


    They cannot be obtained unless you trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green, like all of the other Unowns.

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      Berries and Pokeblocks

      The following chart shows is what kind of pokeblock you will get when mixing berries with Mister, Laddie, and Lassie in Lilycove city. I suggest that unless you have three freinds, you use this one as it will give you the best results. This will be usefull if you are like me and are trying to get a master class ribbon in each contest, or if you are trying to get a Golbat to like you so it will evolve. Or if you are trying to evolve feebas into milotic.
      Guide on what falvour each nature likes MIGHT be comming later.
      Note: This chart does not yet include the berries that have effects in battle.

      For staters here is what each flavour represents (colour and condition it increases (smart, cool, ect.))

      Spicy - red - cool
      Dry - blue - beauty
      Sweet - pink -cute
      Bitter - green - smart
      Sour - yellow - tough

      That is all the flavours. Now for the chart. Remember, high lvl and low feel is best. The berries are in order of their number starting at #16 (razz).


      Razz______-spicy -bitter________12___19
      Bluk______-dry -sour___________11___19
      Nanab____-spicy -sweet________12___19
      Wepear___-dry -bitter__________11___19
      Pinap_____-sweet -sour________11___19
      Pomeg____-spicy -bitter________23___19
      Kelpsy____-dry -sour___________23___19
      Qualot____-spicy -sweet________23___19
      Hondew___-dry -bitter__________23___19
      Greppa____-sweet -sour_________23___19
      Tomato___-spicy -bitter_________24___22
      Cornn_____-dry -sour___________24___22
      Magost____-spicy -sweet________25___22
      Rabuta____-Dry -Bitter__________25___22
      Nomel_____-sweet -sour_________24___22

      If you want to know wich colour (flavour) your pokemon likes best, go to mosdeep and enter the house directly above (north) of the pokemon center. If your pokemon likes that colour/flavour, they can eat more pokeblocks.

      Hidden Power

      Hidden Power(HP)'s attack power and ability/type varies depending a Pokemon's IV/DV values. The highest attack power Hidden Power can have is 70. Whenever someone types HP (Type), it means Hidden Power with an attack type of whatever is mentioned.
      E.G. HP Rock means Hidden Power with Rock type damage.

      A Pokemon's Hidden Power Type cannot be changed one you capture/hatch it, unless you use cheats or you are playing Netbattle which allows you to change it's Type easily.

      IV/DV values are permanently set (unless you cheat,etc) whenever you capture/hatch a Pokemon. IV/DV values help a Pokemon's stats by adding one point for each value to the stat it corresponds to.

      E.G.: If you have a Defense of 100 and a IV/DV Value of 28 for Defense, it would add 28 additional points to Defense making it 128.

      Here I have listed for those of you who can change a Pokemon's IV/DV values. There are many combinations, but you would probably want the best combinations. Each one of these is for an attack power of 70 for all types.

      1. Make all of the values 30
      2. Make HP value 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make Attack 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make HP and Attack 31, all the rest 30
      5. Make Defense 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make HP and Defense 31, all the rest 30
      2. Make Attack and Defense 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Attack, and Defense 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make Speed 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make HP and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      2. Make Attack and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Attack, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make Defense and Speed 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make HP, Defense, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      2. Make Attack, Defense and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make HP and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
      2. Make Attack and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Attack, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make Defense and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make HP, Defense, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
      2. Make Attack, Special Attack, and Defense 31, all the rest 30
      3. Make Hp, Attack, Defense, and SPecial Attack 31, all the rest 30
      4. Make Speed and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
      5. Make HP, Speed, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

      1. Make Attack, Speed, and Special Attack 31, the rest 30
      2. Make HP, Attack, Speed, Special Attack 31, the rest 30
      3. Make Defense, Speed, SApecial Attack 31, the rest 30
      4. Make HP, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, the rest 30

      1. Make Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, the rest 30
      2. Make all 31 except Special Defense 30
      3. Make Special Defense 31, the rest 30
      4. Make HP and Special Defense 31, the rest 30

      1. Make Attack and Special Defense 31, the rest 30
      2. Make HP, Attack, Special Defense 31, the rest 30
      3. Make Defense and Special Defense 31, the rest 30
      4. Make HP, Defense, and Special Defense 31, the rest 30

      1. Make Attack, Defense, Special Defense, the rest 30
      2. Make Hp, Attack, Defense, Special Defense, the rest 30
      3. Make Speed and Special Defense, the rest 30
      4. Make HP, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30

      1. Make Attack. Speed Special Defense, the rest 30
      2. Make HP, Attack, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30
      3. Make Defense, Speed Special Defense, the rest 30
      4. Make Hp, Defense, Speed, and Special Defense, the rest 30
      5. Make Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30

      1. Make all 31 except Special Attack
      2. Make Special Attack and Special Defense, the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Special Attack and Special Defense, the rest 30
      4. Make Attack, Special Defense, Special Attack, the rest 30

      1. Make HP, Attack, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
      2. Make Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
      3. Make Hp, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
      4. Make Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30

      1. Make all 31 except Speed 30
      2. Make Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
      3. Make HP, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
      4. Make Attack, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30

      1. Make all 31, leave Defense 30
      2. Make Defense, Speed, Special Defense, Special Attack, the rest 30
      3. Make all 31, leave Attack 30
      4. Make all 31, leave HP 30

      1 and only. Make all 31.

      Effort Values (EV) and Natures/Personalities

      Effort Values

      Effort Values (EV[s]) is another thing that affects stats. Whenever you battle a Pokemon and defeat it, you get a point (or more) of EVs to the stat that point of EVs sorresponds to. Every 4 points of EVs you gain ofr a stat adds one additional point to that stat (4 Attack EVs=1 Attack Point).

      For each stat (HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed), only a max of 255 EVs can be earned for each stat. And only a maximum of 510 EVs can be earned for a single Pokemon. So choose your EVs carefully.

      Macho Brace is an item that doubles the amount of EVs you earn each battle (Earning 1 point of EVs is now 2 points instead). So if you want to speed up your EV training, go ahead and use Macho Brace.

      Here is a short list of easily found Pokemon in the wild which you can battle for EVs. Next to each Pokemon is a number which tells how many EVs you earn for battling that Pokemon. There are other Pokemon you can battle for EVs as well but I'm only listing the ones you can easily find in the wild or a lot of trainers in-game have(excluding Elite Four).

      Hit Point EVs: Marill(2), Whiscash(2), Wurmple(1), Shroomish(1), Wynaut(1), Whismur(1)
      *Rusturf Tunnel has nothing but Whismur, making it an ideal spot to train for HP EVs

      Attack EVs: Mightyena(2), Sharpedo(2), Solrock(2), Baltoy(2), Poochyena(1), Goldeen(1), Machop(1), Carvanha(1), Shuppet(1)
      *In Sapphire, some floors of Mt.Pyre has nothing but Shuppets, making it an ideal spot to train for Attack EVs
      *no ideal spots available for Ruby

      Defense EVs: Silcoon(2), Cascoon(2), Lairon(2), Seedot(1), Nincada(1), Sandshrew(1), Clamperl(1)
      *no ideal spots available for both versions, as anywhere with Pokemon that gives defense EV is never the most common Pokemon available in that area

      Speed EVs: Linoone(2), Zigzagoon(1), Tailow(1), Wingull(1), Magikarp(1), Zubat(1), Meditite(1), Electrike(1)
      *the Underwater Cavern has nothing but Zubats and Golbats, making it an ideal place to train for speed EVs

      Special Attack EVs: Magnemite(1), Oddish(1), Numel(1), Spinda(1)
      *battling Spinda is by far the easiest way to earn Sp.Attack EVs. Though that route also has some Skarmorys (defense EV) and Sandshrew (defense EV), Spinda is very common and Sp.attack is still easy to find

      Special Defense EVs: Lombre(2), Tentacruel(2), Lotad(1), Tentacool(1), Swablu(1), Kecleon(1)
      *inside the Abandoned ship has nothing but tentacool and tentacruel, making it quite an ideal spot to train. However, battles aren't so frequent there, so you may want to stick with Swablu

      Keep in mind that there are Pokemon which have more than one type of EVs (although none of them were listed above far as my knowledge goes).

      Personalities/Natures (interchangable terms)

      Personalities also affect a Pokemon's stats by 10% or not affect them at all. They increase one stat by 10% while decreasing another stat by 10%. There are 5 certain personalities that do not affect stats in anyway.

      Here is a list of all the personalities and what they increase/decrease or do nothing. The first stat is the one increased by 10%, the second is the one decreased by 10%.

      Hardy: Nothing
      Brave: [+Attack/-Speed]
      Adamant: [+Attack/-Special Attack]
      Naughty: [+Attack/-Special Defense]

      Docile: Nothing
      Relaxed: [+Defense/-Speed]
      Impish: [+Defense/-Special Attack]
      Lax: [+Defense/-Special Defense]
      Bold: [+Defense/-Attack]

      Serious: Nothing
      Timid: [+Speed/-Attack]
      Hasty: [+Speed/-Defense]
      Jolly: [+Speed/-Special Attack]
      Naive: [+Speed/-Special Defense]

      Bashful: Nothing
      Modest: [+Special Attack/-Attack]
      Mild: [+Special Attack/-Defense]
      Quiet: [+Special Attack/-Speed]
      Rash: [+Special Attack/-Special Defense]

      Quirky: Nothing
      Calm: [+Special Defense/-Attack]
      Gentle: [+Special Defense/-Defense]
      Sassy: [+Special Defense/-Speed]
      Cherful: [+Special Defense/-Special Attack]

      Pokemon Cheat Creator- Ruby/Sapphire

      (note: haven't been double checked by PC members if it generates usable codes yet)
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        Breeding Guide (written with help from guides at

        So, you want to breed a Pokemon, give it a move that it doesn't learn by levelling up or TMs, or just want to increase your Pokedex? Well, look no further, this one stop guide will attempt to explain all.

        Catching suggestions.
        First thing I'd recommend for anyone who wants to get a more varied moveset for a Pokemon, is to catch a female of that Pokemon. Female Pokemon determine the type of Pokemon that is bred. So, if you want to breed an Igglybuff, for example, catching a female Jigglypuff will mean any egg bred with this female, will eventually be an Igglybuff. If you want a specific type of Pokemon with more varied moves, catch a female.

        Does that mean males are useless? No. Males are just as important as females, and here's why. The female determines the Pokemon type, but the males govern which moves are actually passed down to the Pokemon. So if you want to breed Drill Peck onto a Skarmory, for example, you would need to have a male with the move Drill Peck, not necessarily a Skarmory, but something in the same egg group (I'll explain egg groups further down the guide) as Skarmory. Breed that Pokemon with a female Skarmory, and voila! The baby Skarmory will be born with Drill Peck. If you know a Pokemon has a certain move, and you want to give that move to a similar Pokemon which doesn't learn it naturally, catch a male of that species.

        Advantages of breeding.
        Breeding moves onto a Pokemon has several advantages. First of all, you can gain more varieties of moves for the Pokemon, increasing the options of it's movesets, and often making your Pokemon more difficult to counter. Second of all, while levelling up, you can have more powerful moves than it's level would normally allow, meaning a Pokemon will be slightly easier to raise.

        Disadvantages of breeding
        Well, not many at all. It will take time to level up the Pokemon, as well as the parents if you are after specific moves which are learned at higher levels than they were caught at. Certain Pokemon cannot breed at all, the legendary Pokemon. Some are limited to only breeding with Ditto. Eevee are always male, so they are limited. Not every move is possible to breed over, only those in the egg moves list for each Pokemon is possible to breed.

        Overall, breeding is worth the time and effort you spend to raise the Pokemon.

        Egg Groups.
        The Pokemon are split into egg groups, which means that they can only breed with those Pokemon in the same egg group. Most individual Pokemon exist in two groups. For example, Abra and their evolutions belong to the Human-Shaped Pokemon Egg Group, which means they can breed with other Pokemon in the Human-Shaped Egg Group, and only those Pokemon.
        Egg Groups names:
        Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Field, Flying, Human Shaped, Monster, No Egg, Plant, Stone, Unidentifiable, Water A, Water B, Water C

        TMs and breeding.
        Now, in your game, you will usually pick up 1 TM of each type (1 to 50), except for those that you can buy. Just purchase as many of those as you think you'll need. For the rest of TMs, you are given or find one of each type only per game. Did you know, that by breeding, you can pass on TMs from one Pokemon to another? Yes! That way, you can make your TM last, and if you want two or more Pokemon using the same TM, then it is actually possible (but it may take several breeding events to actually pass the TMs along. This is called a breeding chain). Because most Pokemon exist in two egg groups, it is usually possible to breed a TM from a very different type to it's own, by following a breeding chain.

