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"Looks like the car was speeding to the left but now it stopped. Speed up!"
The four entered in another room that was filled with many artifacts used in medieval warfare.
The "in" isn't needed, and "clouded" IMO implies something is being obscured or hidden.

She must focus on the situation she was in or else she might be in that room
At that very moment, a crashing sound was heard, and that made Jenny and Bunny automatically.
Missing a verb at the end of this sentence.

she threw the cell phone out of the museum building.
Well, this chapter explains the car taking off (fortunate that someone was driving off right when Jenny pulled off the tracker plan). And actually, I didn't have a hard time at all with understanding what occurred this chapter. Overall, I quite enjoyed the combination of humor and mystery that was in this chapter. Though I have a few guesses about 2244... could be an address, a time (22:44), a date (2/2/44), a combination for some sort of lock-box containing a clue... I think I'll stop speculating here 'cause I'm just rambling.

I liked Norm's reaction to the cops pulling him over and how he exploded at them. And I thought it was cute how Sky and Balin were playing around with the artifacts and getting into mischief while Jenny and Bunny were investigating the painting.

At first I was questioning why Jenny would tip off their location but then it dawned on me. Perhaps if she could get Timmy and Lucas to the museum and see the Lapras painting mentioned in the text before, it could finally get them to start understanding that Bunny isn't the guilty party here.

Well, now I have to look forward to Jenny and Bunny's next move - and how long they can keep up the deception before Lucas and Timmy find out she's helping their suspect.

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    Beautiful, Bay. <3

    I love it, truly magnificent, but I've read it on Pe2k, so you still seem to amaze me. x3
    Guys, please click the link under my sig, and vote for me <3

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    Thanks, Ciira! Glad you like it! Sorry for the short reply, but I'm quite busy at the moment. :X

    Okay, here is Chapter Seven! To tell you the truth, nothing much happen in this chapter except for the plot to slow down a bit and for the readers to get to know Jenny and Bunny better. Also, this chapter will explain why Bunny don't use contractions. XD

    Thanks Hanako Tabris for betaing! And also, I kind of put a real life movie reference in here. Will give cookies to anyone who can find that reference. XD

    Chapter Seven
    Of Flights

    It had been a while since Bunny was up in the air. The last time she was up that high was when she was on Sky in the Kanto region. Bunny loved how the wind blew her hair and how everyone - Pokémon and people - looked like ants down below. Despite all that, she shuddered. Tonight, she was being wanted and thoughts of jail kept haunting her mind. One look at the moon then had her thinking about something else.

    What time is it?

    Bunny glanced at her watch to check the time. Ten minutes until midnight. Her eyes grew big.

    Wow…time flew by fast.

    Thoughts about history came again. Bunny could not believe that time could make events into history. To know that subject is not only the knowledge of when an event took place but also how, who, why, and where. Everything had to be identified.

    That was when she realized something: she did not where they were going. Bunny thought that it was unusual that she never asked that question to Jenny. Before she asked, Bunny sighed.


    "Call me Ella," quirked Jenny with a smile. "I really like my middle name better than my real name. The name Jenny’s just so bland."

    Both Balin and Bunny blinked, startled at what Jenny wanted to be called instead.

    "Well, I think Jenny is a beautiful name," Bunny stuttered. She was not sure how Jenny would react.

    Jenny laughed and then shook her head in amusement. "Again, Ella."

    Bunny rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay, Ella. Anyhow, do you know where we are going?"

    Jenny answered, "We’re going to stay at the Pokémon Center in Canalave City for the night. Can’t use the one in Jubilife City, in case news already hit there. At least we’ll be far from Lucas and Timmy. Maybe over there we could brainstorm on my uncle’s little writing."

    "Pokémon Center? We could be found over there!" Bunny objected.

    "It’s fine, Bunny. Lucas and Timmy are still probably on their way to the museum right now and I assume they did not let the media know any new developments yet."

    "What if I’m on the eleven o’clock news?"

    Jenny scratched her chin, thinking it through. True, maybe before the two men went to the museum one of them called the media to tell them of the new developments. On the other hand, no one else was at the crime scene nor could she think of anyone that knew Bunny that would call the police, at least for the moment. Another feat was that Lucas and Timmy must check out the museum and make sure she was definitely kidnapped before calling the news.

    Jenny grinned and then explained, "Don’t worry too much about it. I’m pretty sure you’re not on the news yet as it’ll take them a while for them to search the museum and then call the media."

    Bunny’s mind suddenly clicked and remembered back to when they were inside the museum.

    Center of Library, 2244

    She then thought about what Jenny told her a few moments ago:

    [i]"Sorry, to tell you the truth, I got nothing. Maybe he wanted us to go there? If it is, maybe to hide there? No, libraries close in early evenings."

    Hm…looks like Jenny got one part of the puzzle. The place has to be at the library. Wait…hide there…libraries close in early evenings.

    Bunny started to connect that part Jenny said and the scene of the museum. She snapped her fingers when she figured the puzzle out.

    Could it be that the criminal is hiding at a library? Of course! The death, the messages, it all comes together now!

    "Hey, Ella, I think I know what that message is about. He wanted us to get the criminal!" she screamed with a grin.

    Jenny turned her head slightly to face Bunny, her eyes wide open.

    "Really?" she asked, her heart racing from surprise revelations. She wanted to actually slap herself, feeling stupid for not thinking that.

    I should’ve know, me being a police officer!

    Bunny took a deep breath and grinned. What she told Ella made her blood flow faster with each word she said.

    "Just listen. It seems Ernest was able to enter the museum while it was closed and the security guard sleeping. Whoever was chasing him, he or she must know how he was able to enter it too. It is logical that Ernest locked the museum’s door for that person to not enter…but was able to enter anyhow. That was how during that time he was able to write those two messages. Not only that, an open door during closed hours would remain suspicious. Thus, I think that second message is to tell us where the criminal is hiding."

    Jenny took a moment to digest all of that information in her mind. Yes, it all made sense. Her uncle was able to write those two messages because the doors were locked. The officer also noted how excited Bunny was when she told her of her assumptions that led them to trying to solve the second message, full of stimulation. She actually found it amusing to see Bunny be obsessive over something else besides history.

    I should’ve known. Archeologists do know their stuff.

    After she laughed softly, Jenny looked at Bunny with a huge smile.

    "Hm…that does make sense here. You’re quite a detective, Buneary Girl," Jenny praised with a smile. "Don’t know why you decided to study history instead of police work!"

    When Balin heard that, he laughed for quite a long time. His chest kept moving rapidly; he could not really control it. Despite the loudness of the laugh, Bunny did not pay attention. Her mind was too focused on that nickname and what the police officer said about why she studied history.

    What? BUNEARY GIRL? Also, who does she think she is, asking me why I studied history?

    Horror struck inside Bunny’s heart. She thought she heard it scream in distress.

    "What did you call me?" Bunny asked slowly in a cold tone.

    "’Buneary Girl.’ It suits you quite well. You act very cute sometimes," Jenny mused with a huge grin. "And also, sorry to say, but I’m not sure what you can do with history…besides archeology."

    The horror struck even deeper in the woman’s heart. The word "cute" made her mind veil with anger. She thought she heard her body shatter into a thousand pieces.

    "Do not ever call me that again, Ella," warned Bunny in an even colder tone. "Also, do not ever say that about history AGAIN."

    Jenny's eyes got wide. She chuckled, finding it amusing that Bunny was angry over a name. Inspiration then bloomed; the officer wondered what would result if the little bunny got mad. Nothing could stop her from finding that out.

    "How about ‘Shortstop’? ‘Shorty’? ‘Little Bunny’?"

    Bunny just glared at her like a Gyarados ready to attack.


    Balin chuckled and shook his head. He knew Bunny was the kind of person that did not like to be called anything else but her name. She hated being called anything cute as she wanted to be taken seriously, not as some little girl in the way of important affairs. The Tropius roared in laughter, amused too of Bunny’s seriousness over names.

    "All right, Bunny," said Jenny without any resistance or complaint. She sighed, her mind getting back to what Bunny said of her uncle’s writing. "There are two problems though. One, do you know which library; and two, how about that number 2244?"

    Bunny’s eyes went wide and she too went deep in thought. Despite some bitterness towards Jenny, she admitted that she could be a help sometimes. Ernest did not mention which library. Soon her mind melted and became soaked with water.

    "True. Now this brings up another question: Why did your uncle not specifically say which library?"

    Jenny's right hand grabbed her Tropius’s neck while her left hand was on her chin. The officer was trying to figure out how to answer that question. She sighed heavily.

    Thanks, Uncle Ernest, again for not giving me more information. One blunt clue could save Bunny here…

    After much frustration fumed in her mind, only two assumptions came out of her mouth.

    "The only thing I can say is maybe my uncle was so nervous, he wasn’t able to write either the library’s name…or the correct address. That’s what the number 2244 is, right? That, or he just wanted us to use our minds."

