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    Basic DP Hex editing
    Since Pokespam are releasing some programs now, I figure I'd write up a little guide on hex editing some simple things in Pokemon Diamond(Pointers may differ slightly in Pearl). Also, for lists of items/pokemon/attacks look at the bottom of the post.
    All those are in an reversed state, and to use them in a hex editor, you'll need to reverse the values. That might sound complicated but it isn't. Here's a few examples, that might help explain it.
    5 > 00 05 > reversed > 05 00
    B11F > B1 1F > reversed > 1F B1
    162 > 01 62 > reversed 62 01
    See, simple.
    Also, If you already know how to do basic hex editing in GBA, you'll be able to do this easily.

    Evolutions Editing
    Here's some data on editing the types of evolution. The pointer to the data is found at 0x1C1BFDA. As far as I know, there are 26 different forms of evolution. I'll be explaining all of them.
    The basic set up the pokemons evolution is this:
    [Type of Evolution (2 bytes)] [Item/Level/Attack/Pokemon] [Pokemon to evolve to]
    For each pokemon, there is enough space to include 7 different evolutions for the Certain Pokemon.
    Since I'm explaining the types from "0100" to "1A00" I'll start at "0100".

    The "0100" evolution is A normal Happiness evolution. In a hex editor go to the pointer 0x1C1C714.
    You'll be brought up with this.
    01 00 00 00 A9 00 ' Happiness Evolution ; 0000 ; Evolve to Crobat
    This is the evolution from Golbat to Crobat.
    All that needs to be edited with this is the final two bytes. Which if you refer to my explanation earlier, you'll see the pokemon to evolve to.

    Now I'll do the "0200" and the "0300" together. These are Happiness at day, and happiness at night respectively. The best example for these are the Eevee evolutions. Go to 0x1C1D6D6 and you'll see this.
    02 00 00 00 C4 00 03 00 00 00 C5 00
    I'll seperate these into happiness at day and night respectively.
    02 00 00 00 C4 00 ' Happiness at Day Evolution ; 0000 ; Evolve to Espeon
    03 00 00 00 C5 00 ' Happiness at Night Evolution ; 0000 ; Evolve to Umbreon
    This is similiar to the Happiness evolution of "0100" and you just need to change the last two bytes.

    "0400" Evolution is a normal Evolution. Look at the pointer 0x1C1C008.
    04 00 10 00 02 00 'Level Up Evolution ; Level to evolve at (16) ; Evolve to Ivysaur
    This is the most common evolution stored in the game. To use this you'll need to change the 'Level to evolve at' and the 'Pokemon to evolve to'

    "0500" is the evolution through trade. An example can be found at the pointer 0x1C1CADC. You'll see this.
    05 00 00 00 41 00 'Trade Evolution ; 0000 ; Evolve to Alakasam
    Do I need to explain these anymore. I think you should get the idea now. How about I just show examples, and give a pointer to you for each of them.

    Type: 0600, Trade with Item Evolution
    Pointer: 0x1C1CA5E
    Example: 16 00 DD 00 BA 00 'Trade with Item ; Item (Kings Rock) ; Politoed

    Type: 0700, Evolve with Item
    Pointer: 0x1C1D6C4
    Example: 07 00 53 00 87 00 'Item Evo. ; Item (Thunderstone) ; Jolteon

    Type: 0800, Attack>Defense
    Pointer: 0x1C1E872
    Example: 08 00 14 00 6A 00 'Attack>Defense ; Level (20) ; Hitmonlee

    Type: 0900, Attack=Defense
    Pointer: 0x1C1E878
    Example:09 00 14 00 ED 00 'Attack=Defense ; Level (20) ; Hitmontop

    Type: 0A00, Attack or = to 5
    Pointer: 0x1C1ED6E
    Example: 0C 00 07 00 0C 01 'Personality Value >= 5 ; Level (7) ; Cascoon

    Type: 0D00, Special Lvl Evo, goes with 0E00
    Pointer: 0x1C1F1B4
    Example: 0D 00 14 00 23 01 'Special Lvl Evo ; Level (20) ; Ninjask

    Type: 0E00, If spare spot in Party, Poke appears
    Pointer: 0x1C1F1BA
    Example: 0E 00 14 00 24 01 'If party <=5 ; Level (20); Shedinja

    Type: 0F00, Max Beauty
    Pointer: 0x1C1FBD8
    Example: 0F 00 AA 00 5E 01 'Max Personality ; Beauty ; Miltic
    Note: This evolution is just speculation as Feebas>Milotic is the only evolution that uses it. So there is nothing to compare it to.

    Type: 1000, Item and Male
    Pointer: 0x1C1F02E
    Example: 10 00 6D 00 6B 01 'Item and male ; Item (Dawn Stone) ; Gallade

    Type: 1100, Item and Female
    Pointer: 0x1C1FDEE
    Example: 11 00 6D 00 DE 01 'Item and Female ; Item (Dawn Stone) ; Froslass

    Type: 1200, Level up holding item at day
    Pointer: 0x1C20B7C
    Example: 12 00 6E 00 71 00 'Level Holding item at day ; Item (Oval Stone) ; Chansey

    Type: 1300, Level up holding item at night
    Pointer: 0x1C1E370
    Example: 13 00 46 01 CD 01 'Level Holding item at night ; Item (Razor Claw) ; Weavile

    Type: 1400, Level up with attack
    Pointer: 0x1C1D26C
    Example: 14 00 CD 00 CF 01 'Level up with Attack ; Attack (Rollout) ; Lickilicky

    Type: 1500, Level up with Pokemon in Party
    Pointer: 0x1C20E94
    Example: 15 00 DF 00 E2 00 'Level up with Pokemon in Party ; Pokemon (Remoraid) ; Mantine

    Type: 1600, Level up Male
    Pointer: 0x1C206B2
    Example: 16 00 14 00 9E 01 'Level Up male ; Level (20) ; Mothim

    Type: 1700, Level Up Female
    Pointer: 0x1C206AC
    Example: 17 00 14 00 9D 01 'Level Up female ; Level (20) ; Wormadam

    Type: 1800, Level Up at Mt. Coronet
    Pointer: 0x1C1CDF4
    Example: 18 00 00 00 CE 01 'Level at Mt. Coronet ; 0000 ; Magnezone

    Type: 1900, Level Up at Eterna Forest
    Pointer: 0x1C1D6B8
    Example: 19 00 00 00 D6 01 ' Level Up at Eterna Forest ; 0000 ; Leafeon

    Type: 1A00, Level Up at Route 217
    Pointer: 0x1C1D6BE
    Example: 1A 00 00 00 D7 01 'Level Up at Route 217 ; 0000 ; Glaceon

    Moveset Editing
    With this, I'm going to use Lucario's Moveset to explain. To see Lucario's Moveset go to the pointer 0x1C26B0C.
    You should see this.
    8F 03 62 02 C1 02 C5 02 E8 02 44 0C 8B 17 6C 1F C6 26 3F 31 7E 3B 0E 42 8C 4B 72 55 96 5F F5 66
    That was a long line. Looks like 'gibberish' dosen't it?
    I'm going to do something to these first 2 bytes. Look at this.
    8F 03
    Still not totally clear but maybe a little easier.
    I'm going to sepearate this, to make it look "easier".
    8F 01 00 02
    Let's look at this.
    We now have 8F01 and 0002
    So what we now have is the attack Dark Pulse and "0x2". This "0x2" is actually the level that it learns the attack. Except there's one problem, Lucario has Dark Pulse at Level 1. The solution is Simple, divide it by two.
    Now let's try the last 2 bytes of that line, and see what we get.
    F5 00 00 66
    F5 00 = Extremspeed ; 0x66 (We have to change it to a decimal value before halving it, so we get 102)
    Let's check this on the internet. Go to bulbapedia or serebii and check for Lucario's attack list.
    Lucario learns Extremespeed at level 51.