        Abilities and Breeding
        Each Pokemon also has a special ability, like Early Bird and Color Change. This does not change between breeding types, and as such you cannot breed an ability from one Pokemon to another. So, no you can't have a Sableye with Wonder Guard (immune to all attacks except indirect attacks), for example.

        Nature and breeding
        Each Pokemon has a nature, which affects it's statistics. A nature increases one stat by 10%, while reducing another by 10%. Natures are not passed on by breeding, and are completely random. So, it is not possible to breed directly a nature from one Pokemon to another. If you want a baby Pokemon with a specific nature, you'll have to keep breeding and hope it gets the one you want. It's a time consuming process, but it may be worth the extra effort.

        IVs and breeding.
        The Individual Values of the parents actually influence the IVs of the child, to some degree. 3 of the 6 stats are based on the parent's IVs, the rest are chosen at random. So, for example, a male Volbeat may give it's HP and Sp Attack IV, and a female Illumise could give it's Speed IV. Each parent will contribute at least one IV, though.

        Sometimes, the same IV value is chosen, meaning only 2 IVs from the parents influence the child. This only happens however, if the IV value is the same on both parents. If the Volbeat and Illumise both had 14 IV in Attack, and both of their Attack stats were chosen, then the child will have 14 IV in Attack. One other stat is chosen from the parents, not two others (cos 2 of the 3 slots are taken from the Attack value of both parents).

        If you are lucky to get a Pokemon with 31 IV (the highest obtainable) in one stat, you can potentially breed children with 31 IV in the same stat. Yes, that means after a lot of breeding (and a whole load of good luck!), it is possible to breed a child with 31 IV in 3 of it's 6 stats. Good luck :-)

        Azurill and Wynaut
        Azurill and Wynaut are special cases when it comes to breeding. They do not appear when a Marill or Azumarill, or Wobbuffet parent, is bred normally.

        How do I get one, I hear you ask? Well, it's not actually too hard. To get an Azurill child, one of the parents must be holding the Sea Incense item. Otherwise, a Marill will be the child. To get a Wynaut child, one of the parents must be holding the Lax Incense item, else you will just breed a baby Wobbuffet.

        Breeding chains and Egg Groups information.
        I would recommend you read through the guide at Breeding Guide

        This guide is just a quick summary for those new to breeding, for more detailed explanations, please read the guide on GameFaqs. (Plus, I'm too lazy to copy/paste all the egg groups and breeding chains, and I'd get in trouble if did that anyway).
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          I have compiled all the base stats of all the pokemon. This would help those who wish to put together a moveset as it would provide them data as to what stats a particular pokemon is strongest in.
          For example alakazam is strongest in speed and special attack as a result he would be used as a special sweeper not an attack sweeper or a tank.
          They are in desending order and only include fully evolved pokemon.......

          I give anyone the right to download, print and share this document on the basis that
          it is not sold.

          Pokemon is a registered trademark of Nintendo/Game Freaks/Creatures.
          All rights reserved.


          Purple denotes pokemon obtainable in Ruby/Sapphire only [hence the blue ]
          * denotes pokemon obtainable in GSC.
          blue denotes pokemon obtainable only in Nintendo Special Promotions.
          *** deoxys is obtainable in FRLG and in Emerald

          Types that run off of Special Attack - ice, fire, electric, grass, water, psychic, dark, dragon.
          Types that run off of Attack - bug, rock, ghost, steel, ground, flying, fighting, normal, poison.
          1st place in hp - Blissey with base stat of 255
          1st place in Attack - Slaking with base stat of 160
          1st place in Defense - Shuckle with base stat of 230
          1st place in Speed - Ninjask with base stat of 152
          1st place in Special Attack - Mewtwo with base stat of 154
          1st place in Special Defense - Shuckle with base stat of 230

          | Name | | hp | | Attack| | Defense | | Speed | | Sp. Attack | | Sp. Defense | | Total |

