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    Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread that will contain all my self-made guides I write while I'm hacking (usually for guiding myself at first, but perhaps some can be of any use to you)
    Oh, and I also didn't want to start a thread for a every little thing, so I'm concentrating all the info in this thread. Don't worry, you know me, so I'll keep updating my first post. I'll use an index, so if I post a new guide I'll add a link to the post in the index.

    By the way, if you would like to make suggestions for some other tutorial I could write, then go ahead, as long as: I have some time, I feel inspired and there's no other tutorial for that already.
    Ah... Don't confuse this thread with the Simple Questions thread, only suggestions, questions related to the stuff I wrote, or fixes are accepted

    Also, mods have my permission to lock this thread if it starts to get spammy. Neither Scizz or I like to see spammy threads. After all, if it gets locked, as soon as I have a new guide to write I'll reopen it.

    OK... Now let's get started...!

    The Index

    Changing Graphics

    Changing the Big Sprites at the Oak Intro (This Post!)
    Changing the Battle Backsprites (This Post!)
    Changing the Palettes of Anything Post #19


    As of now, I don't see a need for a guide... Christos and Irish Witch already are covering that quite well.


    Trading Pokes (This Post!)
    Changing the TMs Post #19


    Hmmm... If it doesn't go with any other, it just goes to "Others". But, so far, I don't see anything relevant.


    Changing Graphics - Changing the Big Sprites at the Oak Intro

    OK, First thing, make a backup of your rom...

    After that, we open the UNLZ-GBA (included in the EliteMap package), and we open the rom. Now we need to find the sprites we want to modify (for this guide, the "big" sprites of the heroes, rival and Oak). However, we also need to select the option "256 Color Mode". Basically, in FR, the graphics are located at 339: Heroine, 340: Hero, 341: Oak, 342: Rival (But, keep in mind that they may not be exactly there, they may be close, so don't forget about the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to find them. They should be close to those values)

    Once we find it, we should also select the option "Use Black/White" and work with the Black and White tones, but you could stick with one of the palettes UNLZ-GBA has. But if you want to skip some indexing problems, I suggest you using the B&W option.

    Fig1. We found our sprite, don't forget to select the "256 Color Mode", and if you want, the "Use Black/White" option

    Once we have a palette, or the B&W option, we hit "Save as...", and now we need our friendly Images Editor. I use Paint Shop Pro, but you can use whatever. For now, close the UNLZ-GBA, we will go back in a while.

    Now we open the recently saved image, and we also open the rom in the emulator. That way we will determine the color equivalencies. It may be a little hard working on the B&W, so pay close attention to the values that your images editor say. Once we have learned the color equivalencies, we have to modify our image to be inserted in a way that it uses the B&W colors, but once it is inserted, the image will have the colors used in the emu.

    With a little patience and practice, you will be able to modify your images colors. Once we finish, just copy the image, and paste it over the image we saved from UNLZ-GBA. Make sure the colors remain unchanged. Now we will save this image (bmp is preferred)

    Fig2. Learning the color equivalencies

    Fig3. Changing my sprite to respect the B&W palette, but knowing that once inserted, the image will have the colors I want

    It's time to go back to UNLZ-GBA, we need to research for our sprite to be overwritten (once again, with the 256 Color Mode, and if we used it, the B&W option), this time we hit "Import", and we change the format to "all files", so we will be able to find our bmp. Our image should replace the old one. All we have to do is to select "Write to Rom", and it's preferred to avoid touching any other option in the next window, hit OK, and hope your image is not "too big" to be inserted.

    Fig4. Your image inserted in UNLZ-GBA, just hit "Write to Rom"

    Fig5. Just hit OK without changing anything, but... it may fail...

    In case it fails...

    We will need to open an hex-editor, and we will have to search for free space (a place with A LOT of "FF"), the hex-editor should say somewhere an address (offset), which is an Hex-Value, where free space begins. So let's go back to the UNLZ, and we unselect the "Auto Abort" option, and we write that Hex-Value in the Image Offset, then we hit OK, and the image will get inserted without any kind of problems (OF COURSE, IF YOU ARE NOT CONSCIOUS OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN DEALING WITH OFFSETS, YOU MAY BREAK YOUR ROM, SO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!)
    And that's the last step, hopefully you will not need this extra last step.

    All we have to do is seeing the results. Of course, results can be improved with Palette Changes, and a lot of practice. There's a lot of people that do this sprite changing stuff better than me...

    Fig6. The results!