    Here's the whole moveset "decoded"
    8F03	03=3		Level 1		Dark pulse 
    6202	02=2		Level 1		Quick Attack
    C102	02=2		Level 1		Foresight
    C502	02=2		Level 1		Detect
    E802	02=2		Level 1		Metal Claw
    440C	0C=12		Level 6		Counter
    8B17	17=23		Level 11		Force Palm 
    6C1F	1F=31		Level 15		Feint
    C626	26=38		Level 19		Bone Rush
    3F31	31=49		Level 24		Metal Sound
    7E3B	3B=59		Level 29		Me First	
    0E42	42=66		Level 33		Swords Dance
    8C4B	4B=75		Level 37		Aura Sphere
    7255	55=85		Level 42		Close Combat
    965F	5F=95		Level 47		Dragon Pulse
    F566	66=102		Level 51		Extremespeed
    NOTE: The beginning of the moveset data is at 0x1C237DE. This is the ????? Pokemon's attacks.

    TM/HM Table
    Go to the pointer 0xFC4EC. You should see this.
    08 01 51 01 60 01 5B 01 2E 00 5C 00 02 01 53 01 4B 01 ED 00 ...etc.
    What's all this mean? It's the attacks contained within each TM/HM. It's ordered down from TM 1 through to HM 8.
    But How do we edit this? Let's take the attack table at the bottom of the post and look at the hex again.
    We now have:
    Focus Punch, Dragon Claw, Water Pulse, Calm Mind, Roar, etc.
    All you need to do is edit which attack is in which spot. It's one of the easier things to do.

    Sinnoh Pokedex Order
    Go to the pointer 0x37B0020. You'll come up with this:
    83 01 84 01 85 01 86 01 87 01 88 01 89 01 8A 01 8B 01 8C 01 8D 01 8E 01 8F 01 90 01 91 01 92 01 93 01 94 01 95 01 3F 00 40 00 41 00 81 00 82 00 96 01... etc.
    That's enough of, you can look at it yourself, if you want to. We're going to need the list in at the bottom for this. These are the Pokemon. In there order.
    Turtwig, Grottle, Torterra, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Bidoof, Bibarel, Kricketot, Kricketune, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Magikarp, Gyarados, Budew, etc.
    Easily editable. You can have fun with this.

    Base Stats
    I've going to use Bulbasaur's stats here. These are found at 0x1C15A08.You'll see this.
    2D 31 31 2D 41 41 0C 03 2D 40 00 01 00 00 00 00 1D 14 46 03 01 07 41 00 00 03 00 00 20 07 35 84 08 1E 10 02 20 24 66 92 02 00 00 00
    Here's just a brief explanation of these.
    2D - HP
    31 - Attack
    31 - Defense
    2D - Speed
    41 - Special Attack
    41 - Special Defense
    0C - Type 1
    03 - Type 2
    2D - Catch Rate
    40 - Base XP
    00 - Effort Yield1
    01 - Effort Yield2
    0000 - Item 1
    0000 - Item 2
    1D - Gender Chance
    14 - Steps for Egg to hatch
    46 - Base Happiness?
    03 - Experience Type
    01 - Egg Type 1
    07 - Egg Type 2
    41 - Special Ability 1
    00 - Special Ability 2
    00 - Safari Run Chance
    03 - Colour
    00 - Padding
    00 - Padding
    20 - TM Switches 1-8
    07 - TM Switches 9-16
    35 - TM Switches 17-24
    84 - TM Switches 25-32
    08 - TM Switches 33-40
    1E - TM Switches 41-48
    10 - TM Switches 49-56
    02 - TM Switches 57-64
    20 - TM Switches 65-72
    24 - TM Switches 73-80
    66 - TM Switches 81-88
    92 - TM Switches 89-92 / HM 1-4
    02 - HM 5-8
    00 - Padding
    00 - Padding
    00 - Padding
    Type Weakness/Strength Chart
    I guess I'll start with this, the values for the different types.
    00 = Normal
    01 = Fighting
    02 = Flying
    03 = Poison
    04 = Ground
    05 = Rock
    06 = Bug
    07 = Ghost
    08 = Steel
    09 = ???
    0A = Fire
    0B = Water
    0C = Grass
    0D = Electric
    0E = Psychic
    0F = Ice
    10 = Dragon
    11 = Dark
    Now look at the pointer 0x1DE1B8. You should have this.
    00 05 05 00 08 05 0A 0A 05 0A 0B 05 0A 0C 14 ...etc
    I'm just going to use the first three bytes. When referring to the above table, what do these first 3 bytes mean?
    00 - Normal
    05 - Rock
    05 - Rock???
    The third value isn't Rock type.
    The first byte was the type of an attack. The second byte is the type of the Pokemon being attacked, and the third is how much the damage is multiplied by.
    So if I were to explain these three bytes, in the English Language it would be this.
    When a Normal attack hits a Rock Pokemon, the damage is halved.

    So let's use another example. Let's use the Fire attacks Ice.
    0A 0F 14
    What's 14 mean? 14 in decimal, is 20, which is of course double the damage.
    If we wanted to, we could change this to anything from 0 (No damage) to FF (Damage times 26), which would of course be unstoppable against a type.

    I'll use the first gym leader, as an example here. Go to 0x1C2F854. You'll see this.
    3200 0C00 4A00 BE01 5800 0000 0000
    3200 0C00 5F00 BE01 5800 6700 0000
    3200 0E00 9801 1D00 E400 2B00 0000
    What's this mean? Well, here's the layout explained. I'll just use the first row.
    3200 - First byte. Don't Touch.
    0C00 - The level of the Pokemon
    4A00 - The Pokemon
    BE01 - Attack 1
    5800 - Attack 2
    0000 - Attack 3
    0000 - Attack 4

    So if we were to 'decode' those three lines of hex, we would get this.

    Level;Pokemon	Attacks
    Level 12 Geodude		Stealth Rock; Rock Throw; No Attack; No Attack
    Level 12 Onix		Stealth Rock; Rock Throw; Screech; No Attack
    Level 14 Craniados		Headbutt; Pursuit; Leer; No Attack; No Attack
    Let's also use another battle, just for fun. We'll use the battle with your Rival.
    The pointer is at 0x and here's what you see.