          Ho-oh 106 130 90 90 110 154 = 680 *

          Lugia 106 90 130 110 90 154 = 680 *

          Rayquaza 105 150 90 95 150 90 = 680

          Mewtwo 106 110 90 130 154 90 = 680

          Kyogre 100 100 90 90 150 140 = 670

          Groudon 100 150 140 90 100 90 = 670

          Slaking 150 160 100 100 95 65 = 670

          Tyranitar 100 134 110 61 95 100 =600 *

          Dragonite 91 134 95 80 100 100 = 600 *

          Metagross 80 135 130 70 95 90 = 600

          Latias 80 80 90 110 110 130 = 600

          Latios 80 90 80 110 130 110 = 600

          Salamence 95 135 80 100 110 80 = 600

          Deoxys 50 150 50 150 150 50 = 600**

          Jirachi 100 100 100 100 100 100 = 600

          Celebi 100 100 100 100 100 100 = 600

          Mew 100 100 100 100 100 100 = 600

          Regice 80 50 100 50 100 200 = 580

          Registeel 80 75 150 50 75 150 = 580

          Regirock 80 100 200 50 50 100 = 580

          Articuno 90 85 100 85 95 125 = 580

          Zapdos 90 90 85 100 125 90 = 580

          Moltres 90 100 90 90 125 85 = 580

          Raikou 90 85 75 115 115 100 = 580 *

          Suicune 100 75 115 85 90 115 = 580 *

          Entei 115 115 85 100 90 75 = 580 *

          Arcanine 90 110 80 95 100 80 = 555 *

          | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense| |Total|

          Milotic 95 60 79 81 100 130 = 545

          Gyarados 95 125 79 81 60 100 = 540

          Kingdra 75 95 95 85 95 95 = 540

          Blissey 255 10 10 55 75 135 = 540*

          Snorlax 1 60 110 65 30 65 110 = 540*

          Lapras 130 85 80 60 85 95 = 535 *

          Crobat 85 90 80 130 70 80 = 535

          Swampert 100 110 90 60 85 90 = 535

          Charizard 78 84 78 100 109 85 = 534

          Typlosion 78 84 78 100 109 85 = 534 *

          Walrein 110 80 90 65 95 90 = 530

          Aggron 70 110 180 50 60 60 = 530

          Blastoise 79 83 100 78 85 105 = 530

          Feraligter 8 5 105 100 78 79 83 = 530*

          Blaziken 80 120 70 80 110 70 = 530

          Sceptile 70 85 65 120 105 85 = 530

          Umbreon 95 65 110 65 60 130 = 525 *

          Cloyster 50 95 180 70 85 45 = 525 *

          Venusaur 80 82 83 80 100 100 = 525

          Meganium 80 82 100 80 83 100 = 525*

          Vaporeon 130 65 60 65 110 95 = 525 *

          Jolteon 65 65 60 130 110 95 = 525 *

          Flareon 65 130 60 65 95 110 = 525 *

          Espeon 65 65 60 110 130 95 = 525 *

          Starmie 60 75 85 115 100 85 = 520

          Exeggutor 95 95 85 55 125 65 = 520 *

          Flygon 80 100 80 100 80 80 = 520

          Gardevoir 68 65 65 80 125 115 = 518

          Porygon2 85 80 90 60 105 95 = 515 *

          Tentacruel 80 70 65 100 80 120 = 515

          Aerodactyl 80 105 65 130 60 75 = 515*

          Steelix 75 85 200 30 55 65 = 510 *

          Claydol 60 70 105 75 70 125 = 500

          Shuckle 20 10 230 5 10 230 = 505 *

          Ninetales 73 76 75 100 81 100 = 505

          Machamp 90 130 80 55 65 85 = 505

          Ampharos 90 75 75 55 115 90 = 500*

          Houndoom 75 90 50 95 110 80 = 500 *

          Heracross 80 125 75 85 40 95 = 500

          Gengar 60 65 60 110 130 75 = 500 *

          Ursaring 90 130 75 55 75 75 = 500 *

          Golduck 80 82 78 85 95 80 = 500

          Poliwrath 90 85 95 70 70 90 = 500 *

          Politoed 90 75 75 70 90 100 = 500*

          Scizor 70 130 100 65 55 80 = 500 *

          Muk 105 105 75 50 65 100 = 500

          Donphan 90 120 120 50 60 60 = 500

          Pinsir 65 125 100 85 55 70 = 500

          Cradily 86 81 97 45 81 110 = 500

          Armaldo 75 125 100 50 70 80 = 500

          Wailord 170 90 45 60 90 45 = 500

          | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense|

          Nidoqueen 90 82 87 76 75 85 = 495 *

          Nidoking 81 92 77 85 85 75 = 495 *

          Omastar 70 60 125 55 115 70 = 495

          Kabutops 60 115 105 80 65 70 = 495

          Magmar 65 95 57 93 100 85 = 495 *

          Electabuzz 65 83 57 105 95 85 = 490 *

          Slowbro 95 75 110 30 100 80 = 490 *

          Slowking 95 75 80 30 100 110 = 490 *

          Altaria 75 70 90 80 70 105 = 490

          Weezing 65 90 120 60 85 70 = 490

          Kangaskhan 105 95 80 90 40 80 = 490 *

          Tauros 75 100 95 110 40 70 = 490 *

          Miltank 95 80 105 100 40 70 = 490 *

          Alakazam 55 50 45 120 135 85 = 490

          Huntail 55 104 105 55 94 75 = 488

          Gorebyss 55 84 105 55 104 75 = 488

          Relicanth 100 90 130 55 45 65 = 485

          Golem 80 110 130 45 55 65 = 485

          Rhydon 105 130 120 40 45 45 = 485

          Hypno 85 73 70 67 73 115 = 483 *

          Shiftry 90 100 60 80 90 60 = 480

          Ludicolo 80 70 70 70 90 100 = 480

          Vileplume 75 80 85 50 100 90 = 480

          Victreebel 80 105 65 70 100 60 = 480*

          Bellossom 75 80 85 50 90 100 = 480

          Electrode 60 50 70 140 80 80 = 480

          Octillery 75 105 75 45 105 75 = 480 *

          Glalie 80 80 80 80 80 80 = 480

          Chimecho 121 50 70 64 95 80 = 480

          Exploud 104 91 63 70 91 60 = 479

          Torkoal 70 85 140 26 85 70 = 476

          Dewgong 90 70 80 70 70 95 = 475 *

          Kingler 55 130 115 75 50 50 = 475 *

          Raichu 60 90 55 100 90 80 = 475

          Cacturne 70 115 60 55 115 60 = 475

          Hariteyama 144 120 60 50 40 60 = 474

          Clefable 95 70 73 60 85 90 = 473 *

          Manectric 70 75 60 102 105 60 = 472

          Grumpig 80 45 65 80 90 110 = 470

          Xatu 65 75 70 95 95 70 = 470

          Pigeot 83 80 75 91 70 70 = 469 *

          Crawdaunt 63 120 85 55 90 55 = 468

          Swalot 100 73 83 55 73 83 = 467

          Stantler 73 95 62 85 85 65 = 465 *

          Mantine 65 40 70 70 80 140 = 465*

          Tropius 100 68 83 54 72 86 = 465

          Skarmory 65 80 140 70 40 70 = 465

          Absol 65 130 60 75 75 60 = 465

          Forretress 75 90 140 40 60 60 = 465 *

          Magneton 50 60 95 70 120 70 = 465

          Camerupt 70 100 70 40 105 75 = 460

          Dodrio 60 110 70 100 60 60 = 460

          Lanturn 125 58 58 67 76 76 = 460

          Mr Mime 40 45 65 90 100 120 = 460 *

          Dusclops 40 70 130 30 60 130 = 460

          Breloom 60 130 80 70 60 60 = 460

          Zangoose 73 115 60 90 60 60 = 458

          Seviper 73 100 60 65 100 60 = 458

          Banette 64 115 65 65 83 65 = 457

          Jynx 65 50 35 95 115 95 = 455 *

          Sharpedo 70 120 40 95 95 35 = 455

          Hitmonlee 50 120 53 87 35 110 = 455*

          Hitmonchan 50 105 79 76 35 110 = 455 *

          Hitmontop 50 95 95 70 35 110 = 455*

          Girafarig 70 80 65 85 90 65 = 455

          Primeape 65 105 60 95 60 70 = 455 *

          | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense| |Total|

          Sandslash 75 100 110 65 45 55 = 450

          Seaking 80 92 65 68 65 80 = 450

          Ninjask 61 90 45 152 50 50 = 450

          Jumpluff 75 55 70 110 55 85 = 450 *

          Piloswine 100 100 80 50 60 60 = 450 *

          Venomoth 70 65 60 90 90 75 = 450 *

          Granbull 90 120 75 45 60 60 = 450 *

          Kecleon 60 90 70 40 60 125 = 445

          Noctowl 100 50 50 70 76 96 = 442 *

          Fearow 65 90 65 100 61 61 = 442 *

          Lunatone 70 55 65 70 95 85 = 440

          Solrock 70 95 85 70 55 65 = 440

          Persian 65 70 60 115 65 65 = 440*

          Whiscash 110 78 73 60 76 42 = 439

          Arbok 60 85 69 80 65 79 = 438 *

          Misdreavus 60 60 60 85 85 85 = 435 *

          Tangela 65 55 115 60 100 40 = 435 *

          Pelipper 60 50 100 65 85 70 = 430

          Quagsire 95 85 85 35 65 65 = 430 *

          Gligar 65 75 105 85 35 65 = 430 *

          Qwilfish 65 95 75 85 55 55 = 430 *

          Sneasel 55 95 55 115 35 75 = 430 *

          Swellow 60 85 60 120 50 50 = 425

          Sunflora 75 75 55 30 105 85 = 425 *

          Wigglytuff 140 70 45 45 75 50 = 425

          Marowak 60 80 110 45 50 80 = 425 *

          Mightyena 70 90 70 70 60 60 = 420

          Castform 70 70 70 70 70 70 = 420

          Linoone 78 70 61 100 50 58 = 417

          Masquerain 70 60 62 60 80 85 = 417

          Furret 85 76 64 90 45 55 = 415 *

          Dunsparce 100 70 70 45 65 65 = 415*

          Raticate 55 81 60 97 50 70 = 413 *

          Medicham 60 60 75 80 60 75 = 410

          Magcargo 50 50 120 30 80 80 = 410

          Azumarill 100 50 80 50 50 80 = 410

          Sudowoodo 70 100 115 30 30 65 = 410 *

          Plusle 60 50 40 95 85 75 = 405

          Minun 60 40 50 95 75 85 = 405

          Wobbuffet 190 33 58 33 33 58 = 405

          Murkrow 60 85 42 91 85 42 = 405 *

          Parasect 60 95 80 30 60 80 = 405 *

          Togetic 55 40 85 40 80 105 = 405 *

          Dugtrio 35 80 50 120 50 70 = 405 *

          Volbeat 65 73 55 85 47 75 = 400

          Illumise 65 47 55 85 73 75 = 400

          Roselia 50 60 45 65 100 80 = 400
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            | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense| |Total|

            Ariados 70 90 70 40 60 60 = 390 *

            Ledian 55 35 50 85 55 110 = 390 *

            Yanma 65 65 45 95 75 45 = 390 *

            Beautifly 60 70 50 65 90 50 = 385

            Dustox 60 50 70 65 50 90 = 385

            Lickitung 90 55 75 30 60 75 = 385 *

            Butterfree 60 45 50 70 80 80 = 385 *

            Beedrill 65 80 40 75 45 80 = 385 *

            Delcatty 70 65 65 70 55 55 = 380

            Sableye 50 75 75 50 65 65 = 380

            Mawile 50 85 85 50 55 55 = 380

            Corsola 55 55 85 35 65 85 = 380

            Nosepass 30 45 135 30 45 90 = 375

            Spinda 60 60 60 60 60 60 = 360

            Aipom 55 70 55 85 40 55 = 360 *

            | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense|

            Farfetch'd 52 65 55 60 58 62 = 352 *

            Unown 48 72 48 48 72 48 = 336 *

            Delibird 45 55 45 75 65 45 = 330 *

            Luvdisc 43 30 55 95 40 65 = 328

            Ditto 48 48 48 48 48 48 = 288 *

            Smeargle 55 20 35 75 20 45 = 250 *

            Shedinja 1 90 45 40 30 24 = 230


            | Name | |hp| |Attack| |Defense| |Speed| |Sp. Attack| |Sp. Defense| |Total|

            Vigoroth 80 80 80 90 55 55 = 440

            Clamperl 35 54 85 32 74 55 = 335

            Pikachu 35 55 30 90 50 40 = 300

            If the pre-evolved forms are in great demand i may add them but so far i find that writting up all 352 pokemon is far to hard .........

            If anyone notices a problem or error please PM me/e-mail me at [email protected] and i will address the problem as soon as possible.
            Also the FR, LG and Emerald versions of Deoxys shall be added as soon as i get information on them and i would appreciate any help.
            Thank You


            And me for writting this!!!!!!!!!!!!

            The National Dex

            The National Dex is a PokeDex in Ruby/Sapphire and FRLG that shows all 386 Pokemon currently in existence.

            In Ruby/Sapphire, the normal PokeDex only shows the 202 Pokemon that you can get without trading with FRLG or cheating. Any Pokemon you get that isn't part of the normal PokeDex won't have a file you can look up and read it's info, although it will be recorded that you've captured it.

            To get the National Dex in Ruby/Sapphire, either use cheats or trade with FRLG. Simple as that.

            In FRLG, the PokeDex Professor Oak gives you after you deliver his Parcel only shows the original 151 Pokemon. You have to get the National Dex to show all the others. The National Dex also serves a second purpose in FRLG. It allows you to capture Johto Pokemon in Kanto and also allows certain Pokemon like Golbat or Onix to continue their evolution into Crobat and Steelix, etc, etc.

            To get the National Dex in FRLG, defeat the Elite Four and the Champion with 60 or more different species of Pokemon recorded in your PokeDex.
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              Effort Values

              What are Effort Values?
              Effort Values (EV) is a feature in Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green that is designed to help you to gain better stats for your Pokemon in the areas you want. When you battle Pokemon (in the wild or in trainer battles), you will get something called "Effort Points" (EP) together with Experience Points (Exp.). Each Pokemon species that you battle, regardless of the level, gender, stats, nature etc., has a fixed EP that they will give. For example, a Voltorb will always gives 1 EP to the Speed statistics, regardless of whether it is Level 5 or Level 100. However, these EPs, unlike Exp., are not shown to you at the end of the battle, thus, you'll not be able to know how much EPs you receive.

              How do Effort Values affect my Pokemon's Stats?
              When you battle a certain Pokemon species and defeated it, the game will add the EPs (which ranges from 1 to 3 points) to your EV in 1 or more of your Pokemon's stats. Thus, that particular stat of your Pokemon would advance higher and have a better stat in that area. 4 EVs is equivilant to 1 stat point. Usually rare or highly evolved Pokmon provide 2 or 3 points per battle while unevolved or more common Pokmon provide 1 point. You would not receive the EP if you run away from the battle.

              What if more than 1 Pokemon enters the battle?
              You would think that EP works like Exp., it gets divide equally to each Pokemon right? No! Logically it would do so but it would be pretty silly to let each Pokemon get a fraction of a EP. Each Pokemon would therefore receive the full amount of EP from that battle. Here is an example to illustrate my point. A Beautifly gives 3 EPs for Special Attack. You want to train up your Alakazam, Gardevoir and Grumpig to get a better Special Attack, thus, you found a Beautifly to battle with. You sent your Alakazam out first, it knocked out 1/3 of Beautifly's HP, then Gradevoir to damage it more and finally Grumpig to finish the move. After the battle, Alakazam, Gardevoir and Grumpig will each get 3 EPs for Special Attack! Thus, if you are fighting an opponent that provides 3 EPs in a particular stat that three of your Pokmon require, you could switch each of them in the battle to gain a total of 9 EPs spread across your 3 Pokmon!

              Yes! I can use Effort Values to train my Pokemon to their ultimate stats in every single stat!
              Sorry, but you can't do this. In order to balance the game, each stat may only receive up to 255 EPs and your Pokemon can only receive 510 EPs maximum, which means 2 maxed EP stats. You will only have to fight anywhere from 170 to 510 battles in order to reach this cap. After that EPs won't matter to it and there isn't much that you can make it better. You would know if your Pokemon has reached the EV cap, you should go see the woman wearing red-and-white clothes with brown hair and wearing a white hair piece next to the Vitamin shop owner in Slateport City (aka, the Energy Guru). They are both near the south-west location of this town if you are having some trouble finding it. She will give you an Effort Ribbon indicating your achievement, otherwise she will tell you to "try harder". Your EPS are non-erasable. Thus, remember to train your Pokemon wisely. You wouldn't want your precious EPs to go to waste in a stat you would not want.

              Using the Macho Brace and Exp. Share
              The Macho Brace is an item you'll get after you defeated the Winstrate family. It will double your Exp. gained when battling. Using it while training for EPs is a good idea as it doubles EPs gained as well, considerably reducing your training time. The only disadvantage is that while using it, your Pokemon's Speed will be cut by 50% but don't worry, it will reset back to normal once you remove it. Likewise, when using the Exp. Share, the Pokemon who is holding it will get the full EPs as well.

              Using Vitamins
              Vitamins are said to give your stats a boost but it actually just adds 10 EPs to the stat. To prevent people from cheating, your pokemon is only allowed to take 10 of a type of Vitamin, giving it 100 EPs. Here are the Vitamins and what they do:

              Protein : +10 EV to Attack
              Iron : +10 EV to Defense
              Carbos : +10 EV to Speed
              Zinc : +10 EV to Sp. Defense
              Calcium : +10 EV to Sp. Attack
              HP Up : +10 EV to HP

              However, if you trained your Pokemon prior to giving Vitamins, the number of Vitamins you can use is decreased. Vitamins can only raise the EVs to 100 and not over it.

              Using Rare Candies
              Unlike the previous games where Rare Candies were avoided, in Ruby & Sapphire, they are actually a plus when used after your EVs have been maxed out since you can do nothing about your stat after that.

              Do EVs really matter?
              Well, if you are into competitive battling which means battling with a human opponent not in the game itself, EVs can do a lot of difference to your battle result of whether you win or lose. Here is a quote from Team Rocket Elite:

              Effort Values really do make a large difference in a Player vs. Player battle. When Effort Values are properly placed, it can mean the difference between surviving an attack or getting OHKO'd (One-Hit Knock-Out). The Effort Value system provides serious players with an advantage, meaning that people who work hard to study the game have an advanage over someone who didn't. In other words, they put in the time and effort, they get results.

              However, if you are just playing in-game, it really doesn't matter since you'll most probably win against the computer opponents who mindlessly attacks once you are at Level 100.

              Which Pokemon Gives Which EPs?
              Here is a complete list divided into 7 sections, each section for each stat and the last for Pokemon which gives mixed EPs. This is taken from Ken J. Egervari's Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire: Games Mechanics Guide.