    Changing Graphics - Changing the Battle Backsprites

    OK, even though some of you may use TLP to do this, I feel more comfortable with Tile Molester (however, I also have all that Java stuff involved, if you want to follow this guide, you'll have to figure out how to install the Java stuff. Anyway, I'll try to update the guide if it's needed)

    First thing, as always, is to make a backup of your rom.

    Now, let's open Tile Molester (the file tm.jar), and then we go to File->Open. We search for our rom to be modified, and after that the content of the rom shows up, along with all the options of Tile Molester.

    Fig1. Tile Molester with a rom loaded

    Now, we need to know what we want to modify. Once we know it, all we have to do is finding the location (the offset) of the sprites we want to modify. Since the guide (that works for FR, but with the correct offsets also would work for the other versions) only is dedicated to change the battle backpicks of the heroes, we only need that info. Anyway, the offset we are looking for is: E69F00 (Fire Red). With this info, all you have to do is go to Navigate->Goto, and we write that offset, making sure that "Hex" is selected.

    Fig2. Go to E69F00, we find our trainer, but wtf happened to him?

    Once we are in E69F00, we will notice the graphics a little messed up, first step to fix them is go to View->Blocksize->Custom, and writing an 8 in both Columns and Rows. After that, it's convenient to choose View->Blockgrid, so we can align the graphics (see Fig3). Finally, all we have to do is use the "divide", "plus", "less" and "big" (sorry if I made an English mistake) buttons to align it better (see Fig4)

    Fig3. Better, but you need to use those 4 buttons to make it even better

    Fig4. Now that's perfect, ain't it?

    Whenever you want to go up or down, I suggest you using the arrows in your keyboard (you may need to press the arrows a few times so that the images align in the grids again)

    The next step is working with the palettes Tile Molester already has loaded, what we need to do is learning the color equivalence between the palettes in the emu, and the palettes in Tile Molester (open the rom in your emu, and start comparing, as in Fig5). Once we learned the equivalencies, we need to take the image (loaded in an Images Editor, such as Paint) we want to insert, and modify its colors so that it uses the colors in the Palette in Tile Molester, but when we play it on the emulator it would have the colors we want it to have (this is the hard part of it, so patience and practice) Just remember one thing... The Canvas size set it to 64x64 pixels!

    Fig5. Comparing an learning the color equivalencies

    Fig6. The graphics are ready to be inserted, and they respect the colors in Tile Molester, so when I insert them, they will look as I want in the emu

    The images look a bit creepy, don't they? Anyway, we just save every image as a png or bmp file, and we go back to Tile Molester, then we go to Edit->PasteFrom and we choose one of our modified images, then we just move it over the back we want to overwrite (right click after doing so)

    Fig7. The inserted image overwriting the old back

    And that concludes this tutorial... Of course, if we combine it with palette changing tutorials, the results can be improved a lot... You'd just need to find the sprite's palette, but... That's not something to be covered by this tutorial, so go look for it yourself... XD

    Fig8. The final result!


    Hex Editing - Trading Pokes

    First you need to hex-search for the name of the poke we receive in the trade originally (for example, in FR, we receive a "MIMIEN")

    Fig1. Searching for MIMIEN with Thingy

    Once you find it, we will notice the name followed by "FF" and then a bunch of "00" (which means free space for the name). Now you can change the name of the poke we'll receive with hex, as long as you respect that the name must still be finished with the "FF" (and at least make sure to leave a "00" as well, just in case)
    After that free space comes inmediately XXXX, which should be the value of the ID of the poke we will get (as always it's swapped hex, so Bulbasaur which is 0001 becomes 0100) So just find the ID of the new poke, change it to hex (with Windows Calculator on Scientific Mode), and then swap it as I did in my example.
    Next is seeing where the next recognizable name starts (in my MIMIEN case, there's a "REYLEY" close to it), that name is the name of the trainer, so to change it, you must do exactly the same as when you changed the poke's name.
    After the trainer's name, and free space comes a "0A" (which most likely will be other thing), and after that comes another XXXX, which is the ID of the poke the trainer wants, once again it's swapped-hex, so do it the same way as before to change it.

    And, you can even modify the hold item of the poke we'll receive (don't start putting Master Balls! ), to modify it just: look at the trainer's name again, then start going backwards, and we'll see either a "00" or "FF", and right after it (still going backwards), you'll find another XXXX, which is the ID of the Hold Item (and as you can imagine, it's swapped-hex, so you know how to modify it)

    Fig2. All the info is close to MIMIEN. 1= MIMIEN, 2= Free Space as FF and then a bunch of 00, 3= Poke we will get in swapped hex, 4= MIMIEN's owner name, 5= Free Space again, 6= Poke we must have in swapped hex, 7= The hold item, to the left of the owner's name

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      omg... this totally advances me on the legend of ninetales, the hack im working on. you rock, man!
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        Very nice tut 10/10 explains alot
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        yes they change
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        Wow zel! This is bound to help A LOT of people. You must have spent a lot of time writing this up!

