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    Ever wanted to go on a Pokemon journey similar to the one Ash took? Now's your chance! I will see how this goes on a site which does not allow control of other people's characters.

    For quite some time in the Pokemon World there existed a Pokemon forum website. This forum was called "Pokemon Virtual", and it was a place where trainers all across the land could talk about their Pokemon as well as their experiences as a trainer. In the span of a few years, this forum grew quite popular (by the way, it originated about a year after Ash Ketchum started his Pokemon journey, just for a time reference), and it really eased interaction among trainers worldwide. But this forum also led to something else...

    Also over the course of a few years, the Indigo League's participants grew more and more local. Many people considered the league "too plain" or "unoriginal" as they journeyed to other places like Mt. Silver and Ever Grande City for more exciting and unique styles of battle and/or competition. In order to improve its reputation, the Indigo League committee had to innovate something that could prevent the Indigo League from failing altogether. For years they watched various events in the world with hope, hope of finding some inspiration for something new.

    Years later, it was found. It was three years after Ash started his Hoenn journeys, for a time reference. The inspiration was a dispute between Teams Magma and Aqua. This dispute eventually turned into a sort of war--an organized one. It was almost like a normal Pokemon battle (this will be explained later). But more importantly, this became a new battle style the Indigo League committee decided to let fly. And thus, it created a new battle style called a Pokemon War, and a competition dedicated to these "wars".

    In a Pokemon War, two groups with an equal number of people battle. First, one member of each group does a normal Pokemon battle. When one person loses the battle, one of his/her team members takes that person's place and battles the winner. Team members may switch out just like Pokemon can in a battle, and they can also forfeit. The whole team can also decide to forfeit, so long as the decision is unanimous. Anyways, the first team to have all its members defeated in battle is the loser. A Pokemon War requires a little bit of group strategy and lots of participation and determination from each member.

    ^^In the competition, Pokemon Wars are only some of the battles involved in the new Indigo League. In the first few rounds there are also two-person double battles, three-person triple battles, two-person quadruple battles, and of course the standard one-on-one battles. Contest battles may also be included here and there--thus the competition requires much versatility within a team.

    Enough explaining of the competition. Let's get back to Pokemon Virtual. In the forum, one member was also a Pokemon professor--Professor Willow. She, like Oak, Elm, and Birch, included giving Pokemon to beginning trainers in her duties. However, she was unique in that she gave trainers a very broad choice in starter Pokemon. She gave out all sorts of Pokemon as starters, so long as they were basic (not evolved) and non-legendary. Also, she was known for designing "Pokevices" (which are like Pokedexes) with many interesting and useful features. Anyways, one day Professor Willow decided to gather together five beginning trainers to enter the new Indigo League. It didn't matter where they came from--even if they were outside of Kanto--the only qualification was an acceptance of working in a group. The group would be encouraged to stick together, and to hopefully prevail together in the upcoming competition. And this brings us to the start of this RPG.
    A few notes about the RPG:

    -This RPG requires involvement. By signing up for this RPG, you are promising that you will stay in it and not just ignore it, and you better make good posts as well--not the three-line or all-lowercase ones I sometimes see. I specifically designed this RPG to simulate an actual Pokemon journey similar to the one Ash and his friends took together. In this RPG, our characters will really get to know each other as the journey progresses, which I hope will only double the fun. Oh and also, four people at the most will be allowed in this RPG, excluding myself. A deeply involved RPG such as this cannot function properly if it's too large--five should be a good number at most. However, at least three people in all (including me) are required to start this RPG.

    -Pokemon. Professor Willow will give everyone a starter Pokemon which you get to choose in your signup. Here are some do's and don'ts about picking your starter:
    --Don't pick an evolved Pokemon, even if it evolves from a baby Pokemon. Sorry, Pikachu can't be a starter.
    --Do pick a made-up Pokemon if you want--they're allowed. But do see the made-up Pokemon clause below.
    --Don't pick more than one Pokemon.
    --Don't make your Pokemon shiny or give it any special abilities or attacks.
    --Don't pick Forbidden Pokemon (see note below) as starters.
    --Do PM me if you feel a Forbidden Pokemon shouldn't be Forbidden--I'll discuss the matter with you. Forbidden Pokemon are usually Forbidden because they're too strong (or too weak, even) or too complicated to work with.

    *If you pick a Pokemon that is not allowed by accident, I won't be mad at you. Rather, I'll simply tell you to change it, and tell you why.

    -List of Forbidden Pokemon: Onix, Lickitung, Rhyhorn, Tangela, Kangaskhan, Scyther, Pinsir, Tauros, Magikarp, Lapras, Ditto, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Girafarig, Gligar, Qwilfish, Shuckle, Heracross, Sneasel, Corsola, Delibird, Skarmory, Stantler, Smeargle, Miltank, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Nosepass, Sableye, Mawile, Wailmer, Torkoal, Zangoose, Seviper, Lunatone, Solrock, Feebas, Castform, Kecleon, Tropius, Absol, Wynaut, Relicanth, Luvdisc, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Spiritomb, Carnivine, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresseria, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus

    -Made-Up Pokemon. Yes, you can make up Pokemon! However, I've seen many RPGs where you don't really know very much about a made-up Pokemon besides its name and attacks. So therefore, if you want to use made-up Pokemon you must have them approved. To approve a Pokemon, use the form below. Fill out the form then either PM it to me or include it in your signup. I'll keep a list of all the approved Pokemon. Oh, and also, you cannot have more than two made-up Pokemon at a time.

    Now for the two forms:

    Trainer Signup Form:

    Name: First, last, nicknames--include whatever you want.
    Age: You don't have to be 10.
    Appearance: A picture or a detailed description will do.
    Personality: This is especially important in this type of RPG, so provide whatever details you feel are necessary.
    History: This isn't as important as Personality, but it will help with character development. It can be as short as a paragraph long, but not three lines. Remember that you're a member of Pokemon Virtual, and that you do not have any Pokemon yet.
    Starter: Pick your starting Pokemon according to the guidelines above.
    Other: Anything else you think people should know about your character. You just can't have any special powers or anything--except understading what Pokemon say is pretty common with any Pokemon RPG trainer. (The only one exempt from that is Professor Willow, as she's not in the group.)
    RPG Sample: The type of sample you post in this RPG is different from those of other RPGs. Your sample does NOT have to be about the character you're RPing, but it must be about a Pokemon trainer of some sort that you made up. (It can even be a dream about your sign-up character traveling with a Pokemon!) The main purpose of this sample is to give me a general idea of how you roleplay and of your post quality. Be aware that if your sample RP is good but you put low-quality posts in the actual RPG, you will be kicked out.

    Made-Up Pokemon Form:

    Name: For structural purposes, this must be between 3 and 10 letters long.
    Element: Fire, Water, Ice, etc. No more than 2 elements please.
    Appearance: A picture or detailed description will do.
    Attacks: List a few attacks it can learn. Just make sure that in the RPG, you don't have it learn any really powerful moves later on. You can also make up attacks as long as they're not all powerful and you say what they do.
    Ability: Only list one. You can make one up so long as it doesn't make the Pokemon near invincible.
    Other: Anything else about the Pokemon: its strengths and weaknesses, special abilities it has, evolution, etc.

    **As for my role in this RPG, I'll play both Professor Willow and a trainer in the group. However, the two don't know each other nearly as closely as Gary and Professor Oak do--in other words, she doesn't show favouritism.

    Approved Made-Up Pokemon:
    Puffly (created by me)

    Approved Members:
    Ninetales (duh)
    Trainer Kat

    **My Signups:
    Name: Vi Willow (a.k.a. Professor Willow)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Professor Willow is 5'8" tall. She has light almond-coloured skin, dark brown eyes that almost look purple, and black hair tied in a loose ponytail that falls down to her hips--though in front it is shorter and falls near her face. For the most part, all one would see her wearing is a white trenchcoat (with a hint of a black shirt underneath), black boots, and a white hat. She also wears glasses.
    Personality: Willow is quite passionate about her work. She likes adventure and new opportunities, and she especially likes "treasure hunts", especially for Pokemon to capture. Overall she's pretty diligent in the work she does and likes, and if she procrastinates on things, it's a sure sign that she sees them as pointless or uninteresting. She's also eager to learn about new things--if there's something in her way she needs to know about, she studies the matter till she pretty much knows it. But as a side effect of this, she tends to be pedantic and often corrects people who have the facts wrong (though not too harshly). Meanness is something she tries not to use, and one couldn't possibly call her greedy. Rather, she's dedicated to helping people out, and she often does things for people without asking for much of a reward. The only condition is that she has to enjoy whatever she does for that person.
    History: Vi (Willow) was born in Lavender Town, and she had two sisters--one older, one younger. The older one was Sabrina's mother, and the younger one was a cheery, outgoing girl named Mai. The mother often referred to the three sisters as "the magical gradient" because the three had different levels of special powers. Well, for Sabrina's mother those were obvious--she had various psychic powers. Mai, on the other hand, had no such abilities at all. Vi was somewhere in the middle--she just had certain mental characteristics that weren't really "powers" but were out of the ordinary anyways.

    Of all the family, Vi was the first to show a strong interest in Pokemon. Ever since she was around 8 years old, she was very interested in Pokemon, and as time went by she grew much more familiar with it, even though she never became a trainer. She occasionally attended Pokemon workshops but never became fully enrolled in any Pokemon academy--most things she just found out on her own. Her dream was to become a Pokemon researcher--perhaps even a professor.

    Vi's goal came sooner than she thought. Over the course of several years, she journeyed across various continents to explore the many Pokemon that inhabited those lands. When she got more experienced in this field (and pretty quickly so), she started discovering Pokemon that hadn't even been discovered yet! Years later, she talked to Professors Oak, Ivy, Birch, and Elm about the new Pokemon she discovered, as well as many of her other studies. She also said that she wanted to be a Pokemon professor like them, but none of them really trusted her experience that much as they had no proof of it. But luckily, some factor in a job as a teacher in a Pokemon academy got Vi the title of Pokemon Professor. (These progresses would take too long to explain.) She wanted to follow the tree tradition of the other professors and thus gaver herself the name Willow. (Willow is not her real last name.)
    Starter: N/A--she's not in the group. She has several Pokemon back at her lab, which she usually takes care of for other trainers or gives to starting trainers.
    Other: You're probably confused about the last sentence in the first paragraph of Willow's history. To define those qualities, for example, part of the reason why Willow learns things rather quickly is the fact that she hardly ever forgets what she learns (with the occasional exception of numbers and people's names). Also, her mind can stay awake no matter how tired her body is--as a result she doesn't usually get much sleep.

    Other than that, Professor Willow's lab is in a faraway continent called Nazumi, which is where a lot of Pokemon the majority of people never heard of are found. Also, because Willow has very little lab space, she found another way to store Pokemon that will be revealed later...

    **I'll decide on a trainer later, after I see some of your signups.

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      Name: Kat Tachikawa
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      Personality: Kat is a generally withdrawn individual. She is stuck up, and often irritated by others, especially when she doesn't know them well enough. She has a tendency to talk down to others, though she isn't a mean person by nature. On the contrary, she is actually a very kind individual, even though she does think of herself as royalty. People find out that her heart is made of pure gold once they get to know her.
      History: Kat grew up in Goldenrod city, which most likely accounts for why she feels she is a "higher-up." She had had contact with all sorts of Pokemon, often running as fast as her little legs could carry her to the Pokemon daycare, where she would help the old owners tend to the trainers' Pokemon. She would often watch Ash Ketchum's televised battles, her eyes glazed over as she took in every fluid movement of every Pokemon he used as his opponents fell one by one. In order to earn the extra money she needed, she became a model. It would suffice until she started winning battles...and got a Pokemon, of course. As soon as Pokemon Virtual went online, she became a member, wanting anything and everything to do with Pokemon. Hearing of Professor Willow, she set off to Kanto to recieve her first Pokemon.
      Starter: Meowth (#52)
      Other: None, except I do plan to have her warm up to people, so she's not going to be mean forever. :]
      RPG Sample: [This is from some RPG a year or so ago..I keep it on file in case an RPG requires a sample.]
      Doll...everyone thought of her as nothing more than a doll...Her skin was perfect, like porcelain, her eyes like radiant pools of water, a deep blue hue. Her long blonde hair reached her back, the strands reminiscent of silk. She came from a prestigious family, wealthy for hundreds of years. None of them would ever have to work again. Her mother had often told her that her "great, great grandfather was a world-renowned Pokemon trainer." Pokemon. She loved Pokemon. She was given a Pokemon at birth. A young Meowth. The finest of the litter. The small feline had since grown into a sleek, refined Persian, but she loved it all the same. Day by day, she sat by her bedroom window, corset sinched tightly across her delicate waist. She would stare out the window, longing to be outside, playing with the Oddish that garnished the acres of her land. But that's not what ladies do, is it? No...that isn't what ladies do. Ladies weren't even referred to by name. They were "miss" if they were still young, unmarried, and "mistress" if they had been wed. name is Marcella... She dreamed of one thing, and one thing only. More than anything, she wanted to be a Pokemon trainer.

      I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
      Deal with it. :]
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        Name:Sekuro Reiko



        Appearemce:Sekuro is 6'1" tall and weighs 155 pounds. Sekuro has teal hair with silver streaks in them. For some reason Sekuro has a leaf-shaped scar on his right ckeek close to his eye. It is unknown how it got there,but Sekuro knows it has some thing to do with his destiny. Sekuro often wears a black T-shirt with a white vest-jacket,the vest-jacket has an Eevee logo on the back of it. Sekuro also wears black fingerless gloves with white leaf designs on it. Sekuro wears white cargo shorts and white tennis shoes with black leaf designs on them. Sekuro also has bright green eyes.

        Personality:Sekuro is a happy-go-lucky indivual who aspires to be a champion and find out his destiny. Sekuro often seems to be somewhat dense but,in reality is quite intelligent. Sekuro is also a great repairman.

        History:Sekuro was born in Twinleaf Town where he learne basic trainer skills. When Sekuro turned 15 he left Sinnoh and headed for Kanto in hopes of being part of a team and it is believed that Sekuro's Destiny lies somewhere within Kanto. When Sekuro's Leaf scar lights up in a green aura,then that means it's a clue to finding his destiny. When Sekuro went to Kanto,he forgot that he didn't have any pokemon! He forgot to catch one in Sinnoh,now he had to get him a pokemon...