              # English Name Jp Name HP Atk Def Spd Sp.Atk Sp.Def
              - --------------- ----------- --- ---- ---- ---- -------- --------

              Hit Points EV Table
              38 Slaking Kekkingu 3 - - - - -
              47 Exploud Bakuong 3 - - - - -
              56 Azumarill Mariruri 3 - - - - -
              139 Wigglytuff Pukurin 3 - - - - -
              175 Walrein Todozeruga 3 - - - - -
              44 Shedinja Nukenin 2 - - - - -
              46 Loudred Dogoomu 2 - - - - -
              49 Hariyama Hariteyama 2 - - - - -
              55 Marill Mariru 2 - - - - -
              96 Swalot Marunomu 2 - - - - -
              100 Wailord Hoeruo 2 - - - - -
              128 Whiscash Namazun 2 - - - - -
              138 Jigglypuff Purin 2 - - - - -
              150 Tropius Torobiusu 2 - - - - -
              161 Wobbuffet Soonasu 2 - - - - -
              172 Glalie Onigoori 2 - - - - -
              174 Sealeo Todoguraa 2 - - - - -
              182 Lanturn Rantaan 2 - - - - -
              14 Wurmple Kemusso 1 - - - - -
              34 Shroomish Kinokoko 1 - - - - -
              36 Slakoth Namakero 1 - - - - -
              45 Whismur Gonyonyo 1 - - - - -
              48 Makuhita Makunotsuta 1 - - - - -
              54 Azurill Ruriri 1 - - - - -
              95 Gulpin Gokurin 1 - - - - -
              99 Wailmer Hoiruko 1 - - - - -
              106 Grimer Betobetaa 1 - - - - -
              127 Barboach Dojocchi 1 - - - - -
              137 Igglybuff Pupurin 1 - - - - -
              142 Castform Powarun 1 - - - - -
              160 Wynaut Soonano 1 - - - - -
              165 Phanpy Gomazou 1 - - - - -
              171 Snorunt Yukiwarashi 1 - - - - -
              173 Spheal Tamazaratsu 1 - - - - -
              181 Chinchou Chonchii 1 - - - - -

              Attack EV Table
              6 Blaziken Bashaamo - 3 - - - -
              9 Swampert Raguraji - 3 - - - -
              24 Shiftry Daatengu - 3 - - - -
              75 Machamp Kairikii - 3 - - - -
              189 Salamence Boomanda - 3 - - - -
              199 Groudon Guraadon - 3 - - - -
              8 Marshtomp Numakuroo - 2 - - - -
              11 Mightyena Guraina - 2 - - - -
              23 Nuzleaf Konohana - 2 - - - -
              35 Breloom Kinogassa - 2 - - - -
              51 Seaking Azumaou - 2 - - - -
              53 Gyarados Gayarodosu - 2 - - - -
              74 Machoke Gorikii - 2 - - - -
              93 Dodrio Doudariou - 2 - - - -
              98 Sharpedo Samehadaa - 2 - - - -
              123 Altaria Zanguusu - 2 - - - -
              126 Solrock Sorurokku - 2 - - - -
              130 Baltoy Shizarigar - 2 - - - -
              136 Armaldo Aamarudo - 2 - - - -
              147 Banette Jubetta - 2 - - - -
              152 Absol Abusoru - 2 - - - -
              167 Pinsir Kairosu - 2 - - - -
              168 Heracross Herakurosu - 2 - - - -
              170 Rhydon Saidon - 2 - - - -
              7 Mudkip Mizugorou - 1 - - - -
              10 Poochyena Pochiena - 1 - - - -
              50 Goldeen Tosakinto - 1 - - - -
              73 Machop Wanrikii - 1 - - - -
              92 Doduo Douduo - 1 - - - -
              97 Carvanha Kibania - 1 - - - -
              116 Trapinch Nakkuraa - 1 - - - -
              129 Corphish Heigani - 1 - - - -
              135 Anorith Anopusu - 1 - - - -
              146 Shuppet Kagebouzu - 1 - - - -
              187 Bagon Tatsubei - 1 - - - -

              Defense EV Table
              59 Golem Gorounya - - 3 - - -
              72 Aggron Bosugodora - - 3 - - -
              192 Metacross Metagurosu - - 3 - - -
              193 Regirock Rezurooku - - 3 - - -
              15 Silcoon Karasarisu - - 2 - - -
              17 Cascoon Mayorudo - - 2 - - -
              28 Pelipper Perippaa - - 2 - - -
              58 Graveler Gouron - - 2 - - -
              71 Lairon Kodora - - 2 - - -
              104 Magcargo Magukarugo - - 2 - - -
              105 Torkoal Kootasu - - 2 - - -
              109 Weezing Matadogasu - - 2 - - -
              113 Sandslash Sandopan - - 2 - - -
              115 Skarmory Eaamundo - - 2 - - -
              188 Shelgon Komoruu - - 2 - - -
              191 Metans Metangu - - 2 - - -
              22 Seedot Taneboo - - 1 - - -
              42 Nincada Tsuchinin - - 1 - - -
              57 Geodude Isitsubute - - 1 - - -
              60 Nosepass Nozupasu - - 1 - - -
              70 Aron Kokodora - - 1 - - -
              108 Koffing Dogaasu - - 1 - - -
              112 Sandshrew Sanddo - - 1 - - -
              169 Rhyhorn Saihoun - - 1 - - -
              176 Clamperl Paaruru - - 1 - - -
              190 Beldum Danbaru - - 1 - - -

              Speed EV Table
              3 Sceptile Jucain - - - 3 - -
              65 Crobat Kurobattou - - - 3 - -
              157 Raichu Raichuu - - - 3 - -
              2 Grovyle Juputol - - - 2 - -
              13 Linoone Massuguma - - - 2 - -
              26 Swellow Oosubame - - - 2 - -
              37 Vigoroth Yarukimono - - - 2 - -
              43 Ninjask Tekkanin - - - 2 - -
              64 Golbat Gorubatto - - - 2 - -
              77 Medicham Chaaremu - - - 2 - -
              79 Manectric Raiboruto - - - 2 - -
              85 Electrode Marumain - - - 2 - -
              144 Starmie Satarumii - - - 2 - -
              156 Pikachu Pikachuu - - - 2 - -
              1 Treecko Kimori - - - 1 - -
              12 Zigzagoon Jiguzaguma - - - 1 - -
              25 Taillow Subame - - - 1 - -
              27 Wingull Kyamome - - - 1 - -
              32 Surskit Ametama - - - 1 - -
              52 Magikarp Koiking - - - 1 - -
              61 Skitty Eneko - - - 1 - -
              63 Zubat Zubatto - - - 1 - -
              76 Meditite Asanan - - - 1 - -
              78 Electrike Rakurai - - - 1 - -
              80 Plusle Purasuru - - - 1 - -
              81 Minun Mainan - - - 1 - -
              84 Voltorb Biriridama - - - 1 - -
              86 Volbeat Borubiito - - - 1 - -
              87 Illumise Irumiize - - - 1 - -
              140 Feebas Hinbasu - - - 1 - -
              143 Staryu Hitodemon - - - 1 - -
              153 Vulpix Rokon - - - 1 - -
              155 Pichu Piichu - - - 1 - -
              183 Luvdisc Rabukasu - - - 1 - -

              Sp. Attack EV Table
              16 Beautify Agehunto - - - - 3 -
              31 Gardevoir Saanaito - - - - 3 -
              41 Alakazam Fudin - - - - 3 -
              90 Vileplume Rafureshiaa - - - - 3 -
              197 Latios Ratiosu - - - - 3 -
              198 Kyogre Kaiorga - - - - 3 -
              30 Kirlia Kiruria - - - - 2 -
              40 Kadabra Yungreaa - - - - 2 -
              83 Magneton Reakoiruu - - - - 2 -
              89 Gloom Kusaihana - - - - 2 -
              125 Lunatone Runatoon - - - - 2 -
              159 Golduck Goruddakku - - - - 2 -
              164 Girafarig Kirinriki - - - - 2 -
              178 Gorebyss Sakurabisu - - - - 2 -
              4 Torchic Achamo - - - - 1 -
              29 Ralts Rarutosu - - - - 1 -
              39 Abra Keishii - - - - 1 -
              82 Magnemite Koiru - - - - 1 -
              88 Oddish Nazunokusa - - - - 1 -
              94 Roselia Rozeria - - - - 1 -
              101 Numel Donmeru - - - - 1 -
              103 Slugma Magumaggu - - - - 1 -
              114 Spinda Pacchiiru - - - - 1 -
              119 Cacnea Sabonea - - - - 1 -
              158 Psyduck Kodakku - - - - 1 -
              162 Natu Neitei - - - - 1 -
              184 Horsea Tattsuu - - - - 1 -

              Sp. Defense EV Table
              18 Dustox Dokukeiru - - - - - 3
              21 Ludicolo Runpapa - - - - - 3
              91 Bellossom Kereihana - - - - - 3
              194 Regice Rezuaisu - - - - - 3
              196 Latias Ratiasu - - - - - 3
              20 Lombre Hasuburero - - - - - 2
              67 Tentacruel Dokukurage - - - - - 2
              111 Grumpig Bupiggu - - - - - 2
              122 Zangoose Chiritarisu - - - - - 2
              132 Claydol Nendooru - - - - - 2
              134 Cradily Yureidoru - - - - - 2
              141 Milotic Mirokarosu - - - - - 2
              19 Lotad Hasuboo - - - - - 1
              66 Tentacool Menokurage - - - - - 1
              110 Spoink Banebu - - - - - 1
              121 Swablu Chiritto - - - - - 1
              131 Crawdaunt Yajiron - - - - - 1
              133 Lileep Ririira - - - - - 1
              145 Kecleon Kakureon - - - - - 1

              Mixed EV Table
              # English Name Jp Name HP Atk Def Spd Sp.Atk Sp.Def
              - ---------------- ---------- --- ---- ---- ---- ------ -------
              200 Rayquaza Rekkuuza - 2 - - 1 -
              186 Kingdra Kingudora - 1 - - 1 1
              195 Registeel Rezusuchiru - - 2 - - 1
              118 Flygon Furaigon - 1 - 2 - -
              149 Dusclops Samayooru - - 1 - - 2
              62 Delcatty Enekororo 1 - - 1 - -
              107 Muk Betobeton 1 1 - - - -
              179 Relianth Jiiransu 1 - 1 - - -
              5 Combusken Wakashamo - 1 - - 1 -
              68 Sableye Yamirami - 1 1 - - -
              69 Mawile Kuchiito - 1 1 - - -
              102 Camerupt Bakuuda - 1 - - 1 -
              117 Vibrava Biburaaba - 1 - 1 - -
              120 Cacturne Nokutasu - 1 - - 1 -
              124 Seviper Habuneeku - 1 - - 1 -
              166 Donphan Donfan - 1 1 - - -
              177 Huntail Hanteeru - 1 1 - - -
              148 Duskull Yomawaru - - 1 - - 1
              180 Corsola Saniigo - - 1 - - 1
              185 Seadra Shiidora - - 1 - 1 -
              154 Ninetales Kyuukon - - - 1 - 1
              163 Xatu Neiteio - - - 1 1 -
              33 Masquerain Amemoosu - - - - 1 1
              151 Chimecho Chiriin - - - - 1 1

              Pick Up

              Pick Up is an ability that "picks up" items after battle. You can "pick up" if you have a Pokemon with the Pick Up ability in your party. The most common is Zigzagoon, but with the release of FRLG, I think Rattata might also be able to do this as well. When you "pick up" there are a number of items of which you can obtain, but only if the Pokemon isn't holding an item itself. Below is a list of items, with the rarity of each of them:

              Super Potion (30%)
              Ultra Ball (10%)
              Full Restore (10%)
              Full Heal (10%)
              Nugget (10%)
              Revive (10%)
              Rare Candy (10%)
              Protein (5%)
              PP Up (4%)
              King's Rock (1%)

              This is a good way to EV train your Pokemon, since if you have 6 Linoones/Zigzagoons/Rattatas/whatever and continuously have battles with weak Pokemon, there's a good chance you'll get a load of Rare Candies.

              Please bare in mind that you may not always get an item after battle. it may take 5 or 6 battles before any items start appearing, so don't always get your hopes up.
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                There are several acronyms used throughout this FAQ. They are explained below:
                AR or PAR = Action Replay or Pro Action Replay (repsectively; they are just different names for the same device)
                GSA = GameShark Advance
                v = version (For example, "v3" means "version three.")


                There are several reasons for upgrading a GSA/PAR v1/2 to PAR v3. GSAs are unable to process many Pokmon codes whose length exceeds twenty lines. In fact, using such codes may damage your device! The new PAR v3 software compensates for this -- these codes will not damage a PAR v3 device.

                The GSA/PAR v1/2 software is outdated. New codes will likely not be developed for this device. The only reason that Pokmon codes were made for the GSA/PAR v1/2 platform is due to the release date of Pokmon Ruby & Sapphire: they were released during the phase-out of GSA/PAR v1/2 codes to PAR v3 codes. This means that if you do not upgrade your device, you will more than likely miss out on codes for Pokmon FireRed & LeafGreen, as well as other, newer GameBoy Advance games in your collection.