        I'm glad you took the time off of ShinyGold. You rock, man!
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          I officially love Zel. XDXD

          Check this out, man.

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            This tutorials are great Zel.
            I might start a new hack with the tutorials you made.
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              Awesome, dude.

              I'm just curious, and if for whatever strange reason this is illrelated, you can delete my post.

              I'm thinking of working on a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories hack when I get my PC. Now, would all this work with any other game (specifically, Kingdom Hearts), or would I have to do scratch hacking/find other hacking programs? Thank you, in advance. ^-^

              Well, obviously not the backediting thing or trading bit, but maybe the graphics editor?
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                Thanks this is awesome and very useful.

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                  Originally Posted by furrypaws16 View Post
                  Awesome, dude.

                  I'm just curious, and if for whatever strange reason this is illrelated, you can delete my post.

                  I'm thinking of working on a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories hack when I get my PC. Now, would all this work with any other game (specifically, Kingdom Hearts), or would I have to do scratch hacking/find other hacking programs? Thank you, in advance. ^-^

                  Well, obviously not the backediting thing or trading bit, but maybe the graphics editor?
                  Well, I really haven't tested UNLZ-GBA with a non-Pokemon game, to see what results it could have. Probably it could find something, and all you'd need to do is using its "Next" and "Previous" buttons trying to see if you find something using the "256 Color Mode" on or off (maybe it could find stuff with both ways)

                  But I'm definitely sure TLP and Tile Molester works with any kind of game's graphics. And I mean ANY! (I've seen a few Mario 64 changes. Don't really know how they do that, though... X_x)
                  Anyway, it could work with games, as long as you take the time to align the pics, I just told to use 8 for Rows and Columns, for example, but in other games or other stuff, you may have to use other values.

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                    Well, thanks for the help! A new hope, I guess.

                    I'm certainly not the first Kingdom Hearts hacker, but I hope to be PCC's first...unless it's not allowed. X_X
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                      Thanks Alot Zel.

                      This really helps me, i'm just finding difficulty understanding, i'm just gonna ask my elders.

                      Thanks Again!
                      Christmas was alright...

                      Happy Pokemon New Year !!!
                      Respect to those people working hard at Game Development and Emulation (and everyone else) !!!
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                        wow must of taken ages to write XD
                        congrats zel
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                          Originally Posted by zel View Post
                          (I've seen a few Mario 64 changes. Don't really know how they do that, though... X_x)
                          The Mario 64 Rom was uncompress by a hacker called VL-Tone, a full featured level editor is on the way. But that is off topic.

                          I am glad to see someone with skills good enough to hack Gold and Silver into a Advanced Generation. Good work.
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                            hai zel,nice tutorial.i have a question.i tried UNLZ-GBA the first time and changed bulbasaurs sprits in fire red,but the next time when tried to change the sprite,no pokemon pictures appear.not any.thanks in advance
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                              These are good tutorials! (Too bad I'm not hacking LG anymore T_T) But, could you make a Palette Editing tutorial? It's been irritating that no one on here has said how to do it yet...
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                                Hi there, Im new but im hopping you could help, could you please do a Tutorial on Caterpillar script, or just link to one please I cant find it anywhere.

                                Im wanting to have one or more characters follow you around throughout the game, im working with Fire Red
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                                  Hey Zel, nice job. I actually tried this, but some parts I couldn't understand, and ended up messing up terribly, but it's okay, I don't hack so it was a shot in the dark.

                                  I think people want an encore!

                                  Good job. =)

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                                    Zel you are a hero and a legend. This tut is fantastic, answering common questions, that have never really been answered before!

                                    I have one question related to the first tutorial (the big sprites) How do you change their pallets, is it the same as usual pallet editing, or is it something else because of the 256 colour format?

                                    Thanks, keep up your awesome tutorials!

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                                      OK, second wave of my Tutorials, since there were questions about Palette Changing, I tried to write one, even though there are guides at other sites, but I added screenies to try to guide people better (or so I hope )

                                      Changing Graphics - Changing Palettes of Anything

                                      Don't forget to make a backup!

                                      Basically, the first thing you need to remember is that all graphics in any game are divided into two parts: Maps and Sprites. Each of this parts has its own section in the emulator "Tools" option, so, Maps should be viewed with the Map Viewer, and sprites with the Oam Viewer. Also, we will require the use of the Palette Viewer as well.