    < 1E00 > < 0700 > < 8C01 > < 6200 > < 2D00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >
    < 1E00 > < 0900 > < 8301 > < 2100 > < 6E00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >
    < 1E00 > < 0700 > < 8C01 > < 6200 > < 2D00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >
    < 1E00 > < 0900 > < 8601 > < 0A00 > < 2B00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >
    < 1E00 > < 0700 > < 8C01 > < 6200 > < 2D00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >
    < 1E00 > < 0900 > < 8901 > < 0100 > < 2D00 > < 0000 > < 0000 >

    Look, there's three seperate trainerbattles. All the different Rival Pokemon. Might as well 'decode' it.
    Battle 1
    Level; Pokemon		Attacks
    Level 7 Starly		Quick Attack; Growl; No Attack; No Attack
    Level 9 Turtwig		Tackle; Withdraw; No Attack; No Attack
    Battle 2
    Level 7 Starly		Quick Attack; Growl; No Attack; No Attack
    Level 9 Chimchar		Scratch; Leer; No Attack; No Attack
    Battle 3
    Level 7 Starly		Quick Attack; Growl; No Attack; No Attack
    Level 9 Piplup		Pound; Growl; No Attack; No Attack
    Attack Data
    I'll explain this similiarly to the way I did the Pokemon Stats. Go to the pointer 0x1D6E95C. You'll see this. This is the data for Fire Punch.
    04 00 00 4B 0A 64 0F 0A 00 00 00 13 11 01 00 00
    Like the stats, there's more bytes, and I can't solve some of them.
    04 - Effect (Hit + Possible Burn)
    00 - ??
    00 - ??
    4B - Power (75)
    0A - Type (Fire)
    64 - Accuracy (100)
    0F - PP (15)
    0A - Chance of Effect (10%)
    00 - Target (One Opponent)
    00 - Move's Speed (For Quick Attack, and Extremespeed)
    00 - ??
    13 - Contact
    11 - ??
    01 - ??
    00 - ??
    00 - ??
    Probably the easiest possible thing to do. Go to 0x2B918A. You'll see this.
    83 01 00 00 86 01 00 00 89 01 00 00
    Pretty obvious. 83 01 is obviously Turtwig, 86 01 is obviously Chimchar, and 89 01 is of course Piplup. All you need to do is change the two bytes depending on which starter you change.

