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Old February 7th, 2008 (9:37 PM).
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    Okay, so what I'm working on is the Remote Kid series, after my stupid computer shut down. Fortunately, we made it much better with 2 team mates who I know irl.

    The series will share the same systems, except for RKIII, which'll be in rm2k3 format in request.

    So, this is the tech system with music from Shinji Kuwa Chronicles, the second game in this epic series.


    Credits: Ronnie Urango III (Remote-Kid is his alias) and Patrick Urango (Hobo Tweety)
    Rye.JP CBS Starter Pack
    Dualblex, Near_Fantastica, Charlie_Lee, LegAcy, Slipnot: Scripts

    The epic adventure of Remote Kid continues in an epic sequel to it, Remote Kid II: Shinji Kuwa Chronicles, where the starring role isn't Ronnie Kid, but is Shinji Kuwa, a main character in Remote Kid Chronicles (Coming Soon!). The game is currently in development, but why not give you some information on it? eh? EH? EHH?!?


    Ronnie Kid is finally (somewhat) King of Cartoon world. The lands are at peace, and tranquility is in the air at all villiages.

    But he has some unfinished business...

    Shinji Kuwa's brother, Dokai Kuwa, a.k.a. "Devil Spawn," ressurects Bardon, the most evil, cold-hearted Johloh alive, and they both team together to try to defeat Ronnie and Shinji! And, Tsukiyomi get's Kidnapped as well, leaving Cartoon Castle unbinded... to let any evil inside. Also, Bakka, god of Stupidity get's captured as well, and gets turned into the demon he really is.Ronnie and Shinji team up themselves because they have made a good friendship in their last adventure to save Cartoon World and ressurect Ronnie's throne... kind of... and so they go on an epic adventure full of mystery, action, surprises, and quite a bit of random humor.

    Teamed up with Patrick Game Takakashi, also called "Master Angel," a very stupid lad with a few screws loose in his head, and is the most powerful living planet called a Universer; and Bakka, God of Stupidity, a Nothingnessian who came to become a God of the Universe to humans, Ronnie Kid and Shinji Kuwa go on an adventure to bring back the Throne of Cartoon World, gain honor by defeating Dokai, obtain an akward goal to destroy the galaxy, and bring Bakka back to his true form.

    No screenshots atm, just download the demo right now! :( Sorry

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