                                      So, the idea is, if we want to change palettes in a "Map", then we'd need the Map Viewer and the Palette Viewer, and if we want to change palettes in a sprite, then we'd need the Oam Viewer and the Palette Viewer.

                                      But... What is a "Map"? It's just all the backgrounds and all the tiles in the game, while the sprites are all the graphical effects on maps, the overworlds and the pokemon and their attacks are sprites as well.

                                      -Working with the Map Viewer and the Palette Viewer

                                      OK, let's suppose I want to change the green colour that has the FR intro. Since it is a background, then it is a "Map", which means I have to open the Map Viewer and the Palette Viewer.

                                      The backgrounds have many levels, with different components in each level, so search through the BG levels to find what we are looking for.

                                      Fig1. I found the back I wanted to modify at BG3

                                      All you need to do now is click on the area that has the colour to be modified, this will make the area appear in the panel down-left, now click in one of the pixels (the one that has the colour to be modified), and this will fill the panel down-right with the colour we want to change and will give us the important thing: its RGB value.

                                      Fig2. After clicking around we get all this info, but the RGB value is what we are looking for.

                                      Once we have the RGB values, then we switch to the Palette Viewer, and we look in the "Backgrounds" section, because we are modifying a "Map". Sooner or later we will find between all the colours the one with the RGB we have.

                                      Fig3. We found it, and the important value to get is that hex value 0x52C8

                                      Don't forget to swap this 52C8 value, which means we obtain a C852. And you need to list the other colours close to the 52C8 to make searchs easier (in this example, if you go to the right you'll get the following values 0011 0075 00FA 017F)

                                      But don't forget we need to swap'em all, giving us the list: C85211007500FA007F01

                                      Now comes the part when we need an hex-editor (better if it is an hex-editor which allows you to write hex values fast, because we will be writing a good amount of hex values this time), so I'll pick Hex Workshop over Thingy this time.
                                      So, once in our hex-editor, we just need to search that list (by the way, before searching, you should go to the bottom of the rom and do an "Up" search)

                                      Fig4. Searching for the list of colours

                                      Fig5. The result gets coloured, I also mark where the palette begins and where it ends, but all we really need is the place where says C852

                                      So there is our palette, but for now all we want to do is change the single colour C852, and we need to put another colour there, but the problem is that, as you already saw, that colours have hex-values assigned, so when you want to change colours you need to either keep trying values randomly, or look into the Palette Viewer again. I'll go to my Palette Viewer and change the green back with a black colour, the black that has the value 0000, so I'll go back to the hex-editor and change the C852 with 0000 (don't forget that we always need to swap the values given by the Palette Viewer!)

                                      Fig6. I change the colour with the hex-editor

                                      We save the changes, and we reload the rom in the emulator to see the results...

                                      Fig7. Sucess!

                                      -Working with the Oam Viewer and the Palette Viewer

                                      It's practically the same method, but we need to find the sprite using the Oam Viewer. But, you need to open the Oam Viewer inmediately after the sprite is occuring (this is because usually sprites may have animation and it may switch the palettes they use, but in the following example, I wouldn't need to desperately open the Oam Viewer)

                                      Let's make an example, I'll change the colour of the yellow flames in the FR intro, so once I catch the flame, I open the Oam Viewer and I'll search through it till I find the flame (there are many yellow flames, but I just need one), I find it as the Sprite 2.

                                      Fig8. Looking for the sprite with the Oam Viewer

                                      Once we find the sprite, all we have to do is start clicking again. Click the sprite in the area that has the colour to be modified, this will make the area appear in the panel up-right, then we click in one of the pixels that has the colour, which will fill the bottom panel, with the information on the RGB values, as when we were working with Maps

                                      Fig9. I will change this colour

                                      After getting the RGB values, the process is quite the same. We open the Palette Viewer (but this time we will search in the "Sprite" section palettes), we search for our RGB colour, and once we find it, we get the colours close to it, in my case my list would be: FF5FDF475F23BF02981A, and I want to modify that FF5F.

                                      We go to the hex-editor, back to the bottom of the rom, and we do another "Up" search looking for the new list. We get a result, and I'll modify the FF5F in that result for another value (I'll use the value B900, a red tone)

                                      Fig10. And after the hex-replacing, the sprite gets a new colour

                                      -Final Comments

                                      Sometimes, the palettes we get as results using the hex-editor are not correct, and we may not get the results we want (and even we could be modifying stuff we don't want to), so don't forget to fix the changes if you don't get results, then make a new hex-search.