    Well, that's about all that's needed. That's enough for now...
    Before I go, here's the list of Attacks.
    001 Pound
    002 Karate Chop
    003 DoubleSlap
    004 Comet Punch
    005 Mega Punch
    006 Pay Day
    007 Fire Punch
    008 Ice Punch
    009 ThunderPunch
    00A Scratch
    00B ViceGrip
    00C Guillotine
    00D Razor Wind
    00E Swords Dance
    00F Cut
    010 Gust
    011 Wing Attack
    012 Whirlwind
    013 Fly
    014 Bind
    015 Slam
    016 Vine Whip
    017 Stomp
    018 Double Kick
    019 Mega Kick
    01A Jump Kick
    01B Rolling Kick
    01C Sand-Attack
    01D Headbutt
    01E Horn Attack
    01F Fury Attack
    020 Horn Drill
    021 Tackle
    022 Body Slam
    023 Wrap
    024 Take Down
    025 Thrash
    026 Double-Edge
    027 Tail Whip
    028 Poison Sting
    029 Twineedle
    02A Pin Missile
    02B Leer
    02C Bite
    02D Growl
    02E Roar
    02F Sing
    030 Supersonic
    031 SonicBoom
    032 Disable
    033 Acid
    034 Ember
    035 Flamethrower
    036 Mist
    037 Water Gun
    038 Hydro Pump
    039 Surf
    03A Ice Beam
    03B Blizzard
    03C Psybeam
    03D BubbleBeam
    03E Aurora Beam
    03F Hyper Beam
    040 Peck
    041 Drill Peck
    042 Submission
    043 Low Kick
    044 Counter
    045 Seismic Toss
    046 Strength
    047 Absorb
    048 Mega Drain
    049 Leech Seed
    04A Growth
    04B Razor Leaf
    04C SolarBeam
    04D PoisonPowder
    04E Stun Spore
    04F Sleep Powder
    050 Petal Dance
    051 String Shot
    052 Dragon Rage
    053 Fire Spin
    054 ThunderShock
    055 Thunderbolt
    056 Thunder Wave
    057 Thunder
    058 Rock Throw
    059 Earthquake
    05A Fissure
    05B Dig
    05C Toxic
    05D Confusion
    05E Psychic
    05F Hypnosis
    060 Meditate
    061 Agility
    062 Quick Attack
    063 Rage
    064 Teleport
    065 Night Shade
    066 Mimic
    067 Screech
    068 Double Team
    069 Recover
    06A Harden
    06B Minimize
    06C SmokeScreen
    06D Confuse Ray
    06E Withdraw
    06F Defense Curl
    070 Barrier
    071 Light Screen
    072 Haze
    073 Reflect
    074 Focus Energy
    075 Bide
    076 Metronome
    077 Mirror Move
    078 Selfdestruct
    079 Egg Bomb
    07A Lick
    07B Smog
    07C Sludge
    07D Bone Club
    07E Fire Blast
    07F Waterfall
    080 Clamp
    081 Swift
    082 Skull Bash
    083 Spike Cannon
    084 Constrict
    085 Amnesia
    086 Kinesis
    087 Softboiled
    088 Hi Jump Kick
    089 Glare
    08A Dream Eater
    08B Poison Gas
    08C Barrage
    08D Leech Life
    08E Lovely Kiss
    08F Sky Attack
    090 Transform
    091 Bubble
    092 Dizzy Punch
    093 Spore
    094 Flash
    095 Psywave
    096 Splash
    097 Acid Armor
    098 Crabhammer
    099 Explosion
    09A Fury Swipes
    09B Bonemerang
    09C Rest
    09D Rock Slide
    09E Hyper Fang
    09F Sharpen
    0A0 Conversion
    0A1 Tri Attack
    0A2 Super Fang
    0A3 Slash
    0A4 Substitute
    0A5 Struggle
    0A6 Sketch
    0A7 Triple Kick
    0A8 Thief
    0A9 Spider Web
    0AA Mind Reader
    0AB Nightmare
    0AC Flame Wheel
    0AD Snore
    0AE Curse
    0AF Flail
    0B0 Conversion 2
    0B1 Aeroblast
    0B2 Cotton Spore
    0B3 Reversal
    0B4 Spite
    0B5 Powder Snow
    0B6 Protect
    0B7 Mach Punch
    0B8 Scary Face
    0B9 Faint Attack
    0BA Sweet Kiss
    0BB Belly Drum
    0BC Sludge Bomb
    0BD Mud-Slap
    0BE Octazooka
    0BF Spikes
    0C0 Zap Cannon
    0C1 Foresight
    0C2 Destiny Bond
    0C3 Perish Song
    0C4 Icy Wind
    0C5 Detect
    0C6 Bone Rush
    0C7 Lock-On
    0C8 Outrage
    0C9 Sandstorm
    0CA Giga Drain
    0CB Endure
    0CC Charm
    0CD Rollout
    0CE False Swipe
    0CF Swagger
    0D0 Milk Drink
    0D1 Spark
    0D2 Fury Cutter
    0D3 Steel Wing
    0D4 Mean Look
    0D5 Attract
    0D6 Sleep Talk
    0D7 Heal Bell
    0D8 Return
    0D9 Present
    0DA Frustration
    0DB Safeguard
    0DC Pain Split
    0DD Sacred Fire
    0DE Magnitude
    0DF DynamicPunch
    0E0 Megahorn
    0E1 DragonBreath
    0E2 Baton Pass
    0E3 Encore
    0E4 Pursuit
    0E5 Rapid Spin
    0E6 Sweet Scent
    0E7 Iron Tail
    0E8 Metal Claw
    0E9 Vital Throw
    0EA Morning Sun
    0EB Synthesis
    0EC Moonlight
    0ED Hidden Power
    0EE Cross Chop
    0EF Twister
    0F0 Rain Dance
    0F1 Sunny Day
    0F2 Crunch
    0F3 Mirror Coat
    0F4 Psych Up
    0F5 ExtremeSpeed
    0F6 AncientPower
    0F7 Shadow Ball
    0F8 Future Sight
    0F9 Rock Smash
    0FA Whirlpool
    0FB Beat Up
    0FC Fake Out
    0FD Uproar
    0FE Stockpile
    0FF Spit Up
    100 Swallow
    101 Heat Wave
    102 Hail
    103 Torment
    104 Flatter
    105 Will-O-Wisp
    106 Memento
    107 Facade
    108 Focus Punch
    109 SmellingSalt
    10A Follow Me
    10B Nature Power
    10C Charge
    10D Taunt
    10E Helping Hand
    10F Trick
    110 Role Play
    111 Wish
    112 Assist
    113 Ingrain
    114 Superpower
    115 Magic Coat
    116 Recycle
    117 Revenge
    118 Brick Break
    119 Yawn
    11A Knock Off
    11B Endeavor
    11C Eruption
    11D Skill Swap
    11E Imprison
    11F Refresh
    120 Grudge
    121 Snatch
    122 Secret Power
    123 Dive
    124 Arm Thrust
    125 Camouflage
    126 Tail Glow
    127 Luster Purge
    128 Mist Ball
    129 FeatherDance
    12A Teeter Dance
    12B Blaze Kick
    12C Mud Sport
    12D Ice Ball
    12E Needle Arm
    12F Slack Off
    130 Hyper Voice
    131 Poison Fang
    132 Crush Claw
    133 Blast Burn
    134 Hydro Cannon
    135 Meteor Mash
    136 Astonish
    137 Weather Ball
    138 Aromatherapy
    139 Fake Tears
    13A Air Cutter
    13B Overheat
    13C Odor Sleuth
    13D Rock Tomb
    13E Silver Wind
    13F Metal Sound
    140 GrassWhistle
    141 Tickle
    142 Cosmic Power
    143 Water Spout
    144 Signal Beam
    145 Shadow Punch
    146 Extrasensory
    147 Sky Uppercut
    148 Sand Tomb
    149 Sheer Cold
    14A Muddy Water
    14B Bullet Seed
    14C Aerial Ace
    14D Icicle Spear
    14E Iron Defense
    14F Block
    150 Howl
    151 Dragon Claw
    152 Frenzy Plant
    153 Bulk Up
    154 Bounce
    155 Mud Shot
    156 Poison Tail
    157 Covet
    158 Volt Tackle
    159 Magical Leaf
    15A Water Sport
    15B Calm Mind
    15C Leaf Blade
    15D Dragon Dance
    15E Rock Blast
    15F Shock Wave
    160 Water Pulse
    161 Doom Desire
    162 ???
    163 Roost
    164 Gravity
    165 Miracle Eye
    166 Wake Up Slap
    167 Hammer Arm
    168 Gyro Ball
    169 Healing Wish
    16A Brine
    16B Natural Gift
    16C Feint
    16D Pluck
    16E Tail Wind
    16F Acupressure
    170 Metal Burst
    171 U-Turn
    172 Close Combat
    173 Payback
    174 Assurance
    175 Embargo
    176 Fling
    177 Psycho Shift
    178 Trump Card
    179 Heal Block
    17A Wring Out
    17B Power Trick
    17C Gastro Acid
    17D Lucky Chant
    17E Me First
    17F Copycat
    180 Power Swap
    181 Guard Swap
    182 Punishment
    183 Last Resort
    184 Worry Seed
    185 Shadow Claw
    186 Toxic Spikes
    187 Heart Swap
    188 Aqua Ring
    189 Magnet Rise
    18A Flare Blitz
    18B Force Palm
    18C Aura sphere
    18D Rock Polish
    18E Poison Jab
    18F Dark Pulse
    190 Night Slash
    191 Aqua Tail
    192 Seedbomb
    193 Air Slash
    194 X-Scissor
    195 Bug Buzz
    196 Dragon Pulse
    197 Dragon Rush
    198 Power Gem
    199 Drain Punch
    19A Vacuum Wave
    19B Focus Blast
    19C Energy Ball
    19D Brave Bird
    19E Earth Power
    19F Switcheroo
    1A0 Giga Impact
    1A1 Nasty Plot
    1A2 Bullet Punch
    1A3 Avalanche
    1A4 Ice Shard
    1A5 Shadow Claw
    1A6 Thunder Fang
    1A7 Ice Fang
    1A8 Fire Fang
    1A9 Shadow Sneak
    1AA Mud Bomb
    1AB Psycho Cut
    1AC Zen Headbutt
    1AD Mirror Shot
    1AE Flash Cannon
    1AF Rock Climb
    1B0 Defog
    1B1 Trick Room
    1B2 Draco Meteor
    1B3 Discharge
    1B4 Lava Plume
    1B5 Leaf Storm
    1B6 Power Whip
    1B7 Rock Wrecker
    1B8 Cross Poison
    1B9 Gunk Shot
    1BA Iron Head
    1BB Magnet Bomb
    1BC Stone Edge
    1BD Captivate
    1BE Stealth Rock
    1BF Grass Knot
    1C0 Chatter
    1C1 Judgement
    1C2 Bug Bite
    1C3 Charge Beam
    1C4 Wood Hammer
    1C5 Aqua Jet
    1C6 Attack Order
    1C7 Defend Order
    1C8 Heal Order
    1C9 Head Smash
    1CA Double Hit
    1CB Roar of Time
    1CC Special Rend
    1CD Lunar Dance
    1CE Crush Grip
    1CF Magma Storm
    1D0 Dark Void
    1D1 Seed Flare
    1D2 Ominous Wind
    1D3 Shadow Force