        Other:Sekuro's favorite food is Egg rolls any kind are fine with him. Sekuro also has a thing for attractive girls.

        RPG Sample(This is from Sekuro's dream when he was 9 when he first wanted to find his destiny.)

        "Wha..What am I doing here?" said Sekuro as he opened his eyes and found himself in a thick brush of leaves and twigs.

        Sekuro stood up and he realized he didn't have a shirt on. He just had on some black shorts and wooden sandals.

        Sekuro frantically clawed his way through the thick branches and leaves.

        Suddenly,he came across a strange rock which had the same leaf marking that was on his face.

        Suddenly,his scar glowed,so did the rock. "Go to Kanto 6 years from now!" There you will find out why you have that leaf scar."said the voice "Bu..But..wait!"
        yelled Sekuro "What do I do now?...What pokemon do I get?"

        "Don't worry."said the voice "You'll know just the one..."
        Then,Sekuro realized his full potential and began learning the basics on Pokemon.

        Sekuro noticed that after the strange rock stopped glowing,he felt a strange warm glowing feeling and then,while entangled in the vines and branches,he suddenly sees a Carnivine!

        The Carnivine lunged at Sekuro and all of a sudden,before Carnivine could land its bite attack,it's hit by a razor leaf attack. Then the pokemon looked at Sekuro with glowing Green eyes and left as quiclky as it came.

        "What was that?" said Sekuro He remembered what the pokemon looked like,it was tan,had tattered-like leafs for ears and on it's legs. Sekuro vowed to one day meet this pokemon outside of his dream.

        Later in his dream,Sekuro thought he was awake he found himself in the middle of the forest,snuggled next to him was that same pokemon that saved him before.

        "Good Mroning." said Sekuro to the pokemon. "Leaf..Leafeon!"said Leafeon "oh,so you're a Leafeon!"said Sekuro

        "Well,I am pretty hungry...I think-" all of a sudden Leafeon used Leaf Bladeon a tree and a medium pile or pecha berries fall from the tree. "Thank You."said Sekuro

        After breakfast Sekuro jumps up and then Leafeon runs off. "Wait...Leafeon!...come back!" said Sekuro as he frantically tried to keep up with Leafeon "Where are you going?"
        Leafeon then stopped...there,up ahead was a man with a raven-colored hood,shadowing his face.

        "Heheheh...what do you want Brat?" said the man "Who are you!"demanded Sekuro "My,you're the questioning-type aren't you?" said the man The man was covered by the cloak,which was the same color as his hood. Then he pulled out a pokeball and shouted,"Carnivine,I choose You!!..Come out!!" Then out came a Carnivine,which was the same Carnivine that attacked him. "Hey!'re the one that attacked me last night!"

        "Allow me to explain myself,"said the shady man "I'm not going to
        tell you everything,but I am a Pokemon hunter. I hunt rare pokemon and add them to my collection." "Just hand over the Leafeon and I'll let you go." "No!!"yelled Sekuro "Over my dead body!" "Let's battle!"

        Leafeon vs. Carnivine

        "Carnivine,use BITE attack!" Carnivine lunged at Sekuro

        "Leafeon use VINE WHIP" Leafeon grabs Carnivine and tosses it.

        "Carnivine,use BULLET SEED!" Carnivine shot seeds at Leafeon

        "Leafeon...use Solarbeam!" Leafeon charged up.

        "Carnivine,use WRAP!" as soon as Carnivine try to constrict Leafeon,it gets blasted by a powerful Solarbeam

        "Carnivine use bite!" Carnivine bit Leafeon

        "Leafeon,use Leaf Blade!" said Sekuro Leafeon slashes Carnivine

        "Carnivine use Sludge Bomb!" Carnivine fired a barrage of sludge bombs at Leafeon

        Leafeon got hit by a couple of sludge bombs. "Leafeon!" yelled Sekuro

        Then,Carnivine truned to Sekuro and fired a barrage of Sludge Bombs at him and then,Sekuro woke up and realized it was all a dream,but knew he had to go to Kanto in 6 years.

        "One day...I will fight alongside with you Leafeon."said Sekuro

        After looking in a Pokemon encyclopedia,he found out Leafeon's pre-evolved form is Eevee. Sekuro knows that in order to obtain a Leafeon,he must first get an Eevee.

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          Just a few questions/comments:
          1. Do you need Gym Badges to enter the Indigo Plateu Wars?
          2. Can you catch Pokemon in the RP?
          3. Aww... i was going to choose Ditto or Heracross.
          4. This looks pretty good but are we just going to take part in these wars all the time or is there going to be an adventure. It'd be cool if there was a whole region dedicated to these wars like a tournament. (Hint hint) Lol, J.K.

          Name: Wayne Rowley


          Gender: Male.

          Appearence: Wayne is short for his age, standing at exactly 5ft. He has a slim athletic figure and tall spiky, brown hair that curves backwards a little. He is usually dressed in a very dark blue Denim Jacket which he sticks the collar up on. He wares a white T-Shirt underneath his Denim Jacket and has a Gold Necklace-Chain around his neck. His slightly baggy Jeans are the same colour as his jacket and he hangs a silver Chain at the side that falls freely. He has a Begining Trainers PokeBelt to attatch Pokeballs too and wears Black gloves. The Cuffs on his Jacket are rather large. He has Pure white runnng shoes and eyes like really bright emeralds.

          Personality: He appears to be a very confident happy-go-lucky teenager with few problems and very good luck. But underneath he has a lot less confidence and luck than you might think. He can be cold to people and likes to be centre of attention. The main thing about his personality is that he personally 'Dumbs hiself down' and suprisies others with his vast intelligence and strategic plans. He never holds a grudge and is generally quite friendly.

          History:Descending from a line of Pokemon rangers, his family pressured him too become one. As he was studying for his Capture Styler he suddenly snapped and just jumped out of his window and ran away in protest. Out in the wild he made friends with a Pokemon daycare owner who eventually encouraged him to go home a year later. When he got back home he was physically abused by his new Step Dad(which led in his deep down lack of confidence). After hearing of the Indigo Plateu tournament and Professor Willow he immediatly left home.

          Starter: Well I was going to choose Ditto but I can't then I was going to choose Heracross and I also can't so I'll choose... Pineco Decide by tommorow.

          Other:Wayne was born in New Bark Town but when he was four his parents and he moved to Blackthorn City, Johto.

          RP Sample: (Sorry it's not very good, I had to find one quick.)

          Jimbob: Aboard Drifblim?

          Jimbob awoke finding that his new hot air balloon Pokemon and his Shuppet were charging at high speed towards a falling Gallade. The Pokemon laughed and Teleported. Shuppet and Drifblim both used a Shadow ball on the Pokemon and it fell to the floor.
          After the dust settled it turned out that Gallade had teleported just before Impact and landed safley next too a tall lankey boy about half a quater of a mile from Jimbobs location.

          "Wow, great job Drifblim, you've earned a rest...Return Drifblims basket!" shouted Jimbob. He pointed the Pokeball at his basket and returned it to Drifblims Pokeball. "Come on out guys, have a look a play!" Shouted Jimbob as he threw three more Pokeballs into the air. Out of the Pokeballs came the shiny Milotic, the beautiful Froslass and the Mighty Torterra.

          -10 Minutes later-

          "So, I take it the mob of trainers over there are here for the same thing as me, that guys got a Manectric! Cool!" Jimbob said to himself in a mumble. "Hey guys, we're heading over there! Where the Trainers are, let's go! Drifblim, Froslass, Torterra, Milotic... Return!" Shouted Jimbob as he returned his friends to their homes. He and Shuppet sprinted a full speed too the mob of Trainers.

          Kari: Yacht

          "AHHH!" Screamed Kari at the unexpected visitor. The Gardevoir had made Kari jump half a mile. "YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH! I CHOOSE YOU... QUILAVA!" Shouted the distressed Kari. The small Pokemon came out of its Pokeball and assumed battle posistion.
          "Quilava, get fired up!" Commanded Kari as her Quilava set itself on fire.

          "Quilava! Use Flame Wheel!" Kari shouted. Quilava generated a ring of fire around itself and takled Gardevoir, She dodged. "Now, use Flamethrower!" Quilava shot a powerful Flamethrower from its mouth. Gardevoir was hit by this one and teleported away.

          "Well done Quilava, we're here now anyway, Return!" she exclaimed happily. Quilava went back into its Pokeball and Kari released Rapidash from her ball. "Rapidash, take us to the group of trainers over there!" shouted Kari. She jumped on its back and put Charmander in the sadle bag. Rapidash jumped off the side of the Yacht and charged across the field.

          Rapidash, Charmander and Kari caught up to a boy who was running with a Shuppet.
          "Hey, are you here to see Professor Rotwood?" Kari asked the boy with incredibly spikey hair.

          "Yeah, I take it you are too? My name's Jimbob"

          "I'm heading there too... My name is Kari, do you wanna battle?"

          "Yeah ok then!" Agreed Jimbob, his face gained a somewhat scary, competitive grin.

          Kari Dismounted Rapidash.

          Jimbob and Kari: Four Island, BATTLE!

          "Three on Three Pokemon battle, no substitutes!" Shouted Jimbob

          "Ok then, come on out, Ninetails!" Kari shouted.

          "Niiine!" shrieked Ninetails.

          "Go, Milotic!" Jimbob shouted. He seemed do have an advantage here as his Milotic was water type.

          "Wooow! THAT MILOTIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" Kari screamed. All Milotics are beautiful but this one is Blue and Sparkly.

          "Ninetails, Extremespeed!" Kari shouted, the second she had finished shouting, Ninetails had knocked Milotic to the floor, there was a line of dust where Ninetails had just attacked. "Now Ninetails, Overheat!" Kari grinned. Ninetails glew red and let off lots of fireballs that pelted Milotic. Milotic... fainted!

          "See, type advantege isn't everything," Kari bragged.

          "No, Milotic was just worn out from swimming and battling Remoraids!" Jimbob laughed.
          "I choose you, Froslass!" Shouted Jimbob as the Ice Pokemon was released from its Pokeball.

          "Fro- Fross!" exclaimed Froslass excitedly. He Jumped on Jimbob and gave him an affectionate Ice beam.

          "Erm, Charmander, use Ember on Jimbob, he's a bit stuck..." Kari laughed nervously.

          - 1 Minute later -

          "Now, I will show you Type advantedge isn't everything. Froslass, use Hypnosis!" Jimbob said camly. Froslass approached Ninetails and shot Pink circles into her eyes. Ninetails fell asleep. "Use Dream Eater Froslass," he said smoothly.

          Froslass flew over the top of Ninetails and graciously did a back flip, she then started absorbing a black mist from Ninetails' head.

          "NO! Ninetails Return, Rapidash, Get'em!" Kari Shouted as the Rapidash -who was behind her- charged into battle. "NO WAIT, CHARMANDER COME HERE!" Kari shouted worriedly.
          Charmander jumped out of the bag and plodded into Karis arms, his red scarf blew in the wind as Kari picked him up.

          "Rapidash, Flamethrower!" she shouted as Rapidash spat out a large flamethrower aimed at Froslass.

          "Counter with Ice Beam!" Jimbob shouted. The Flamethrower met the Ice Beam but the Ice melted and Froslass was hit.f

          "Wow, you did Great... Return. I Choose you... Shuppet!" Jimbob told his Pokemon. Shuppet -Who was also behind his Trainer- was sent into battle. Kari laughed.

          "He's your choice, this'll be easy!"

          "Don't be so sure" said Jimbob "He is one of my strongest Pokemon and my best friend! Shuppet, Thunder Bolt!"

          Shuppets horn glew yellow and released Electricity at Rapidash. Direct hit.

          "Rapidash, Flame thrower!" Kari said angrily with flames in her eyes.

          "Shuppet, Shadow ball!"

          The Shadow Ball tore through the Flamethrower and his Rapidash heads on. She fainted.

          "Rapidash no!"

          "Yeah, nice one buddy!" Congratulated Jimbob.

          "GRR... Return Rapidash and go Magby!" Kari yelled.

          The little fire Pokemon released punched and kicked the air a few times and fell over. "Magby, get up and use Contest plan Alpha niner theta!"

          "What?" Jimbob asked.

          "He can't block it if he dosent know what's happening!" Kari thought to herself.

          Magby made four copies of itself with Double Team. They all Jumped and their fist set on fire. They all Punched Shuppet (Of course only one hurt him) and then the Magbys all gathered in a circle. They all combined an Ember attack and launched it at Shuppet.

          "Shuppet! Use Shadowball X5!" Jimbob shouted. The Shadowball produced was 5x as big as a regular one. The Giant Ember and Shadowball met in midair and exploded. Magby and Shuppet were sent flying. Both fainted with the giant explosion but got back up.

          "Shuppet," Jimbob laughed. "Use Recover!"

          "What no?!" Kari yelled.

          Shuppet closed his eyes and started too glow yellow. After He was fully restored the aura vanished.

          "Shuppet, use Psychic!"

          Shuppets eyes flashed Blue and Magby got a blue aura, he was picked up with psychic and sent smashing to the ground.

          "NOO, MAGBY!" Kari yelled as she returned it to its Pokeball.

          "Great Battle!" Jimbob said holding out his hand too Kari, she shook his hand.

          "So, let's meet the others," Jimbob suggested

          "Well we COULD of rode on Rapidash but she's out of commision."

          "I can fix this one... Go Drifblim and Basket!" Jimbob shouted as the Pokemon materilized.

          Jimbob, Shuppet, Kari and Charmander hoped aboard and at full speeed the charged towards the others. They made it in a couple of seconds and returned Drifblim too its Pokeball.

          "Hey everyone, I'm Kari from Five island... My daddy owns this Island and five island by the way," She bragged.

          "Hey i'm Jimbob from Mount Pryre in Hoenn, this is Shuppet!"


          They looked at One of the trainers he had all his Pokemon out, two of them were a Gardevoir and a Gallade.

          "HEY THAT GARDEVOIR/GALLADE ATTACKED ME!" They both shouted in unision.

          Jimbob won a battle.
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            Trainer Signup Form:

            Name: Mikey Legend

            Age: 16

            Gender: male

            Appearance: He has blue eyes and brown spiked up hair. He wears a black tanktop and over it he wears a yellow unbuttoned jacket with white designs. He wears a red strap with two small yellow bags for carrying miscellaneous items. He wears black puffy shorts. He has yellow and black boots that go up to his shins. He also wears yellow with black gloves.