    For a second, Bunny thought she and Balin would fall down. She was quite confused as to what Ella meant by that. Balin was confused too, having one eye slowly moving up. Tropius chuckled though, knowing exactly what Jenny meant by that.

    "Excuse me?" Bunny just said after being speechless for a few seconds.

    "Maybe he wants us to figure out which library to go to. My uncle always believed we should use our minds to figure out things and not say things straight out. If we get our answers in an instant, our minds won’t be active."

    The grass-flying dinosaur grinned and nodded while both Bunny and Balin had their mouths open.

    "Really?" said Bunny in utter shock. "If that second assumption were the case, then his common sense seems to be faltering."

    Jenny laughed loudly before she replied to Bunny’s retort.

    "Well, sometimes intelligent people have the worst common sense IQ."

    Both of Bunny’s eyes went big and she breathed heavily. When Balin saw and heard that, he closed his eyes and covered his ears. Jenny, on the other hand, just smiled.

    "What? I don’t mean all intelligent people. I’m pretty sure you have some common sense. Plus, I’m only kidding."

    While the Tropius was laughing, Bunny just gave a huff-sound.

    "Yeah, right," she muttered. The woman then began thinking about what Jenny said before she commented on intelligent people and common sense.

    "…That’s what the number 2244 is, right? That, or he just wanted us to use our minds."

    Bunny wanted to slap herself. She should have known earlier that 2244 was the street number of her favorite place in Canalave. She snapped her fingers and then gave out the biggest grin she ever did.

    "Ella, 2244 is the street number of the Canalave Library. Ernest probably wanted us to go there."

    Jenny grinned and then laughed out loud. Not only was she happy to have Bunny around, but she was also actually glad her uncle chose her.

    I guess there’s one thing my uncle did right.

    Jenny’s grin just got bigger when her eyes suddenly saw it. At first Bunny and Balin wondered why the officer smiled and then one look down told the whole story.

    Below them was the Canalave Library. A few feet across the three-story wooden building, a fountain full of water splashed loudly. The polished green roof was covered in sleeping Pidgey and Starly. On the bottom of the roof, Bunny and her Pokémon could see the numbers 2244 on the right side of the building. Balin yelped happily, as if he won the Pokémon League Championship.

    "We found the library!" Bunny cheered.

    When Jenny took a glance at the library, she nodded and then leaned closer to her Pokémon’s ear.

    "Okay, Tropius, dive down close to where that fountain is!"

    The flying Pokémon roared and then dived down fast as a bullet. While Jenny screamed for joy, Balin and Bunny screamed in fright. Again, Bunny did not notice how tight she was holding her Ninetales. The fox Pokémon began making coughing noises. True, even though she had been in the air many times with Sky, the balloon Pokémon never went down that fast.

    "Nine nine nine nine!" Balin screamed.

    We are going to die! We are going to die! We are going to die!

    Faster and faster the Tropius went down. The thought of them about to crash had Bunny close her eyes for impact.

    We are going to die! We are going to die! We are going to die!


    Bunny opened her eyes and saw Jenny, the Tropius, and Balin - the Pokémon still in her arms - laughing.

    "Oh my gosh! You said ‘We are going to die!’ like a million times!"

    Bunny’s cheeks had blushed a rosy red. She thought she said it in her mind, although she felt it screamed louder than usual.

    Before Jenny spoke, she chuckled. "It’s all right, scaredy Delcatty. Come on, let’s see how we can enter the library."


    Despite the fast speed of the police car, Timmy was still able to think about his bitterness inside his mind.

    I can’t believe it. Bunny Spruce ran away from her crime. Not only here, but all other criminals are able to run away.

    He hated it, hated it more than anything in the world. Thinking about how parents, grandparents, and friends still had not heard who killed their loved ones made his blood boil. Thinking about how every unsolved crime had a criminal taking a bath or eating at a five-star restaurant made his eyes flow with tears. In fact, he felt a single tear on his cheek, as Ernest’s death was one of those cases with the criminals getting away with it.

    More tears flowed when Timmy started to think about Jenny. He feared for her safety. Who knows what was going on while Lucas and him were still trying to get to the museum. The only thing to do right now was to get there as soon as possible.

    The sooner, the better.

    His eyes then looked out the window. He could not wait until they made it to the museum.

    If Bunny has any heart and sense left in her, she wouldn’t hurt Jenny.

    Lucas glanced at Timmy for a second and felt his heart skip a beat. He knew what Timmy was thinking.

    He really cares for Jenny.

    Lucas knew his officers well. He knew their likes and dislikes, could tell which officers got along with whom and if there was something wrong with him or her. At this moment, he knew Jenny being in great danger was taking a toll on him. The only problem was he was not sure how to make this situation better.

    "Don’t worry, Timmy. We’ll get Bunny," Lucas assured with a sad smile.

    Timmy did not pay attention. He was still thinking up of a possible victory for them when they caught Bunny.


    "Sky, still do not see any shadowed figures inside?" screamed Bunny.

    "Drift!" the Drifblim said when he shook his head. After he sighed, he glanced at Bunny and screamed at her, "Blm blm blm!"

    "I know, I am sorry to keep getting you out of your Pokéball. I might have to use you more in situations like this, though."

    "Driffff!" the balloon Pokémon groaned. He then puffed in some air and made himself bigger.

    "I am sorry, really!" Bunny said while waving her hands and closing her eyes. "As soon as I am not a wanted runaway anymore, then you and Balin can have a long rest."

    Sky shook his head, letting out some air to turn back to his normal size, and then resumed checking the windows on the right side of the building one more time. Despite not getting any rest, he did not want anything to happen to Bunny either. Two times he had already checked all of the windows on that particular side, but he knew there could be a chance he forgot to glance at something.

    While Bunny was back checking the windows, Jenny glared at her for a while. There was something about her that held the police officer’s interest. She thought it was probably because she never met a girl like Bunny. She was used to meeting girls that were into pop culture and boys while Bunny was more interested in history and problem-solving. What stood out most about Bunny though for her was the way she talked.

    She seems to talk more formally than other people I know her age.

    Being the officer she was born to be, Jenny smirked. Time to find out why.

    "Hey, Bunny!"

    "Yes," Bunny answered as soon as she turned around.

    "I wonder, why don’t you use contractions whenever you talk?"

    "Excuse me?" Bunny asked with a raised eyebrow.

    "Well, I keep hearing you say ‘do not’ instead of ‘don’t’. A little too formal, don’t you think?"

    Bunny bit her lips and felt her right hand clench tightly. At first she wanted to scream and tell her to not ask about that again. Knowing the officer though, she would probably keep nagging about that as long as the two were together. She sighed and then shook her head, hating that she had to explain the reason behind her formal speech.

    "If you must know, it is probably from my grandparents, when they baby-sat me whenever my father went to work. My grandfather was a history teacher and my grandmother did theater, but she liked history too. There would be times I would help her out with her lines and I had a lot of fun doing that. Another reason might be how I tend to think I am more mature than other people my age."

    After Bunny went back to checking the windows, Jenny nodded and then chuckled. She thought Bunny’s reasoning was good, knowing from the many police cases she went through that sometimes children do get influenced by their relatives. Another thought struck inside her mind that made her grin.

    Theater, huh? Maybe if this situation drags on, I’ll have some fun with her.

    On the left side of the building, Balin rummaged through a few bushes and dug into a couple of spots. Nothing. After the Ninetales dug the third hole, he lay down on the ground.

    "Nine…" cried Balin and then he shook his head.

    While digging and rummaging, Balin thought he could find a hidden key or something else that could open the library. When he found nothing, he thought that this was a waste of time and could have used that time to sleep or eat a little snack. Eventually, a thought came to him. This one was maybe a little farfetched, but it was worth a shot. Wanting to try, the white fox got up and rushed to the front side of the building.

    It was not long until the Ninetales came and saw the glassy doors with his own eyes. He frowned, not sure if he should open it. After debating with himself for a while, the Pokémon lifted his right front paw to push the door. Balin smiled when the door opened.


    In less than a few seconds, Jenny, Sky, and Bunny came and saw the opening, all three with eyes wide open.

    "So it was open all this time?" asked Bunny shakily.

    "Tales!" Balin said with a nod.

    "Either that criminal’s stupid or he tired to run away as fast as he could," said Jenny. She then chuckled and grinned.

    Bunny rolled her eyes. "Come on, there is no time to waste!"

    Not wanting to waste time, all four raced into the library with hope of ending this mess floating in their minds.

