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Old December 21st, 2007 (10:56 PM). Edited December 28th, 2007 by DrCoolSanta.
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    Pokemon: Twist in the tale!

    You start as a person in the real world, living a normal life. You get up early, you brush your teeth, you eat, you bathe, and then you finally go to school, where you spend most of your time. You come home tired of all the playing you do after school and finish your homework and pay a visit to your dream world.
    One day, when you are sleeping, you hear a loud thud, you know it is not of something falling down, it’s something you can’t describe, but you ignore and go back to your sleep, just when your mom shouts at you to see what happened. You curse her for making you work and get into your slippers and walk towards that staircase. You don’t know what’s going to happen till you reach the store room, which is the room on the topmost floor. You see a halo of the colour blue and an animal that resembles a dog, you are somehow able to recollect that you saw this guy in your favourite anime called Pokemon, and you name him Arceus. You approach it and find it weeping, you touch it and you are blinded by the light, and you somehow feel the temperature increasing. You open your eyes, and the world seems all big to you, and what are those creatures around you, aren’t they Pokemon? You try to find out why you are so small, and when you look at your limbs, you’ve found the answer; you are a Pokemon, a Mew. Your purpose is to find out how this happened, and why was Arceus weeping, and how come Pokemon have their own world, and where are your mom and dad, and a whole load of more questions, and your only way of knowing them is by being a trainer . . . wait you yourself are Pokemon, then who is gonna be your partner, it doesn’t take you long to discover that it is going to be human, but what excites you, and scares you at the same time is that you have to TRAIN your HUMAN. This is your first twist, and by the end you should have faced around 45,000+* twists in the tale, if you are ready then come on.

    1. Has nothing from the games or the show
    2. This means you get new attacks, items, Pokemons, Humans, etc.
    3. Random twists in the story, preventing you from getting bored with the old story.
    4. Online compatibility planned.
    5. Multiplayer features planned.

    What do you think of thi? If you think I am just another n00bish person trying to make a game, and how I will be able to create a game with these features and make a CMS, CBS, Pokedex as well, then friends I am not using any RPG or Game making software, I am using C++ and SDL, to create the game. If ou don't know what SDL is, SDL is a multi platform graphix library which utilises different methods on each OS. It was basically created for Linux, but when ported to windows, it utilises DirectX to create the same graphics as in Linux.
    So you get the good news, I can easilly make it Linux friendly! ;)
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    Old January 27th, 2008 (3:52 PM).
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      I kinda like idea because it would be a twist but it would be kinda weird. How would the humans be? Would they evolve?
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