    Pokemon(Thanks Darthatron)
    0000 ??????????
    0001 Bulbasaur
    0002 Ivysaur
    0003 Venusaur
    0004 Charmander
    0005 Charmeleon
    0006 Charizard
    0007 Squirtle
    0008 Wartortle
    0009 Blastoise
    000A Caterpie
    000B Metapod
    000C Butterfree
    000D Weedle
    000E Kakuna
    000F Beedrill
    0010 Pidgey
    0011 Pidgeotto
    0012 Pidgeot
    0013 Rattata
    0014 Raticate
    0015 Spearow
    0016 Fearow
    0017 Ekans
    0018 Arbok
    0019 Pikachu
    001A Raichu
    001B Sandshrew
    001C Sandslash
    001D Nidoran-F
    001E Nidorina
    001F Nidoqueen
    0020 Nidoran-M
    0021 Nidorino
    0022 Nidoking
    0023 Clefairy
    0024 Clefable
    0025 Vulpix
    0026 Ninetales
    0027 Jigglypuff
    0028 Wigglytuff
    0029 Zubat
    002A Golbat
    002B Oddish
    002C Gloom
    002D Vileplume
    002E Paras
    002F Parasect
    0030 Venonat
    0031 Venomoth
    0032 Diglett
    0033 Dugtrio
    0034 Meowth
    0035 Persian
    0036 Psyduck
    0037 Golduck
    0038 Mankey
    0039 Primeape
    003A Growlithe
    003B Arcanine
    003C Poliwag
    003D Poliwhirl
    003E Poliwrath
    003F Abra
    0040 Kadabra
    0041 Alakazam
    0042 Machop
    0043 Machoke
    0044 Machamp
    0045 Bellsprout
    0046 Weepinbell
    0047 Victreebel
    0048 Tentacool
    0049 Tentacruel
    004A Geodude
    004B Graveler
    004C Golem
    004D Ponyta
    004E Rapidash
    004F Slowpoke
    0050 Slowbro
    0051 Magnemite
    0052 Magneton
    0053 Farfetch'd
    0054 Doduo
    0055 Dodrio
    0056 Seel
    0057 Dewgong
    0058 Grimer
    0059 Muk
    005A Shellder
    005B Cloyster
    005C Gastly
    005D Haunter
    005E Gengar
    005F Onix
    0060 Drowzee
    0061 Hypno
    0062 Krabby
    0063 Kingler
    0064 Voltorb
    0065 Electrode
    0066 Exeggcute
    0067 Exeggutor
    0068 Cubone
    0069 Marowak
    006A Hitmonlee
    006B Hitmonchan
    006C Lickitung
    006D Koffing
    006E Weezing
    006F Rhyhorn
    0070 Rhydon
    0071 Chansey
    0072 Tangela
    0073 Kangaskhan
    0074 Horsea
    0075 Seadra
    0076 Goldeen
    0077 Seaking
    0078 Staryu
    0079 Starmie
    007A Mr.Mime
    007B Scyther
    007C Jynx
    007D Electabuzz
    007E Magmar
    007F Pinsir
    0080 Tauros
    0081 Magikarp
    0082 Gyarados
    0083 Lapras
    0084 Ditto
    0085 Eevee
    0086 Vaporeon
    0087 Jolteon
    0088 Flareon
    0089 Porygon
    008A Omanyte
    008B Omastar
    008C Kabuto
    008D Kabutops
    008E Aerodactyl
    008F Snorlax
    0090 Articuno
    0091 Zapdos
    0092 Moltres
    0093 Dratini
    0094 Dragonair
    0095 Dragonite
    0096 Mewtwo
    0097 Mew
    0098 Chikorita
    0099 Bayleef
    009A Meganium
    009B Cyndaquil
    009C Quilava
    009D Typhlosion
    009E Totodile
    009F Croconaw
    00A0 Feraligatr
    00A1 Sentret
    00A2 Furret
    00A3 Hoothoot
    00A4 Noctowl
    00A5 Ledyba
    00A6 Ledian
    00A7 Spinarak
    00A8 Ariados
    00A9 Crobat
    00AA Chinchou
    00AB Lanturn
    00AC Pichu
    00AD Cleffa
    00AE Igglybuff
    00AF Togepi
    00B0 Togetic
    00B1 Natu
    00B2 Xatu
    00B3 Mareep
    00B4 Flaaffy
    00B5 Ampharos
    00B6 Bellossom
    00B7 Marill
    00B8 Azumarill
    00B9 Sudowoodo
    00BA Politoed
    00BB Hoppip
    00BC Skiploom
    00BD Jumpluff
    00BE Aipom
    00BF Sunkern
    00C0 Sunflora
    00C1 Yanma
    00C2 Wooper
    00C3 Quagsire
    00C4 Espeon
    00C5 Umbreon
    00C6 Murkrow
    00C7 Slowking
    00C8 Misdreavus
    00C9 Unown
    00CA Wobbuffet
    00CB Girafarig 
    00CC Pineco
    00CD Forretress
    00CE Dunsparce
    00CF Gligar
    00D0 Steelix
    00D1 Snubbull
    00D2 Granbull
    00D3 Qwilfish
    00D4 Scizor
    00D5 Shuckle
    00D6 Heracross
    00D7 Sneasel
    00D8 Teddiursa
    00D9 Ursaring
    00DA Slugma
    00DB Magcargo
    00DC Swinub
    00DD Piloswine
    00DE Corsola
    00DF Remoraid
    00E0 Octillery
    00E1 Delibird
    00E2 Mantine
    00E3 Skarmory
    00E4 Houndour
    00E5 Houndoom
    00E6 Kingdra
    00E7 Phanpy
    00E8 Donphan
    00E9 Porygon 2
    00EA Stantler
    00EB Smeargle
    00EC Tyrogue
    00ED Hitmontop
    00EE Smoochum
    00EF Elekid
    00F0 Magby
    00F1 Miltank
    00F2 Blissey
    00F3 Raikou
    00F4 Entei
    00F5 Suicune
    00F6 Larvitar
    00F7 Pupitar