    [SPOILER=more comparisons]Pretty much I'm going to say is this is one of the big differences than from Da Vinci code. Okay, the book also has the two main characters talking to each other and getting to know each other too, but the big difference here is I'm letting Jenny and Bunny know each other right now. XD[/SPOILER]

    Nothing else to say but I hope you guys enjoy this and Chapter Eight shall come during my spring break at least. Right now have to study.
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    Again, whatever appears in red should be deleted.
    She chuckled, finding it amusing that Bunny was angry over a name.
    Tropius chuckled though, knowing exactly what Jenny meant by that.
    I've always heard that phrase used with "knowing" coming before "exactly."

    The flying Pokémon roared and then dived down fast as a bullet.
    Changing some awkward wording

    The thought of them going to crash had Bunny close her eyes for impact.
    Something irks me about the word "going" in there, as it doesn't flow IMO. I would suggest changing it to "about" but it's your call.

    although she felt it screamed louder than usual.
    I was a bit confused here. Is "it" referring to her mind?

    Before Jenny spoke, she chuckled.
    and if there was something was wrong with him or her.
    Two times he had already checked all of the windows on that particular side, but he knew there could be a chance he forgot to glance at something.
    My grandfather was a history teacher and my grandmother did theater, but she liked history too.
    Tense agreement.

    Another reason might be of how I tend to think I am more mature than other people my age."
    "Come on, there is no time to waste!"
    Well, what do you know, my very first guess was correct xP
    Originally Posted by DarkPersian479 View Post
    Though I have a few guesses about 2244... could be an address, a time (22:44), a date (2/2/44), a combination for some sort of lock-box containing a clue...
    A lot more was revealed this chapter, both about the plot and the characters. It also seemed as if there were more comedic moments too, like Bunny freaking out during the descent and the fact that the library was unlocked after quite a bit of time was spent trying to find a way in. But this was probably my favorite scene in the chapter:
    "’Buneary Girl.’ It suits you quite well. You act very cute sometimes," Jenny mused with a huge grin. "And also, sorry to say, but I’m not sure what you can do with history…besides archeology."

    The horror struck even deeper in the woman’s heart. The word "cute" made her mind veil with anger. She thought she heard her body shatter into a thousand pieces.

    "Do not ever call me that again, Ella," warned Bunny in an even colder tone. "Also, do not ever say that about history AGAIN."

    Jenny's eyes got wide. She chucked, finding it amusing that Bunny was angry over a name. Inspiration then bloomed; the officer wondered what would result if the little bunny got mad. Nothing could stop her from finding that out.

    "How about ‘Shortstop’? ‘Shorty’? ‘Little Bunny’?"

    Bunny just glared at her like a Gyarados ready to attack.

    I found this little exchange to be funny and... dare I say it... cute! I honestly thought this was the best scene in a fic that I've seen in a while, simply because how it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal to Bunny.

    So now the action moves on to the library, where (hopefully) more clues should be discovered. But, in true Ernest fashion, I'm pretty sure the answers won't come easy. But, actually, I'm liking the "mystery" aspect of this fic most of all. It's the kind of thing that keeps you hooked, seeing what's going to be discovered next and what new directions those findings lead the characters.

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    Hey guys! Well, here's the next chapter! There's a lot of new developments here so I hope you catch them! Also, thanks Astinus/Hanako Tabris for betaing! And lastly, will do the compare/contrast thing later...actually have to go to work right now. :X

    Chapter Eight
    History Books


    The police car parked with a loud shriek. Both Timmy and Lucas got out and dashed off towards the museum door. Before they entered the museum though, the chief’s eye caught a ruined cell phone on the ground.


    The thought of harm being done to Jenny made his blood boil. He wanted to believe himself that everything was fine, but it was not. The broken cell phone said it all. Lucas clutched his fist, anger seeping inside his veins.

    Justice will soon prevail.

    After taking a few deep breaths and having a clearer mind, he turned around to look at Timmy, who was almost at the doors.

    “Timmy, wait!”

    Lucas motioned his hands at Timmy to follow him to a new direction. The two walked up slowly towards the broken cell phone. When they were very close to it, the chief picked up one of the pieces and stared at it while his arms were shaking. His heart thumped harder with each breath he took.

    “Yeah, looks like Bunny damaged Jenny’s cell phone. Going to pick these pieces up just in case.”

    Slowly, Lucas picked up the four broken pieces and put it inside the plastic bag. Soon he took a quick look at the pieces and then put the bag inside the pocket of his suit. While looking, Timmy bit his lip, trying not to make nervous sounds. Seeing those pieces broke his heart.

    Hope nothing bad happens to her.

    “Okay, let’s go inside.”

    Before the two did anything, Timmy quickly reflected on his thoughts. It was very childish of him just pleading for Jenny’s safety. On the other hand, he knew praying would not help. There must be action.

    Time to do this thing. Don’t worry Jenny, we’re coming to get you!

    Timmy nodded and then the two went inside.


    Darn it, second time I forgot to close the library door!

    Mrs. Davis ran like she never ran before. She did not care if she was running with her nightgown on and a few sailors and Pokémon staring at her. All the librarian cared was hoping no one came inside the library.

    Who am I kidding, not many people these days go to the library. Dang the new features of the PokéTech and the internet! That actually seems to be the only reason why people enter the library.

    Her mind began thinking about Bunny, the only person she knew that came to the library to read the books inside there. Ever since Bunny graduated though, the two did not talk much. Mrs. Davis understood Bunny must have been busy with one of her many projects, so there was not much time for writing back to her. There were a few letters though that Mrs. Davis got from Bunny, explaining how fun her work was. Just only a couple months ago Bunny returned to her hometown of Canalave City and was already busy on her book on the evolutionary stones.

    Poor girl, always want to succeed. Hope the stress doesn’t get to her.

    Wanting to get this done as soon as possible, she ran faster.


    Timmy looked around the first floor while Lucas looked around at the second floor. So far in the first floor the officer found no one. No Bunny, no Jenny. His mind went to wonder if maybe they could be up at the second floor, probably again inside the bathroom.

    I just hope nothing happens to Jenny. Damn, Bunny Spruce!

    When he suddenly heard a crunch sound, Timmy lifted his foot and realized he stepped on Jenny’s walkie talkie. He instantly bent down to pick the broken pieces up and then stared at it with sadness shown in his eyes. Anxiety dug deep inside his mind again, so his hands began shaking.

    Oh no…please be okay, Jenny.

    Back on the second floor, Lucas stopped for a second and checked to see if anyone was there. No one. One look at a statue of Suicune though made him grunt. He then glanced at another statue, this time of an elf-like Pokémon that had two tails with a star on top of each one. There was a red orb on its forehead and a huge crown on top of its head. On the bottom of the statue was an inscription.

    Mesprit: Legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh
    The Being of Emotion.
    Teaches the nobility of sorrow, pain, and joy.

    The man shook his head, found it ironic his emotion at the moment was of pain, more so of the burden this case weighted on his shoulders. His temper could flare up any second.

    I’m beginning to lose my patience here. Funny how pain has some nobility.

    After he laughed at that thought, he ran towards the bathroom. When he came inside, Lucas first scanned the place, but no one was there.

    “Jenny? Bunny?”

    No sound. Lucas concluded maybe they were hiding inside one of the bathroom stalls. He then went and kicked every door and each time his eyes went wide. As soon as he kicked the last door and there was no one, he gulped and then blinked out of anxiety.

    Don’t tell me Bunny indeed ran away with Jenny!

    He quickly ran out of the bathroom but then lost his footing after a few steps. It all happened so fast there was no time for reaction. His body slid through the floor and then his back hit the Mespirt statue. After pain erupted on both his back and shoulder, he moaned and then he shook his head, got up, and ran once again. Time was running out and that little trip delayed things.


    Up on the wall of the second floor, the clock struck at twelve fifteen. The floor was only packed with shelves of books and long tables. For the last few minutes, Bunny, Jenny, Sky and Balin tried to look for the person who killed Ernest, but so far no one. That put Balin, Sky, and Bunny in a bad mood, the three kept grunting and walking slowly. Jenny tried her best to cheer everyone up, though.

    “Come on, you three! I bet the criminal’s in the third floor,” Jenny chimed while the three were going up the stairs that led to the third and last floor. No one smiled, however.

    “Are you sure, Ella?”

    Jenny smiled and then replied, “Well, if you’ve been in the force like me, you’ll know that criminals will try to cover their tracks as much as possible. Besides, maybe by now, the criminal ran away.”

    Bunny muttered some nervous sounds and covered her body with her arms. What worried her was the possibility that the criminal indeed covered his or her tracks very well and could strike her soon.

    In less than a few seconds, all four were on the third floor of the library. Not much difference from the first and second floors except more tables.

    “Okay, let’s split up and see if the murderer’s hiding anywhere.”

    Balin, Sky, and Bunny nodded and then the four were off.



    Trapped inside his thoughts for quite some time, Timmy soon turned around and saw Lucas touching his shoulder and making whimpered sounds while running quickly down the stairs. Surprised the chief already looked hurt, he was about to ask if Bunny did that, but Lucas spoke first.

