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Old January 27th, 2006 (1:53 PM). Edited January 31st, 2006 by Squeegee Beckenheim.
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    Eeveelutions are great pokemon, each with unique traits, abilities, and usefulness. Take note that each individual evolution has a similar stat build in that they all include a Base 130 stat, a Base 110 stat two Base 65 stats, and a Base 60 stat in specific stats.....it's just fun to take note of is all. =/. As you start your Pokemon XD game, you'll have a choice of evolving your starter, Eevee, into one of these Special Pokemon, but what to choose? Hopefully this insightful information will help influence your decision.


    Overview- Espeon is a prime pick when considering in-game Eevee evolutions. Why? Well, who doesn't like a high Speed Pokemon that can really dish out the Special Damage off rip (that's ibonics for without any stat boosts) AND can use Calm Mind? It also does one of the best jobs against most of the bosses. Lovrina doesn't count because she fails as a trainer .

    Oh, yea, and it's automatically cool because it's one of those Psychic types .

    Trait: Synchronize

    Base Stats

    HP: 65
    Atk: 65
    Def: 60
    Spd: 110
    SAtk: 130
    SDef: 95

    Base 130 SAtk, ftw. You can't say that and Base 110 isn't sexy. Sadly, being a Psychic type, it doesn't get a decent Def Stat. Nothing to worry about though, as it pretty much kills alot of things in-game before they try to hurt it .

    Espeon is strictly a Special Sweeper. If you're using Swift earlier in the game, that's all fine, but I strongly recommend you trade it for something better, which sadly is Bite . Reflect is a cool idea too, what with 95% of the battles being Double Battles. Calm Mind is almost a must. 95 SDef is actually pretty nice, and 130 SAtk is even better. Combine those with CM, and you have an almost unstoppable force. If you can teach it Hidden Power, keep it if you find it to be a Fire type, for resistant Steel types, or Water for Houndoom and Tyranitar. Morning Sun for healing of course.


    Overview- ...........Ok, I'm making this guide out of generosity, so I'll say this: Technically, Flareon sucks. But because this is in-game, I'll count it as somewhat valid........somewhat.....

    That said, Flareon is the physical muscle of the Eeveelutions (omg....). It's SAtk is pretty low for a Fire type, but it has great Attack and Special Defense stats (considering this stuff is like watching 10 minutes of a Dragonball Z show....ok I'll stop now.). Although it won't matter too much within the game, take note that this is "considered" a "Skarmbliss counter". Don't worry too much about that, that's just mentioned for reference.

    Trait: Flash Fire

    Base Stats

    HP: 65
    Atk: 130
    Def: 60
    Spd: 65
    SAtk: 95
    SDef: 110

    The epitomy of why Fire types are considered sucky.....I mean the generalization of all great Pokemon!

    Flareon is one of those Pokemon who have a typing opposite of that which it's Base Stats would exploit. You'd think Base 95 SAtk was good enough (close to 100 ftw), but Charizard has base 109, Salamence base 120, and Alakazam base only God knows where. Get my drift? So to make up for that fault, try to find those Fire Blast and Overheat TMs.

    Alright, so remember that high base 130 Atk stat? Here's a list of all of Flareon's Level Up and TM physical moves:

    Level Up

    *Quick Attack

    Technical Machines

    *Hidden Power [Physical]
    *Hyper Beam
    *Iron Tail
    *Secret Power
    *Shadow Ball

    With only Return, Frustration, Quick Attack, Hidden Power [Fighting/Ground/Rock], and Shadow Ball being of any real usefulness, and Iron Tail being the only other reasonable thing. All I can say is to wait for the Shadow Houndour. If you think it's cool though, go ahead. I can honestly say I wouldn't blame you (*hugs Umbreon ). Helping Hand and Sunny Day are valid options IMO.


    Overview- If it wren't for the Crappy Movepool Curse, this would probably be the most awesome Eeveelution evar. One of THE highest speeds in the game, with a pretty nice SAtk Stat to boot. It's pretty much like a reverse Espeon without Calm Mind.

    Trait: Volt Absorb

    Base Stats

    HP: 65
    Atk: 65
    Def: 60
    Spd: 130
    SAtk: 110
    SDef: 95

    Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave are your best friends. :D It can't do too much else attack-wise, so put that Move Tutor to good use and give it Substitute as well. If you can manage, give it Hidden Power Ice or Grass. If you get Water, you can use Rain Dance and Thunder without me coming to your house and slapping you for using Thunder at all. j/k. No sersiously though it's not AS effective without HP Water. But I'll throw you a bone since it's in-game: If you have Kyogre traded over or something with Rain Dance, go ahead and have fun running Thunder and Thunderbolt on the same moveset.


    Overview- OMG <3. Umby defenses roxxors talk>. My favorite pokemon, and judging by recent polls, just about everybody elses' favorite Eeveelution :D. But honestly, it won't be of too much help in-game unless you use Confuse Ray while Amphy uses Thunder Wave . But when you start trading stuff over and breed your own Umbreon in GBA, you'll be able to make THE best Trap-passer in THE game.

    Trait: Synchronize

    Base Stats

    HP: 95
    Atk: 65
    Def: 130
    Spd: 60
    SAtk: 60
    SDef: 110

    Not one of the offensive Eevelutions obviously. Stick with stuff like Mean Look, Confuse Ray, and of course Moonlight. Sadly, Faint Attack and Bite are your only real offensive moves (unless you want Psychic, which you don't lest I bring my knife to your house). Toxic has always been a cool and favored option, so give it a shot. If you're somehow able to not let Eevee evolve and get it Baton Pass, you can use that and Mean Look just in case someone wants to switch out. That's more of a competitve battling thing though. =/ If you want you can pass some Double Teams, but then I'd have to slap you.


    Overview- Another wonderful Eeveelution, ranking high as one of the better ones (not to mentioned ranked as one of the cooler and more useful water types). Makes for a great Special Tank, and can still dish out the damage when it needs to.

    Trait: Synchronize

    Base Stats

    HP: 130
    Atk: 65
    Def: 60
    Spd: 65
    SAtk: 110
    SDef: 95

    Jolteon Base Special Attack: 110
    Vaporeon Base Special Attack:110

    Now you know that's dangerous. It should keep the usual moves like Hydro Pump (Trade it over to GBA and get it Surf as soon as possible IMO) and Ice Beam (or Auror Beam if Ice Beam isn't available at the moment). Haze gets cooler as you start battling competitvely (that means link battles for all the simple folk), and if you let Eevee get Baton Pass before evolving, you can pass over some Acid Armors and Substitutes (Move Tutor) to a good sweeper and you'll basically be near invincible.

    Yea, that's pretty much it. Without breeding/certain Hidden Powers, these aren't always as cool as they should be, but they're still cool pokes to use.

    Ok, finished. Any suggestions, comments, and concerns can only make this guide better.

    ^Donphan is my 4th love.^

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    Old January 31st, 2006 (2:26 PM).
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