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Old August 20th, 2007 (9:37 AM).
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    Originally Posted by BlueSonic View Post
    This looks fine to me, nice game! Nice job!
    ya it is i guess
    man ........................
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    Old August 20th, 2007 (3:23 PM).
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      Pretty nice, hope we see more soon. Thanks!
      Old August 20th, 2007 (9:19 PM).
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        when the demo will be posted?
        sorry if this question is already posted, but i dont readed the whole messenges >
        Old August 21st, 2007 (7:06 AM).
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          This catches my eye man, good luck.
          Old August 21st, 2007 (10:17 AM).
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          Alright, purple is good.
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          @lucie: We have no date for uploading a demo just yet, although we do have all the maps and all the base systems done.

          Thank you,

          [ Support: ]

          [ Game | Previews | Screenshots ]

          Thread returning soon, don't worry!

          Need help with something? Send me a PM!
          Old August 21st, 2007 (10:23 AM).
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          RAWR D: I love the mapping of Metropolis, so I give all the thumbs I can up to ~Heart lol. And the systems look great!

          I already gave my critique, besides that, everything about this game makes me love it more lol
          Old August 26th, 2007 (8:29 PM).
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            I"m really loving this game.
            It's amazing.
            I'm anticipating this demo as much as I anticipated the release of D/P.
            This game is really looking good.
            I'd give some constructive criticism, but I can't find any flaws.
            good work, keep it up.
            You guys are amazing.

            EDIT:If you guys need any help with the storyline (doubt it, you guys are doing great already) lemme know. I'm very creative. I can think of some cool stuff.
            Old September 8th, 2007 (2:17 AM).
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              I love this game.
              The game looks very attracting!!
              All the things about it is good.
              Keep it up
              Old November 26th, 2007 (11:13 AM).
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                Sorry for asking this question, but I'm really interested in it.
                Are you still working on it?
                Old November 27th, 2007 (4:10 PM).
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