    00F8 Tyranitar
    00F9 Lugia
    00FA Ho-oh
    00FB Celebi
    00FC Treecko
    00FD Grovyle
    00FE Sceptile
    00FF Torchic
    0100 Combusken
    0101 Blaziken
    0102 Mudkip
    0103 Marshtomp
    0104 Swampert
    0105 Poochyena
    0106 Mightyena
    0107 Zigzagoon
    0108 Linoone
    0109 Wurmple
    010A Silcoon
    010B Beautifly
    010C Cascoon
    010D Dustox
    010E Lotad
    010F Lombre
    0110 Ludicolo
    0111 Seedot
    0112 Nuzleaf
    0113 Shiftry
    0114 Taillow
    0115 Swellow
    0116 Wingull
    0117 Pelipper
    0118 Ralts
    0119 Kirlia
    011A Gardevoir
    011B Surskit
    011C Masquerain
    011D Shroomish
    011E Breloom
    011F Slakoth
    0120 Vigoroth
    0121 Slaking
    0122 Nincada
    0123 Ninjask
    0124 Shedinja
    0125 Whismur
    0126 Loudred
    0127 Exploud
    0128 Makuhita
    0129 Hariyama
    012A Azurill
    012B Nosepass
    012C Skitty
    012D Delcatty
    012E Sableye
    012F Mawile
    0130 Aron
    0131 Lairon
    0132 Aggron
    0133 Meditite
    0134 Medicham
    0135 Electrike
    0136 Manectric 
    0137 Plusle
    0138 Minun
    0139 Volbeat
    013A Illumise
    013B Roselia
    013C Gulpin
    013D Swalot
    013E Carvanha
    013F Sharpedo
    0140 Wailmer
    0141 Wailord
    0142 Numel
    0143 Camerupt
    0144 Torkoal
    0145 Spoink
    0146 Grumpig
    0147 Spinda
    0148 Trapinch
    0149 Vibrava
    014A Flygon
    014B Cacnea
    014C Cacturne
    014D Swablu 
    014E Altaria
    014F Zangoose
    0150 Seviper
    0151 Lunatone
    0152 Solrock
    0153 Barboach
    0154 Whiscash
    0155 Corphish
    0156 Crawdaunt
    0157 Baltoy
    0158 Claydol
    0159 Lileep
    015A Cradily
    015B Anorith
    015C Armaldo
    015D Feebas
    015E Milotic
    015F Castform
    0160 Kecleon
    0161 Shuppet
    0162 Banette
    0163 Duskull
    0164 Dusclops
    0165 Tropius
    0166 Chimecho
    0167 Absol
    0168 Wynaut
    0169 Snorunt
    016A Glalie
    016B Spheal
    016C Sealeo
    016D Walrein
    016E Clamperl
    016F Huntail
    0170 Gorebyss
    0171 Relicanth
    0172 Luvdisc
    0173 Bagon
    0174 Shellgon
    0175 Salamence
    0176 Beldum
    0177 Metang
    0178 Metagross
    0179 Regirock
    017A Regice
    017B Registeel
    017C Latias
    017D Latios
    017E Kyogre
    017F Groudon
    0180 Rayquaza
    0181 Jirachi
    0182 Deoxys
    0183 Turtwig 
    0184 Grotle
    0185 Torterra 
    0186 Chimchar 
    0187 Monferno 
    0188 Infernape 
    0189 Piplup
    018A Prinplup
    018B Empoleon 
    018C Starly 
    018D Staravia 
    018E Staraptor 
    018F Bidoof 
    0190 Bibarel 
    0191 Kricketot 
    0192 Kricketune 
    0193 Shinx 
    0194 Luxio 
    0195 Luxray
    0196 Budew
    0197 Roserade
    0198 Cranidos 
    0199 Rampardos 
    019A Shieldon
    019B Bastiodon 
    019C Burmy 
    019D Wormadam 
    019E Mothim 
    019F Combee 
    01A0 Vespiquen 
    01A1 Pachirisu 
    01A2 Buizel 
    01A3 Floatzel 
    01A4 Cherubi 
    01A5 Cherrim 
    01A6 Shellos 
    01A7 Gastrodon 
    01A8 Ambipom 
    01A9 Drifloon 
    01AA Drifblim
    01AB Buneary 
    01AC Lopunny 
    01AD Mismagius 
    01AE Honchkrow 
    01AF Glameow 
    01B0 Purugly 
    01B1 Chingling 
    01B2 Stunky 
    01B3 Skuntank 
    01B4 Bronzor 
    01B5 Bronzong 
    01B6 Bonsly 
    01B7 Mime Jr. 
    01B8 Happiny 
    01B9 Chatot 
    01BA Spiritomb 
    01BB Gible 
    01BC Gabite 
    01BD Garchomp 
    01BE Munchlax 
    01BF Riolu 
    01C0 Lucario 
    01C1 Hippopotas 
    01C2 Hippowdon 
    01C3 Skorupi
    01C4 Drapion 
    01C5 Croagunk 
    01C6 Toxicroak 
    01C7 Carnivine 
    01C8 Finneon 
    01C9 Lumineon 
    01CA Mantyke 
    01CB Snover 
    01CC Abomasnow 
    01CD Weavile 
    01CE Magnezone 
    01CF Lickilicky 
    01D0 Rhyperior 
    01D1 Tangrowth 
    01D2 Electivire 
    01D3 Magmortar
    01D4 Togekiss 
    01D5 Yanmega 
    01D6 Leafeon 
    01D7 Glaceon 
    01D8 Gliscor 
    01D9 Mamoswine 
    01DA Porygon-Z 
    01DB Gallade 
    01DC Probopass 
    01DD Dusknoir 
    01DE Froslass 
    01DF Rotom
    01E0 Uxie 
    01E1 Mesprit 
    01E2 Azelf 
    01E3 Dialga 
    01E4 Palkia 
    01E5 Heatran 
    01E6 Regigigas 
    01E7 Giratina 
    01E8 Cresselia 
    01E9 Phione 
    01EA Manaphy 
    01EB Darkrai 
    01EC Shaymin 
    01ED Arceus