            Personality: Mikey is a very social person. He enjoys company from others and he takes on a role of leadership. He is a very confident boy. He takes any type of defeat too seriously and he will always challenge himself to do his best. He likes to help the weak and he would risk his own life to save somone else.

            History: He comes from a family of greatness. His father and grandfather both have a huge recognition as powerful trainers. His mom was also successful as a Pokemon Ranger. Because of the unique combination of parents he has; Mikey has had plenty of interaction with very elite Pokemon. He has always had a sense of adventure since a little boy. He would run off and explore the nearby forest.

            Starter: Bagon

            Other: He is weak around girls his age or older.

            RPG Sample:
            Vs. Tauros

            It was very late and Mikey had just come home from training with his father.
            Mikey was exhausted from watching a preparation match between his father's Nidoking and Tauros.
            He was in his bed thinking about the batttle when he drifted off to sleep.
            That night Mikey had the most engaging dream he ever had...

            Mikey was out in the woods walking when he heard a noise from behind.
            He quickly turned and saw an angry Tauros.

            The Tauros was blowing hard from his nose as in a rage.
            There was a powerful look in its eyes.
            It looked as if getting ready to ram Mikey.

            Mikey was not about to let this happen...

            "Nidoking I choose you!" He shouted while throwing out his Pokeball in the air.

            A bulky Nidoking came out and it right away locked eyes with the threatening Taruos.

            The moment was intense although there was no battling yet.
            "Nidoking! Wait for Tauros to charge!"

            At that command the Tauros charged Nidoking with a great force.

            "Now!!! Grab it from the horns" Yelled out Mikey seconds before the Tauros hit Nidoking.

            Nidoking was successful and it had the Tauros from the horns. The Tauros was straining trying to break off the hold but Nidoking held on tight.

            "Good job Nidoking, now use horn attack!!!"

            The Nidoking then threw its head back and with great potency ramed the Tauros with its horn. Tauros took the hit and went flying back.

            "Quickly Nidoking! Use tharsh!" Yelled out Mikey with a serious look of concentration.

            Nidoking then went on a rampage and charged at the Tauros which had just gotten up from the previous blow.

            Tauros countered the attack with take down.

            Both Pokemon charged each other with great force.

            At the moment of the collision both Pokemon fell back some feet. The hit had damaged Nidoking but the recoil damage had hurt Tauros more.
            "Nidoking! Are you ok?!" yelled Nidoking with a look of concern on his face over his Pokemon.

            Nidoking turned and only nodded at Mikey.
            The Tauros then went on a rage and again charged at Nidoking.

            "Nidoking! grab it from the horns once more!" Screamed out Mikey in desperation.

            Nidoking tried its best to prevent the hit but the Tauros hit.
            Nidoking was criticaly hit.

            Tauros was growing angrier and stronger because of the effect of the rage attack. Nidoking bearly got up and Tauros charged and hit again. Mikey was getting really desperate so he went to desperate measures...

            "Nidoking can you give it one last attack?!" He yelled out.

            Nidoking was determined to win depite the pain it was in.
            Again the brave Nidoking nodded.

            "Ok then! Use Hyperbeam!" Yelled out Mikey from the top of his lungs.

            Nidoking accumulated energy and blasted the Tauros with a powerful beam. Tauros took the hit and was sent back dragging across the ground. Taruos was out.

            Nidoking fell also right after it used Hyper beam. Mikey was glad the battle was over.
            He was more concerned with his Nidoking's health than happy over winning the battle.

            "Return Nidoking, you did an outstanding job" He said while returning the Pokemon to his Pokeball.

            Then Mikey felt the ground was shaking. At that point he woke up and realized his dad was waking him up.
            It had all been a dream...
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            Name: Chelsea

            Age: 14

            Gender: Female

            Appearance: Chelsea has long brown hair that is often tied in circular braids that hang above her ears. Her hair is tied back across her head into each braid, leaving a loose fringe over her forehead. Each braid is tied by small cylindrical clips which hold the braids in place across the sides of her head.
            Chelsea wears an open short-sleeve red jacket that reaches just above her naval. It is embroiled with a golden trimming that lines the borders of the jacket’s body, sleeves and collar. Underneath the jacket, she wears a tight black top that also cuts across her abdomen, exposing her stomach. A paw print logo is also printed across the front of the top in a bright red scheme.
            Chelsea also sports a ceremonial red cummerbund that she ties around her waist, covering the top of her pants. Her pants are a matching black to her top and end right above her shins. Two red bands line the side of each leg and tie to the ends of her trousers’ hemline. The hemline of each trouser leg is also tied across each calf.
            Chelsea also adorns a pair of traditional Chinese martial art slip-on shoes. The shoes are black in colour, matching her top and pants, but are lined around the base above the sole, in a red and gold trimming. The height of the foot-hole reaches just below the ankle bone.
            Chelsea’s favourite accessories are her golden bangles. She wears two bangles on each arm and has never removed them.

            Personality: Chelsea is a very open person who will speak her mind regardless of the situation. Because of this, she often gets into arguments and can become very stubborn if opposed. She will fight for what she truly believes in and will not concede defeat on any level until she has been proven wrong.
            Despite her upfront and brash nature at first, Chelsea is a very kind and fun-loving person, underneath all the fluff. She enjoys being with her friends and family and supports them whenever necessary, as they do for her. However, partly due to her comfortable upbringing and lifestyle, Chelsea has become slightly spoiled and unnecessarily sarcastic. This tends to annoy those associated with her, as it tends to provoke her initial stubborn attitude.

            History: Chelsea had grown up in a very comfortable and privileged household where many of her needs were met by her parents. Her father was a scientist who worked for a pharmaceutical company in their town. Her mother on the other hand, did not work. She did however have a very keen interest in real estate, and spent the majority of her time researching and investing in houses and other buildings. Chelsea was the only child of the family, but rarely grew lonely as she spent the majority of her time out of school with her mother, at home, at the shops or going house hunting. On the rare occasions when her father would return home from work early, she would spend her time showing him what she had learnt in school and about one of her many interests and passions, Pokemon. Despite her family’s commitments and slight complications in spending time with one another, Chelsea deeply cared for her parents and spent as much time as she could with them.

            Being well off, Chelsea could afford many luxuries during her childhood, but like many children her age, her main and only interest was in Pokemon. She had been attending at an academy in her town, dedicated to the learning and teaching of Pokemon, for over just five years. She would attend the academy during weekends and holidays, where her commitments to school were lessened or non-existent. There she learnt about the many different types, characteristics, and histories of Pokemon and her passion for becoming a Pokemon Trainer continued to grow. After turning twelve, two years late of her initial graduation from the academy, Chelsea finally received her graduating certificate and her first official trainer identification card. She had been delayed after failing a number of her classes and was rescheduled to complete the course in the following two years. However, after finally graduating, she was now a fully fledged and verified Pokemon Trainer and was all but ready to set out on her journey.

            Before her rescheduled graduation from the academy, Chelsea had joined an online community forum known as ‘Pokemon Virtual’. There she met and interacted with all kinds of Pokemon Trainers and enthusiasts about the expanding and intricate world of Pokemon. During her time online, she also discovered the identity of one member and became very interested in her involvement with Pokemon. She was known as Professor Willow and had an extensive record and history of an accomplished Pokemon Professor. An offer involving the recruitment of five Pokemon Trainers to arrive in Kanto for the Indigo Plateau tournament was what had directed Chelsea’s attention to the professor’s profile. After explaining the offer to her parents and receiving their blessings, Chelsea prepared to set off on her first official journey to Kanto as a Pokemon Trainer.

            Starter: Dratini

            Other: None

            RPG Sample: The cool sea breeze washed over his face as he sat behind the captain of a small motorboat. He could see they were approaching their destination rather quickly and decided to strike up a conversation in order to fill the awkward silence between them. ‘So…’ Miles began uncomfortably, attempting to sound casual, ‘have you sailed across this part of Hoenn before?’
            The captain was slightly taken aback by the sudden question but smiled as he processed his answer. ‘I’ve made a few stops at Lilycove before, for business and what not, nothing really important.’ He smiled but did not look at his passenger. ‘We’ll be there in a few minutes now.’
            Miles nodded but remained silent as they entered the city’s harbour. The sea air was surprisingly stronger across the harbour then it was when travelling across the ocean. Miles could feel his heart beating a little faster as they docked beside several small dinghies in the water. He was finally here; the place where he would find and eventually reunite with his parents.
            Miles bid farewell to the sea captain and headed into town.

            Large clusters of people were scattered all throughout the city, obviously taking part in some sort of celebration or event. Following the information on the papers he had found in his parents’ room, Miles recognised the attraction and soon arrived at the entrance to the infamous Lilycove Safari Zone.
            There were a number of guards at the entrance blocking the pathway inside. Groups of people and Pokémon were also gathered around the entrance, most probably waiting for their turn at the event. Miles paced across the square in front of the zone, taking care not to bump into anyone as he begun contemplating about how he and his family were connected to this event and their relationship with Team Rocket.

            Large monitors were flickering above the zone’s entrance, displaying the areas and people inside who were taking a part in the event.
            ‘Hmm, looks like the event’s already started…’ Miles mumbled, as he leant against the guard rail surrounding the square.
            Watching the monitors with mild interest, Miles suddenly spotted something strange happening within one of the screens. He stood up straight and decided to approach the entrance a little closer. However, before he could attempt a second glance, the screen had already changed displaying another area within the zone. ‘What was that?’ Miles began, scanning the monitors in hope of seeing the image again. He stood unmoved outside the zone, the image he had seen still burned in his mind. ‘It couldn’t be…’
            featured series: touhou project
            coordinated by and joined with: aea

            familiar of knowledge. koakuma.
            scandalous matriarch love affair and pair. aea illegitimate lovechild. mika loyal steed of comradery. scarlet live-in sisterly familiar. ninetales
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              Name: Cain Ritham
              Age: 15
              Gender: male

              Cain's pigmentation is pale yet he still retains some tan. His eyes usually put him off for people thinking he is an albino. Cain doesn’t watch his weight yet his body build up is still Slim. Cain brushes his teeth every day so you can see them white but still have some plack on them. Cain's head however is usualy covered with a black cap that has a circle on it. This usualy takes up the entire top of his head.

              Cain of course is seen wearing a black hoody that he bought when he started training. Underneath this is a white tank top that he washes every week. But only takes it off then. His pants are light jeans that get darker down to the ends of his legs. The belt Cain wears is a simple brown belt. The buckle is silver in color yet Cain doesn’t know if it is real silver. Down towards his feet he wears black socks with stripes on the top of them. His shoes are white sneakers with grey soles. The shoes have traces of blue in random places.

              Personality: Cain's personality is complex. When seen by strangers Cain will occasionally be shy to them and not show his face. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions. In his free time Cain spends it by battling. This is his main hobby and timewaster. He is seen training with his pokemon or battling other pokemon.

              When in a battle Cain's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up. This usually works since he trains with his pokemon a lot. A few times however he will lose. When this happens Cain will do anything to request a rematch. He hates losing more then anything at all.

              History: Cain's father was already an accomplished pokemon trainer. Who already made it to the leage and managed to become part of the elite four. But shortly after he retired and decided to pass all his trainer knowledge onto his son Cain. His mother was a breeder who spurned Cain's love for pokemon in the first place. Cain's father died however shortly before he was 12 years old after leaving on a fishing trip and didnt return. There were reports that he had been lost at sea.

              Due to this Cain decided that he would be a trainer in order to relive the memory.

              Starter: Totodile

              Other: Part of the group

              RPG Sample:
              The clock's red numbers changed from 2:40 to 2:41. It was AM and Cain was tired. His mom had told him to study as much as he could. But he didn’t think he should study this late. It was 2:41 AM and he was searching up information on rock pokemon.

              Let me see Geodude evolves into Graveler. Graveler can evolve into Golem.

              The picture on the next page had a picture of a Golem in a battle ready stance. He yawned for a very long time and continued to read.

              Golem one of the strongest rock pokemon has a very good fire resistance. It can resist even a Charizard's strongest breath and still continue to fight.

              Cain then closed the book that had the title "Encyclopedia of rock pokemon". He put it down and took the book "Encyclopedia of Fire pokemon." He looked at the heading Torchic.

              Torchic is chick pokemon. Because of its size it stays close to its trainer and fears most pokemon. However upon command Torchic can and will fight bravely. Once its relationship grows Torchic creates a bond between its trainers and may evolve. Then the page said See next page Combusken

              Cain closed the Encyclopedia and started to think. Torchic, the pokemon I asked Professor Oak for. He said that Professor Birch may have one and would ask for one. That was one week ago and maybe he will have it today. I hope that I can be a good trainer for it.

              The next day however Cain walked over to Professor Oak's house. He went to the professor and asked

              "I would like a pokemon Professor". He turned around with a grim look on his face. "I’m sorry Cain but something has happened. For absolutely no reason all the pokemon in the world have... passed on."

              Cain looked very dumbfounded. "WHAT???" Professor Oak went over to his computer. "look I got an email from professors all over the world. Their pokemon have vanished from the face of the world." Cain was still looking dumbfounded. But he knew this would not stop him. "Wait you mean the Torchic I requested is... gone?"

              Professor Oak answered "Yes i'm sorry". Cain then ran back to his house. His dream was shattered into a million pieces. But this would not stop him from traveling through Kanto. He went up to his room and put on his brown jacket. He zipped it up with the hood down. Then he went towards the Jeans he had placed on his chair the night before. He took off his sweat pants and put the Jeans on. With the belt all ready he went to his backpack. He placed a spare change of clothes and a few other possessions. Then he went to his dresser and took a bandana off it. It was a black bandana that he occasionally wore on his head. But now he decided it was time for a change. He put the Bandana on his neck and tied it on the back of his neck. Okay, I do not have any pokemon. But I wonder if there are pokemon still alive out there.. Then he took off his white socks and placed his black ones on. Then he took off the boots he put on and placed on his old sneakers. He had these sneakers for a month now and they were worn and broken in. After putting this all on he went to the 2nd floor stairs and started to walk down them.
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                SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED.