                                      Even when the examples just show how to modify a single colour, we always get the full palette when we are searching, it's just that we need to know where the palette begins and ends (use the values in the Palette Viewer to guide yourself), when you get that idea, you can replace all the colours in that palette!

                                      Changing palettes of tiles is the same as when we modified Maps colours with the Map Viewer, while changing palettes of overworlds is the same as when we modified the flames. However, you should never forget that if a palette is shared by different stuff, all your changes will affect the stuff that is sharing the palette, so you should be careful when doing palette changes. Don't forget this!

                                      Well, that's all I learned about Palette Changing. I hope it's of any use to you!


                                      Hex Editing - Changing TMs

                                      This tutorial is quite simple, but you need to know how to deal with an hex-editor.

                                      As always, make a backup of your rom...

                                      Now, open your hex-editor. We want to find the list of moves taught by the TMs, and that's why we need a list with the hex for every single move in the game, but don't worry I already have that list, so here it goes...

                                      0000. Nothing
                                      0100. POUND
                                      0200. KARATE CHOP
                                      0300. DOUBLESLAP
                                      0400. COMET PUNCH
                                      0500. MEGA PUNCH
                                      0600. PAY DAY
                                      0700. FIRE PUNCH
                                      0800. ICE PUNCH
                                      0900. THUNDERPUNCH
                                      0A00. SCRATCH
                                      0B00. VICEGRIP
                                      0C00. GUILLOTINE
                                      0D00. RAZOR WIND
                                      0E00. SWORDS DANCE
                                      0F00. CUT
                                      1000. GUST
                                      1100. WING ATTACK
                                      1200. WHIRLWIND
                                      1300. FLY
                                      1400. BIND
                                      1500. SLAM
                                      1600. VINE WHIP
                                      1700. STOMP
                                      1800. DOUBLE KICK
                                      1900. MEGA KICK
                                      1A00. JUMP KICK
                                      1B00. ROLLING KICK
                                      1C00. SAND-ATTACK
                                      1D00. HEADBUTT
                                      1E00. HORN ATTACK
                                      1F00. FURY ATTACK
                                      2000. HORN DRILL
                                      2100. TACKLE
                                      2200. BODY SLAM
                                      2300. WRAP
                                      2400. TAKE DOWN
                                      2500. THRASH
                                      2600. DOUBLE-EDGE
                                      2700. TAIL WHIP
                                      2800. POISON STING
                                      2900. TWINEEDLE
                                      2A00. PIN MISSILE
                                      2B00. LEER
                                      2C00. BITE
                                      2D00. GROWL
                                      2E00. ROAR
                                      2F00. SING
                                      3000. SUPERSONIC
                                      3100. SONICBOOM
                                      3200. DISABLE
                                      3300. ACID
                                      3400. EMBER
                                      3500. FLAMETHROWER
                                      3600. MIST
                                      3700. WATER GUN
                                      3800. HYDRO PUMP
                                      3900. SURF
                                      3A00. ICE BEAM
                                      3B00. BLIZZARD
                                      3C00. PSYBEAM
                                      3D00. BUBBLEBEAM
                                      3E00. AURORA BEAM
                                      3F00. HYPER BEAM
                                      4000. PECK
                                      4100. DRILL PECK
                                      4200. SUBMISSION
                                      4300. LOW KICK
                                      4400. COUNTER
                                      4500. SEISMIC TOSS
                                      4600. STRENGTH
                                      4700. ABSORB
                                      4800. MEGA DRAIN
                                      4900. LEECH SEED
                                      4A00. GROWTH
                                      4B00. RAZOR LEAF
                                      4C00. SOLARBEAM
                                      4D00. POISONPOWDER
                                      4E00. STUN SPORE
                                      4F00. SLEEP POWDER
                                      5000. PETAL DANCE
                                      5100. STRING SHOT
                                      5200. DRAGON RAGE
                                      5300. FIRE SPIN
                                      5400. THUNDERSHOCK
                                      5500. THUNDERBOLT
                                      5600. THUNDER WAVE
                                      5700. THUNDER
                                      5800. ROCK THROW
                                      5900. EARTHQUAKE
                                      5A00. FISSURE
                                      5B00. DIG
                                      5C00. TOXIC
                                      5D00. CONFUSION
                                      5E00. PSYCHIC
                                      5F00. HYPNOSIS
                                      6000. MEDITATE
                                      6100. AGILITY
                                      6200. QUICK ATTACK
                                      6300. RAGE
                                      6400. TELEPORT