    And Items(thanks gamefreakfatty)
    0001 Master Ball
    0002 Ultra Ball
    0003 Great Ball
    0004 Poke Ball
    0005 Safari Ball
    0006 Net Ball
    0007 Dive Ball
    0008 Nest Ball
    0009 Repeat Ball
    000A Timer Ball
    000B Luxury Ball
    000C Premier Ball
    000D Dusk Ball
    000E Heal Ball
    000F Quick Ball
    0010 Cherish Ball
    0011 Potion
    0012 Antidote
    0013 Burn Heal
    0014 Ice Heal
    0015 Awakening
    0016 Parlyz Heal
    0017 Full Restore
    0018 Max Potion
    0019 Hyper Potion
    001A Super Potion
    001B Full Heal
    001C Revive
    001D Max Revive
    001E Fresh Water
    001F Soda Pop
    0020 Lemonade
    0021 Moomoo Milk
    0022 EnergyPowder
    0023 Energy Root
    0024 Heal Powder
    0025 Revival Herb
    0026 Ether
    0027 Max Ether
    0028 Elixir
    0029 Max Elixir
    002A Lava Cookie
    002B Berry Juice
    002C Sacred Ash
    002D HP Up
    002E Protein
    002F Iron
    0030 Carbos
    0031 Calcium
    0032 Rare Candy
    0033 PP Up
    0034 Zinc
    0035 PP Max
    0036 Old Gateau
    0037 Guard Spec.
    0038 Dire Hit
    0039 X Attack
    003A X Defend
    003B X Speed
    003C X Accuracy
    003D X Special
    003E X Sp. Def
    003F Poke Doll
    0040 Fluffy Tail
    0041 Blue Flute
    0042 Yellow Flute
    0043 Red Flute
    0044 Black Flute
    0045 White Flute
    0046 Shoal Salt
    0047 Shoal Shell
    0048 Red Shard
    0049 Blue Shard
    004A Yellow Shard
    004B Green Shard
    004C Super Repel
    004D Max Repel
    004E Escape Rope
    004F Repel
    0050 Sun Stone
    0051 Moon Stone
    0052 Fire Stone
    0053 Thunderstone
    0054 Water Stone
    0055 Leaf Stone
    0056 TinyMushroom
    0057 Big Mushroom
    0058 Pearl
    0059 Big Pearl
    005A Stardust
    005B Star Piece
    005C Nugget
    005D Heart Scale
    005E Honey
    005F Growth Mulch
    0060 Damp Mulch
    0061 Stable Mulch
    0062 Gooey Mulch
    0063 Root Fossil
    0064 Claw Fossil
    0065 Helix Fossil
    0066 Dome Fossil
    0067 Old Amber
    0068 Armor Fossil
    0069 Skull Fossil
    006A Rare Bone
    006B Shiny Stone
    006C Dusk Stone
    006D Dawn Stone
    006E Oval Stone
    006F Odd Keystone
    0070 ???
    0071 ???
    0072 ???
    0073 ???
    0074 ???
    0075 ???
    0076 ???
    0077 ???
    0078 ???
    0079 ???
    007A ???
    007B ???
    007C ???
    007D ???
    007E ???
    007F ???
    0080 ???
    0081 ???
    0082 ???
    0083 ???
    0084 ???
    0085 ???
    0086 ???
    0087 Adamant Orb
    0088 Lustrous Orb
    0089 Grass Mail
    008A Flame Mail
    008B Bubble Mail
    008C Bloom Mail
    008D Tunnel Mail
    008E Steel Mail
    008F Heart Mail
    0090 Snow Mail
    0091 Space Mail
    0092 Air Mail
    0093 Mosaic Mail
    0094 Brick Mail
    0095 Cheri Berry
    0096 Chesto Berry
    0097 Pecha Berry
    0098 Rawst Berry
    0099 Aspear Berry
    009A Leppa Berry
    009B Oran Berry
    009C Persim Berry
    009D Lum Berry
    009E Sitrus Berry
    009F Figy Berry
    00A0 Wiki Berry
    00A1 Mago Berry
    00A2 Aguav Berry
    00A3 Iapapa Berry
    00A4 Razz Berry
    00A5 Bluk Berry
    00A6 Nanab Berry
    00A7 Wepear Berry
    00A8 Pinap Berry
    00A9 Pomeg Berry
    00AA Kelpsy Berry
    00AB Qualot Berry
    00AC Hondew Berry
    00AD Grepa Berry
    00AE Tamato Berry
    00AF Cornn Berry
    00B0 Magost Berry
    00B1 Rabuta Berry
    00B2 Nomel Berry
    00B3 Spelon Berry
    00B4 Pamtre Berry
    00B5 Watmel Berry
    00B6 Durin Berry
    00B7 Belue Berry
    00B8 Occa Berry
    00B9 Passho Berry
    00BA Wacan Berry
    00BB Rindo Berry
    00BC Yache Berry
    00BD Chople Berry
    00BE Kebia Berry
    00BF Shuca Berry
    00C0 Coba Berry
    00C1 Payapa Berry
    00C2 Tanga Berry
    00C3 Charti Berry
    00C4 Kasib Berry
    00C5 Haban Berry
    00C6 Colbur Berry
    00C7 Babiri Berry
    00C8 Chilan Berry
    00C9 Liechi Berry
    00CA Ganlon Berry
    00CB Salac Berry
    00CC Petaya Berry
    00CD Apicot Berry
    00CE Lansat Berry
    00CF Starf Berry
    00D0 Enigma Berry
    00D1 Micle Berry
    00D2 Custap Berry
    00D3 Jaboca Berry
    00D4 Rowap Berry
    00D5 BrightPowder
    00D6 White Herb
    00D7 Macho Brace
    00D8 Exp. Share
    00D9 Quick Claw
    00DA Soothe Bell
    00DB Mental Herb
    00DC Choice Band
    00DD King’s Rock
    00DE SilverPowder
    00DF Amulet Coin
    00E0 Cleanse Tag
    00E1 Soul Dew
    00E2 DeepSeaTooth
    00E3 DeepSeaScale
    00E4 Smoke Ball
    00E5 Everstone
    00E6 Focus Band
    00E7 Lucky Egg
    00E8 Scope Lens
    00E9 Metal Coat
    00EA Leftovers
    00EB Dragon Scale
    00EC Light Ball
    00ED Soft Sand
    00EE Hard Stone
    00EF Miracle Seed
    00F0 BlackGlasses
    00F1 Black Belt
    00F2 Magnet
    00F3 Mystic Water
    00F4 Sharp Beak
    00F5 Poison Barb
    00F6 NeverMeltIce
    00F7 Spell Tag
    00F8 TwistedSpoon
    00F9 Charcoal
    00FA Dragon Fang
    00FB Silk Scarf
    00FC Up-Grade
    00FD Shell Bell
    00FE Sea Incense
    00FF Lax Incense
    0100 Lucky Punch
    0101 Metal Powder
    0102 Thick Club
    0103 Stick
    0104 Red Scarf
    0105 Blue Scarf
    0106 Pink Scarf
    0107 Green Scarf
    0108 Yellow Scarf
    0109 Wide Lens
    010A Muscle Band
    010B Wise Glasses
    010C Expert Belt
    010D Light Clay
    010E Life Orb
    010F Power Herb
    0110 Toxic Orb
    0111 Flame Orb
    0112 Quick Powder
    0113 Focus Sash
    0114 Zoom Lens
    0115 Metronome
    0116 Iron Ball
    0117 Lagging Tail
    0118 Destiny Knot
    0119 Black Sludge
    011A Icy Rock
    011B Smooth Rock
    011C Heat Rock
    011D Damp Rock
    011E Grip Claw
    011F Choice Scarf
    0120 Sticky Barb
    0121 Power Bracer
    0122 Power Belt
    0123 Power Lens
    0124 Power Band
    0125 Power Anklet
    0126 Power Weight
    0127 Shed Shell
    0128 Big Root
    0129 Choice Specs
    012A Flame Plate
    012B Splash Plate
    012C Zap Plate
    012D Meadow Plate
    012E Icicle Plate
    012F Fist Plate
    0130 Toxic Plate
    0131 Earth Plate
    0132 Sky Plate
    0133 Mind Plate
    0134 Insect Plate
    0135 Stone Plate
    0136 Spooky Plate
    0137 Draco Plate
    0138 Dread Plate
    0139 Iron Plate
    013A Odd Incense
    013B Rock Incense
    013C Full Incense
    013D Wave Incense
    013E Rose Incense
    013F Luck Incense
    0140 Pure Incense
    0141 Protector
    0142 Electirizer
    0143 Magmarizer
    0144 Dubious Disc
    0145 Reaper Cloth
    0146 Razor Claw
    0147 Razor Fang
    0148 TM01
    0149 TM02
    014A TM03
    014B TM04
    014C TM05
    014D TM06
    014E TM07
    014F TM08
    0150 TM09
    0151 TM10
    0152 TM11
    0153 TM12
    0154 TM13
    0155 TM14
    0156 TM15
    0157 TM16
    0158 TM17
    0159 TM18
    015A TM19
    015B TM20
    015C TM21
    015D TM22
    015E TM23
    015F TM24
    0160 TM25
    0161 TM26
    0162 TM27
    0163 TM28
    0164 TM29
    0165 TM30
    0166 TM31
    0167 TM32
    0168 TM33
    0169 TM34
    016A TM35
    016B TM36
    016C TM37
    016D TM38
    016E TM39
    016F TM40
    0170 TM41
    0171 TM42
    0172 TM43
    0173 TM44
    0174 TM45
    0175 TM46
    0176 TM47
    0177 TM48
    0178 TM49
    0179 TM50
    017A TM51
    017B TM52
    017C TM53
    017D TM54
    017E TM55
    017F TM56
    0180 TM57
    0181 TM58
    0182 TM59
    0183 TM60
    0184 TM61
    0185 TM62
    0186 TM63
    0187 TM64
    0188 TM65
    0189 TM66
    018A TM67
    018B TM68
    018C TM69
    018D TM70
    018E TM71
    018F TM72
    0190 TM73
    0191 TM74
    0192 TM75
    0193 TM76
    0194 TM77
    0195 TM78
    0196 TM79
    0197 TM80
    0198 TM81
    0199 TM82
    019A TM83
    019B TM84
    019C TM85
    019D TM86
    019E TM87
    019F TM88
    01A0 TM89
    01A1 TM90
    01A2 TM91
    01A3 TM92
    01A4 HM01
    01A5 HM02
    01A6 HM03
    01A7 HM04
    01A8 HM05
    01A9 HM06
    01AA HM07
    01AB HM08
    01AC Explorer Kit
    01AD Loot Sack
    01AE Rule Book
    01AF Poke Radar
    01B0 Point Card
    01B1 Journal
    01B2 Seal Case
    01B3 Fashion Case
    01B4 Seal Bag
    01B5 Pal Pad
    01B6 Works Key
    01B7 Old Charm
    01B8 Galactic Key
    01B9 Red Chain
    01BA Town Map
    01BB Vs. Seeker
    01BC Coin Case
    01BD Old Rod
    01BE Good Rod
    01BF Super Rod
    01C0 Sprayduck
    01C1 Poffin Case
    01C2 Bicycle
    01C3 Suite Key
    01C4 Oak’s Letter
    01C5 Lunar Wing
    01C6 Member Card
    01C7 Azure Flute
    01C8 S.S. Ticket
    01C9 Contest Pass
    01CA Magma Stone
    01CB Parcel
    01CC Coupon 1
    01CD Coupon 2
    01CE Coupon 3
    01CF Storage Key
    01D0 SecretPotion