                (With the exception that I'll allow a sign-up for Lucian, who had a question about this RPG)

                Ohh goodness... Usually I'm a pushover at accpeting people into RPGs (unless they are clear rulebreakers), but six of you signed up already... Seven or eight surely is a crowd, but...

                I will edit this post after I have chosen (*sniff*) who will be accepted into this RPG. There is a good chance I'm allowing more than four of you in, though.

                EDIT: I have not yet decided who's in yet. But first I have to answer Electivire's questions. I don't know all the answers completely yet, but I'll reveal it in a post somewhere anyway.

                1. Do you need Gym Badges to enter the Indigo Plateau Wars?

                Yes. But you don't need all eight, since we're all in a group. Each person will have to earn 3-4 badges at a minimum.

                2. Can you catch Pokemon in the RP?

                Yes! Of course you can! And you can even catch forbidden Pokemon! (However, you need special permission for legendary Pokemon, as I'll explain later.) Forbidden Pokemon aren't completely off-limits--just as starter Pokemon. You'll be able to catch your first Pokemon very early on in the RPG, so don't worry.

                3. Aww... i was going to choose Ditto or Heracross.

                Yes, I'm sorry... I ban non-legendary Pokemon from starterdom because they're either too big, too powerful (as in Heracross), or too complicated to work with (as in Ditto). But you will be able to catch them later on.

                4. This looks pretty good but are we just going to take part in these wars all the time or is there going to be an adventure. It'd be cool if there was a whole region dedicated to these wars like a tournament. (Hint hint) Lol, J.K.

                This RPG is mainly an adventure. For the most part, the wars exist only in the Indigo League, though there may be "practice" ones along the way.


                EDIT 2:

                Da-da-da-dum! At last, after a few headaches and reliefs, I have decided upon two things: who's accpeted and which character I will RP as!

                (Note: One specific person I PM'd that might have yet to sign up may be accepted later on.)

                Trainer Kat: ACCEPTED
                Interesting character, really. Plus, your choice of Meowth as a starter knocked out one of my choices for someone to RP, making it easier for me to decide.

                Master Trainer Empoleon: REJECTED
                Your signup is mostly okay, but then there's the matter of Sekuro's scar. I think that might fall under the category of "special power" just barely...

                Electivire: ACCEPTED
                I suppose that means you'll be starting with Pineco? Okeydokey. Haha, nice idea, posting three different RP samples... Shows me that you make good posts in and out of battle.

                ShinyPikachu: REJECTED
                It really was hard to reject you, but I must say that your signup is somewhat skimpy and maybe a little plain character-wise... Plus, I'm not sure how well you would RP outside of battle, based on your sample. It's OK--just try harder next time! :)

                Phanima: ACCEPTED
                Yay, you won first prize for longest signup! That's not exactly why I accepted you though... You just have a neat, well-thought-out character and an above-average RP sample. And Dratini rules!

                Omni Reaper: ACCEPTED
                You had me a little worried with some very mild personality and grammar issues, but other than that, well done. Your sample is good, and, wow, Totodile's a classic.

                ^^Haha, I guess I did accept exactly four people after all!

                **For those of you who got rejected or didn't have time to sign up, don't worry about it! I will do another version of this RPG later on, for sure.

                Now, time for the trainer I will be RP'ing here! I'm a little uneasy about her having a made-up Pokemon as a starter, but... ah well, at least it becomes a Skitty later on.

                Name: Ari Hakuremu
                Age: 16
                Gender: Female
                Appearance: Ari is exactly 5 feet tall, her skin a pale yellowish tan. She's neither muscular, fat, nor bony--petite would best describe it. Her hair goes just below her shoulders and is straight and black, though its seems to be dark blue at certain times... Her eyes are dark--the color is not certain though. She wears a medium-sleeved dark blue jacket that looks like a cross between a trenchcoat and a knee-length dress, plus dark gray pants and black boots with fairly high heels. Matching all this is a deep blue hat (and sometimes black gloves), and she also wears glasses.
                Personality: All her life Ari has been a computer freak. Though she's not as eccentric as that stereotype is, she is as intelligent. As far as other things go, she isn't really into having relationships with people. She prefers to do things her own creative way and also do them herself. But, she can be a good leader if she really wants to be. Though she is slightly pessimistic and hard to please, she is also quite intuitive, and she never shows any extreme emotions, except on rare occasions. Though she may not be confident about her future, she is confident in her abilities. She believes she can do anything provided she puts her mind to it.

                But Ari does have a sweet, soft side--and it shows through the Pokemon she ends up getting as a starter. She does try to comfort those in need, and the only time when she'll let others get hurt is if she forgets that they're there. Also, she's hesitant about taking risks, and not at all competitive. And she does get startled quite easily, but doesn't really show panic or fear unless the situation really is dangerous. (In other words, she won't panic when atop a tall building, inside a haunted house, surrounded by Caterpie, etc.) And though she may have a hard time accepting other people's opinions, she doesn't really intend to be selfish.

                History: Ari's older brother, Gon, was a successful Pokemon trainer at one point--he specialized in bug Pokemon. However, he wasn't into competing that much, so he usually stayed at home watching TV with his Pokemon by his side. Ari was interested in Pokemon as well, and much of her online time was spent on Pokemon-related sites. One such site was Pokemon Virtual. She hardly ever went off the computer, except for an occasional walk with Gon when she was little, and also school. Speaking of school, Ari was always one of the best in her class just because she was one of the smartest, not because she studied hard or did homework. Anyways, one day in Pokemon Virtual, Professor Willow announced the start of a quest to be in the Indigo League. To make things simple, Ari accepted this--a strange part of her felt that she had been sitting in front of a computer screen for too long...

                Starter: Puffly (weird, isn't it?) --See below
                Other: Gon will be of no influence in this RPG, though Ari might mention him a couple of times.
                RP Sample: (Just to be fair... In this sample, Ari was a Snag'em member, and Kawaine was a Puffly.)
                "Puffwi puffwi!" Kawaine was already getting excited at the new Snag'em assignment.
                "Puffwi??" Kawaine suddenly turned around, looking concerned and gazing up at Ari.
                "No," Ari said without so much as a giggle, "I don't have any cake. But perhaps I'll get you some if you can get your hands on that golden pearl."
                "Ffwi!!" Kawaine's eyes got wider, and she eagerly dashed off to find the Spoink in the assignment. Ari laughed to herself at this.
                She doesn't even know which direction to go.
                "To locate a psychic-type Pokemon such as Spoink," Ari lectured to the remaining Pokemon, "it is possible to tune in to the ever special mindwaves that signify their powers. I also know that gold is a very submissive metal, so that pearl would be able to amplify a Spoink's powers to an exhilirating extent. If we listen closely, we'll find something much like a radio signal. Tsukimi?"
                The Retron stood attentive and nodded.
                "That's your cue," Ari whispered to Tsukimi. "Try a Psych Up."

                Retron is a psychic-type Pokemon, plus its antennae are perfect for tuning in to any type of electric signal, no matter what the source. That's two things that favor Tsukimi's success here.
                "Now we all need to clear our minds as best as possible--we don't want any interference..." Ari quickly muttered, soon after everyone (including Ari herself) followed this command. Tsukimi, meanwhile, Psyched Up, all for the hopes of locking onto the Spoink's whereabouts (and perhaps its thoughts for an extra bonus).

                At the same time, Ari and Tsukimi pointed to a spot to the southwest. This direction led to an area thickened with trees and bushes.
                I guess if I was a Pokemon, Ari thought as she and her Pokemon walked in the intuited direction, I would definitely be a Psychic-type. I've never quite figured out why I could do that as well...

                Far ahead, a rustling was heard. There were voices, but from their distance hardy anyone could identify them...
                "Shinai..." Ari said involuntarily, after which she ran towards the scene ahead, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Her Pokemon followed quite easily on speedy feet or wings, except for Tsukimi, who hobbled along like a metallic turtle.
                Soon enough, the scene could be seen. A Misdreavus was staring at the Spoink with the golden pearl--apparently it had just used Mean Look to prevent it from escaping. Ari immediately recognized the Misdreavus' blood-red neck orbs.
                "Shinai," Ari said quietly--this time more sure of herself.
                "Mis," Shinai quickly greeted the new arrivals with a sideways glance, then focused her attention back on the Spoink.
                "Spoink." The Spoink then launched its Confusion attack, hoping to "scramble up" its foe. Shinai tumbled backwards in the air a couple of times from the attack, but then she held on--it looked as if she was using her own psychic attack.
                "Psywave," Ari whispered from behind a bush. Shinai then launched her own psychic attack. Wave after wave, the Spoink wavered with each hit and finally tumbled back almost like Shinai did moments before. Then it bounced gracefully off its spring tail, its pearl taking on a misty glow. This was obviously a powerful Spoink, but this didn't bother Shinai.

                "Misss." Shinai took on a glow of her own, which soon turned into a sort of dark sunray which shone upon her. Then this ray traveled along the ground--right at Spoink. When Spoink was hit, its eyes shone red for a moment, then it appeared to feel dizzy.
                "Spoooooiiiinnnkkk..." Spoink even sounded dizzy. It looked like it was preparing another Confusion attack, but it seemed unable to muster the necessary concentration to do so. Instead, it lost its focus completely and ended up attacking itself. It threw itself into the air, spun around a few times, then landed clumsily on the ground, rocking from side to side on its belly. Its pearl also rolled off its head.
                "Very nice Confuse Ray," Ari commented, yet still keeping the sinister tone her voice always had when she found herself in a battle.

                "Yan?" Henshu darted out from behind a tree, inquiring Shinai.
                "Mis mis," Shinai answered with a nod.
                "Yan." Henshu then flew over to the pearl and picked it up. She didn't want to be rude to Shinai by stealing the pearl she fought so hard for.
                How very polite of you, Henshu, Ari thought. I believe I mentioned that in that post I wrote about you.
                "And once again we have succeeded without the slightest bit of trouble," Ari declared to her Pokemon. "I am sorry that Kawaine and Shokuchi did not get to participate... but don't worry, you two--our work is so easy that we frequentlydon't need everyone. Perhaps you two will have a go next time, provided you don't goof off too much."
                Shokuchi gave a little bark of disapproval, then continued her game of tag with Kawaine.

                "I suppose," Ari said as Henshu flew past her, "that we should head back to collect the reward."
                "Arf! Arf!"
                And so they all headed back.

                Why are Kane's assignments so easy? Ari wondered on the way back. This is a true insult to my intelligence. I wonder if I should be the one ordering Kane around. I don't know why I always make him seem like a pushover...

                Element: Normal
                Appearance: click here
                Attacks: Starts with Tackle, Charm, and Tantrum (causes flinching but doesn't do any damage). Later learns Attract, Sweet Kiss, Doubleslap, Tickle, and Covet.
                Ability: Cute Charm
                -Looooves chocolate cake
                -Is 0.4m tall and weighs 1.6kg
                -Evolves to Skitty via happiness
                -Has good HP and Speed; has average defenses and low offenses


                *I will not start this RPG right away because A) I have yet to await feedback or signup from Lucian, and B) it's nearly 1 AM where I live and I better get to sleep.

                EDIT: What I meant was, I will not POST in this RPG right away. I won't waste any time. So, everyone who was accepted may now start with an introductory post. You are to make your way to the front of the Pokemon Academy in Viridian City. This is where we will meet Professor Willow.

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                  Edit: I'm going to start again. Go further down.
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                    I forgot to say, that picture I used is supposed to be a modeling photo of her. Obviously that pink dress wouldn't be very conducive to travelling, would it? So basically, she wears black bicycle shorts similar to May's, and a pink tank top.
                    The blonde swept her cornflower-and-magenta hair into a low ponytail. Her deep blue eyes fixated on the sign before her. At 5'3", she was exactly eye-level with the letters carved deep into the wood. Though the sign was clearly weather-beaten, and had seen better days, there was no mistaking those five letters scrawled across the chipped surface: KANTO. An arrow below pointed the way to a place called Viridian City.

                    This... she thought. This is the place where I'm to get my first Pokemon. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, the sun dancing on her vanilla flavored lip gloss. She could feel the heat on her back, pressing on her shoulder blades like a good massage. Her lips parted as a sigh escaped her. If she was going to be in weather like this throughout her journey, it would be well worth the turmoil.

                    Deciding she had lingered long enough, she continued along the path. It wasn't far now. Based on the map, she determined it was maybe a fifteen minute walk, at the most. Putting one foot in front of the other, she walked briskly towards her destination. Pidgey flew overhead, soaring through the ocean blue skies. A group of Caterpie poked around in the tall grass, hiding from any predators while foraging for food.

                    What do Caterpie eat? the blonde asked herself. Maybe I do have a little more to learn about Pokemon. Another wooden sign could be seen ahead, loosely nailed onto a sad post. 'Watch out for wild Beedril' the sign commanded. Someone had lightly crossed off 'Beedril' and scribbled 'Brad the Great' in boyish, blocky letters under the name of the Bug Pokemon. A shudder ran down her spine. She wrinkled her nose. She'd always thought that bees, along with insects of any kind, were absolutely disgusting.

                    A little further, and she could see the outlines of buildings among the trees, their shadowy silhouettes making the structures appear to be playing a game of hide and seek, and she was the seeker. When she neared the city, her smile faded.

                    "How...quaint." She was obviously expecting something a bit more..elegant. Glancing around, she noticed quite a few people around. "Guess they're into that...unrefined sort of life." She giggled to herself. "Well, my photographer did say 'Natural is the new black!' He's been here, I'll bet."

                    Unable to locate the lab, she flagged down a boy around her age, perhaps a year or two older. His jet black hair fell over his face, and he carried a look of defiance. "Excuse me...commoner...could you direct me to Professor Willow's lab?" She pulled her white sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, the plastic frame resting neatly on the perky tip of her button nose.

                    He shot her a look, but once her eyes met his, he melted into the pools of deep blue. "Y-yeah..." he stammered. "That way..." The boy pointed to his left.

                    The blonde smiled. "Thanks, you're a doll." Though she was sure the boy expected a kiss as payment, she turned her back before he could further defile her with his presence. As if I'd even look at a commoner, she thought to herself. Upon reaching the lab, she banged on the door, as if her intent was to break it down, not to gain entrance.

                    "Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be the one looking for her." She opened the door and let herself in, crossing the threshold into a dark lab. "Great...just like out of those creepy zombie movies..." she muttered under her breath.