                                      6500. NIGHT SHADE
                                      6600. MIMIC
                                      6700. SCREECH
                                      6800. DOUBLE TEAM
                                      6900. RECOVER
                                      6A00. HARDEN
                                      6B00. MINIMIZE
                                      6C00. SMOKESCREEN
                                      6D00. CONFUSE RAY
                                      6E00. WITHDRAW
                                      6F00. DEFENSE CURL
                                      7000. BARRIER
                                      7100. LIGHT SCREEN
                                      7200. HAZE
                                      7300. REFLECT
                                      7400. FOCUS ENERGY
                                      7500. BIDE
                                      7600. METRONOME
                                      7700. MIRROR MOVE
                                      7800. SELFDESTRUCT
                                      7900. EGG BOMB
                                      7A00. LICK
                                      7B00. SMOG
                                      7C00. SLUDGE
                                      7D00. BONE CLUB
                                      7E00. FIRE BLAST
                                      7F00. WATERFALL
                                      8000. CLAMP
                                      8100. SWIFT
                                      8200. SKULL BASH
                                      8300. SPIKE CANNON
                                      8400. CONSTRICT
                                      8500. AMNESIA
                                      8600. KINESIS
                                      8700. SOFTBOILED
                                      8800. HI JUMP KICK
                                      8900. GLARE
                                      8A00. DREAM EATER
                                      8B00. POISON GAS
                                      8C00. BARRAGE
                                      8D00. LEECH LIFE
                                      8E00. LOVELY KISS
                                      8F00. SKY ATTACK
                                      9000. TRANSFORM
                                      9100. BUBBLE
                                      9200. DIZZY PUNCH
                                      9300. SPORE
                                      9400. FLASH
                                      9500. PSYWAVE
                                      9600. SPLASH
                                      9700. ACID ARMOR
                                      9800. CRABHAMMER
                                      9900. EXPLOSION
                                      9A00. FURY SWIPES
                                      9B00. BONEMERANG
                                      9C00. REST
                                      9D00. ROCK SLIDE
                                      9E00. HYPER FANG
                                      9F00. SHARPEN
                                      A000. CONVERSION
                                      A100. TRI ATTACK
                                      A200. SUPER FANG
                                      A300. SLASH
                                      A400. SUBSTITUTE
                                      A500. STRUGGLE
                                      A600. SKETCH
                                      A700. TRIPLE KICK
                                      A800. THIEF
                                      A900. SPIDER WEB
                                      AA00. MIND READER
                                      AB00. NIGHTMARE
                                      AC00. FLAME WHEEL
                                      AD00. SNORE
                                      AE00. CURSE
                                      AF00. FLAIL
                                      B000. CONVERSION 2
                                      B100. AEROBLAST
                                      B200. COTTON SPORE
                                      B300. REVERSAL
                                      B400. SPITE
                                      B500. POWDER SNOW
                                      B600. PROTECT
                                      B700. MACH PUNCH
                                      B800. SCARY FACE
                                      B900. FAINT ATTACK
                                      BA00. SWEET KISS
                                      BB00. BELLY DRUM
                                      BC00. SLUDGE BOMB
                                      BD00. MUD-SLAP
                                      BE00. OCTAZOOKA
                                      BF00. SPIKES
                                      C000. ZAP CANNON
                                      C100. FORESIGHT
                                      C200. DESTINY BOND
                                      C300. PERISH SONG
                                      C400. ICY WIND
                                      C500. DETECT
                                      C600. BONE RUSH
                                      C700. LOCK-ON
                                      C800. OUTRAGE
                                      C900. SANDSTORM
                                      CA00. GIGA DRAIN
                                      CB00. ENDURE
                                      CC00. CHARM
                                      CD00. ROLLOUT
                                      CE00. FALSE SWIPE
                                      CF00. SWAGGER
                                      D000. MILK DRINK
                                      D100. SPARK
                                      D200. FURY CUTTER
                                      D300. STEEL WING
                                      D400. MEAN LOOK
                                      D500. ATTRACT
                                      D600. SLEEP TALK
                                      D700. HEAL BELL
                                      D800. RETURN
                                      D900. PRESENT
                                      DA00. FRUSTRATION
                                      DB00. SAFEGUARD
                                      DC00. PAIN SPLIT
                                      DD00. SACRED FIRE
                                      DE00. MAGNITUDE
                                      DF00. DYNAMICPUNCH
                                      E000. MEGAHORN
                                      E100. DRAGONBREATH
                                      E200. BATON PASS
                                      E300. ENCORE
                                      E400. PURSUIT
