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Old March 28th, 2008 (12:09 AM).
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I'll join. Here's my charcter.

Name: Maria Maple

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Blaziken, Kirlia, Lugia, and Flygon

For each pokemon:

Nickname: Blaze

Species: Blaziken

Gender: Male

Personality: Blaze is a very tough pokemon and is very protective of his trainer. He is also very brave.

Nickname: Karen

Species: Kirlia

Gender: Female

Personality: Karen is a very kind pokemon and she likes to dance. She is brave, but not as brave as Blaze.

Nickname: Lugia

Species: Lugia

Gender: Male

Personality: Lugia is very kind and likes to help others out. He became very good friend with his trainer and with Karen, Blaze, and Gina. He is brave like Blaze.

Nickname: Gina

Species: Flygon

Gender: Female

Personality: Gina is a very brave and very kind pokemon. She likes to hang out with Karen and likes to watch her dance.

Appearance: Red/brown shoulder lenght hair, same style as May's, wears a necklace. wears pokemon emerald trainer girl outfit.

Personality: Brave, Pretty, funny, and confident. She is a loving sister and a good trainer.

History: Maria is a pokemon trainer and the daughter of Norman. She also has a lil’ brother name Max and a twin sister named May. When Maria and May heard what was happening and heard about their home town. Maria knew that she needed to find the orb along with the other trainers and awaken Groudon. She knew Groudon since he was a baby and his mother died. Maria has always helped Groudon get through tough situations. Now it was her turn to ask for help. So, she along with the other trainers, her sister, and her pokemon are off to find the orbs, awaken groudon, and save the world.

Other: Maria likes to sing and dance. She is good at playing tennis, golf, and soccer.

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Old April 12th, 2008 (9:55 AM).
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Hey if it's not to late I'd like to join.
Appearance:Tall about 6'5'', Longer black hair with single dark red streak near right ear, looks kind of like Volkner, Has A yellow coat with small flames at the bottom.(couldn't get picture to show up)
History:has won Kanto & Johto leagues, finished complete PokeDex
Personality:kind, caring, & helpful but can be cold or mean

Pokemon: Manaphy
Nick: N/A
Level: N/A
Moveset: Heart Swap, Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon, Surf
Personality: Kind and loving
Appearance:Slightly smaller than average Manaphy,SHINY

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nick: N/A
Species: Pikachu
Level: N/A
Move Set: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Personality: Wants to battle alot and is quirky
Appearance: average for Pikachu, SHINY

Pokemon: Charizard
Move Set:Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Mega Kick, Fly
Personality: Protective of Master
Appearance: Larger than average Charizard, SHINY

Has also Darkrai(maybe), Venusaur, Blastoise, all SHINY but hardly uses them
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