                As previously mentioned, GSA/PAR v1/2 devices can become corrupted. By upgrading to PAR v3 software, you will reload the flash drive on your device, thereby removing any abnormalities of the previous device.

                GSA versus GS SP

                The GameShark Advance and the Action Replay were created by the same company, Datel. Datel created the device for the US market under the GameShark name until it was purchased by Madcatz. Madcatz makes a vastly inferior device that is capable of using the same codes as the CodeBreaker (a cheating device developed by Pelican software). This device was given the title of "GameShark SP" (GS SP).

                The AR looks like this:

                The GameShark developed by Datel looks the same, apart from the logo on the top; the GameShark has a blue shark on it instead. As long as you have a GSA v1/2 or a PAR v1/2, you can upgrade your device to PAR v3. You cannot upgrade a GameShark SP to PAR v3.

                You can check what version of GSA/PAR you currently have by selecting the Options menu on your device. In the top-right corner, the device version is listed. If it says "V 1.X" or "V 2.X", then you can upgrade your device. "X" can represent any number -- it's the number before the decimal place that is relavant to the upgrade.

                Before Upgrading

                You have to download the latest version of the PC software, listed below (choose the appropriate country). Then, you can click the upgrade button on the newer software to update the flash memory on the AR. It won't work if you use the GSA software to upgrade it, since the old program points to, which Datel can't put their software on anymore. Please read all of the instructions in the "Upgrade Instructions" section before actually carrying them out. Otherwise, you may damage your device.

                Upgrade Instructions

                1. Install the latest AR software (v3.3 to date) for your pak.

                If you bought the GSA in the US/Canada, use the US upgrade. If you bought it in Germany, then use the German upgrade, et cetera. Make sure to install the necessary INF file to connect your GSA to the PC (if its isn't automatically installed -- if the AR PC program cannot connect to your powered-on GBA with the PAR/GSA and game pak attached, the driver isn't installed), as well (gbalink.inf). The INF file should be located in "C : \ Program Files \ Datel \ ActionReplayGBX \ Drivers \ gbalink.inf" if you installed the program in the default directory. The file will be located in the same subfolders; only the main directory should be different if you changed it during setup. The installation files are listed under "Upgrade Files."

                2. Restart your PC.

                3. Put fresh batteries in your GameBoy Advance.

                4. Put your GSA/PAR v1/2 into your GameBoy Advance (with a game pak in it, as well). Use the USB cable to connect your device to your PC.

                5. Start the AR PC program. Press the upgrade button if the program doesn't automatically ask you to upgrade your device.

                6. Do not touch your GSA, do not disconnect the USB cable. Do not do anything until the program has said that your device is upgraded and your device says that it is no longer communicating with the PC. Do not run any other programs while doing the upgrade.

                Make sure you have new batteries in your GSA/PAR v1/2 when upgrading. If the batteries die during the upgrade your pak will turn to rubbish. After the upgrade, you will lose any/all codes on the GSA, and they will be replaced with the default ones from the AR program. Note that the old codes will not work on your new AR device. Only Action Replay v3 codes wil work.

                Upgrade Files

                United States:

                United Kingdom:



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                  Pokemon Emerald FAQ
                  -all basics of the guides are done by w00t, and majorly edited/expanded by Frosty
                  -give thanks to, and for some of the valuable information

                  Mew and World's Edge Island

                  It is now located in World's Edge Island. It is only catchable through a nintendo event to get another ticket to travel to this island (ticket name is currently unknown.) Once you're on World's Edge Island, you got a bit of travelling to do with what seems to be a maze, but it's rather straightforward (no HMs are required.) Once you reach Mew, it'll run away from you on the map so try to corner it and catch it by pressing the A button, then you'll initiate a battle with Mew. You can use the codebreaker code 82031F84 381A to get it. It is at lvl 30, so prepare yourself accordingly.

                  To catch Mew, the classical Shedinja will not work anymore due to transform. It is best to use a high level Ninjask/Sceptile instead with false swipe.

                  The Regis

                  Pokemon you need to initiate the Regi Sidequest are:
                  -a Pokemon with dig

                  Go left and Surf, stay down near the bottom but not all the way. Keep going until you see a dark spot in the water. Go to that dark spot and use Dive, now you are under the water inside a room. Exit out of the room though the door. Now youre in a tunnel. Keep going until you see a big rock. Go to the end of the tunnel and on the rock you will see writing on the rock. Use Dive here. Now youre in a room with 10 stones it's just ABC... and so on. The wall at the end of the room it tells you to use Dig there. Now a door is there go in and you will see 7 stones the last one is the important one. It tells you to put Wailord first and Relicanth last (reversed from Ruby/Sapphire.) Read the inscription again. Then you hear three doors open and those are the three doors at the ruins were you can find Regice, Regirock and Registeel. Now that you have initiatied the Regis' sidequest, the 3 legendaries are free to be captured in their respective hiding place.


                  Fly to Dewford town and then go north and stay to the left. Keep going until you see a big island. Land on the island to the left, go past the island and go up until you see another island (Its the island in the middle of 6 rocks). Regice is inside, Enter and press A on the wall. Read the braille then walk around the edge fo the room clockwise. Be sure to keep intact with the walls of the cave. The cave will be opened, and Regice will be inside at lvl 40, with ancientpower, curse, superpower and icy wind.

                  It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada/Ninjask (NOT Shedinja due to ancientpower) with false swipe (if you're high level enough, evne Icy Wind that's super effective will be harmless). Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.


                  You will need a Pokmon with Rock Smash.
                  Item you need: Go-Goggles (you get them after you beat the 4th gym)

                  First you fly to Mauville city then, go north to Route 111 and Desert Ruins. Keep going until you see the desert. Then go right and down until you see the Ruins. Go in and heard towards the wall. The wall says: Read the braille then go left 2 steps and then down 2 steps. Use rock smash and the door will open, with Regirock inside at lvl 40, with rock throw, curse, ancientpower and superpower.

                  It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada (NOT Ninjask or Shedinja) with false swipe. Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.


                  You will need a Pokmon with Flash.

                  First Fly to Lilycove city then go west (left) until you go past route 121 and keep going until you get to route 120. Continue until you see stairs. Go up the stairs and keep proceeding up them until you see a cave. This is the Ancient tomb. Go in and press a next to the wall with the text. Read the braille and go down 4 steps or the middle of the room. Use flash and the door will open. Registeel will be inside at lvl 40, with metal claw, curse, superpower and ancientpower.

                  It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada/Ninjask (NOT Shedinja due to ancientpower) with false swipe (if you're high level enough, evne Icy Wind that's super effective will be harmless). Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.

                  Navel Rock- Lugia and Ho-oh

                  Navel Rock is back. By getting the MysticTicket (or codebreaker code 82031F84 421A) you will gain access to this island with absolutely nothing but the 2 legendary Ho-oh and Lugia. They are both at a high lvl 70 so prepare accordingly. There is absolutely no tricks like Mew or Deoxys where there are small puzzles. They're just there.

                  Lugia has swift, rain dance, hydro pump and recover. Use the classical Shedinja and just keep using Shadowballs (it's super effective so watch out if it hits too hard) and False Swipes against it. You may also want to put it to sleep. Don't worry about not getting Aeroblast, as the move is reworked to be learnt at lvl 77 instead.

                  Ho-oh has swift, sunny day, fire blast and recover. Shedinja won't work this time, so use a Pokemon with resistance to fire, or even better a Pokemon with Flash Fire ability. No False Swipers within Emerald can survive the sunny day fire blast, so you're left with stunning it or putting it to sleep, then slowly hack away at its hp, hoping that it won't recover. Using taunt will stop it from using recover, but that effect will end as soon as Ho-oh attempts a Swift or Fire Blast. Another method is to burn off fire blast's low PP, then you can use Shedinja again.

                  Rayquaza, Hero of Emerald

                  Items you need: Mach BikeAfter some certain important plot regarding the legendaries, Rayquaza will be catchable after kyogre and groudon have gone back to sleep. Go to the sky pillar in route 131 just like Ruby/Sapphire but now you can do this sidequest as long as you've seen Rayquaza in the cutscene. It is still lvl 70 with the same moveset, so use the same strategy as in Ruby/Sapphire to catch possibly your first legendary Pokemon of Emerald.

                  Kyogre and Groudon

                  Pokemon you are recommanded to have: Pokemon with Fly

                  They are catchable after you defeat the Elite 4. Go to the weather institute and they will give you a route number. Go to that route quickly to search for a new cave entrance. It'll randomly be an entrance to the "sea cave" or the "land cave." You have to be quick or else the cave entrance will change place and you'll have to go back to the weather institute all over again. Use HM Fly to speed you up. After you caught one of the legendaries, repeat the process again for

                  Possible routes for the Sea Cave: 105,125,127,129. Kyogre will be at a raised level of lvl 70, with hydro pump, sheer cold, rest and double edge. Sheer Cold can OHKO your Pokemon, so be very careful. It can also knock itself out with double edge along with rest to make things all the more annoying. Use Shedinja to block off hydro pump and stop Kyogre from suiciding with double edge (as the attack will miss, so the recoil damage will also miss). Sheer Cold *shouldn't* work but I've never tried Sheer Cold against a Shedinja so keep that in mind... but if you're higher level than Kyogre, then the accuracy will drop (lowest is 23.4%). You may want to use a Pokemon with sturdy/protect to burn off Sheer Cold's PP first. You can also try to put it to sleep first.

                  Possible routes for the Land Cave:114,115,116,118. Groudon will also be at a raised level of 70, with Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Fissure and Rest. Rest will make the work hideous, as it will restore its hp. Fissure works just like Sheer Cold but a flying type or a Pokemon with levitate ability will be immune to Fissure. Fire Blast and Soalrbeam are both deadly attacks with Drought's boost. Flygon works the best as it's immune to Fissure and Fire Blast. You can also try to put it to sleep first. If you wasted all of Fire Blast's PP, you can use Shedinja again (keep in mind about the thing with OHKO moves and Shedinja though.)

                  Latias or Latios?

                  When you beat the E4, watch the TV at home again like what you do in Ruby and Sapphire. At the end of the show, your mom will ask you what color. Choose red for latias, or blue for latios. The chosen answer will be the Pokemon found in the wild. Latios and Latias are exactly the same as it would be in Ruby/Sapphire, so you probably has some previous experience in terms of how to handle these 2 Pokemon already.

                  The 4th Form of Deoxys

                  The rumored "speed Deoxys"'s info is finally revealed by It is on Birth Island once again, just like how Naval Rock is brought back from FRLG. You need another ticket (current name unknown, but maybe same as FRLG) to reach the island. The puzzle again is the same as FLRG's.

                  Its moves and stats are...

                  lvl 1 leer
                  lvl 1 wrap
                  lvl 5 night shade
                  lvl 10 double team
                  lvl 15 knock off
                  lvl 20 pursuit
                  lvl 25 psychic
                  lvl 30 swift
                  lvl 35 agility
                  lvl 40 recover
                  lvl 45 psychoboost
                  lvl 50 extremespeed

                  (Base stats)
                  hit points 50
                  attack 95
                  defense 90
                  speed 180
                  special attack 95
                  special defense 90

                  This officially makes Deoxys-E the fastest of all Pokemon. Ninjask's reign was short lived... This form of Deoxys has very rounded stats with speed being unexceptionally high.

                  For competitive battlers, this is another useless Pokemon down the bin, with its only contribution to the metagame being giving Deoxys-FR Extremespeed. Whatever this thing can do, its FR and LG counterpart can do it a lot better. The extra speed isn't worth the relatively low stats in comparison to Deoxys-FR and Deoxys-LG.

                  Move tutors
                  The moves can be only taught once, just like FRLG.

                  is in Slateport pokemon club, the guy besides the Azumarill.
                  Rollout is in Mauville by the fat guy near the gym.
                  Fury cutter is in Verdanturf Pokemon Center, a little boy to the right hand side.
                  Metronome is also in Verdanturf, in the top right hand corner of the Pokemart.
                  Mimic is in Lavaridge, a house besides the herb shop.
                  Sleep talk is in a house within Fortree, near the top left of the gym. Talk to the old man.
                  Substitute is in Lilycove shop tower at the roof.
                  Dynamic punch is in Mossdeep, before you go up the stairs to enter the city.
                  Explosion is in Pacificdlog Pokecenter, guy in the bottom right corner .
                  Double edge is in Sootopolis Poke center, person near bookcase.