                    "It's me!" She yelled. "Kat!" No answer. A sigh of annoyance escaped her parted lips. Giving up, she went searching for the woman who was supposed to be standing at the door with a selection of perfect Pokemon.
                    That turned out much longer than I'd originally intended. O.o

                    I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
                    Deal with it. :]
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                    IC: The sun was hot and Chelsea for one was not enjoying the heat. She sat on the gravel path, her back against the edge of the seat, with her head mounted on the bench’s arc. Sunlight struck her face as she sat against the seat with her eyes closed, waiting for the bus to arrive and take her to her destination. Added to the fact that the station had no surrounding shelter, did not help her situation.

                    “It’s…so…hot…” she breathed, as beads of sweat ran down her face. “Maybe I shouldn’t have overdressed…”

                    A flock of Pidgey suddenly passed overhead, blowing gusts of wind over the station, which was eagerly welcomed by the perspiring brunette. Peeling her eyes open, the red-faced teenager looked up to see that not only did a flock of Pidgey arrive, but the bus to her destination and the first step to her in becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

                    Without hesitation, she swept up her jacket and bag, before leaping onto the stationed bus and paying for her fair. The doors closed with a swish behind her as she made her way down the deserted vehicle, taking in the revitalising air conditioning as she looked for a seat.
                    There was only one other passenger on board and he or she appeared to be sleeping. Ignoring the stranger, Chelsea threw her belongings onto the seat beside the exit, before fanning herself with her hands as she sat down. Her top had grown sticky due to the sweat, and was now sticking to her skin in an unflattering manner.

                    “Stupid thing…” she grumbled, as she fought with her clothes.

                    A short time had passed before Chelsea suddenly realised where the bus and she had stopped. It was her destination, the emerald city of earth and the home to one of the eight Gym Leaders of Kanto.

                    “Viridian City!”

                    OOC: Okay, if you haven't noticed, my post is incredibly rushed so I first apologise for that. I have an exam tomorrow, but I thought it'd be rude not to post after committing myself, so here it is, the post and the reason to why it's so short and lacking of substance.
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                      OOC: I didnt check the forums for a while and didnt notice this thing had started. Oh well here is my first post


                      Cain walked through the grass of Pallet town. Having already living in Pallet town he knew the way to the professer's lab. What he always wondered was why people in Pallet town didnt mow their lawns often enough. They always went everywhere. Cain had to step around most of the grass in fear that some of it would cut his foot off.

                      Stupid grass is always everywhere.

                      But nothing could keep Cain from overwhelming his excitment. He was going to get a pokemon. He could feel it. Now finnaly he could be a trainer and go to the pokemon league.

                      Cain walked up to the lab's door. He was surprised how well noticed the lab was. It sat atop a hill with a giant windmill on its roof. Cain walked to the door and noticed it had been turned a few times before. He opened the door and walked right in. But once doing so he noticed that he wasnt the only person getting a pokemon
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                        OOC: All right, time for the adventure to REALLY start!

                        ...However--and I don't intend to be mean--Phanima was the only one who seemed capable of following directions this time around. Our meeting place, as I said at the bottom of my last post, is in Viridian City, in front of the Pokemon Academy--not in Pallet Town or in her laboratory. Besides, I know I didn't say it, but Professor Willow's lab is not in Kanto... (*edits first post*) But don't worry about it--I admit to having occasionally overlooked RPG details myself...

                        For now I will just assume that we're all in the appropriate meeting spot... Fortunately I believe in giving second chances. :)
                        Far above Viridian City, a blimp that looked more like a giant Drifloon came into view from the clouds. This blimp had been flying above the clouds so as to avoid and rough weather. Rough weather would have been pretty common at some point on its trip, as this blimp came all the way from Sinnoh. Yet still, this blimp was intact and in good shape.

                        The blimp had three occupants. The first two were a pair of identical-looking young men, each wearing T-shirts with a Drifloon on them, who shared the role of piloting the blimp. Seated in the compartment behind them was the future Pokemon trainer Ari.

                        Before boarding this Drifloon blimp, Ari had said goodbye to her big brother Gon, and his team of five bug Pokemon. Ari was presently thinking of Gon and his Pokemon. Venomoth, which had been his first Pokemon... Combee, which had been male and thus was unable to evolve... Beautifly, which he caught on a trip to Hoenn... Yanma, an adamant little dragonfly that refused to evolve to Yanmega... and Mothim, who often felt left out in Gon's Pokemon team. Ari also remembered the nicknames Gon gave to these Pokemon of his... Dokuga, Honey-chan, Tomirei, Yan Yan, and Minomuchi, respectively. For a while she thought how neat it must be to nickname Pokemon--and thought she could do the same for whatever Pokemon she got.

                        "All righty," one of the pilots finally announced. "We're comin' in for a landing!"

                        "Viridian City," the other pilot added.

                        Seconds later, Ari felt the thump of the blimp touching the ground. Then, without saying much other than a simple thank-you, she walked out into the city--and was rather surprised by the sights.

                        Gee, Viridian City is a little more run-down than I expected it to be... Ari thought as she passed by an old, abandoned house.

                        Indeed, in the recent past, Viridian City was the victim of both the turmoil over the evil genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo, and a war between Teams Magma and Aqua. That all showed in the present moment--the Pokemon Centre was nearly empty, hardly anyone was walking about the streets, and the gym was under construction (or repairs, rather). Even the formerly prestigious Pokemon Academy seemed a little shabby, at least from the outside. Yet it was here that she was to meet Professor Willow. One particular girl with blond hair and wearing a pink and black outfit was banging against the door, apparently upset because Professor Willow was nowhere to be seen. A girl with long brown hair and a red and black outfit was walking out of a bus that had stopped next to the academy. Two younger boys were battling the Pokemon they just received from Professor Oak just nearby.

                        As Ari walked up to the Pokemon Academy, she narrowly missed being hit by a Vine Whip from one of the little boys's Bulbasaur. Then she reached the front of the academy, where the blond-haired girl was now grumbling at the door.

                        "Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be waiting for her. It's me, Kat!"

                        "Ah, I see you're excited about getting your first Pokemon," Ari said to the girl. "Well, let's not get too excited. Willow didn't say she'd be waiting for us--she just told us to..."

                        Before Ari could finish her sentence, a woman in a long white coat emerged through the front door, followed by two boys that looked to be in their mid-teens. One had spiked brown hair and was holding a Pineco. The other, to much of the others' surprise, was wearing a black cap with a large red R on the front.

                        "...May I first say that this boy here is not in Team Rocket..." the woman commented as she closed the door behind her. She was holding a small black box with a Pokeball design on it.

                        "I am sorry for my tardiness, as seen by one eager individual... I had to round up these two boys who were also eager. Anyways, I'm sure these two boys know it, but I am Professor Willow, as you may have guessed..."

                        The Professor paused for a moment, letting the fivesome of future trainers gather around.

                        "Now, my original plan was to explain a bit more about the new Indigo League first, but seeing your jubilant faces makes me consider otherwise. I know you're all excited about your first Pokemon, and I can't blame you for it. Now, of course, first I'd like you to meet Wayne Rowley, from Blackthorn City. Yes, we have people here from all over the place. Anyways, this here Pineco is his starting Pokemon."

                        Willow patted the Pineco on the head and whispered to it.
                        "Enjoy your new trainer, Pineco."

                        "All right, next we have another individual that was so eager as to threaten to break down the door of this building. Which I don't mind by the way, hehheh. Introducing Kat Tachikawa, the lovely Goldenrod City girl. Speaking of which, Kat, I think you'll find your first Pokemon interesting..."

                        Willow then opened the box, and from within it she withdrew a Pokeball. This she handed to Kat. Also, she took out four empty Pokeballs. These she handed to both Kat and Wayne.
                        "I'll explain these later," she whispered to both of them.

                        "Next up, we have Chelsea. Well well, I reserved a special Pokemon for you. I can surmise that this is what happens when all that hard work in school pays off. Beware though; it can be pretty tough to tame and raise. I can only hope you'll get the hang of it."

                        Professor Willow winked at Chelsea before handing her three Pokeballs.

                        "Our fourth Pokemon Trainer is Ari Hakuremu. Ah, you're from Sinnoh--quite a ways away. Speaking of 'a ways away', I'm giving you a Pokemon all the way from Nazumi, the continent on which my laboratory is located. In fact, I can almost bet none of you have heard of this Pokemon before."

                        Ari had a quizzical look on her face as she received three Pokeballs, one of which would contain her first Pokemon.

                        "And finally, we have Cain Ritham, the young lad with an elite Pokemon trainer for a father and for some reason thinks he's in Team Rocket. Haha, that was a joke. Really. Sorry if I embarrassed you--maybe I can also say that Ari looks like she could be my evil twin? Heh, anyway, I kind of hate to give you this kind of Pokemon, as I would hate to copy Professor Elm--but it seems to fit you nicely. Besides, you might find this Pokemon rather easy to get along with."

                        With that, Willow took out the final trio of Pokeballs and handed them to Cain. Then she continued her announcement.

                        "Now, a note to those of you who are opening your Pokeballs already. Two of those Pokeballs you received are empty--you may use them to capture any other Pokemon you might encounter. If you need more of them, they're sold in every Pokemart in existence. But I'm sure a few of you know that already. Now, before you get too excited about interacting with your first Pokemon--and I see some of you have already started to--I have a few more announcements to make."

                        A couple of voices in the group that were speaking to Pokemon diverted their attention. But before the professor spoke again, she took out the remaining contents of the box. They were small, square devices of some sort, with a white Pokeball design on front. But the devices themselves were all different colours: red, blue, green, pink, and gold. Willow started handing these devices out, giving the red one to Cain, the green one to Wayne, the pink one to Kat, the blue one to Ari, and the gold-coloured one to Chelsea.

                        "Heh, I'm sorry if there's a colour bias..." Willow apologised. "I made them different colours so they don't all look the same, so they can be told apart... Now, I suppose you're all wondering what these devices are. I know some of you may think they're Pokedexes. If you thought that, you're correct, but not completely. These devices are simply called Pokevices. ...Didn't know what else to call them. Anyways, a Pokevice can identify any Pokemon you see, but it also contains special information on any Pokemon you catch, keeps a record of which badges you earn, has a map of the region, and can even be used to contact other people, like a telephone. But enough about the Pokevices. Now a word--or rather several--about the Indigo League. I have already explained the Pokemon Wars back on Pokemon Virtual, and how those battles work. I have also already mentioned that this is a group effort. Now, to get into this Pokemon league, in the past a single trainer would have had to earn eight badges from various Pokemon gyms in the region. But, in order to get into this one, each of you only has to earn three. However, as a group, you do have to earn all eight badges. So you can't just all get badges from the same three gyms and qualify that way. So you get to choose at which level of training your Pokemon skills will be tested--to a certain extent."

                        "Well," Professor Willow concluded, "I don't want to drone on and on here. If you have questions at all about your Pokemon, the Pokevices, or the Indigo League, you all have me registered in the phone feature of your Pokevices. Or, you may ask me now. But one last thing: a hint. There is a Pokemon gym in Pewter City, which uses Rock and Water-type Pokemon."

                        ~ ~ ~

                        Pewter City? Ari thought. Where in the world is Pewter City?

                        Ari reached for her deep blue Pokevice, remembering what Professor Willow had said about the map feature in it. But she had put ehr Pokevice in the same pocket as the only Pokeball of hers which was not empty--the one that contained her first Pokemon.

                        Ohh, I guess I should find out what this Pokemon is first. Hmm, now this will be interesting. I have no clue what it could be. I just hope it's not a Machop. Or Rattata. Or Squirtle. Or Cranidos, Stunky, Zigzagoon, Wynaut, Munchlax... well, I can only hope it's a Pokemon I don't hate...

                        With that, Ari casually tossed her Pokeball slightly upwards. The energy that came out of the Pokeball materialized into a small, chubby form that took shape in Ari's arms. Within seconds, the Pokemon materialized, revealing what at first reminded Ari of a Skitty, except with curly, pink and blue ears, and looking even more obnoxiously cute.

                        "Puffwi! Puffwi!" the adorable little Pokemon greeted.

                        What is this...?!? She gives me this cute little... thing?

                        Ari looked around and saw the other trainers' Pokemon: Pineco, Meowth, Dratini, and Totodile. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Chelsea, who had received the Dratini, and Kat, who had received the Meowth. Ok, so Ari got this little soft pink chubby kitten thingy. Professor Willow was right about whatever it was: it was the only Pokemon in the group that Ari had never seen nor heard of. But what Ari did remember was Willow mentioning that the Pokevice doubles as a Pokedex. Knowing that, she looked up the little pink and white Pokemon with her Pokevice. Upon identiflying Puffly, the Pokevice popped open, revealing two screens, a smaller screen, and a set of buttons. Currently, only one of the screens was turned on, revealing a picture of the Pokemon. The smaller screen, which only had room for text, displayed the name "Puffly". Then, the Pokevice beeped, and a robotic voice spoke from it.

                        "Puffly, the infatuation Pokemon. Puffly is a young, attention-seeking Pokemon that prefers to use attacks like Charm and Sweet Kiss in battle. It loves sweet and/or fluffy foods."

                        "Puffly huh?" Ari said, not sounding too excited. "Well, I do admit you're cute, cutie... no doubt about it. You would make a great pillow. ...Or not. You know, I think I'll nickname you... Kawaine. How's that, Kawaine?"

                        Ari couldn't help but blush at the cute little Puffly resting in her arms. While she was doing so, she pressed another button on her Pokevice, which caused the second screen to turn on. This displayed a set of information:

                        Species: Puffly
                        Gender: Female
                        Type: Normal
                        Level: 5
                        Status: OK
                        Ability: Cute Charm
                        Attacks: Tackle, Charm, Tantrum"

                        Tantrum? Ari thought. What sort of an attack is that? What in the world would happen if Puffly threw a tantrum in the middle of a battle?!?

                        OOC: Now's the time to interact with your Pokemon, chat with the other group members, check out your Pokevice, something along those lines. If I were to have all of us start the journey now, my post would be WAY too long... So I'll wait. Oh, and though the first gym we'll come to is in Pewter City, Brock's parents will be running the gym, not Brock himself since he's currently traveling with Ash. Just a little forewarning--I will have more information in regards to that in a while...