                                      E500. RAPID SPIN
                                      E600. SWEET SCENT
                                      E700. IRON TAIL
                                      E800. METAL CLAW
                                      E900. VITAL THROW
                                      EA00. MORNING SUN
                                      EB00. SYNTHESIS
                                      EC00. MOONLIGHT
                                      ED00. HIDDEN POWER
                                      EE00. CROSS CHOP
                                      EF00. TWISTER
                                      F000. RAIN DANCE
                                      F100. SUNNY DAY
                                      F200. CRUNCH
                                      F300. MIRROR COAT
                                      F400. PSYCH UP
                                      F500. EXTREMESPEED
                                      F600. ANCIENTPOWER
                                      F700. SHADOW BALL
                                      F800. FUTURE SIGHT
                                      F900. ROCK SMASH
                                      FA00. WHIRLPOOL
                                      FB00. BEAT UP
                                      FC00. FAKE OUT
                                      FD00. UPROAR
                                      FE00. STOCKPILE
                                      FF00. SPIT UP
                                      0001. SWALLOW
                                      0101. HEAT WAVE
                                      0201. HAIL
                                      0301. TORMENT
                                      0401. FLATTER
                                      0501. WILL-O-WISP
                                      0601. MEMENTO
                                      0701. FACADE
                                      0801. FOCUS PUNCH
                                      0901. SMELLINGSALT
                                      0A01. FOLLOW ME
                                      0B01. NATURE POWER
                                      0C01. CHARGE
                                      0D01. TAUNT
                                      0E01. HELPING HAND
                                      0F01. TRICK
                                      1001. ROLE PLAY
                                      1101. WISH
                                      1201. ASSIST
                                      1301. INGRAIN
                                      1401. SUPERPOWER
                                      1501. MAGIC COAT
                                      1601. RECYCLE
                                      1701. REVENGE
                                      1801. BRICK BREAK
                                      1901. YAWN
                                      1A01. KNOCK OFF
                                      1B01. ENDEAVOR
                                      1C01. ERUPTION
                                      1D01. SKILL SWAP
                                      1E01. IMPRISON
                                      1F01. REFRESH
                                      2001. GRUDGE
                                      2101. SNATCH
                                      2201. SECRET POWER
                                      2301. DIVE
                                      2401. ARM THRUST
                                      2501. CAMOUFLAGE
                                      2601. TAIL GLOW
                                      2701. LUSTER PURGE
                                      2801. MIST BALL
                                      2901. FEATHERDANCE
                                      2A01. TEETER DANCE
                                      2B01. BLAZE KICK
                                      2C01. MUD SPORT
                                      2D01. ICE BALL
                                      2E01. NEEDLE ARM
                                      2F01. SLACK OFF
                                      3001. HYPER VOICE
                                      3101. POISON FANG
                                      3201. CRUSH CLAW
                                      3301. BLAST BURN
                                      3401. HYDRO CANNON
                                      3501. METEOR MASH
                                      3601. ASTONISH
                                      3701. WEATHER BALL
                                      3801. AROMATHERAPY
                                      3901. FAKE TEARS
                                      3A01. AIR CUTTER
                                      3B01. OVERHEAT
                                      3C01. ODOR SLEUTH
                                      3D01. ROCK TOMB
                                      3E01. SILVER WIND
                                      3F01. METAL SOUND
                                      4001. GRASSWHISTLE
                                      4101. TICKLE
                                      4201. COSMIC POWER
                                      4301. WATER SPOUT
                                      4401. SIGNAL BEAM
                                      4501. SHADOW PUNCH
                                      4601. EXTRASENSORY
                                      4701. SKY UPPERCUT
                                      4801. SAND TOMB
                                      4901. SHEER COLD
                                      4A01. MUDDY WATER
                                      4B01. BULLET SEED
                                      4C01. AERIAL ACE
                                      4D01. ICICLE SPEAR
                                      4E01. IRON DEFENSE
                                      4F01. BLOCK
                                      5001. HOWL
                                      5101. DRAGON CLAW
                                      5201. FRENZY PLANT
                                      5301. BULK UP
                                      5401. BOUNCE
                                      5501. MUD SHOT
                                      5601. POISON TAIL
                                      5701. COVET
                                      5801. VOLT TACKLE
                                      5901. MAGICAL LEAF
                                      5A01. WATER SPORT
                                      5B01. CALM MIND
                                      5C01. LEAF BLADE
                                      5D01. DRAGON DANCE
                                      5E01. ROCK BLAST
                                      5F01. SHOCK WAVE
                                      6001. WATER PULSE
                                      6101. DOOM DESIRE
                                      6201. PSYCHO BOOST