                  The battle Frontier Tutors
                  You could buy moves for battle points. There is no limit to how many times you can teach that move as long as you have enough battle points. You can get the moves inside house to the bottom left of the Battle Dome. Talk to the two old ladies. This adds to the rejoiced list of "infinite Pokemon TMs," which is something to rejoice about for all competitive players.

                  Lady on Right:
                  Defence curl- 16 Battle Points
                  Snore- 24 Battle Points
                  Mud Slap- 24 Battle Points
                  Swift- 24 Battle Points
                  Icy wind- 24 Battle Points
                  Endure- 48 Battle Points
                  Psych Up- 48 Battle Points
                  Ice Punch- 48 Battle Points
                  Thunder Punch- 48 Battle Points
                  Fire Punch- 48 Battle Points

                  Lady on Left:
                  Softboiled- 16 Battle Points
                  Seismic Toss- 24 Battle Points
                  Dream Eater- 24 Battle Points
                  Mega Punch- 24 Battle Points
                  Mega Kick- 24 Battle Points
                  Body Slam- 48 Battle Points
                  Rock Slide- 48 Battle Points
                  Counter- 48 Battle Points
                  Thunder Wave- 48 Battle Points
                  Swords Dance- 48 Battle Points

                  Note: Curse is NOT a move tutor move, regardless of how the pattern seems to be a revival of all old TMs. No, Gamefreak isn't stupid enough to make curse for everyone again, so clear those plans of having a Cursecunes already.
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                  Emerald: Obtaining the National Dex
                  Obtaining the National Dex is simple, but necessary to trade with Fire Red and Leaf Green. Without it, both games will continuously produce link errors when linked together. Announcing your Pokmon for trade, or declaring battle in the Union Room will not be possible.

                  However, obtaining it is simple and straightforward. Exit your house after defeating the Elite Four. Professor Birch will give you and Yuuki/Haruka the National Dex.

                  Gaining Access to the Battle Frontier
                  Seems easy, but you have to board the Lilycove-Slateport (or vice versa) boat (there's a harbor in both cities). Enishida will meet up with you there and give you instructions of where to board the boat to the Battle Frontier. There, after getting to the main lobby of the entrance building, you will recieve a Frontier Pass which shows the areas of the Battle Frontier and shows your trainer card, and collected Frontier Badges. You can also view obtained Battle Points and watch the last battle you have done since asked if you wished to update your Frontier Pass with the new information.

                  Earning the Frontier Badges
                  Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog
                  Silver Badges
                  Battle Dome Heath - Swampert, Salamence, Charizard (5 consecutive tournament wins)
                  Battle Tube Azami - Seviper, Milotic, Shuckle (28 consecutive room completions)
                  Battle Arena Kogomi - Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja (27 straight battles and wins - 1v1 only... I think)
                  Battle Factory Datsura - I'm assuming it's random, since everone else in the Battle Factory is, but I'll have to check (21 battles - 1v1 only... I think again)
                  Battle Palace Ukon - Crobat, Slaking, Lapras (21 consecutive wins - 1v1)
                  Battle Pyramid Jindai - Regirock, Registeel, Regice (end of 21st floor)
                  Battle Tower Rira - Alakazam, Entei, Snorlax (35 consecutive wins - 1v1)

                  Gold Badges
                  Battle Dome - Superstar Heath: Swampert, Latias, Metagross (10 consecutive tournament wins/39 battles)
                  Battle Tube - Queen Azami: Seviper, Gyarados, Steelix (140 room completions)
                  Battle Factory - Head Datsura: Random (42 battles, 1v1 only)
                  Battle Arena - Captain Kogomi: Umbreon, Gengar, Breloom (56 battles, 1v1 only)
                  Battle Pyramid - King Jindai: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres (70th floor)
                  Battle Palace - Guardian Ukon: Arcanine, Slaking, Suicune (42 wins, 1v1 only)
                  Battle Tower - Tycoon Rira: Raikou, Snorlax, Latios (70 wins, 1v1 only)
                  On a day just like any other,
                  you suddenly stood up and said,
                  “Let's go stargazing tonight!”
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                    Everyone Read The New And Updated Thing On [email protected] Catching!!!
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                      Emerald: Making Walda Smile
                      After much research the correct way to make Walda, the little girl in Rustboro, who is in the bed, upset, has been uncovered. In case you are unsure of the location of Walda the sad girl in Rustboro, she is in the house right above the Pokemon Center on the second floor. She is surrounded by dolls.

                      Follow this link to start:

                      Follow the instructions on the page given in the link. It will automatically give you a 15 letter saying. Do not worry the saying will probably not be understandable. However, it will trigger a new background for your Pokemon storage PC. Make sure you try all kinds of different combinations to find the one that suits you.

                      Many thanks to the many people who have posted this link.

                      Emerald: New Safari Zone Areas
                      In the Emerald Safari Zone everything is the same as Ruby and Saphire until you beat the Elite Four. When you beat the Elite Four two new areas of the Safari Zone will open. When you enter the Safari Zone go from the entrance and make a U-shaped turn upward, you will go through a small entrance (nothing fancy). To know for sure you are there walk through the grass and see if you find any Pokemon uncommon to the other areas to the Safari Zone such as Ledyba or Mareep.

                      Listed below are the Pokemon in these new areas of the Safari Zone. In the more Northern Area (Ones in Italics mean rare):


                      Shuckle (Rock Smash)

                      In the more Southern Area:
                      Goldeen (Fishing [Old, Good, and Super])
                      Magikarp (Fishing [Old, Good])
                      Marill (Surf)
                      Octillery (Fishing [Super])
                      Quagsire (Surf)
                      Remoraid (Fishing [Good, Super])
                      Wooper (Surf)

                      Pokemon R/S/E Evo Guide

                      PokeBall Guide

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                        Pokemon Evolution
                        Thank you Scipio for aiding in the completion of this list.


                        Treeko > 16 Grovyle > 36 Sceptile
                        Torchic > 16 Combusken > 36 Blaziken
                        Mudkip > 16 Marshstomp > 36 Swampert
                        Poochyena > 18 Mightyena
                        Zigzagoon > 20 Linoone
                        Wurmple > 7 Cascoon > 10 Dustox
                        Wurmple > 7 Silcoon > 10 Beautifly
                        Lotad > 14 Lombre > Water Stone Ludicolo
                        Seetdot > 14 Nuzleaf > Leaf Stone Shiftry
                        Taillow > 22 Swellow
                        Wingull > 25 Pelipper
                        Ralts > 20 Kirlia > 30 Garnevoir
                        Surskit > 22 Masquerian
                        Shroomish > 23 Breloom
                        Slakoth > 18 Vigoroth > 36 Slaking
                        Abra > 16 Kadabra > Trade for Alakazam
                        Nincada > 20 Ninjask > 20 Ninjask & Shedinja (requires empty pokemon slot)*
                        Whismur > 20 Loudred > 40 Exploud
                        Makuhita > 24 Hariama
                        Goldeen > 33 Seaking
                        Magicarp > 20 Gyrados
                        Egg > Azurill > Friendship Marill > Azumarill
                        Geodude > 25 Graveler > Trade for Golem
                        Nosepass (No evolve)
                        Skitty > Moon Stone Delcatty
                        Zubat > 22 Golbat > Friendship Crobat
                        Tentacool > 30 Tentacruel
                        Sableye (No evolve)
                        Mawile (No evolve)
                        Aron > 32 Lairon > 42 Aggron
                        Machop > 28 Machoke > Trade for Machamp
                        Meditite > 37 Medicham
                        Electrike > 26 Manectric
                        Plusle (No Evolve)
                        Minun (No Evolve)
                        Magnemite > 30 Magneton
                        Voltorb > 30 Electrode
                        Volbeat (No Evolve)
                        Illumise (No Evolve)
                        Oddish > 21 Gloom > Leaf Stone Vileplume
                        Oddish > 21 Gloom > Sun Stone Bellossum
                        Doduo > 31 Dodrio
                        Roselia (No evolve)
                        Gulpin > 26 Swallot
                        Carvanha >30 Sharpedo
                        Wailmer > 40 Wailord
                        Numel > 33 Camerupt
                        Slugma > 38 Magcargo
                        Torkoal (No Evolve)
                        Grimer > 38 Muk
                        Koffing > 35 Weezing
                        Spoink > 32 Grumpig
                        Sandshrew > 22 Sandslash
                        Spinda (No Evolve)
                        Skarmory (No Evolve)
                        Trapinch > 35 Vibrava > 45 Flygon
                        Cacnea > 32 Cacturne
                        Swablu > 35 Altaria
                        Zangoose (No Evolve)
                        Seviper (No Evolve)
                        Lunatone (No Evolve)
                        Solrock (No Evolve)
                        Barboach > 30 Whiscash
                        Corphish > 30 Crawdaunt
                        Lileep > 40 Cradily
                        Anorith > 40 Armaldo
                        Egg > Igglybuff > Friendship Jigglypuff > Moon Stone Wigglytuff
                        Feebas > High Beauty Milotic**
                        Castform (No Evovle)
                        Staryu > Water Stone Starmie
                        Kecleon (No Evolve)
                        Shuppet > 37 Bannette
                        Duskull > 37 Dusclops
                        Tropius (No Evolve)
                        Chimecho (No Evolve)
                        Absol (No Evolve)
                        Vulpix > Fire Stone Ninetales
                        Egg > Pichu > Friendship Pikachu > Thunder Stone Raichu
                        Psyduck > 33 Golduck
                        Egg > Wynaut > 15 Wobbuffet
                        Natu > 25 Xatu
                        Girafarig (No Evolve)
                        Phanpy > 34 Donphan
                        Pinsir (No Evolve)
                        Heracross (No Evolve)
                        Rhyhorn > 42 Rhydon
                        Snorunt > 42 Glalie
                        Spheal > 32 Sealeo > 44 Walrein
                        Clampearl > Trade with Deep Sea Tooth Huntail
                        Clampearl > Trade with Deep Sea Scale Gorbyss
                        Relicanth (No Evolve)
                        Corsola (No Evolve)
                        Chinchou > 27 Lanturn
                        Luvdisc (No Evolve)
                        Horsea > 32 Seadra > Trade with Dragon Fang Kingdra
                        Bagon > 30 Shelgon > 50 Salamence
                        Beldum > 20 Metang > 45 Metagross
                        Regirock (No Evolve)
                        Regice (No Evolve)
                        Registeel (No Evolve)
                        Latias (No Evolve)
                        Latios (No Evolve)
                        Kyogre (No Evolve)
                        Groudon (No Evolve)
                        Rayquaza (No Evolve)
                        Jirachi (No Evolve)
                        Deoxys (No Evolve)

                        *Getting Shedinja: have less than six (6) Pokemon in your party. Nincada will still evolve into Ninjask, but Shedinja will appear in your party.

                        ** Look above for information on catching Feebas and evolving into Milotic.
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                          Pokeball Guide
                          Thanks to Shiny Meganium for compiling.

                          Great ball- 1.5x chance of catching Pokemon than standard Pokeball

                          Ultra ball- 2x the chance of catching Pokemon than standard Pokeball

                          Master ball- 100% catch rate

                          Luxury ball-
                          Normal chance of catching Pokemon; makes it easier for Pokemon to like you

                          Premier ball- Normal chance of catching Pokemon. (Same as normal Pokeball)

                          Dive ball-3.5x the chance of catching a Pokemon from underwater, otherwise its a normal chance

                          Net ball- 3x the normal chance of catching a Pokemon if it's a Bug or Water type

                          Repeat ball- 3x the chance of capture if the same breed has been captured before.

                          Timer ball- For every ten turns in battle, the chance of catching the Pokemon rises

                          Nest ball- The lower the Pokemon's level, the higher the chance of capture

                          Safari ball-
                          Can only be used in safari zone. Same catch rate as great ball.

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                            This was graciously compiled by the extremely intelligent Blastoise to help you the member of PC. When she updates it in the thread I will update it here so it can be as up to date as possible.

