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Old February 27th, 2008 (2:42 PM). Edited February 28th, 2008 by Kansas.
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    and THIS is what i'm talkin about *points to IC thread* 3 applications in a row ruining the flow of the RP because they're too dum to look for the ooc thread first before trying to signup

    *edit* 4 in a row now.... they clearly aren't reading the RP or else they'd know not to post their signups there... can we please close signups? its ruining my writing motivation

    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3

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    Old February 28th, 2008 (9:26 PM).
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      xD; Ashleigh doesn't refuse to talk to Violet.
      She's shy.
      And Violet's pretty, so she intimidates her a little.

      I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
      Deal with it. :]
      Old February 28th, 2008 (9:57 PM).
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        I know--I'm shy myself. But think about it--if a shy girl doesn't say much to a non-shy girl, wouldn't the non-shy girl think that the shy girl is ignoring her? ...Or at least that's what Violet thinks.

        *looks at Sir Aaron's reply* And Sophie thinks Ashleigh's pretty. XD

        *looks at own reply* Oh my... it seems Violet's talking to all the shy girls first! First Ashleigh, now Sophie...

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        Old February 29th, 2008 (5:22 PM).
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          I am trying to get my post in today, so I hope I can...
          When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves.
          Old February 29th, 2008 (5:54 PM).
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            Hey can someone please start talking to Dana? I want to post but I can't think of anything but she isn't one to really start a conversation.
            Please click my team:

            Old March 2nd, 2008 (9:10 AM).
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              Okay, sorry for the huge delay people, but RM asked me to post my signup, so there it is on page 2, finally! I was usually in most of the older versions of this RP, but I'm feeling rusty. >_> Any input is appreciated!
              Old March 2nd, 2008 (3:57 PM). Edited March 4th, 2008 by Star Girl.
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                Thank you Ninetales for having Violet talk to Dana!
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                Old March 4th, 2008 (3:35 AM).
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                  While I didn't specifically read anywhere that I should post here, I'm sort of getting that vibe. Would it be all right if I were to join this neat role play? I hope I did this form right and that you're still accepting. I'm going to look so lame if the role play's closed to newcomers or I do this wrong. XD

                  Name: Katrina Frederic

                  Nickname: She doesn't really have one. Maybe you'll be the lucky person to give her one.

                  Age: Sixteen.

                  Gender: Female.

                  Pokemon: Flygon. Just as Flygons go, she has the ability to hover for short times, as well as the ability to use the agility and power of a dragon Pokemon. Of course, she hardly has the strength to back up such power, but that's another thing entirely.

                  Description: While others had far less inconspicuous traits, hers stuck out so much - literally and figuratively. A pair of antennae-like horns that Flygon typically have jut out from the depths of her black hair. Beyond these quite embarrassing antennae that she likes to hide with an inconspicuous black cap (although that usually only covers half their length at best), her finger nails grow differently - they grow into claws.

                  Beyond those little markers, however, she looks fairly normal. She has an average-ish height somewhere in the mid 5' range; she has an average weight, although perhaps leaning towards the skinny persuasion; and she has an average eye color of green. Interestingly, her eyes weren't green when she was born, but they are now - although she doesn't really realize this fact. The rest of her is pretty dull, too - light skin tone that doesn't burn or freckle easily; smooth facial features; dexterous hands; you know the deal. Stuff normal people have that people don't tend to pay much attention to.

                  Her style of dress is also quite dull - a tee-shirt or plain colored shirt depending on the weather, and a pair of slacks. She really never bothered to get too into shopping or the fashions of humans.

                  Half Description: The tail and the wings. The tail and the wings. These things she cannot hide, so it's just a bit more than inconvenient when she's relegated to this form - it's hard to stuff a pair of large, polygonal wings in your tee-shirt and it's hard to stuff a tail into your pants. Beyond that, her hair takes on a greenish tint that's only really noticeable in the glare of the sun - in fact, her skin takes on this very tint as well, although there are areas of it that have an opposing pink hue. Her body becomes more flexible, and different postures become comfortable to her - any human watching her sit in this form would be surprised at the assortment of uncomfortable positions she would be likely to pick up.

                  Pokemon Description: Her Pokemon form doesn't stick out quite as much as it could, but still - the most distinguishing feature about her is her eyes. From within the protective red bubble that Flygons have, her eyes are the right shape and composition for a Flygon - just a bright green that somehow projects its coloring perfectly through the covering sets her apart from others. Other than that, there isn't much. She does, however, have four fingers, the fourth one being a dexterous thumb.

                  Personality: She's a serious one. Well, outwardly, she is. She very rarely is one to just leisurely insert her presence into casual conversations - no, indeed, she's usually the people watcher who watches everyone else do that. She isn't socially maladjusted, just a bit picky with whom she really talks to. Katrina has a brilliant sense of humor that's receptive to a lot of different kinds and styles of jokes, although she rarely inserts her own unless she's with close friends. She'll usually relate to and strive to do things for/with those who have a sense of humor.

                  But yes. She's still a serious Sam, and conversation with her tends to be either clearly Social or clearly Business. Don't joke around with the Business, or she'll get impatient and annoyed. Her feelings and such are pretty stable to what goes on around her, but talking to her personally or making a conflict involve her personally changes the perspective a bit; while she's never likely to get sad or down about something, she is likely to get some righteous anger.
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