    “No Jenny or Bunny anywhere. Any luck on the first floor?”

    The male officer shook his head and then answered the question. “Nope. All I found was broken pieces of the walkie talkie. How about your shoulder? If it’s not Bunny, then what happened? ”

    “Slip and fall, that’s all. Okay, give me those broken pieces.”

    When Lucas was close enough, Timmy gave the pieces to him. The chief was quiet for a while, inspecting the broken walkie talkie slowly and carefully. Anger ignited inside his veins once again. Timmy thought he saw the chief’s face slowly becoming red.

    You’ll be paying for this, missy!

    Not wanting his rage to overtake his mind again, Lucas took a deep breath and then had his mind focused on the broken walkie talkie.

    “Looks like Bunny broke this the same way she broke the cell phone. Keep this for evidence, also.”

    Lucas put the broken walkie talkie inside the plastic bag and put it in his pockets of his suit also. He then faced Timmy with a frown. When the officer saw that look, he sighed, saddened that no progress was made and instead things got worse.

    We aren’t going to progress anywhere with this rate…

    “Well, looks like there’s no other explanation than that Bunny kidnapped Jenny.”

    Timmy felt his heart stop. Never before in his police career had he heard of an officer being kidnapped by a criminal. He hated to think what would happen to one of their own.

    “Please say it isn’t true, Lucas,” Timmy said in a whisper. That was all he could say while that horrible realization was still fresh and new to him.

    Lucas sighed and then said, “So sorry.” That sigh made the pain worse so he gave out a quick moan. Timmy was about to say something, but Lucas hushed him. “Also, again don’t worry. This pain will wear off soon. Okay, going to call the police station and a few media resources to let them know the situation. Stay right here. Maybe Bunny will come back.”

    Lucas took off, not noticing that Timmy did not pay attention. Instead, the officer had one thought rewind over and over in his mind. Somehow he was again determined to find Jenny and make sure Bunny was properly punished.

    If Bunny did anything to Jenny, I’m going to make sure payback will be made.

    Yes, I see it!

    Mrs. Davis’ eyes went wide when she saw the building. The woman squealed in joy while running. Her eyes were then closed, the waves splashed onto her face.

    Almost there, almost there…

    When Mrs. Davis opened them, the library was in front of her. While breathing very hard, her hand pushed the door handle and it opened slowly.

    I guess my instincts are right. Better check out the whole place first or else someone might be trapped inside there.


    Jenny looked through the History section and found no one hiding. There were times she thought maybe, just maybe, the criminal was behind her. Each time she turned around, no one.

    However, there was one book that intrigued her. It was a skinny book and on its side was the title Carved in Silence: History of the Plates. Even though she was not into history, that title made her want to know more of those plates.

    Hm…didn’t know something you eat your food from can be of any historic significance. Maybe a couple of them are painted or something. My uncle would love reading this, though.

    She gasped and then thought her throat was on fire. Her heart now was having second thoughts about this little plan of hers. Jenny felt guilty of taking advantage of trying to find her uncle’s secrets after he was gone.

    Am I really sinking low, trying to find out what he’s hiding from me right after he died? I could just try to save Bunny until I think of a way to convince Lucas and Timmy of Bunny’s innocence. This wouldn't have happened though if Ernest told me what’s going on in the first place!

    The officer shook her head, not wanting to think about her uncle for now. There was a murderer on the loose. Out of curiosity, Jenny took the book out and was about to turn the page until she heard a scream.


    Instantly she hurried off while still holding the book.


    While Jenny was at the History section, Bunny was at the Children section. She saw many thin books with titles like Pokémon Training Ethics for Children and Pokémon Fairy Tales. There was one red book that intrigued her, however. She took the book out from the book shelve and read the title in her mind.

    Sinnoh Folk Stories. Hm…I think I read it before.

    She opened the book and turned the first page. On that page there was a picture of a lot of water Pokémon under the sea. When she turned to the second page, there were the bones of what looked like a Wailord and on the bottom there was writing.

    Pick clean the bones of Pokémon caught in the sea or stream.
    Thank them for the meals they provide and pick their bones clean.
    When the bones are as clean as can be, set them free in the water from which they came.
    The Pokémon will return, fully fleshed, and it begins anew.

    Bunny gave out a reminisced sigh. She remembered as a very young girl how that book actually got her more interested in the species of Pokémon: how they battled, cared, and cried. That eventually led her to wanting to know more about Pokémon history, how the Pokémon acted a thousand years ago and how they acted today.


    Balin’s scream made Bunny jump up and drop the book. Her heart raced with antipication.

    Oh my gosh, Balin might have found the murderer!

    After picking up the book and putting it back in the book shelf, she scurried off.

    Too bad Balin did not find the murderer. Instead, he was stuck under one of the tables. He thought he saw a shadowy figure under it, so he went under to check. One thing led to another, Balin became stuck, thanks to his nine thick tails.

    Sky slowly came and then shook his head. Again, he believed only Balin would be in situations like this, though he knew the white fox meant well and not just doing that to be a clown.

    When Bunny came and saw that, she sighed angrily, her hands on her hips and her foot tapping.

    “Balin, how did you end up like this?”

    No words came from the Nintetales. Instead, he growled softly.

    “Fine, I will get you out. Sorry, but I have to pull you out by holding a few of your tails.”

    Balin growled again, this time with a hint of anger and disbelief. He would not like it, but he knew it was his fault he was in this mess.

    Bunny tightly grabbed four of Balin’s tails and pulled as hard as she could. She let out a few grunts whenever the pull was getting hard. Eventually, Balin was pulled out with both him and Bunny crashing on the floor.

    A huge mistake.


    Mrs. Davis just finished looking through the second floor. Like on the first floor, no one on the computers, no one reading. Again, she wished someone were in here reading. A part of her though made her afraid of someone dangerous hiding in the library.

    Why am I hoping for someone to read past midnight when a possible criminal is hiding in the library!

    …Wait, criminal?

    She froze and then shuddered. Her mind thought back to the news of a few murderers that got away. Something told her one of them was using this place for hiding, at least for tonight.

    I do hope no criminal is in there. Dang it, been watching too much news lately.


    That was when she heard a loud crash sound from the third floor. Mrs. Davis just stood there for a while, not sure if she should go inside or not. Her eyes kept blinking and her body was swaying left and right.

    Should I go or not? I’m afraid maybe that person has a gun. Assuming this person’s a criminal, it’s better that he gets caught…even though it’s my fault in the first place to forget to lock the doors. I should find out first and then try to call. Besides, how often do criminals use libraries as hideouts?

    Wanting to get through this, Mrs. Davis ran up the stairs.


    When Jenny had stopped running, she saw both Bunny and Balin on the floor and Sky chuckling. She gasped and then raised her right eyebrow.

    “What happened?”

    Bunny did not answer until both her and Balin got up.

    “Balin was stuck under one of the tables, so I pulled him out.”

    When Jenny stared at Balin, he just laughed nervously. Luckily though, she just giggled and then petted his head in a caring matter.

    “At least you’re okay,” Jenny whispered to Balin. The Pokémon did not listen though, enjoying the petting a little too much.

    Bunny did not do anything except stare at the book Jenny had in her hand. A warm feeling went inside her when she saw the title.

    Carved in Silence: History of the Plates. Plates? Have I heard of it before?

    There were times when one word or sentence made someone scream with excitement but then his or her mind went blank, could not recall anything. That was what was happing to Bunny right now. The word “plates” had her mind click but at the same time blank.

    I heard about those things before at my university.

    Not wanting to get a heart attack because of one word, she decided she must have a look of that book.

    “Ella, where did you get that book?” asked Bunny when she finally could speak.

    “Huh?” Jenny replied. She took a quick glance of the book and then slapped her head. “Oh, that book! Got it at the history…”

    Bunny instantly snatched the book before Jenny could finish her sentence. Eagerness for information was showing in her huge shinning eyes.

    “You could’ve asked,” whispered Jenny bitterly. Laugher could be heard from both Sky and Balin.

    Bunny was about to open the first page until she heard a scream, though not a mad one. It was more of a frightened one.

    “Hello? Anyone there? I heard a crash and then laughter!”

    All three gasped. Without thinking, Bunny put the book in her bag.

    The footsteps became louder, indicating the assumed criminal was getting closer and closer.

    “Hide!” Jenny told the three of them.

    Everyone quickly went and hid under a table. When they lied down with their stomachs on the floor, they saw a shadowed figure with a flashlight. Bunny and Jenny covered their eyes with their hands while Balin and Sky just closed them.


    Bunny’s eyes went wide. That voice was very familiar to her. She could not help herself but scream her name in pure joy.

    “Mrs. Davis!”

    By the time Jenny covered her mouth, the light came to them and this time it stayed there for some time. Very brightly, it revealed Jenny, Bunny, Sky, and Balin.