                            Originally written by me on, and modified to be more fitting for PokeCommunity; I had a little moderating stint for some time there as Random. The thread has been reposted for some reason by ShiningMew, but rest assured, I really did make this. So seeing as it's something I wrote, I thought, "Why not spread the love?" So here we are. Mods may sticky this if they wish, or lock it or cover it in peanut butter or whatever suits it. But if it is stickied, I ask that it remain open so that I can take questions about this phenomonon.

                            I don't know how much "HOW DO I USE THE EON TICKET?!" threads spring up, but if they're frequent, here I am to put them to rest. If not, well, uh...yeah. >.>


                            And on another note, this is only about activating the event. If you need help catching the Pokemon the events give, this thread just isn't your bacon...or something like that.

                            STEP ONE: WHAT YOU NEED
                            Well, to use an E-Reader on your game, you need:

                            -Two of the following:
                            Gameboy Advance
                            Gameboy Advance SP
                            Gameboy Player

                            Should you use the GBP, you also need a GCN and one GCN controller in addition to everything else. You can hook two GBPs to each other, but you must have an additional GCN and additional TV to hook it to. You may NOT use Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire to do this.

                            -One Gameboy Advance E-Reader. This works on both a normal GBA, and the SP. I know, I have an SP myself.

                            -One copy of Pokemon Ruby Version or Pokemon Sapphire Version. E-Cards were slated to come out for Fire Red and Leaf Green, but all E-Reader support was cut everywhere but Japan because it kinda...y'know...flopped.

                            -One Gameboy Advance Game Link Cable. There are ends for Player 1 and Player 2. The GBA with your game in it must be Player 1, or this will not work. On my Pelican Link Cable, the purple end is Player 1. I've never used an official cable before, so if someone could please fill me in on this, it would be helpful and appreciated.

                            -An E-Card to scan.

                            STEP TWO: GETTING MYSTERY EVENT IN R/S
                            You must have beaten the Petalburg Gym for this to work. Go to the Petalburg City Pokemon Center, and talk to the man in black by the PC. He will ask for your "Trainer Profile." Enter the phrase "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING" like so:

                            (If Photobucket is down for some reason, it is arranged like this:

                            MYSTERY EVENT
                            IS EXCITING)

                            And you should get the Mystery Event option in the select screen. (The select screen is "Continue...New Game...Options" after the title screen. Mystery Event will be added to it once you do this step.)

                            Thank you, trjessie579, for reminding me that this is NOT in Emerald. You CANNOT get Mystery Event in Emerald, despite what you may think, fool.

                            STEP THREE: HOW TO SET IT UP

                            Insert the E-Reader into one of your Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Player systems. On a normal GBA and the E-Reader, point it so the connector goes into the Game Link slot. Put your Ruby or Sapphire into the other system. Insert the Player 1 end of the Link Cable into the GBA with your Ruby or Sapphire game, and the Player 2 end into the GBA with the E-Reader.

                            Turn on both systems, and select "Mystery Event" in R/S. On the E-Reader, go to "Scan Dot Code" and scan the card with the dot code facing towards the system that the E-Reader is hooked to. If you did all of this right, it should give you instructions on what to do next. Congrats, you've successfully scanned your E-Card!

                            STEP FOUR: ACTIVATING YOUR EVENT
                            Now that you've worked so hard to get the equipment you need and scan the card, you should get your stuff, right? Well, here's how to do just that.

                            -If you scanned a Battle Card, go to Mossdeep City and find the house with the old man standing in front of the door. Talk to him, and he'll let you pass. Inside will be the trainer you scanned into the game. You can only have one trainer scanned into your game at a time, and if you scan a new one in, the new one will replace the previous trainer.

                            -If you scanned a Berry Card, go to Petalburg and talk to your dad in the gym. After some dialogue, he'll give you the Berry. Note that you can only have one type of scanned Berry at a time, and if you scan in a new Berry, all of the previous Berries will be transformed into the new Berry. This works just like the Battle E-Cards. However, let's say that you have 99 Nutpea Berries, and you want to turn them into Strib Berries. All you would have to do is scan the card for Strib Berry, and all 99 of your Nutpea Berries would become Strib Berries - that is, you would now have 99 Strib Berries in your inventory instead of 99 Nutpea Berries.

                            -If you scanned the Eon Ticket, go to Petalburg and talk to your dad in the gym. After some dialogue, he'll give you the Eon Ticket. Go to Lilycove and go to the ferry. If you talk to the woman who lets you on, you can go to Southern Island. It's pretty obvious what you should do from there, isn't it? You get Latias in Ruby, and Latios in Sapphire. Both are Level 50, and hold Soul Dew. This item increases the Sp. Attack of either Lati.

                            UK EON TICKET SET-UP
                            (Graciously donated by PkmnTrainerJ of
                            But you say, "I live in the UK! I don't have an E-Reader! HELP ME OH MIGHTY TIKI!" Chillax. You have some simple steps to follow as well, different from others in ways that could either make it nicer, or make you want to pull your hair out. Here's what you've gotta do:

                            - You do not need to activate the Mystery Event for Eon Tickets in the UK.
                            - You need to have at least two Pokémon with you in your party.

                            CONTACTING NINTENDO
                            - Send an e-mail to Nintendo stating that you want an Eon Ticket on your game. [email protected] is the adress to use.

                            - They will contact you with an address of where to send your game.

                            SENDING YOUR GAME

                            - When sending your game to Nintendo use 'Recorded Delivery' at your Post Office. Ask your Post Office about details if you get confused.

                            - When sending, I suggest using bubblewrap to wrap your game in to keep it cozy and safe.

                            - Your game will come back one to five days later Eon Ticket-ed and with a letter from the Eon Ticket Team telling you it has been done.

                            TROUBLESHOOTING Q&A
                            Q: "When I scan my card, all it says is 'Link Standby' and it doesn't do anything else. What did I do wrong?"
                            A: You put the wrong ends of the link cables in the wrong systems. Remember, the Player 1 end MUST be in the GBA with the copy of Ruby or Sapphire in it. After you switch them, try it again. This should work.

                            Q: "I used ActionReplay/GSASP/(insert cheat device of choice here) to get my Eon Ticket item. Why won't it work?"
                            A: Ah, that's a simple issue. Look in the Ruby/Sapphire Code Thread and see if you can find a "Southern Island Enabler" code or something of that nature. If you use that, it will complete the other half of the transaction, so to speak. In order for the game to think that you've actually scanned the E-Card, it needs to not only have the Eon Ticket item, but what is called a "switch" must be pulled in the game for it to go "Ah, yes, with this Eon Ticket item you can go to Southern Island." Otherwise, the game just thinks that it's a worthless/previously used item in your Key Items pocket. This isn't the place to ask about this, though; check out the R/S or Emerald (whichever is more appropriate) Code Thread.

                            Q: "How do I get the Eon Ticket into Emerald, seeing as Emerald lacks any E-Reader support whatsoever?"
                            A: Simple. Have your copy of Emerald mix records with a copy of R/S that has the ticket, and voila! It'll be transported into Emerald! Note that this also works between copies of R/S.

                            Q: "I got my ticket from another person's game, and the darn thing won't transfer! OMGWTFBBQ?!"
                            A: Relax. You can only transfer the ticket if you got it from the E-Reader. If you get it from another person's game, you can merely use it, not transfer it. This translates to: if you want the Eon Ticket in Emerald, you have to either have the Eon Ticket E-Card and an E-Reader, or know someone who does. Or have m4d 1337 h4xx0r ski11z.

                            Q: "What do the scannable TCG cards do?"
                            A: All they do is give some information about the Pokemon. They do nothing to your game at all. You CANNOT GET CELEBI FROM SCANNING A CARD. *goes crazy*

                            Q: "I've heard that Latias/Latios holds Soul Dew. What does the item do, can I get it anywhere else, etc.?"
                            A: Soul Dew is a hold item that raises the Sp. Attack of Latias and Latios. It is found only on the Southern Island Latias/Latios, NOT the one you find running about in the wild. There's not much more to it than that...uh, it has a pretty picture in Emerald and FR/LG? >.>;;

                            Q: "Where the heck is the Mix Records Center in Emerald? OMG! I can't find it!"
                            A: They decided to blend it in with the Trade Center. If you go to the lady on the far right in the upstairs part of the Pokemon Center, she should have the option. If not, progress further in the game and check back every so often.

                            Q: How do I get Mystery Gift in FR/LG/Emerald?!
                            A: Go to any Pokemart (maybe not the one at Victory Road/Ever Grande; I don't know, I haven't bothered to check) and check out the piece of paper on the counter. It should be a questionnaire; answer it like so:

                            "LINK TOGETHER
                            WITH ALL"

                            And voila, Mystery Gift will become available. (Image coming soon when I'm not lazy.)

                            THE END

                            So that's it. Not that difficult, but people didn't know what to do. If you have a question about this, go ahead and ask it, and I'll answer it, then add it to the Troubleshooting Q&A section.
                            Any further questions about this can be asked in her thread here:

                            If is has gone past the thirty day old limit, do not revive!

                            If the thread is thirty days old+ ask your question in the Simple Questions thread or PM, Blastoise.

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                              Thank you OverTheBelow for providing this extrememly helpful map.

                              Thank you OverTheBelow for providing this as well.

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                                Whew, no new posts here for over a year. I guess it is time for something new.

                                Cloning Guide for Emerald Only
                                1. Save in front of th PC in the BATTLE TOWER. (You really dont need to but for safety)
                                2. Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in an EMPTY box.
                                3. Leave the PC and save.
                                4. Go to the PC one more time and get the Pokemon you want to clone, the one in the EMPTY box.
                                5. Talk to the lady nearest to the PC.
                                6. Select yes and choose any two pokemon.
                                7. When she says "The game must be saved, is this acceptable?" select YES. But, when the game asks "Do you want to save the game?" turn OFF the game then on it, check back the PC in the empty box. The Pokemon that you wanted to clone should be there.

                                Enjoy whatever you have cloned!

                                Want something added to this FAQ, or any other? PM me with your guide or idea.

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                                Pokémon FireRed and Leaf Green FAQ

                                You can view the Wall-of-Text version here.

                                Basic Information

                                • Enabling the Mystery Gift
                                  You need to have obtained the PokéDex from Professor Oak or Professor Birch, depending on your game.
                                  1. Go to any questionnaire (a piece of paper) at the Pokémon Mart. Press A and get into the input dialog.
                                  2. Fill the phrases "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" into the questionnaire. Select OK and finish the phrase.
                                  3. Mystery Gift should be activated. Save and reset.
                                  4. Connect the Wireless Adapter.
                                  5. Select MYSTERY GIFT.
                                  6. Select Wonder Card and wait.
                                • Changes since Ruby and Sapphire
                                  1. The PokéDex has categories to find Pokémon by Habitat, Size, Weight, etc.
                                  2. When you enter a special area, you get a "first-person view" of that area. (Such as when you enter Viridian Forest, or Mt. Moon.)
                                  3. The font has been changed for the better, no more icky Ruby and Sapphire omigod-why-is-this-so-ugly font.
                                  4. The game comes with a Wireless Adapter, which is compatible with Emerald, but not Ruby and Sapphire.
                                  5. The addition of a Battle Tower.

                                Sevii/Rainbow Islands

                                The first three islands are accessible after beating the seventh gym (Blaine) and receiving the Tri-Pass from Bill. The last four are only accesible after beating the Elite 4, getting the National Dex, and retrieving the Ruby and Sapphire Plates. (Celio will give you the Rainbow Pass.)

                                Japanese Name / English Name
                                • Knot Island / One Island
                                  Located on this island is the center which allows you to trade with Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum and XD. Moltres is now found here.
                                • Boon Island / Two Island
                                  On this island you will find: a Move Tutor (Move Maniac), and a Wireless Adaptor game corner.
                                • Kin Island / Three Island
                                  On this island there is a girl you need to save, after saving her you will be able to access this above mentioned game corner. Also available on this island are Dunsparce (yaaay!).. but not untill after you beat the Elite 4.
                                • Floe Island / Four Island
                                  Only things of note on this island are the Day-Care Center, and Icefall Cave - where you can help Lorelai stop Team Rocket.
                                • Chrono Island / Five Island
                                  There is too much happening on this Island for me to write down, so here is a copypasted excerpt from the old thread:"This is a really eventful island. Team Rocket has settled here, ready for you to defeat them once again. But their door is locked. Retrieve the Sapphire Plate when it is stolen from a cave in Island 6.