                        Oh, and don't worry too much about the Pokevice features--not every one of them has to function the same way as Ari's. Think of them as a Pokedex and Pokenav put together.

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                          Originally Posted by Electivire View Post
                          Edit: I'm going to start again. Go further down.
                          OOC: Edited my first IC because i'm going to start again. I'll make everything so it makes sense with everyone elses posts.

                          ~Wayne - Digglet cave~

                          He could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was getting closer and closer until... He was outside. The boy looked around at the bright blue sky and lush green grass; he was about 5" tall and fourteen years old. He wore a dark blue denim jacket and jeans with a pure white T-shirt and running shoes. The boy, known as Wayne Rowley stretched his arms and looked back at the long and dauting cave behind him; the Diglett cave which he had not long emerged from. His journey had bought him from the ferry 'S.S. Tidal' in Olivine City, Johto to Vermillion City, Kanto. Then his short cut through Diglett tunnel had bought him to the outskirts of rural Pewter City.

                          He carried on walking through the countryside, for about an hour he walked until he came across a sign. 'Viridian City 1/4 Mile West'. The boy forced his way through a small woodland until he emerged in a giant industrial, yet rundown city. This was obviously now an abandoned area as apose to its old metropolis style of city. Crime was an issue around here, it was a big contrast to his old mountinous city of 'Blackthorn'. Where in the morning he would take refuge in the northen cave and at night he'd watch the Skarmory and Gligar fight for teritory.

                          He past a rundown Gym which had a few buldozers surrounding, whether it's for renovations or to destroy the Gym, he didn't care he just carried on to the Pokemon Academy, still pretty rundown along with the rest of the city.

                          "Wow, wish I was back in Blackthorn," he started "But my first Pokemon is awaiting!" he shouted as he ran inside. The room was empty except for a bunch of Kakauna and a woman taking notes.

                          "Oh, hello, and you are?" asked the woman.

                          "My name's Wayne, You wanted to see me?"

                          "Yes, I'm Professor Willow, you're a bit early,"

                          "Oh, sorry anyw-" he started. But something really heavy had come crashing down on his head. He was lying on the floor wriggling in pain. As he opened his eyes he observed the room and tried to located the source of pain. It was a giant blue Pinecone.

                          "Oh, I'm sorry!" Willow shouted, helping Wayne up. "This's what I was studying, this Pineco lost its parents and it thinks it's a Kakuna."

                          "Pineco?" Wayne asked as he pulled out his POKeGEAR to check the time. Suddenly the Pineco that had fell on top of him jumped up at him, in an attempt too hug Wayne. He caught Pineco in his arms and Pineco chirped excitedly, in its deep croaky voice.

                          "Piine!" shouted the Pokemon.

                          "Well, I see you two are aquantied., let's go outside,"

                          She beckoned to another boy sitting in the corner, he had a black cap and shirt with a red 'R' on the front. She led the two young boys outside. Outside there were a few more young Trainers to be, waiting patiently.

                          "...May I first say that this boy here is not in Team Rocket..." the woman commented as she closed the door behind her. She was holding a small black box with a Pokeball design on it.

                          "I am sorry for my tardiness, as seen by one eager individual... I had to round up these two boys who were also eager. Anyways, I'm sure these two boys know it, but I am Professor Willow, as you may have guessed..."

                          The Professor paused for a moment, letting the fivesome of future trainers gather around.

                          "Now, my original plan was to explain a bit more about the new Indigo League first, but seeing your jubilant faces makes me consider otherwise. I know you're all excited about your first Pokemon, and I can't blame you for it. Now, of course, first I'd like you to meet Wayne Rowley, from Blackthorn City. Yes, we have people here from all over the place. Anyways, this here Pineco is his starting Pokemon."

                          Willow patted the Pineco on the head and whispered to it.
                          "Enjoy your new trainer, Pineco."

                          Wayne got a Pineco from Professor Willow.
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                            OOC: Eek, of course. I'm an idiot. xD I apologize for that, I suppose I just assumed, since that's the way it goes in the game. Oops. I'll be more careful from now on.
                            "All right, next we have another individual that was so eager as to threaten to break down the door of this building. Which I don't mind by the way, hehheh. Introducing Kat Tachikawa, the lovely Goldenrod City girl. Speaking of which, Kat, I think you'll find your first Pokemon interesting..."

                            At this, the blonde was handed a Pokeball containing a mystery Pokemon, along with two empties. Her eyes fixated on the button, front and center on the red and white container. Her thumb lingered over it for a second, then she withdrew, tucking the Pokeball into the bag slung low over her hips. Now was not the time. The last item presented to her was a Pokevice. A pink one at that. She ran her fingers along the smooth, glossy surface. She knew how a Pokedex worked, but this...this was so much more than a simple Pokedex. Her mind wandered back to the Pokeball she was given, and, eager to know its contents, she lightly touched it.

                            Unable to contain her excitement, she took it out and pressed the button in the center of the ball. A red light shot out, taking the shape of whichever Pokemon happened to be inside the ball. The light dispersed, and in its place, sat a small, white feline. Its black ears twitched, and it approached Kat slowly, sniffing her sock.

                            Kat crouched and lightly scratched behind the Pokemon's ear. She knew it was a Meowth, and, seeing as it was a bit larger and stockier, she could tell it was also a male. The Meowth rubbed against her leg with glee, letting out a small mewl.

                            "Me-owth!" the Meowth cried before bounding up Kat's slender form and coming to rest on her bony shoulder, his claws lightly digging into her for support. Traces of downy white hair could be seen on her black shorts where he had climbed up. Smiling, Kat rubbed his chin with her index finger before turning back to Professor Willow.

                            "Well," Professor Willow concluded, "I don't want to drone on and on here. If you have questions at all about your Pokemon, the Pokevices, or the Indigo League, you all have me registered in the phone feature of your Pokevices. Or, you may ask me now. But one last thing: a hint. There is a Pokemon gym in Pewter City, which uses Rock and Water-type Pokemon."

                            Kat's eyes scanned the other trainers' faces. Two males, and two females, not including herself. She chewed her bottom lip absentmindedly, shifting her weight from her left leg to her right leg, her slender arms crossed.

                            "Professor Willow..." The slim girl bit down on her lip once more. "Do I...have to travel with them?" She glanced at one of the boys out of the corner of her eye. He was the one introduced first, the one holding the Pineco. Her eyes shot back to the Professor, awaiting an answer. She crossed her arms, Meowth still perched on her shoulder. "I mean...someone like me..?"

                            I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
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                            Her mind raced as she struggled to take in what the professor had just explained. After narrowly escaping an encounter with a rather enraged Charmander outside, Chelsea had shuffled into the hub of the academy where she was led by Professor Willow and was accompanied by four other teenagers, each of them Pokemon Trainers. The group soon assembled in what appeared to be the lobby of the facility and was then further briefed by the dark-haired professor.

                            “Next up, we have Chelsea. Well well, I reserved a special Pokemon for you. I can surmise that this is what happens when all that hard work in school pays off. Beware though; it can be pretty tough to tame and raise. I can only hope you'll get the hang of it.”

                            Chelsea gave the professor an inquisitive look as she was handed three compressed Pokeballs. The brunette looked up at the dark-haired woman who merely gave her a wink before proceeding with her introduction. She had finally received her first Pokemon, yet she had no idea what it was. It took all of her will power to restrain herself from prying open the red and white device there on the spot, as the professor continued explaining the details of their newly acquired Pokemon, the Indigo League, and their future journey together in what was known as the Pokemon Wars.

                            After being handed another device, to which the professor had appropriately named a Pokevice, Chelsea was about ready to pop to find out what was inside her Pokeball. Despite her eagerness however, Chelsea took the time to inspect the new device, in respect to the professor for giving them such highly valued items.

                            Soon after, following Professor Willow’s introduction, the five trainers were given some time to inspect their new gadgets, get to know one another, and most importantly, find out which Pokemon they had received.
                            Three of the other trainers had already released their very first Pokemon, as Chelsea closed her Pokevice after rummaging through its controls and features. Ignoring some of the excited cries beside her, the tightly dressed teenager gripped the first red and white ball she had been given, and threw it up high in the air.

                            “Go! Pokeball!”

                            The sphere shot straight above her head and halved, releasing a strong beam of energy down at her feet, where a long and slightly chubby form materialised. Light consumed the snake-like Pokemon as the Pokeball returned to the eager girl’s hand.

                            “It’s a…huh? What is it?” she asked, as the light surrounding the Pokemon faded, revealing its form and features.

                            Whatever it was, it was cute, but it was also asleep, right after it had been summoned in such a flashy fashion. The teenage brunette immediately fell into a crouching position and began poking its plump form. It was much like a snake but was shorter in length, and was much more rounded. Its soft scaled skin was a light blue in colour, its stomach white. It had a cute round nose, and round black eyes hidden behind its lids. What appeared to be two white ears, in the shape of very small bat wings, decorated the sides of it head and hung loosely over its temple. It had no arms or legs and instead, sat curled in its spot at Chelsea’s feet.
                            Pulling out her trusted gold Pokevice, she dug the device into the sleeping creature’s form and awaited an explanation.

                            “Dratini. Long considered a mythical Pokemon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater. Dratini continually molts and sloughs off its old skin. It does so because the life energy within its body steadily builds to reach uncontrollable levels.”

                            Chelsea’s face turned blank as she stared from the device in her hand to the sleeping form in front of her. A warm sensation started building inside her as she analysed her new Pokemon. Without hesitation, she scooped up the Dragon Pokemon from its spot and brought it quickly into an exuberant hug.

                            “Aw! You’re so cute! And your mythical!” the teenage girl cried, squeezing her still slumbering partner.

                            Noticing that the Pokemon had no intentions of sharing her enthusiasm on their recent bringing of togetherness, Chelsea immediately halted from her fan girl cheers and held the dragon’s face right in front of hers, their nose just barely touching.

                            “Oui, wake up…” she said in a sudden serious tone, her brow furrowed over her narrowed eyes, as a dangerous smile crossed her face. “Hey – huh? What’s this?”

                            After all of the excitement in receiving her first Pokemon, she had failed to see one last distinguishing feature upon the dragon’s motionless form. A small white bud sat in the middle of its forehead. Noticing this, Chelsea began tapping the hardened dot on the dragon’s forehead, expecting to see something happen. And something did. Her newly acquired Dratini awoke. Irritating its receded horn just happened to be one of its greatest peeves, and unfortunately for Chelsea, she soon found that out the hard way.

                            “Ah! Let go of me!” she yelped, shaking her arm furiously up and down, as the Dragon Pokemon strengthened its grip.

                            Awaking the Pokemon from its sleep and irritating its budding horn was not a good idea, and after a heated struggle and half of her forearm being covered in Dratini saliva, Chelsea realised these important facts.

                            After calming down and withdrawing her new partner into its Pokeball, Chelsea looked around the group of four other trainers, in an attempt to see how they were fairing with their Pokemon.

                            A Pineco, a Meowth, and a…Puffly? she thought, scratching her head.

                            During all of her time at school back at home, she had never learnt of a Pokemon that was called a Puffly, let alone seen or heard of such a creature. She figured that the Pokemon must have derived from another region but decided not to look into it too much. Despite its unknown origins, it was very cute, and for some reason reminded her of a Pokemon from Hoenn, known as a Skitty.

                            “Professor Willow...” one of the other trainers begun, a girl named Kat. “Do I...have to travel with them?” The Meowth, who had been the girl’s Pokemon, sat obediently on her shoulder as she continued. “I mean...someone like me..?”

                            Before the professor could answer, Chelsea decided it was good of a time than any to introduce herself in a more personal manner than the professor had done earlier, and leapt up behind the blond, wrapping one of her arms around her neck and pulling her close to her side.

                            “Come on, it’ll be fun,” the brunette began with a smile, holding the girl in her arm. “We’re all family now, so travelling will be great fun together, right Ari? And you two…” she continued, pointing to the two male trainers on her other side, one holding a Pineco. “This’ll be fun! Right?”
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                              "Yeah Professor Willow, does she have to travel with us?" the short for his age teenager inquired hopefully. Of course he could think of a million and one evil come backs to insult Kat and knock her off her high horse. But not wanting to start a war he suppresed the thoughts. After Professor Willow gave a little chuckle to Wayne and Kats rocky start; she burdened him to attempt the impossible He had to hold his heavy new companion whilst inserting the two spare Pokeballs on his new belt which was not an easy task. After it had been accomplished, Professor Willow bestowed Wayne with his his brand new, Pure white Pokevice. It caught the sun and reflected the light with such high intensity it forced Wayne to squint.

                              “Come on, it’ll be fun,” the brunette began with a smile, holding the girl in her arm. “We’re all family now, so travelling will be great fun together, right Ari? And you two…” she continued, pointing to the two male trainers on her other side, one holding a Pineco. “This’ll be fun! Right?”

                              "Sure, Of course!" Wayne smiled; he admired the plump serpentine Dratini -that had just returned to its Pokeball- with awe, it's been a symbolic icon and legend of his hometown for centuries. The young teenager stopped and looked around at everyone.

                              "We only need a couple of Badges each so who will challenge the first Gym leader?" he asked.
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                                OOC: I didnt know about Viridian. Sorry :(


                                Cain took the pokeball into his hand and savored it. He finnaly had a pokemon. He released the pokemon with a savory breath of fresh air. The pokemon would be his partner and friend. So he hoped it would be a good one

                                The pokemon materialised in the light. It was a Totodile. The pokemon Cain had read about in many pokemon novels and textbooks. It was an energetic and happy-go-lucky pokemon.

                                "Wow. It was one of the starters I would have chosen"

                                Cain bent down to the crocodile's level. Then he asked it plainly

                                "I don't think you need a nickname do you?"

                                The blue pokemon shook its head and started jumping up in the air saying its name

                                Didnt think so

                                Cain recived a pokevice from the professer. He scanned the Totodile and looked at the results

                                Species: Totodile
                                Gender: male
                                Type: Water
                                Level: 5
                                Status: OK
                                Ability: Torrent
                                Attacks: Tackle, growl

                                Well, I studied water pokemon before so I know it has very good states so far. Now I am a trainer

                                Cain slipped the pokevice into his pocket. Then he returned the crockodile to its pokeball. Then he placed the pokeball onto a special trainer belt he had recently bought.