    “Balin, Sky, Bunny? What are you guys doing here? Also, why is an officer with you three?”

    Bunny sighed. Even though she could not see her clearly (because of the flashlight), she knew by the tone of Mrs. Davis that voice she was very concerned of the situation. This was not going to be easy explaining everything to her.


    “Yes, I want that info to be posted on your website right now! Oh, and you know how you got those Jubilife News Alert system? Post the info in there too during whatever program comes at twelve thirty in the morning!”


    As soon as Lucas put his cell phone inside his suit pocket, he grabbed a cigarette and a match from the other pocket. When the match lit up, it burst into a tiny flame that then later ignited the cigarette.

    “Really need a smoke.”

    He smoked the cigarette and puffed the smoke out every few seconds. This case was really becoming stressful for him. Usually he was a very patient person, but his anger almost got out of hand after the slip and fall from the second floor earlier. Whenever he felt very mad, he would go for a smoke. The chief thought he was able to handle his emotions better than Timmy, or at least bottle them up well.

    Lucas was passionate towards his job, always wanted as many cases solved and finished as soon as possible. Like Timmy, he hated when criminals got away, although for a different reason. It was just his job.

    He thought himself not a heartless man or anything. He just got used to a thousand cases of same murders, same injuries and same burglaries that it was a routine to him.

    Many of the cases seemed to be not unique, not original. Kids being kidnapped by the parent they were separated from. Murders of people from their ex-loved ones. Hate crimes on people not considered “normal”.

    Still, it was his job. A murder case was his assignment, and not finding the criminals meant he did not do his job well.

    Will not have another case go unsolved.

    His mind then thought back to the writing Ernest did. He felt there was some vital clue to that.

    E: Check out the Lapras. First though, get Bunny Spruce.

    He grinned, thought this part of the puzzle was now solved. The chief finally felt this case was now going somewhere.

    Of course, couldn’t be any simpler!

    After he finished smoking, he dropped the cigarette and then went inside the museum. Lucas screamed when he was inside the museum again, a hint of great determination in his tone. He chuckled when he saw Timmy suddenly stare at him with huge eyes and a tightly closed mouth.

    “Come on, Timmy! Let’s go to that water route. Maybe some Lapras will be singing tonight!”


    Bunny thought it would take forever, but she finally finished telling Ms. Davis everything that happened to her tonight. She felt Dustox in her stomach whenever the librarian showed faces of fear and amazement. To her astonishment, Mrs. Davis was glad Jenny helped her escape.

    “Wow…so all of that really happened? I’m glad at least you guys are okay. Since this ‘murderer’ is not here, what’s your next plan?”

    As much as they wished it were not true, it pained all four that the criminal was not in here. Balin, Sky, Jenny, and Bunny thought they were so close to the criminal, from what assumptions they had on the clues Ernest gave them. Probably their assumptions were wrong.

    “We plan to stay at the Pokémon Center and brainstorm some locations,” Bunny finally said after a long moment of silence.

    Jenny just nodded, but there was something else in her mind. Her only worry was that the police might be able to find them somehow before the morning sun rose. Part of her wanted to keep running until the criminal was found. She sighed in defeat.

    Timmy’s right. Sometimes you just gotta take risks.

    She knew they could not just run to any place mindlessly. It would be best to plan the locations so that they could be two, maybe even three steps ahead of Timmy and Lucas.

    “Something confuses me, though,” Bunny continued after a pause. “I thought we would be able to find the criminal here. Obviously ‘Center of the Library’ and 2244 means here.”

    Mrs. Davis nodded. “True. Maybe Ernest’s giving you guys a little treasure hunt of sorts. Since I knew him a bit, he loved those things. You should know that too, Jenny.”

    Jenny suddenly felt pain deepened inside her heart. She too knew how much her uncle loved treasure hunts. It was one of many examples that proved of what she told Bunny about him earlier. Despite her mixed feelings about him, she did miss those treasure hunts when she was a child.

    “Treasure hunt?” Bunny asked with her head tilted slightly. Both of her Pokémon were confused too, their eyes wide and then the two conversed about that to themselves.

    “Bunny, your friend is right. It seems that my uncle’s doing this treasure hunt to help us find the criminal. When I was little, he would set up those treasure hunts and give me clues to solve whenever I came over to his place. In fact, those treasure hunts got me into wanting to be a police officer in the first place.”

    Bunny did not like the sound of this, her hands beginning to shake. Even though she liked a good treasure hunt, now was not the time. The sooner she was not wanted anymore, the better. She shuddered, hating that now this situation would drag on.

    Jenny sighed when she saw Bunny nervous about this. She too hated the fact the clues made things worse, not better.

    Seriously uncle, why you have to make things longer than it is?

    “Well, sorry Bunny, but I can’t call the police to prove your innocence as they might not listen to me."

    Bunny just nodded, understanding.

    “Good. Okay, just hope you guys have a good night. Sorry that you can’t find anything here. Maybe you read the clue wrong or something as I’m not sure what you can find here.”

    Before Mrs. Davis was about to leave, Bunny glanced at a small blue book inside her bag. She gasped.

    The book! I better give it back to her!

    “Mrs. Davis, wait! That book I said earlier! I almost forgot to give it back to you!”

    Mrs. Davis chuckled and then laughed.

    “Knew you would never steal a book here, even if it’s your favorite book.”

    Bunny quickly got the book and was about to give it to her but then tripped, which made everyone gasp. The book flew out of her hands and dropped. What was more intriguing was a small note floating down.

    “A note?” asked Bunny with wide eyes.

    Mrs. Davis did not look surprised but instead giggled. “There are times I see notes in the library books. Mostly love notes for some reason.”

    Jenny’s eyes followed the note and then she grabbed it. The officer grinned after she finished reading it. Mrs. Davis came to read it and she too smiled.

    “I can tell this is no love note,” Jenny mused.

    Bunny slowly got up and then when she was close to the officer, Jenny let her see the note. The archaeologist gasped of what was written in it.

    The Joys of History, When Time Heals the Wounds

    Knowing that this was indeed a treasure hunt for the criminal, Bunny moaned.

    Please, no more...

    Bunny’s breaths became louder and faster and she felt her world turning upside down. Just when there was a possibility of the criminal inside the library, all they found was a note. She now wanted to smash something to vent her anger.

    “Tell me this is a dream!” Bunny finally yelled after a long silence from everyone. Both Mrs. Davis and Jenny shook their heads. “This cannot happen! How many more clues is he giving us? I want out of this situation NOW!”

    Even though before Jenny understood Bunny’s nervousness that was the breaking point. Her left eye kept twitching and she bit her lip hard. Jenny was beginning to be annoyed that the wanted woman could not think of anything else except a horrible life in prison. The officer sighed, not liking what she was about to do next.

    This is the only way that’ll snap her out of this.

    In swift motion, Jenny came close to Bunny and then slapped her. Everyone gasped in horror and had their eyes widen. Bunny first cried out in surprise and then glared at her.

    “Why you did that?”

    “Sorry, but you need to relax. Crying over this won’t get you out of this. If you don’t want to be a wanted person anymore, we must work together. I promise I won't let you go to jail for a crime you didn’t do, and I’ll make sure of that. Besides, we fooled both Lucas and Timmy this far. I think we’ll be able to still trick them a little while longer.” After Jenny finished, she winked.

    Bunny gasped and then left her mouth open. It was true that nothing would be done if she kept complaining about it. Another thing Jenny was right about was that she should relax. Maybe then she would be able to react better that way. Still, part of her felt Lucas and Timmy would catch them sooner or later.

    After Bunny was deep in her thoughts, the woman then shrieked and felt her chest move slightly up when she felt Mrs. Davis tapped her shoulder. The next thing she knew, the blue book was in her hands. She was about to protest, but Mrs. Davis hushed her.

    “Keep it for now. I have a feeling you’ll need it later on.”

    “But, Mrs. Davis…”

    “Again, keep it for now,” she interrupted. Mrs. Davis then smiled. “This might be your only way to redeem yourself.”

    Bunny could not help herself but stare at the book. Maybe this could be something important. How, she was not sure.

    Jenny took a glance of that book and she had a feeling that might be a key to Bunny’s freedom too. Knowing her uncle, this was not the only clue he was leaving them. She checked back the paper and then sighed.

    The joys of history, when time heals the wound. 89451. This better help Bunny someway.

    “Well you two, good luck on finding the criminals. And Bunny, I’m one hundred percent sure you didn’t do it.”

    After she waved to them, the two girls and the Pokémon said goodbye back. Bunny and Jenny then looked at the moon, both knew this would be a long night.

    “Come on, Bunny. We’ll figure out that clue once we’re in the Pokémon Center.”