                                  Also, this is the area where you can obtain a Togepi egg. If you don't have a full party, go to an old man on the little Island of Water Labyrinth.

                                  Also, at Resort Gorgeous, there's a house where Lady Selphy resides. However, she isn't there... so go to Lost Cave (just east of the Resort) to find her. This cave is very windingy and will get you lost, so from the main entrance follow the doors in this order: East, North, South, South, East, West, South, East, North. There, Selphy will be running around. She then will spot you and challenge you to battle with 2 Persians, out of her confusion in the fog. Once you defeat her, she will ask you to take her back to her house in Resort Gorgeous and then you will find yourself there later. Enter her house and she will ask to see a random Pokémon from your Dex.

                                  You can do this numerous times by exiting, since she easily forgets who you are."
                                • Fortune Island / Six Island
                                  On this Island there is a Altering Cave, which appears to only contain Zubat at first (oh joy..), however via use of the Mystery Gift or cheat codes you can obtain Aipom, Houndour, Pineco, and Shuckle, Smeargle, Stantler, and Teddiursa here as well.

                                  Also on this Island is Pattern Bush, which contains Pokémon such as Ledyba, Spinarak and Heracross. Also the Dotted Hole is located here, which is where you would have normally found the Sapphire Plate - had Team Rocket not stolen it.
                                • Quest Island / Seven Island
                                  On this Island you will find: a Battle Tower, a Sevault Canyon with high-level Pokémon, and the Tanoby Ruins! Where you only find Unown! AWESOME!
                                The last two islands are only available via cheat codes, or attending a Nintendo Event.
                                • Navel Rock
                                  If you somehow find yourself with the event enabled and Mystic Ticket, on this island you will find Ho-Oh and Lugia. That's it.
                                • Birth Island
                                  If you somehow find yourself with the event enabled and Aurora Ticket, on this island you will find Deoxys, awesome. There's a little puzzle you need to go threw to make him appear and all that jazz. In FireRed you will encounter Deoxys' attack form, and in LeafGreen his defense form.

                                Other Information

                                • A guide to the fame checker locations, as written by Simon. Found here in the old thread. (and some other neat information in that post as well!
                                • Here we have a guide to catch the Legendary Beasts from Johto by ShinyUmbreon:
                                  "As you know, one of the legendary dogs randomly appear in Kanto according to your starter Pokémon.
                                  Bulbasaur - Entei
                                  Charmander - Suicune
                                  Squirtle - Raikou

                                  This is an easy way to find them.

                                  Step 1: Fly to Viridian City.
                                  Step 2: Go to Route 2 (North) until the entrance of the Viridian Forest.
                                  Step 3: Enter the route house, then go out and walk into the grass for a short time using a repel. (Your first Pokémon should be below Lv40)
                                  Step 4: Repeat Step 3 multiple times until you find it.

                                  This should work because there are only 22 Routes where they can appear (3 are sea routes) so you would have to be pretty lucky to find one. But with this guide, you're sure to find it because its area totally resets each time you warp into a house or building. Finding it should be quick so keep walking just a short time and re-enter the building. This works with any building near the grass, so you can try in your own places. I use this place because I think it's the building nearest to the grass in all Kanto. Remember they will only appear in Kanto, not on the Sevii Islands.
                                Think something needs to be added? PM a mod.
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                                Dead Batteries in RSE

                                There have been a lot of questions recently about dead batteries in RSE, and I figure that since it's only going to increase as time goes on, it's time for an FAQ post on it so that it can easily be referred to when these questions come up and it won't have to constantly be answered over and over.

                                "Time-based events will no longer occur. This game can still be played."

                                Is this the message you're getting upon booting up your Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald? If so, congratulations. You have a dead battery! Unlike with the games before the GBA games, a dead battery does not mean that the game will not save. The game will still be playable, however the time-based events will no longer happen. Said events will be listed later in this post.

                                Can my battery be fixed?
                                You can replace your battery. I have found a very good explanation and tutorial of how to do this. If you can't watch the video in the spoiler, there's also this guide. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, a quick Google search will net you another one.


                                What are the time-based events?
                                - You will no longer be able to grow berries.
                                - The Shoal Cave tides will no longer change.
                                - Lilycove Department Store's lottery ticket game will no longer be playable.
                                - Lilycove Department Store's rooftop sales will no longer occur.
                                - Swarms will not occur.
                                - Energy Guru sales in Slateport will not occur.
                                - Mossdeep Space Center's rocket launches will no longer go up. (It doesn't get you Deoxys anyway so it doesn't matter)
                                - Eevee will only evolve into Espeon or Umbreon depending on where your clock is stuck (12 PM - 11:59 AM for Espeon, 12 AM - 11:59 AM for Umbreon).
                                - Feebas locations won't change.
                                - Old Man for Mirage Island will be stuck with one Pokémon ID number (making it much easier for him to spot it actually).
                                - You won't be able to get Regice in Ruby and Sapphire (You are required to stand in the middle of the room for one minute).

                                Note: Your clock will be stuck on whatever time the battery died at. To check and see it, you will need to head to your home in Littleroot and check the clock. If you restart the game, the clock will be stuck on the time that you set it to at the beginning of the game.

                                Does this happen with FRLG?
                                There are no time-based events, or even a clock, in FRLG. So no.

                                If there is anything I missed, or any other questions you have, please feel free to let me know. Post will be edited upon more questions being asked about the dead battery.

                                challenges | klippy
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                                The Trainer Stars

                                Trainer Stars are rewards for completing certain, often difficult tasks in the main series Pokémon games. They are displayed on the Trainer Card and turn the trainer card a different colour depending on the amount the trainer possesses.

                                Ruby & Sapphire
                                - Beat the champion, and get a record in the Hall of Fame.
                                - Complete the Hoenn Pokédex (excluding Jirachi and Deoxys).
                                - Get a painting in the Lilycove Museum for each of the five contest stats.
                                - Defeat 50 trainers consecutively at the Battle Tower.

                                FireRed & LeafGreen
                                - Beat the champion, and get a record in the Hall of Fame.
                                - Complete the Kanto Pokédex (excluding Mew)
                                - Complete the National Pokédex (excluding Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys).
                                - Get a 200 jump record in Pokémon Jump and 200 berry record in Dodrio's Berry Picking.

                                - Beat the champion, and get a record in the Hall of Fame.
                                - Complete the Hoenn Pokédex (excluding Jirachi and Deoxys).
                                - Get a painting in the Lilycove Museum for each of the five contest stats.
                                - Obtain all the gold symbols from the facilities at the Battle Frontier.


                                Stickers are another record of achievement only seen in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. They can be obtained by completing certain requirements and then talking to the braggart of Four Island. There are three stickers, each with four levels. They are obtained as follows:

                                Enter the Hall of Fame
                                Level 1: Complete once.
                                Level 2: Complete 40 times.
                                Level 3: Complete 100 times.
                                Level 4: Complete 200 times.

                                Hatch a Pokémon Egg
                                Level 1: Complete once.
                                Level 2: Complete 100 times.
                                Level 3: Complete 200 times.
                                Level 4: Complete 300 times.

                                Win a Link Battle
                                Level 1: Complete once.
                                Level 2: Complete 20 times.
                                Level 3: Complete 50 times.
                                Level 4: Complete 100 times.
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                                Pokémon Bootleg FAQ

                                One of the worst things you may encounter when buying online (And sometimes in a store!) is the fact that you'll buy a bootleg game that isn't made by Nintendo or any of it's companies, rather a Rom dump from the internet is taken, flashed to a card and shoved in a box for money's sake. I have a few fakes myself, but I decided to showcase this so people can find out what is fake and what is not. When looking at games, take all of this into account and you can prevent yourself from wasting your money on a fake game, and get only the genuine article.
                                Just a quick note, I'll get this updated when I get an actual fake copy of Fire Red or Ruby.

                                Anyways, let's get started. Checking just the outside of a card will reveal plenty. Take a look at my copy of Pokémon Quartz I have:


                                Now, there are a multitude of differences that show the fakey-ness of the bootleg. Keep in mind that some Fire Red or Ruby bootlegs look very similar to this.
                                • All of the labels (ESRB, Nintendo) are in the incorrect places. All names are centered, and the ESRP and Nintendo logos are up and to the right more. As well, the "The Pokémon Company" is in small, black or white font, non-bolded.
                                • The Catalog Number (AGB-PQV-USA on this example) is wrong. The following is a list of all official game codes, regions included:
                                  • Ruby: AGB-AXVE-USA (North America) / AGB-AXVJ-JPN (Japan) / AGB-AXVP-EUR (Europe) / AGB-AXVP-AUS (Australia)
                                  • Sapphire: AGB-AXPE-USA (North America) / AGB-AXPJ-JPN (Japan) / AGB-AXPP-EUR (Europe) / AGB-AXPP-AUS (Australia)
                                  • Emerald: AGB-BPEE-USA (North America) / AGB-BPEJ-JPN (Japan) / AGB-BPEP-EUR (Europe) / AGB-BPEP-AUS (Australia)
                                  • Fire Red: AGB-BPRE-USA (North America) / AGB-BPRJ-JPN (Japan) / AGB-BPRP-EUR (Europe) / AGB-BPRP-AUS (Australia)
                                  • Leaf Green: AGB-BPGE-USA (North America) / AGB-BPGJ-JPN (Japan) / AGB-BPGP-EUR (Europe) / AGB-BPGP-AUS (Australia)
                                  It will never deter from this list.
                                • Ensure the label is shiny. All official Gameboy Advance Pokémon games have reflective labels.
                                Looking at the back also can show examples of improper plastic pressing methods. Note that some bootlegs don't look like this, but can resemble authentic cards very closely.

                                • The Nintendo logo has thin writing for the words. They aren't as thin on a legit card.
                                • Some fakes may have something other than AGB-002 on it (This one does not). This number is referring to the part number (Which, in this case, is a cartridge case). Ensure this number is AGB-002. It will be the same in all regions.
                                • Some fake cards come with a Phillips screw (A + or x-shaped screw) rather than a tri-wing (Pictured above)
                                If you have the ability to open the cartridge, there's plenty of differences.

                                • The most obvious change is the chip itself. All bootlegs are constructed in the same way. Fake cards have a secondary chip attached to store the game data on.

                                  Key Notes:
                                  If you have a Fire Red or Leaf Green cartridge, and you're wondering if it's a fake, look inside the cartridge (If you are able to). If you see a battery, it's fake. Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green have no RTC (Real-Time Clock) so they do not require a battery. In the case of Pokémon Emerald, the battery will have a light blue ring around the battery and Ruby/Sapphire will have a red ring. If it's ringed in yellow, it's fake. Otherwise, the battery may have been replaced. The battery ring color will remain the same in all regions.
                                • The job of soldering on the chip is shoddy. It will fail easily and loose connection.
                                • Case quality is sub-par. Bootleg cards will never last as long as an authentic card. Especially where the screw is.
                                • One thing to take note of is the printed text on the chip. It will always reach from the left side of the chip and go all the way to the right side. You don't even have to open the card to do this, either. Just look where the contacts are. If it isn't there, it's fake. If the font looks funny (Like in the above example), it's fake. The best way to verify this text is to ensure that the word "Nintendo" looks like it does in the official logo.
                                • All legitimate games will have 2 reflective metal squares highly visible on the chip that you can see through the case. One of the squares will be in the top-left of the cartridge, and the other will be approximately halfway down the righthand-side of the label. If they're missing, it's fake.

                                Two others thing to keep note of. Firstly, bootlegs aren't the best for keeping save data. Some bootlegs of Pokémon Emerald will delete their data once you defeat the Pokémon League, and all DS Pokémon games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver) will detect bootlegs and delete the save data. And secondly, if you start the game, and it says "This game can be played." before the Continue screen, it's fake.

                                Credits to KazoWAR for the battery/metal square/reflectivity information, and Evil Arms for kindly donating his bootleg games for this use.
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