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Genesonia Region Story

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Old April 12th, 2008 (12:01 PM). Edited April 12th, 2008 by The Genesonia Region.
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I really only have town names and, obviously, the name of the region!

On-the-spot stuff:
Male hero name: Logan
Female heroine name: Maxine
Male rival's name: Vincent
Female rival's name: Irma

Basically: Male hero=Female rival; Female heroine=Male rival

Now Gym Leaders:
Vegavera City- Castor and Pollux- Fighting Type- Gemini Badge+TM 56 (Scissors Kick)+Ability to use Fly outside of battle
Absorhip Village- Independence- Bug Type- Caste System Badge+TM 4 (Bug Buzz)+ Ability to use Cut outside of battle
Sierra Town- Ranger Kirk- Ground Type- Conservation Badge+TM 91 (Conservation Effort)+ Ability to use Strength outside of battle+Admittence to the Sierra Delta*
Coldshore City- Mimi- Fire Type- Survival Badge+TM 1 (Fire Punch)+Ability to use Defog outside of battle
Grandview Town- Harris- Rock Type- Vista Badge+TM 37 (Sandstorm)+Ability to use Surf outside of battle
Elderberry Village- Rosemary & Ashton- Grass Type- Greenhouse Badge+TM 22 (Solarbeam)+Ability to use Rock Smash
Rashfear Island- Mortimus- Ghost/Dark Type- Phantasmagoria Badge+TM 83 (Embargo)+TM 11 (Mega Scare)+ Ability to use Rock Climb outside of battle
Coppermoll Town- Sergeant Locke- Steel Type- Armed Forces Badge+TM 2 (Shrapnel)+ Ability to use Waterfall outside of battle

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