    Bunny turned around and nodded. The sooner they solved the clue, the better.
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    When they were very close to it,
    so there was not much time for writing back to her.
    Wanting to get this done as soon as possible, she ran faster.
    A bit of subject confusion, as she changes from thinking about Bunny to getting the library locked a bit abruptly.

    this time of an elf-like Pokémon that had two tails with a star on top of each one.
    That put Balin, Sky, and Bunny in a bad mood,
    What worried her was of the possibility thatthe criminal indeed covered his or her tracks very well
    Not wanting his rage to overtake his mind again,
    When the officer saw that look, he sighed, saddened that no progress was made and instead things got worse.
    “Well, looks like there’s no other explanation than that Bunny kidnapped Jenny.”
    This would not have happened, though if Ernest told me what’s going on in the first place, however!
    The "however" seems redundant, especially since "though" is used earlier in the sentence.

    She took the book out from the book shelf and read the title in her mind.
    Eagerness for information was showing in her huge shining eyes.

    “You could’ve asked,” whispered Jenny bitterly.
    The sooner she was not wanted anymore,
    If you don’t want to be a wanted person anymore, we must work together. I promise I won't let you go to jail for a crime you didn’t do
    The sooner they solved the clue, the better.
    There were a few more awkwardly-phrased sentences, but I didn't think they were detracting enough to point out.

    This chapter was pretty interesting, with both of the officers having nervous breakdowns and Mrs. Davis making a reappearance. It's noteworthy that while both officers are understandably angry with Bunny for what they *think* she did out of concern for Jenny, but Lucas also shows frustration at not doing his job properly.

    Looks like Ernest is still playing his favorite mind games, and this time the clue is even more cryptic. Funny how he seemingly knew that Jenny would be attracted to the book on the Plates and stuck his note in there. Or perhaps he knew that Bunny would get her history-loving hands on it...
    In swift motion, Jenny came close to Bunny and then slapped her. Everyone gasped in horror and had their eyes widen. Bunny first cried out in surprise and then glared at her.

    “Why you did that?”

    “Sorry, but you need to relax. Crying over this won’t get you out of this.
    Much as I like Bunny, she needed that. Both she and Jenny need to have their head in the game if they want to unravel this mystery. Especially since this clue is even tougher than the last...

    Now, 89451... I'm guessing this has to be some sort of combination for a lock or something since the number's too large to be an address or route number. 89451 is the area code for Incline Village, Nevada, though I think that's way off... "Where time heals the wound" could refer to the Dialga statue in Eterna, or the ruins in Celestic... Man, my brain hurts to come up with any more guesses. Guess I'll find out next chapter!

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    Okay everyone, now to Chapter Nine! Thanks to DarkPersian479 for betaing this chapter!

    Chapter Nine

    Inside the Pokémon Center, all was quiet. All the visitors, both Pokémon and trainers, slept on the furniture. Nurse Joy looked at the clock on the wall, the color faded with time. Twelve thirty in the morning. The pale skinned lady then started playing around with her pink hair, which was tied in two loops. Her eyes became heavy while she stared at the clean carpet floor.

    Already many trainers are going to battle against Byron? I thought it would take them longer, unless they decided to take a different route.

    She wanted to sleep now, but had to wait a half hour more until she could close the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy felt she was not able to think properly and thought she would fall asleep any second.

    I do hope no more people will enter the…

    She said it too soon. The electronic door opened and a female police officer, a short brunette woman, a Drifblim, and a rather small Ninetales entered. Despite her eyes twitching and her fingers drumming on the desk loudly, she gave out a very huge smile.

    “Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Center. How may I help you?”

    “Do you have a room for us to sleep for the night?” Bunny asked causally.

    Nurse Joy shook her head and then said, “Sorry, no more rooms available. However, you guys can sleep on the furniture if you like. Here’s a good one.”

    She pointed to a sofa next to a girl who had braided hair sleeping in a couch with her Starly.

    Everyone smiled and then Bunny said, “Thank you.”

    The four headed to the furniture and then Bunny put her bag down. A growling sound was soon heard that made Bunny and Balin jump up slightly. They turned around and saw Jenny. Bunny’s eyes closed and her cheeks blushed. Sky laughed, he loved how the two were scared of a growling sound.

    “Hadn’t eaten in a while. Tonight was quite busy in the police station before this situation happened. I’m going to get myself something to eat.”

    After Jenny left, Bunny and Balin shook their heads and then the archeologist opened her bag. An idea hit her head.

    “I might have something for her. Usually the Pokémon Center’s foods are no good,” mused Bunny with a smile. “Maybe something for you too.”

    “Nine!” cheered Ninetales in agreement. Sky chuckled, as he knew how much his friend loved food.

    Bunny kept rummaging through the bag and saw some papers and pens, but no snacks yet. Her eyes then went wide when she found something that was not hers. She took out a thin blue book, looked at it and gasped.

    I cannot believe Mrs. Davis would let me keep this.

    Bunny still felt unusual having this book without it being checked out. What was more unusual was why there was a note and what Carved in Silence had to do with finding her murderer. Her head then became dizzy from thinking too much.

    Jenny is right, probably I should relax. This is stressing me out as it is.

    Wanting to have her mind out of this situation for a while, she began reading. Balin barked, urging her to get back to finding the snacks. Bunny did not listen though; she was too immersed in reading the book. Sky then talked to Balin to tell him to let her just read it. Balin answered back with a grunt.

    The Pokémon Center Café was a little area with some seats, a refrigerator area that had a see through glass door, and a deli corner, which was closed for the night. Jenny went closer to the refrigerator door and saw that there were a lot of sandwiches, yogurts, drinks, and salad. She opened the door to grab a tuna salad sandwich and munched on it. After a few tastes, her eyes lit up in happiness.

    Oh my gosh, so good!

    While eating, her eyes noticed a large computer across from her. Not only there was a monitor and a keyboard but also a portable on both sides. Jenny’s eyes went wide as she thought of something.

    That’s the PC system. The police station has those to retrieve kidnapped Pokémon from far away. I also know items can be stored inside there. Uncle Ernest probably stored the next clue in a PC, most likely the criminal’s hiding place. That could explain the reason for the numbers on that note. Why would he store it in there? Also, why the other clues?

    Suddenly for the first time she felt some pity for him, understanding somewhat of her uncle’s situation. Ernest probably knew he did not have much time left, so he used another way of communication. Jenny also thought maybe Ernest wanted to relive the past. She felt a surge of pain inside, her hand clenching the left side of her chest.

    Looks like he wanted to make one last treasure hunt for me before he died.

    Soon Jenny had another thought, more so on that message he left for her and Bunny. It was as if the thought that this could be her last treasure hunt made her want to finish it off. The officer stared at the nurse and her eyes went wide.

    Wait, could the whole first line mean a Nurse Joy? The joys of history, when time heals the wound. Yes, of course! The next clue meant right here, in the Pokémon Center!

    A warm feeling touched her heart. It felt good to her that she managed to solve this piece of the puzzle.

    Hm…I think I know now what’s the deal with that third message. Also, whatever is inside that PC could be used to prove Bunny’s innocence.

    When Jenny hit that revelation, she threw away her half-eaten sandwich in the trashcan and then ran to Bunny, Sky, and Balin.

    “Hey, that’s wasting food!” Nurse Joy yelled when she saw that.


    Inside a dimly lit bedroom, a gray haired man with a few wrinkles on his face and hands was watching a documentary. While the narrator was speaking, there was a scene showing a ruined temple surrounded by a forest, a lake surrounding both. The man then turned around when he heard a door opening and saw a woman with a Misdreavus coming inside.

    “Hey, Brenda,” said the man in a tired tone.

    “Hello, Thomas,” said the woman back. “How’s work at your newspaper place?”

    “Slow. Nothing really newsworthy yet.”

    “I think there’ll be one soon,” she assured with a small smile. “So, what are you watching?”

    “A really good documentary about Uxie, Mespirt, and Azelf.”

    “Those pixies?”

    Thomas nodded. Curious about those three Pokémon, both Brenda and her Misdreavus had their eyes glued to the television screen, which still showed that temple.

    “Many documents found suggested that Mespirt once slept in Lake Verity. Archeologist Ernest Norrison explains."

    Thomas’ right brow rose up. “Wait, I think I heard that name before…”

    Brenda stared at her husband with one of her eyes wide, but then shrugged and went back to watching the documentary.

    “There is actually proof that Mesprit once lived there. If you go visit and see the Unown carvings on it, there’s an explanation on how its spirit would leave its body while it slept on the bottom of the lake. No Mesprit is found, but some documents past and present have accounts of the legendary coming to some people and teaching them about emotion, thus it was dubbed The Being of Emotion.”

    Thomas gasped, finally recalling who Ernest was. “Now I remember! I watched the news earlier tonight that reported on his death.”

    Brenda suddenly felt that same feeling she had back at The Lost Tower. She thought she could not breathe, her breaths becoming deeper. Her Misdreavus too felt the same thing, the Pokémon making loud noises. Thomas looked at both at them as if they forgot to breathe.