                                      Next, we need to find the moves taught by TMs in your version. I'll start from TM06 in FR.

                                      TM06-Toxic, in the list is 5C00
                                      TM07-Hail, in the list is 0201
                                      TM08-Bulk Up, in the list is 5301
                                      TM09-Bullet Seed, in the list is 4B01

                                      That's enough info to get started, so now we want to find the string 5C00020153014B01, so go to the search option in your hex-editor and do an "hex search" for that string...

                                      Fig1. I'm looking for the string using Thingy

                                      Allright, we found the string. If we look to the left of where we are pointing at, we have the rest of the TMs corresponding to TM05, 04, etc. So I'll go where it says 0801 and replace it with 0100 (because in this example, we will create the "Pound" TM)

                                      Fig2. I replaced the 0801 for 0100

                                      Fig3. And now the result is... Focus Punch... Huh?

                                      Oh man... We failed, but don't worry, it just means that the table we found wasn't the one we wanted to modify, so once again fix the 0100 for the 0801 (to leave things as they were), and let's try a new hex-search for the string 5C00020153014B01

                                      Fig4. Second search, we get another offset.

                                      So, the table was somewhere else, so let's try again changing the 0801 (at offset 45A80C) for 0100, and let's see the results this time...

                                      Fig5. Wow, Pound has just become a TM! But... The description is not good... Oh, well, we'll fix that later with a text editor.

                                      Fig6. I'll teach my Dusclops the TM Pound... Yeah... Sure...

                                      Fig7. And there it is... Dusclops + Pound!

                                      That was easy, wasn't it? Now, you just need to replace the 50TMs for the moves you want (you have the list, so it all depends on what you want to teach). By the way, you can even modify the HMs, so probably that may give you ideas for your games (the HMs can be found right after the 50 TMs)

                                      But, since teaching Pound to Dusclops doesn't sound too logic, the next part requires using a program to "re-educate" the pokes so they know which TMs they can learn and which they cannot. So my recommended program would be (unless you know to deal with hex) Pokemon Amplifier, so search for that program around the web.

                                      Basically, it looks like this:

                                      Fig8. This is Pokemon Amplifier, you can see the important stuff, like the Poke No. and the TM list, so all you'd need to do is select the TMs to be able to learn by the poke, and de-select the moves you don't want. I recommend you getting a newer version of Amplifier which has the pics of the pokes, which will make things faster and easier.

                                      Once you selected the moves, just Save the info into the rom, and change to the next poke and so on. This means this is the heaviest part, because it's basically a hard and repeatitive part.

                                      Well, the final part is changing the TM description, but that basically is just editing the description with a text editor, such as Advance Text. I don't know if there is need for a guide about that, we'll see...

                                      And that's all, I hope it wasn't too hard to understand!

                                      Old May 10th, 2007 (11:39 AM).
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                                        Ok, maybe i'm not n00b at hacking, but i'm not advanced too :-P

                                        So i made Tilescreen for my hack (it's not posted in any thread here-only on polish forums), it wasn't bad

                                        But, when i saw the

                                        TILESCREEN of Pokemon Johto Histories (this new with Dialga)
                                        I just said OMG !!

                                        How is it possible to make thatt cind of tilescreen in Pokemon:Ruby ??

                                        Is it palletes or something? Or some new image-please write some tutorial for me how to ake that tilescreen, or give me an image that will have that colours...
                                        Old May 10th, 2007 (3:29 PM).
                                        jonicito's Avatar
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                                          I tried to change pallette with hex editor but it too hard. I recommand to myself is snespal because it easeier than a hex editor. It perfect to change tm.

                                          P.s. I like your trading pokemon editing picture.
                                          Old May 15th, 2007 (6:43 AM).
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                                            Aan anyone tell me where I can download Thingy 32?

                                            Old May 19th, 2007 (10:45 PM).
                                            Django0 Django0 is offline
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                                              where can you download pokemon amplifier?
                                              Old May 20th, 2007 (12:46 AM).
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                                                Originally Posted by martauros View Post
                                                Aan anyone tell me where I can download Thingy 32?

                                                Thingy v32 can be downloaded atWhack A Hack

                                                Originally Posted by Django0 View Post
                                                where can you download pokemon amplifier?

                                                Pokemon Amplifier 2006 can be download at RHTools

                                                You could the toolbox.
                                                Old May 20th, 2007 (11:44 AM).
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                                                  If you could, it would be a great idea to make a tutorial on changing the world map. I hear people whining about it all the time [yes,even me!]

                                                  So just a suggestion.

                                                  Sometimes life gets lonely if you haven't talked to your friends in a while.
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