                                "Professor Willow..." The slim girl bit down on her lip once more. "Do I...have to travel with them?" She glanced at one of the boys out of the corner of her eye. He was the one introduced first, the one holding the Pineco. Her eyes shot back to the Professor, awaiting an answer. She crossed her arms, Meowth still perched on her shoulder. "I mean...someone like me..?"

                                Cain retorded very quickly in an embarresed manner

                                "I dont think so. But I would want to go with someone." But he already got an offer 5 seconds later

                                “Come on, it’ll be fun,” the brunette began with a smile, holding the girl in her arm. “We’re all family now, so travelling will be great fun together, right Ari? And you two…” she continued now pointed towards Cain and the Pineco trainer. “This’ll be fun! Right?”

                                Cain replied happily now that he at least had one more person to go on a jouney with

                                "Okay then."

                                But then the other male with him stepped out and asked plainly

                                "We only need a couple of Badges each so who will challenge the first Gym leader?"

                                Cain knew that Brock's parents now owned the Pewter city gym. Cain was saddened by this because he wanted to take the elite leader down. But the gym leader only had rock pokemon and he had an advantage

                                "Definatly me. I have a water pokemon so I can take the gym down."
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                                  OOC: Deleted my above post. Sorry Omnireaper, it looks like you've double posted unless you deletethe above post. Ninetails can we catch other region Pokemon?

                                  Wayne - Route 2

                                  Wayne decided to step away from all the commotion outside of the Academy. He and his bagworm Pokemon, Pineco headed a little bit east into a field of lush and dew striken grass, much different from the run-down Viridian City. As he took steps in the long and wet grass; Pineco jumped out of his arms. He started to hop around extensivly before falling flat on his face.

                                  "Pineco, what's wrong?" Wayne asked curiously.

                                  "Pine- Co - Co Pinepine!" bawled Pineco nervously. AS soon as the young Pokemon finished talking Wayne got the anxious feeling of being watched by someone or something.

                                  "Pineco, someone's watching, you'd better return to your Pokeball," Wayne suggested. He drew the compressed Pokeball from his belt and activated the enlargment mechanisim to increase its size.

                                  "Pine!" screeched Pineco. Something had swooped past at a great speed and stole the Pokeball from Wayne.

                                  "What!?" he shouted. He observed the surrounding area. He saw the culprit of the crime. It was a little purple monkey, not native to this area. Wayne recognised it as Aipom from Johto. It had an extra long tail with a giant hand attatched to the end. Its enormous purple eares twitched from time to time and its cheeky giant smile reflected the sunlight. It had the Pokeball in its tail hand.

                                  "Aipom! Let's see what the POKeVICE makes of you." Wayne whipped out the pure white device known as a POKeVICE. He opened it up and pointed it at the purple monkey.

                                  "Aipom, the longtail Pokemon. It's tail is so powerful it can hold its own body up in the air. It uses its Pick-Up ability to grab things from People, Pokemon or from the floor," said a cool, momotone, female voice from the POKeVICE.

                                  "Ok then, time for my first battle!" shouted another voice from behind Wayne. He turned around and saw the source of the voice. SHe was tall and had long purple length hair bursting from behind a black bandana. She was wearing clothes of two clours, Black and Pink.

                                  "My name's Coral! I'm going to join Team Rocket one day!" she announced. Wayne giggled at the naive statement she had just made. Team Rocket are the weakest criminal organisation in the world and they won't let kids join ever.

                                  "Is that your Aipom?" Wayne asked

                                  "Yes, and now that's my Pineco!"

                                  "As if. This will be both of our first battles then," Wayne announced.

                                  "Pineco use... erm..." he started. He re opened his POKeVICE and checked attacks for a new born Pineco.

                                  "Pineco attack number one. Tackle," the cool female voice stated.

                                  "Pineco, use Tackle attack, let's go!" Wayne yelled.

                                  "Pine!" shouted Pineco as he launched off the floor and threw himself at Aipom. The purple monkey was hit directly in the stomach.

                                  "Aipom use Scratch!" Coral screeched at her Pokemon. Aipom got up and charged at Pineco with his nails bared. It hit Pineco who was sent flying.

                                  "Good job we're from a long line of move tutors, right Aipom? Use Metronome!" Coral lauged. Aipom also let out a giggle as he waved his arms left and right. They started glowing and the a
                                  outcome was an attack known as Sheer Cold.

                                  "ONE HIT KO!" she shouted. But then the female voice from the POKeVICE was announcing something.

                                  "Pinecos' effect; Sturdy, prevents One Hit KO moves,"

                                  "Ha ha! Good one Pineco!" Wayne laughed. The attack was Negated and Pineco did another Tackle attack. Sending Aipom flying again.

                                  "Aipom, get up! Now use Metronome again!"

                                  Once again his arms moved left and right, left and right and started to glow. It turned into DynamicPunch, a very powerful attack that causes confusion.

                                  "Pineco attack Number two. Protect." the POKeVICE voice announced once again.

                                  "Great, Pineco use Protect!" Wayne commanded excitedly. Pineco generated a green bubble of energy surrounding itself. Aipoms glowing fist hit the bubble and was reflected.

                                  "Now Pineco, use Tackle!" Wayne shouted once more. But when Pineco jumped at the dazzed Aipom, he started to spin at high velocities.

                                  "Pineco learned Rapid Spin," the POKeVICE informed them.

                                  OOC: I know Pineco learns Takedown and Selfdstruct before Rapid Spin but who cares?

                                  As Pineco hurled its self at Aipom like a hurricane on a house, Aipom was sent smashing into a tree dropping Pinecos Pokeball. Wayne charged into the battlefield and seized the Pokeball.

                                  "Got it!"

                                  "Pine pine!"

                                  "No!" Coral shouted. "Aipom, return at once!" she bawled angrily, with no care in her voice. "You may have won this time but we'll meet again" she yelled before retreating.

                                  "Alright, we won our first battle!" Wayne yelled, whilst jumping and punching the air. Pineco jumped along side him.

                                  "Do you want a rest?" Wayne asked Pineco. Pineco nodded (Kind of) and Wayne whipped out his Pokeball. "Pineco, return" he announced happily. A red light burst out of the button of the spherical device and pulled Pineco into his new home.

                                  Wayne headed back west where he snook (sp? as in Sneaked) back into the gang of trainers that didn't even know he was missing. He announced his victory to the gang.

                                  Wayne won his first battle.

                                  OOC: Oh Just had an Idea, after every victory the Pokevice can give you a PokeSeal/Sticker from a slot at the top. Ninetails, is that OK? (if you don't know what they are click here)
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                                    OOC: And now to clear up some confusion:

                                    --Yes, you can catch out-of-region Pokemon. If I remember correctly, in G/S/C you can catch Murkrow and Houndoom near Saffron City...

                                    --About encountering Pokemon: You can encounter any Pokemon from any region, as long as the Pokemon might appear in whatever kind of area it is. You can catch something like Buneary or even Abra in Viridian Forest, but Goldeen in a desert...? Just use your common sense here.

                                    --About the Pokeball seals: Honestly, I really don't see why you need the seals to have certain effects happen when Pokeballs are released. I would think more that the Pokemon's powers make those effects happen. In other words, you can have your Pokemon come up with different styles of exiting their Pokeballs at any time.

                                    --About Pokemon Moves: I don't see how TM's can exist in real life... Instead, I'll be setting up tutors that can teach those TM and HM moves. You'll see what I mean later in the RPG.

                                    --Anyways, I think now it's time to travel.

                                    Ari began to feel a little uneasy at the sight of two of her fellow trainers arguing, but soon she saw all that as quite typical.

                                    Well, of course, Ari thought, in Pokemon Virtual, unless some of these guys are too stupid to have checked, Professor Willow left specific details about the journey in the email she sent all of us. And I believe one of those details said that we would all be traveling together? Honestly, I don't know why I decided to accept this, but I guess I'm not filled with disgust or anger like other... people... may... be... ...

                                    Ari looked down at the Puffly she just nicknamed Kawaine, still resting in her arms, as warm and sweet as an apple pie.

                                    "Ffwi ffwi fwwiiii..." Puffly started squirming around in Ari's arms.

                                    "Oh..." Ari then knelt down and set the Puffly gently on the ground. Then she patted Kawaine on the head a few times and began to stand back up.

                                    "Ffwi!" But then Kawaine jumped right back into Ari's arms, this time clinging tightly to her jacket.

                                    "Make up your mind," Ari demanded, though not sounding too offended. "What do you want..?"

                                    "Ffwi.. ii... puffwi..."

                                    "...Wait, what's what?" Ari tried to interpret the Puffly's speech, as her big brother Gon had once briefly taught her. "...'Go'? Umm, out there? A... circle. No, a... Kat and Chelsea and what's-his-name and what's-its-name? And... me? Umm, hugging? No, um... wait! You're saying we should all go that way!"

                                    "Ffwi!" Kawaine nodded.

                                    "Together!?" Ari clarified.

                                    "Ffwi!" Kawaine repeated.

                                    By that time, much of the group was staring at this strange conversation between girl and strange-Pokemon-from-another-region.

                                    "Umm, yes..." Ari began, sounding a little sheepish as she spoke to the group, "I think Kawaine--my Puffly--here says that we should be leaving now, and that we should be traveling together...? And I think... the email that Professor Willow sent us... told us that we'd all be traveling together? So are we, um, going, or are we tearing ourselves apart and ending up as enemies...?"
                                    Gosh, I WISH I didn't have to make that huge speech right now. I'd travel with them and all, but I'm not making any special relationship arrangements.

                                    "May I interrupt for a few moments?" Professor Willow announced. If one thing took Ari out of the spotlight, it was this.
                                    "To answer that elusive question about whether or not you are to travel together... The answer is, maybe. It depends. If you want to take a shot at winning the newly refurbished Indigo League, I would advise you to answer yes. However, another option is to find your way on your own all the way to Hoenn, where you can take a shot at the more ruthless Pokemon League for individuals. Quite a challenge if you're up to it, but I won't be able to help you get there. If you decide on that though, I'd say you may answer no."

                                    "...So then..." Ari stammered, "...umm..."

                                    Ari took a few seconds to try to make sense of what the professor was trying to say.

                                    "...What I'm saying is..." Professor Willow summarized, "that you may leave on your own now or work together for a chance at glory and betterment of your training skills."

                                    ~ ~ ~

                                    Whatever decision was made, the remaining group was now wandering along Route 2, the grass-lined path that led to the Viridian Forest. Past this way would be Pewter City, and the first gym battle. But that does not mean that the path to Pewter was a straight one. For Viridian City would be filled with trees and winding paths, and of course, tons of wild Pokemon and even a few other Pokemon trainers. It would be a forest of opportunity, but also one of challenge...

                                    OOC: You now have permission to catch Pokemon. Just remember that you only have two extra Pokeballs, so that's the maximum number of Pokemon you can catch. You can catch any kind of Pokemon in Viridian Forest as long as it might be suited to live in the forest. Just use your judgement here. You can even catch Pokemon on the Forbidden list now, as long as they're not shiny or legendary.

                                    A little forewarning: There is a high chance that I'll be unable to post until this Friday. Just be patient--depending on what you do in your posts, I'll set up something special for the group that Friday... so be ready!

                                    [size=1]^^Banner by me!
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                                      Kat furrowed her brows as the brunette looped an arm around her neck. The Pokemon on her shoulder leapt up to her head to avoid the girl's welcoming action.

                                      "Yeah Professor Willow, does she have to travel with us?" the boy with the Pineco asked. Kat's deep blue eyes darted over to the boy, who, if memory served, had been introduced as 'Wayne'.

                                      "Excuse me, how old are you? Eight?" She retorted. Feeling more than a bit uncomfortable, she ducked under the brunette's arm, freeing herself from the other's grasp. Once her shoulder had been freed up, the feline crawled back down to his familiar perch.

                                      "May I interrupt for a few moments?" Professor Willow announced. "To answer that elusive question about whether or not you are to travel together... The answer is, maybe. It depends. If you want to take a shot at winning the newly refurbished Indigo League, I would advise you to answer yes. However, another option is to find your way on your own all the way to Hoenn, where you can take a shot at the more ruthless Pokemon League for individuals. Quite a challenge if you're up to it, but I won't be able to help you get there. If you decide on that though, I'd say you may answer no."

                                      Kat crossed her arms and let out an irritated sigh. "Fine...I give up. I'll let you guys come with me...but only to help me get further. And after you get me past the Indigo League..." She paused for a moment to scratch under Meowth's chin. "...then Meowth and I can head off to the Hoenn League. Sound good?"

                                      At this point, she let down her blonde locks and slid her hair tie down around her thin wrist. "I suppose I should introduce myself, for those who actually care about formalities." She recrossed her arms and shifted her weight to one hip, a posture screaming teenage defiance. "I'm Kat...the gorgeous Goldenrod model," she added.
                                      OOC: It's a bit short, but I'm out of time for now.

                                      I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
                                      Deal with it. :]
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                                        Route 2

                                        The party of young Pokèmon trainers progressed along Route 2, just north of Viridian City. As the gang of youths left the run down semi-rural city they were happy to find that they were now in a beautiful countryside. The vibrant Green grass on either side of the path was beautifully mowed and the smell of freshly cut grass was hanging in the air like an invisible and beautifully scented smokescreen.

                                        The only thing that made the pleasant experience less enjoyable for Wayne was the stabs that Kat kept ushering at him. As much as he tried to suppress the anger she was causing. Although he seemed un-phased by the insults it did make Wayne more self conscious of his immaturity.

                                        There was a light sound of bird chirps from a flock of Tailow above. No one was making conversation so no one knew anything about each other, besides general personality. The gang was directly in front of the building that led into the vast Viridian Forest.

                                        Within seconds the trainers were surrounded by colossal trees overshadowing the forest floor. The canopies of the trees had many bug Pokèmon inhabiting them. A few Beautifly and Butterfree were performing a courtship dance overhead.

                                        “I’m going hunting for a Pokèmon, I’ll meet back with you later,” Wayne informed them. A couple of people gave an acknowledgeable nod and Wayne started to walk east. As he was walking he was confronted by many obstacles such as fallen trees and mud puddles.

                                        On his path he came across a wild Pokèmon. The Pokèmon was a small and Green spider like Pokèmon with only six legs, which were Yellow and Black. It had a face on its back; its head featured a horn, two eyes and two Red tusk like bones growing out from its face.