    “Hey, are you guys okay?”

    After taking a few more breaths, Brenda sighed. “It’s just that a couple hours ago I felt a weird feeling and then the Pokémon at the Lost Tower said there’s going to be disaster coming soon. Now I’m feeling the same thing after hearing you say Mr. Norrison just died tonight. Maybe that’s the reason.”

    Thomas laughed out loud at that explanation, believing it to be nonsense. His wife and the Pokémon glared at him with squinted eyes.

    “Why are you laughing?” asked Brenda.

    “Sorry, but it seems you’ve been hanging out with Misdreavus too long. I love you and all, sweetie, but I don’t believe in ghosts or demons. You’re probably going to say Ernest told you that doom is upon us.”

    Misdreavus hissed at Thomas for that comment. No angry reaction from the man, just a chuckle. Brenda was about to open her mouth to protest, but decided to just grunt. She knew she and her husband always argued whether ghosts do exist and the debate would never stop. As she watched Ernest Norrison still talking about Mespirt, she still felt his death must have been the cause of her strange feeling.

    I can just feel it.


    Balin and Sky lied down on Bunny’s lap while she read the introduction to the book.

    There is speculation that the plates have Unown text on them, telling of the beginning history of Sinnoh. They are rumored to be Sinnoh’s first writings. However, for some reason those texts are not recorded. Maybe before it had been, but it seemed those records perish with time. However, the history of how the plates come and go are from journals, old newspapers clippings, and interviews that range from the top professors and archeologists to the distant relatives whose ancestors had discovered those plates.

    Let’s trace the history of these plates that throughout history have been carved in silence. It will be a tale of greed, obsession, and power.

    The introduction already blew Bunny away. Her heart pumped faster and she smiled widely. Bunny was about to turn to the next page until Jenny yelled out her name.

    “Bunny! I think I know where the next message is!”

    Bunny turned around saw Jenny running towards her. She stared at the officer with wide eyes. Her mind raced in both excitement and anxiety.

    “Wait, you do?”

    As soon as Jenny sat on the sofa, Sky and Balin slowly woke up from their nap and glared at Jenny with sleepy eyes.

    Jenny nodded and answered, “Ah ha. You also won’t believe where.”

    Back at her desk, Nurse Joy used her fingers to drum on the desk. Her eyes checked the clock again. Ten minutes until one o’ clock.

    Ugh, the last ten minutes are always the longest.

    To pass the time, Nurse Joy turned on the radio to listen to some music. A male’s voice was soon heard.

    “All right and that’s the Crazy Crobats’ ‘Pokemon Love Potion Number Three’. Oh, for those of you Noctowl out there, I got some important breaking news. The Jubilife Police called for a Sinnoh region wide search for Bunny Spruce. The description of her is she has curly brown hair, five feet two, weight about one hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a blue furry turtleneck and baggy jeans. She also has a Ninetales with her at all times.

    “She’s accused of the killing of famous Pokemon archeologist Ernest Norrison and the kidnapping of Jubilife Police’s own Officer Jenny ‘Ella’ Emblem. The police ask that you call 1-800-555-2334 if you have seen them or any leads of their whereabouts."

    “Bunny?” asked Nurse Joy to herself.

    In an instant, she saw a woman in a blue furry turtleneck and baggy pants with a Ninetales. Not only that, the brunette woman also had a Drifblim. All three were behind Jenny. Nurse Joy raised her eyebrow.

    It can’t be. Those two got along pretty good. It doesn’t look like that woman is having her as a hostage.

    When the four were close to the PC system though and the woman was talking to Jenny, that was when Nurse Joy gasped.

    Looks like this Bunny gal wants Jenny to get her something.

    Without hesitation, she dialed the number to the Jubilife Police Station.


    On Route 218, there was a long bridge that drivers could use to go from Jubilife City to Canalave City. The best part was a sea for them to glance at and be swept by its beauty. Chief Lucas drove the police car at a high rate of speed. He badly wanted to get to that city as quickly as possible.

    “There must be some Lapras on this route. Need to park the car in the city first, though.”

    Timmy just stared at the sea. The waves became bigger, fortunately not too big. A couple of Lumineon and Goldeen jumped out of the sea and then fell down back inside with a small splash. The male officer smiled. He thought those fish Pokémon were very pretty. A sigh then came from his mouth when he got back to reality.

    I hope we’re not too late.

    At that moment, inside the police car a male officer’s voice boomed from the radio .

    “Officer Timmy, Chief Lucas! This is Officer Richard speaking!”

    Instantly, Lucas picked up the little microphone.

    “This is Chief Lucas. What’s the matter?”

    “Well, we just got a call from Nurse Joy of Canalave City Pokémon Center and that Bunny Spruce is in there with Officer Jenny as a hostage.”

    Lucas gasped while Timmy squeaked.

    “Hostage?” Timmy shuttered to Lucas.

    Lucas was about to say something but instead smiled. He now thought they had the advantage.

    “Thank you, Officer Richard. We’re on our way.”

    The chief turned off the microphone and his foot stomped on the gas pedal harder then before. The police car raced faster.



    Please put in your name and password before continuing.


    Bunny, Sky, Balin, and Jenny stared at the screen for some time while the cursor kept blinking. Nothing had been done yet to the PC as realization hit them that another clue would soon be solved.

    “So…I guess what your uncle meant by that long line is Nurse Joy and this Pokémon Center, right?” Bunny said with a smile. “Quite clever to use that line to describe this place, am I right?”

    “Yep, I admit,” Jenny agreed with a smirk. “Well, I guess we should get started, huh?”

    After everyone nodded, Jenny sighed and first typed in the name Ernest Norrison. Jenny then typed in the numbers, but slowly.


    Balin’s eyes went wide with anticipation.


    Jenny felt her arms shaking. She continued typing slowly though.


    Bunny held her breath. Her whole body began to tremble.


    Sky wanted to scream in anticipation, but kept it to himself.


    Jenny held her breathe and then touched the button ENTER.


    Xatu looked at the time. One o’ clock in the morning. For a while, the flying Pokémon stared at Jacob. He sensed his trainer was very troubled from the event that happened not too long ago. The Pokémon wanted to do something to make him feel better, but could not think of anything right now.

    All of a sudden, Xatu wanted to go back to the crime scene, but then shook his head. That could erupt into a scene if the police were to be there. Soon they would want to track him down. In addition, what if Jacob got up and noticed his Pokémon was gone? The Xatu’s heart ached when he thought of that idea. He hated to see Jacob being distressed over his missing Pokémon when he had a lot on his mind already.

    The bird Pokémon’s eyes gazed at his trainer again. He thought he heard very soft whimpers from Jacob.

    “Xatu,” the Pokémon whispered, his head down in sadness. Still, the Xatu heard whimpers from Jacob.

    All of a sudden, a sound of sirens made the psychic type screech and Jacob fall down.

    “Attu?” the bird Pokémon asked when he came close to his trainer.

    Before Jacob said anything, he rubbed his head and smiled at his Pokémon.

    “I’m fine, thank you. Now, what could that be?”

    He ran to open the curtains and saw a police car parked close at the Pokémon Center. That already had Jacob’s breaths getting deeper and heart racing with anxiety.

    What? How they know I’m here? Unless…

    He closed the curtains and turned to the Xatu, his eyes burning.

    “Ernest probably wrote this location somewhere back at the museum. We better go now!”

    Xatu nodded and his body began glowing purple, but Jacob shook his head. The bird Pokémon stopped glowing and then whined in protest.

    “No, not here. From the looks of it, they want to surprise me with an arrest. Need to check myself first and also it’ll be safer. Don’t really want to look suspicious.”

    Understanding the situation, the Xatu nodded again and then the two left the room.

    Thank you. You can now proceed to one of the following options:

    Everyone sighed in relief and then Jenny touched the button KEY ITEMS. Everyone leaned closer to see the list and there was only one listed.


    Would like to receive this item?

    Jenny pushed the YES button and the bottom part of the right portable began emitting electric shocks. Everyone took a few steps backwards for safety. As soon as a note was revealed and the lightning stopped, Jenny grabbed it and turned around to give Bunny a grin, which she returned with a smile.

    “The sooner, the better,” Bunny simply said.

    Jenny nodded and was about to unfold it until an all too familiar male voice was heard.

    “Hello, Bunny.”

    Not thinking, Jenny put the paper in her uniform pocket and then turned around. In front of her, Bunny, Sky, and Balin were Nurse Joy, Timmy, and Lucas. Her eyes took a quick glance at the archeologist and her Pokémon, all three with fear painted on their faces.

    Shoot…don’t tell me Nurse Joy called them, she prayed to herself while sweat touched her cheeks very hotly. She did not know that Bunny was thinking the same thing.