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      Anyways, nice work!
      Its very long to read, so I'am not going to bother as I don't have a good emulator..damn!XD
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          what do i hex edit with?
          what program?
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          Big thanks especially to DestinedJagold, Xerneas_X, Elements1 and ~RNC~

          PM me if you want to trade, or add my FC.
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            Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
            what do i hex edit with?
            what program?
            A hex editor...?
            Just search for a hex editor through Google.
            I mainly use XVI32, but there's many other good ones.
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              Wow... that's alot, thanks.

              @Dragoon: i'd recommend 010 editor or Hex Workshop
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                I have one word, wow.
                The only problem would be finding the correct patterns for some trainers, though I don't think it's that big of a deal. This is awsome, i've already changed half a dozen trainers. The next step for the people who are searching for this stuff is to find the scripting patterns and what commands do what. But thats a bit more harder.

                Thanks heaps thethethethe.
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                here everything about

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                  Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
                  I have one word, wow.
                  The only problem would be finding the correct patterns for some trainers, though I don't think it's that big of a deal. This is awsome, i've already changed half a dozen trainers. The next step for the people who are searching for this stuff is to find the scripting patterns and what commands do what. But thats a bit more harder.

                  Thanks heaps thethethethe.
                  The scripting patterns, may be harder. I've been looking for the way pointers are set out and I can't solve it. And without that, it's a little harder to find scripting patterns.

                  I just updated the first post a bit. I found a few bytes for the Base Stats in GBA, and I'm assuming that they are the same in NDS. And they look like they fit so I've decided that they are right. I also added meanings to one or two bytes in the Attack Data aswell.
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                    Great tutorial, Just waut im shure some one soon say "Which program do you use?" Or "where do you get those number?"
                    Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
                    I have one word, wow.
                    The only problem would be finding the correct patterns for some trainers, though I don't think it's that big of a deal. This is awsome, i've already changed half a dozen trainers. The next step for the people who are searching for this stuff is to find the scripting patterns and what commands do what. But thats a bit more harder.

                    Thanks heaps thethethethe.
                    May i just ask very fast, Is a Dozen 12? Or is it 32? And please share tranier offset with us (I hate to seach stuff twice if some one else already got it...)
                    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      A dozen is 12.

                      I found some more bytes for the attack. And I also found some more bytes for the attacks, and CBM had found the rest. So I've got what each byte stands for within the base stats.
                      Old March 28th, 2008 (8:19 PM).
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                        you are a genius at scripting thethethethe and you may also be a genius with hex editing also.
                        this is a long tutorial and the most amazing part is that it is only basic hex editing.
                        I'm going to read it tomorrow because it is pretty late today(central time).
                        but when i see all of this, i think you are actually a robot sometimes.
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                          My friend said that there are so many part things in DP's rom just like they are in GBA's rom.Now I see them.
                          Zel,thethethethe,LU-HO,Darthatron,HackMew,ZodiacDaGreat,Juan,score_under,JPAN,Tamah-chan,I really appreciate your kindness and your help!:D
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                            I think that you need to make the moveset editing much clearer. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out.
                            The odd-ended bytes end in "01" after the separation (after halving, the remainder is thrown away). The even-ended bytes end in "00" after the separation (after halving, no remainder is left).
                            Hope this helped.

                            -chuu ^.^
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                              it seems DP hacking will be a lot easier soon, from what i"ve read here and there.

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                                -first time poster-

                                You made me come out of hiding XD. I always thought Hex was a dork thing, to be honest...but this tutorial made me see how easy it is! Thanks! I was going to ask how to find the basestats of each pokemon, but you can easily convert them from decimal to hex and then search for them (it sounds simple when I say it like that, but it took me thirty minutes to figure that out XD.)
                                Old June 27th, 2008 (7:38 PM).
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                                  How do you get the offsets?
                                  Old June 27th, 2008 (11:18 PM).
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                                    Originally Posted by mudkipz123 View Post
                                    How do you get the offsets?
                                    What offsets are you talking about?
                                    Old June 28th, 2008 (7:01 AM).
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                                      Erm, all those numbers in hex O_O
                                      Old June 28th, 2008 (6:18 PM).
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                                      Originally Posted by mudkipz123 View Post
                                      Erm, all those numbers in hex O_O
                                      Research it.
                                      If you wanted to change the starters, then you'd search for the default starters, wouldn't you? Then take note of the offset and change it, to see if it worked. If it did, then horray! now make a tool for it, xD

                                      Old June 29th, 2008 (12:05 AM).
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                                      Hey everyobdy, good tutorial thethethethe, it really helped me with PokéEdit DP. (If you don't know what that is, take a walk over to my toolbox...!)

                                      Whilst making the tool, I needed a list of the abilities in D/P, so I made one. I figured it might help some people out, so here it is!


                                      -No Ability-
                                      Speed Boost
                                      Battle Armour
                                      Sand Veil
                                      Volt Absorb
                                      Water Absorb
                                      Cloud Nine
                                      Color Change
                                      Flash Fire
                                      Shield Dust
                                      Own Tempo
                                      Suction Cups
                                      Shadow Tag
                                      Rough Skin
                                      Wonder Guard
                                      Effect Spore
                                      Clear Body
                                      Natural Cure
                                      Serene Grace
                                      Swift Swim
                                      Huge Power
                                      Poison Point
                                      Inner Focus
                                      Magma Armour
                                      Water Veil
                                      Magnet Pull
                                      Rain Dish
                                      Sand Stream
                                      Thick Fat
                                      Early Bird
                                      Flame Body
                                      Run Away
                                      Keen Eye
                                      Hyper Cutter
                                      Cute Charm
                                      Sticky Hold
                                      Shed Skin
                                      Marvel Scale
                                      Liquid Ooze
                                      Rock Head
                                      Arena Trap
                                      Vital Spirit
                                      White Smoke
                                      Pure Power
                                      Shell Armour
                                      Air Lock
                                      Tangled Feet
                                      Motor Drive
                                      Snow Cloak
                                      Anger Point
                                      Dry Skin
                                      Iron Fist
                                      Poison Heal
                                      Skill Link
                                      Solar Power
                                      Quick Feet
                                      Magic Guard
                                      No Guard
                                      Leaf Guard
                                      Mold Breaker
                                      Super Luck
                                      Tinted Lens
                                      Slow Start
                                      Storm Drain
                                      Ice Body
                                      Solid Rock
                                      Snow Warning
                                      Honey Gather
                                      Flower Gift
                                      Bad Dreams

                                      I've made some tools for Pokémon hacking! Please check out the thread... Swampert Tools Showcase

                                      Head over to my thread to check out my latest tool, Pokémon Red/Blue Trainer Editor!

                                      Visit my site for Pokémon ROM Hacking tools! Swampert Tools Homepage
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                                        I wasnt sure how old this thread was so sorry if it is really old. First, Has anyone created/got a link to a Pokemon Diamond table file? It would be great if you do *Hint*


                                        And if not, it would be great if someone told me how to unencrypt the hex in Diamond so i can understand it.
                                        Please and thankyou.
                                        Old December 21st, 2008 (2:12 PM).
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                                        It is a really old thread. Check the last post date before you post if you think its old. If its been more than 30 days then don't post in it. Your question can be answered in the Simple Questions Thread or by using Google.

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