                                        “Perfect!” Wayne yelled. Trying carefully not to startle the Pokèmon; he slowly reached for his POKèVICE. He opened it up and pointed it at the Pokèmon; an image of the Pokèmon appeared on the POKèVICE screen. The cool female voice started talking.

                                        “Spinarak; the long leg Pokèmon. The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands,” she said.

                                        “Ok, Pineco, come on out let’s go!” Wayne yelled as he threw the Pokè-ball at the floor. In a flash of bright white light Pineco appeared. It immediately turned around and gave Wayne a hug.

                                        “No Pineco; it’s a battle!” Wayne laughed as he placed Pineco down on the floor. Pinecos’ expression became more serious and he got ready for battle.

                                        “Pine! Cine!” he yelled as he leaned forward slightly, awaiting a command.

                                        “Ok Pineco, use Rapid spin!”

                                        “PINE!” he bawled as he launched himself and started to rotate as fast as possible at Spinarak.

                                        “Spin-ee!” it screamed. It released a white spider web thread, Stringshot, at Pineco which slowed his spinning down. He still collided with Spinarak and sent him flying.

                                        “Now! Pokè-ball Go!” Wayne yelled happily as he enlarged his Pokè-ball and threw the Pokè-ball at the happy faced spider. Suddenly Spinarak jumped up and used Stringshot on the Pokè-ball, rendering it useless.

                                        “No!” Wayne yelled as Spinarak made his great escape through some trees.

                                        “Oh well, let’s keep on going!” Wayne encouraged his Pokèmon.

                                        As they carried on, they found that the land underneath them was soft and muddy, they had entered marshland.

                                        Wayne failed to capture a Spinarak
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                                          OOC: I forgot to check this thing


                                          "Okay. I feel that staying in a group is the best thing we can do. Come on lets go to Pewter already. Im starting to grow restless"

                                          Route 2

                                          The party transversed through route two. The path here went through a few corners and ends but it was still remotely strait. Cain let out Totodile a few steps back thinking it was to nice a day to let him stay cooped up inside his ball.

                                          All of the sudden the bushed to the left of them moved. Cain waited for the others to move up the path a little before asking Totodile

                                          "You ready for battle?"

                                          The blue crocodile nodded. Then all of the sudden a brown bird pokemon flew out of the bushes. Cain already knew what it was. A pidgey, one of his favorite rookie pokemon.

                                          Cain knowing what it was already swept for his pokevice. He opened it and pointed it toward the bird pokemon. Who was bearing at him like it was going to bite his head off.

                                          "Pidgey, the bird pokemon. A very nice addition to new trainers. A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand."

                                          "A Pidgey. Well this will be easy. TOTODILE try a scratch attack"

                                          Totodile went up and scratched the bird pokemon. All of the sudden it flew up into the air and started drawing high winds.

                                          A gust attack oh no

                                          The gust knocked down Totodile. But he was smarter then that. The bird pokemon eventualy landed out of exhaustion. Totodile scratched the bird pokemon again. This made the brown bird perfect for catching.

                                          "Okay. Now time for the pokeball."

                                          Cain took one of the 2 pokeballs he was given. He threw it at the Pidgey. After a few wobbles the ball stopped. He had caught the bird pokemon

                                          "YES. I caught my first pokemon."

                                          Totodile looked happy as always. He started jumping up into the air.

                                          "Come on Totodile. Lets catch up with everyone."

                                          Cain ran back with Totodile back where the others where. At the marsh lands.

                                          Cain caught a Pidgey
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                                            OOC: I'm going to post again, now that we're in Viridian Forest, to make up for my lackluster post a few hours ago. xD
                                            Also, even though Pikachu can be caught in Viridian Forest, I don't want to catch an evolved Pokemon, so I'll be substituting a Pichu. I assume that the unevolved form of Pikachu could be caught there as well.
                                            The blonde trailed behind the other four, as if to say she didn't want to be seen associating with them. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of Route 2. As much as she adored the hustle and bustle of the city, the quaintness of a rural setting was quite cute. She could see now why film stars took vacations in the countryside.

                                            When the group had reached the building leading into Viridian City, trees could already be seen looming on the other side, beckoning. She paused to read the sign outside the building. Was she the only one who had noticed it? "Beware for Beedrill" the sign read. She could feel a chill run down her spine. It was just like the post outside the quaint city. Before she knew it, they were inside the forest.

                                            "Wow..." she began. "You could, like, get lost in here..!" Her eyes widened. Trees surrounded the five youths. They looked sinister in the compromised lighting.

                                            “I’m going hunting for a Pokèmon, I’ll meet back with you later." Kat turned. The voice had come from Wayne, the boy with the Pineco. The boy she had already got off to a rocky start with.

                                            "Well, well!" She exclaimed as he wandered off. "The shrimp has a good idea! I'm going off too. Meetcha later! You wouldn't want to lose me!" She winked and started off in the opposite direction as Wayne. Meowth stayed obediantly on her shoulder. "You don't really like your Pokeball, do you?" she asked the feline, reaching a hand up and stroking the soft fur on his cheek.

                                            "Me..." the Meowth purred. He didn't like his Pokeball, nor did he have any intention of leaving his partner's side, as long as she'd let him stay out. He was her Pokemon, after all, and he would follow the instructions he was given.

                                            After stumbling over fallen branches, avoiding icky Kakuna, as well as one small trip that left traces of dirt on Kat's face, they came across a clearing. The blonde sighed and sat on a rotting log. A berry bush grew nearby.

                                            "What do you think, cutie? You hungry?" Meowth nodded his head in response. He leapt off her shoulder and picked a berry, holding it in his front paws and nibbling it. Kat smiled at him. She really felt lucky to have such an adorable Pokemon. Upon closer inspection of the berry bush, some sort of black tag appeared to be poking out of the shrub.

                                            "Hm? What's this?" Kat asked, pulling on it. Without warning, a jolt of electricity shot out, barely missing Kat and Meowth.

                                            "Ah! Wh-what just happened?!" Kat exclaimed. An aggrivated looking rodent poked out from the bushes. "That's a...that's a Pichu!" She whipped out the pink Pokevice the Professor had given her and pointed it at the tiny Pokemon.

                                            "Pichu. The Tiny Mouse Pokemon. Pichu stands at 1'00" and weighs approximately 4 lbs. Pichu is unskilled at storing electric power. Any kind of shock causes it to discharge energy spontaneously. Despite its size, it can zap even adult humans."

                                            Kat smiled. "Awwh, they're even cuter in person! I want one!" She turned to Meowth. "Think you can take it?" she asked. Meowth nodded and lowered himself into a fighting stance. "Meowth, use Scratch!"

                                            The feline charged the rodent, who responded by sending out a Thundershock. The electricity shocked Meowth, causing him to fall momentarily. Without hesitation, he got up and charged once more, avoiding the secondary blast and swiping his claws across the Pichu's face.

                                            Pichu's face twisted into a growl and it sent out a Thundershock. The blast grazed Meowth's side. A second blast was sent towards Meowth, shocking him completely. He fell.

                                            "No.." Kat started. Glancing down, she saw a few pebbles, which she scooped up and began tossing at Pichu. Angry, it sent a blast her way, barely missing her. By this time, Meowth had gotten back up, but hadn't much strength left in him.

                                            "Now, Meowth! Scratch it again!" Hearing his trainer's command, Meowth swatted the side of Pichu's face, leaving scratches. Pichu retaliated with a Charm, lowering Meowth's attack. Its expression seemed to say "now try and beat me."

                                            The pair was unwilling to give up, and Meowth rammed into Pichu before bringing his claws down on the mouse with everything he had. Kat hurled one of two Pokeballs she had been given at the Pichu. As the ball closed around the tiny mouse, she crossed her fingers. Looking down at Meowth, she could see he was doing the same. The ball gave one last shake before settling down. The light in the center went out. Pichu had been caught.

                                            "Yeah!" Kat yelled, hugging Meowth tightly. "We did it, we did it!" The screen of the Pokevice flashed, showing Pichu's picture. Its gender was male, and it knew the attacks "Thundershock" and "Charm" - the same two it had used in the battle against Meowth. A second picture appeared, this one of Meowth. It had learned the move "Bite".

                                            Kat turned towards Meowth, who had since found his way back to her shoulder. "You mean you didn't know how to bite before..?" She laughed and scratched under his chin. He purred in response. The blonde squatted to pick up the Pokeball containing Pichu.

                                            "Now, I guess we have to find our way back to the others.." she sighed. Meowth nodded. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm stuck with them, you know? Whatever..." The two started back the way they came to meet up with the rest of their group.

                                            In a few minutes, they were back, looking excessively scraped up. Kat's arm was bleeding from where a tree had scratched her, and Meowth was still hurt from the fight. Still, they had found the others, and it looked like the boy with the Totodile had gone off, as he was just now returning.

                                            "Well, look who caught a Pokemon," she sneered, removing the newly inhabited Pokeball from her belt and tossing it up in the air momentarily, catching it as it came down.

                                            I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
                                            Deal with it. :]
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                                              OOC: Pichu was going to be my third Pokemon. Oh well. Let's begin.

                                              Viridian Swamp

                                              Wayne was up to his knees in swamp mud. The stench of the marshes was unbearable; it was so bad that a Muk was having the time of its life teaching its offspring how to swim in the stagnant water. They were currently resting on a log.

                                              “Here Pineco, these Oran berries are amazing!” Wayne exclaimed as he fed the little Blue berry to Pineco. Pinecos’ eyes widened as the berry passed the place where his lips would be. Wayne was currently trying to rip the silky spider web from around the Pokè-ball that had been aimed at Spinarak.

                                              After Wayne got used to the smell he and Pineco got up and started to head back towards the others, the PokèHunt had been unsuccessful. Wayne was dodging all the giant puddles of mud and trying to stop from falling because of the not-so-solid terrain; this was made harder by the fact he was holding Pineco therefore he couldn’t use his arms to balance.

                                              The duo were finally out of the swamp. It was then that they realised they were being followed. Wayne turned around to find a short Blue Pokèmon with Orange cheeks. It had Yellow eyes with dark grey circles surrounding them. Both of Its hands were grey with three fingers each, one of which had finger Orange finger in the middle. It had two white stripes around its chest. Its mouth was open in a goofy sort of grin.

                                              “Hello little guy, how long have you been following us?” Wayne asked the small Pokèmon. The little blue frog type Pokèmon looked up at Wayne with a fixed and unnerving face.
                                              It was a few seconds before he actually made a noise, before that Wayne was quite unnerved by the Pokèmon.

                                              “Croa,” the Pokèmon said quite slowly.

                                              “Oh, Ok?” Wayne said as he bent down to get a closer look at the Pokèmon. He took out his POKèVICE and pointed it at the Pokèmon.

                                              “Croagunk, the Poison Dart frog. Croagunk has poison pouches in its cheeks. It stabs its fingers which are oozing with a powerful poison into the unguarded areas of its foe. It makes an unpleasant sound by inflating and deflating its poison pouches too frighten the foe. It is somewhat slow witted and likes to do things at its own pace.”

                                              “Wow, Croagunk-” Wayne started, but he was interrupted by a loud buzzing noise. The noise came from a swarm of giant Blue Hercules beetle Pokèmon. They swooped past and stole Pineco right from Waynes arms.

                                              “PINECO, NO!”


                                              The POKèVICE identified these Pokèmon as the Bug/Fighting type, Heracross.

                                              “PINECO!” Wayne cried again. Suddenly another Heracross swooped down and tried to grab Croagunk, but even though he is supposed to be slow witted, he obviously wasn’t in battle as he quickly dodged to the side and his hand glew light purple. Croagunk stabbed Heracross with his hand. Herracross fell to the floor on his back and started to shiver every few seconds. He had been poisoned.

                                              “Wow Croagunk!” Wayne congratulated. But Waynes attention shifted to Pineco.

                                              “What can I do?” he said to himself desperately.
                                              “Pineco, Rapid spin!” Wayne shouted to Pineco. But he couldn’t spin dew to the fact that Heracross was holding him tightly. Suddenly the POKèVICE started to beep. He opened it up and there was a picture of Pineco.

                                              “Pineco learned Selfdestruct,” the voice said.

                                              “Perfect, Pineco use Selfdestruct!” He yelled out of desperation, knowing it’s bring Pain to Pineco also. He started glowing and screeching.

                                              “PIIIIIIIINE!” it started, but as it was at point of explosion it shouted “CO!” and in a giant flash of white light and a loud bang Pineco had performed a kamikaze explosion that took Heracross with it. As the two bugs were plummeting to the floor, the Alpha male Heracross, which was significantly larger, caught the unconscious Pineco.

                                              “PINECO! Wait, why didn’t I think of this before?” Wayne asked himself. He let out a sigh of relief. He pulled out a Pokè-ball and pointed it at the Heracross and Pineco.

                                              “Pineco, return,” he said calmly as he returned Pineco to its spherical home. “Have a good rest Pineco, you’ve earned it.”

                                              The Heracross hovering in the air was furious and it swooped down to attack Wayne with a glowing Megahorn. Wayne closed his eyes out of fear, preparing himself for the upcoming pain. But there was none. As Wayne slowly opened his eyes he saw Croagunk vigorously attacking Heracross with an Egg move that he can learn called Dynamicpunch. A powerful but low accuracy attack that causes confusion to the victim.

                                              Heracross was lying on the floor unconscious and all the others had dispersed. Croagunk was very powerful.

                                              “W-wow Croagunk?” Wayne said amused.
                                              “You saved me,”

                                              Croagunk scratched his head lightly and smiled larger than usual.

                                              “Would you like to come with me?” Wayne asked gently. Croagunk gave another one of his stares at Wayne before he nodded.

                                              “Croooa,” he said slowly and happily. Wayne held out the Pokè-ball that he had freed from the Spider web and Croagunk poked it with his Orange finger. He was suddenly turned into a red bright light and sucked into the Pokè-ball.

                                              “Ok, I caught a new Pokèmon!” Wayne yelled as he released his new friend from its Pokè-ball. “Come on buddy, let’s meet with the others and get Pineco to a Pokèmon Center,” Wayne said as he smiled at Croagunk.

                                              They both started walking East out of the marshland and then located the others. Where Kat, Cain, Ari and Chelsea were anxiously awaiting his return.

                                              Wayne caught a Croagunk.
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