    She was always weak when it came to fear. Bunny could not believe what was happening. Thoughts again of going to jail made matters worse. Her eyes kept blinking and her feet could not stop shaking. For a second she thought she lost her voice. However, there was a hint of hatred towards that nurse in her eyes,.

    Fabled to be the sweetest person in the world. Sweeter than cake, very false.

    “Thanks, Nurse Joy for the call,” said Lucas and then winked at the nurse. He later turned to face Timmy and soon pointed his finger at Bunny. “All right, get her!”

    Timmy got the cuffs out of his pocket and then in the blink of an eye they were in Bunny’s hands and behind her back.

    “Excuse me, but I did not do anything!”

    “Oh, you really done it. First murder and now kidnapping our own police officer? You’re going to jail big time,” Timmy said.

    Bunny did nothing but left her mouth open wide, too speechless to talk

    Jenny did not pay attention to Balin’s barking nor Sky’s puffs, her mind been washed from failure. Now the two got her and there was nothing she could do…

    Or maybe I can, Jenny thought with a grin.

    “You have the right to remain silent,” Timmy said to Bunny. He was about to take her to the police car until…

    “POWER GEM!”


    Well, pretty much one of the big differences from the previous chapter and this chapter from "Da Vinci Code" is Bunny and Jenny traveled a couple more places to get their first clues while the characters in the novel pretty much went to one place to get their first clues.

    ...I know, doesn't really make much sense unless you guys read "Da Vinci Code". XD

    Well, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Expect the tenth one to come out either in late May or early June, which will have a lot more new developments in it.
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    Well, at least I got the part about the number being a code right... Interesting interpretation of the PC system, btw.

    And I was interested to see what Ernest's note said, but of COURSE Nurse Joy has to cll in the cops... Can't really blame her; she only knew the side of the story where Bunny was a fugitive, and even so, she had her doubts about it:
    It can’t be. Those two got along pretty good. It doesn’t look like that woman is having her as a hostage.
    And what about Jacob. He left his room but did he somehow slip out during the chaos of Bunny's arrest or is he hiding somewhere until the fuzz leaves? Or did you plan to reveal all that in the next chapter?

    In any event, nice cliffhanger. Bunny's in custody and then suddenly, a Power Gem comes out of nowhere! Will that be distraction enough to get Bunny out of there? Will Lucas and Timmy suspect that Jenny's an accomplice? When will I stop asking these questions?

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    Woah, this is like the fastest update yet! XD There's a reason for that though: my beta DarkPersian479's internet access will be limited for a couple of months. So I'll say sorry in advance that Chapter 11 won't be updated that fast. ^^; All right, the chapter and then the big announcements.

    Thanks again to DarkPersian479 for betaing this chapter!

    Chapter Ten
    Sky High Battle

    After Jacob and the bird Pokémon got out of Harbor Inn, they ran and then stopped after a good distance. They quickly glanced at their surroundings to make sure the coast was clear. The Xatu stared at the man, waiting for him to answer if it would be all right to use Teleport. Jacob nodded and smiled.

    “Yes, I think so. Okay, Teleport us to…”

    He was interrupted when he saw a bright light shining at the Pokémon Center. Both Jacob and his Xatu stared with wide eyes.

    “What’s that?”


    A storm of silver gems hit Timmy’s arm and made Nurse Joy and Lucas cover their eyes with their hands. All three cried out in pain. When that attack happened, Bunny closed her eyes, but none of the gems hit her. As soon as the attack ended, she opened them and saw a Pokémon she had never seen before.

    Despite her four tiny wings, the bee Pokémon still looked very menacing. The Vespiquen’s red eyes and two sharp teeth made Bunny’s eyes open wide. One look at the glowing ruby on her head instantly let Bunny know how the Power Gem attack was produced.

    After staring at the Pokémon, she saw Jenny, Sky, and Balin smiling. Bunny grinned back at Jenny. Her grin became bigger when she saw the angry faces of Nurse Joy, Lucas, and Timmy, all three had a shade of red on their faces. Bunny could not help but crack a smile when she saw Timmy’s veins on the bottom part of his forehead almost popped out and his right eye blinking rapidly.

    Seeing Jenny using her Vespiquen told the whole story. Timmy first thought Jenny was kidnapped when it was not the case. Already he felt all his rage towards Jenny, anger poisoning his mind.

    Doesn’t she know it’s wrong to help a criminal?

    “Jenny…don’t tell me it’s ALL A HOAX!”

    Lucas sighed and shook his head. He thought the same thing, but he knew better than to suddenly scream. Not only that, he was the type of person that gave things a chance.

    “Timmy, calm down. Let Jenny give her explanation…”

    Timmy did not listen. He continued screaming at Jenny. Jenny just stared at him, waiting for him to finish.


    Timmy’s scream woke up everyone in the Pokémon Center, as they came to see what was all the commotion. The same or similar questions flew though the room as rapid as an Agility attack. Despite his huge yell and many curious eyes staring at the scene, Jenny beamed.

    “I told you that Bunny Spruce’s innocent. Now, let’s be reasonable about this.”

    Timmy slapped his face. Despite him having an attraction towards Jenny, his mind was focused on what the woman did. He now hated her for saying that to him.

    There’s no use explaining to that woman. I guess there’s only one thing to do.

    Timmy grabbed Bunny’s cuffed arms again, which made her yelp. Balin this time growled to himself but had tiny flames forming inside his throat. Seeing that, Sky began talking to him, asking him not to resort to violence yet. Balin stopped growling and grunted. Jenny gasped while the crowd began muttering to each other about what was happening so far.

    .“Timmy! Please, can we talk?”

    “Let me go! I did not do anything! Jenny actually has proof! Jenny, show her that paper!”

    Jenny nodded and was about to take out the paper from her pocket until she heard Timmy speak again.

    “What’s unreasonable is that you’re helping a criminal and attacking your very own force!”

    When Timmy was about to leave with Bunny, Jenny glared at Timmy with her eyes burning with rage. She turned to Lucas, who just frowned at her.

    “Sorry Jenny, but you have to be in question too for helping Bunny. The consequences for that will be explained too.”

    The chief sighed. He was shocked at Jenny for helping a criminal too. Unlike Timmy, Lucas’s feelings was different. Seeing Jenny’s wide eyes almost made him actually want to forgive her, but he lowered his head down.

    “Nothing can express how much I’m disappointed in you. Never thought a great officer like you would pull this kind of stunt.”

    Jenny bit her lip. She hated it when Lucas became disappointed with her. She did not like it when she did something wrong that led people to hate her. The officer knew she did not have much time to redeem herself and she had to do it quickly.

    “Look chief, I seriously have evidence that Bunny’s innocent. Wait, I have it…”

    “Jenny,” Lucas interrupted in a harsher tone. “The evidence points to Bunny It even says to find her. Isn’t it obvious, Jenny? Bunny Spruce murdered Ernest Norrison. Come on, let’s get back to the police station. “

    Lucas grabbed Jenny’s hand tightly and then the two were following Timmy and Bunny. At first Jenny was speechless and thought she would not be able to get out of Lucas’ grip. There was no more enthusiasm from her left, she felt weak all of a sudden. However, she then smiled.

    All they care about is getting the criminals as soon as possible. Me too, but I know I won’t be that narrow minded. I guess I‘ve got no other choice…

    Jenny turned to her Vespiquen and nodded. The bee Pokémon nodded back and quickly flew off. In less then a second, she grabbed Bunny’s arm and the two instantly went outside.

    “What the?” asked Lucas, not realizing he had let go of Jenny. “Let’s go get them!”

    “Balin, Sky, distract them!” commanded Jenny.

    Sky chuckled and then puffed out black smoke; the Haze attack soon made the officers and Nurse Joy not able to see anything and complain about it. It was then Balin’s turn so he spit out three violet flaming orbs. The Will-o-Wisp attack smashed down on the tiled floor and even more smoke burst out. Balin, Sky, and Jenny took the opportunity to run outside.

    When the three came out, they saw both Bunny and the bee Pokémon turned around.

    “Now what?” Bunny asked quickly while taking deep breaths. Her eyes went wide when she glanced at the smoke coming out from the building.

    Jenny took out Vespiquen’s pokéball and returned her. With not a second to lose, she instantly took out her Tropius’ pokéball and he emerged.

    “We don’t have much time! Return Sky now!”

    Back at the Pokémon Center, the smoke cleared out to reveal a brown owl Pokémon flapping his wings.

    “Noctowl, owl!” the Noctowl hooted.

    “Great job there, Eisen!” Timmy said happily. He turned to Lucas and said to him, “Let’s go right now!”

    Lucas nodded and the two dashed out towards the Pokémon Center door.


    “But where are we going?” Bunny asked loudly while stomping her foot.

    “Worry about that later! Let’s go now that we have the chance!”

    Bunny’s body and hands shook. She was never used to people screaming at her like that. She nodded, knowing the officer was right.

    After Bunny returned Sky, she grabbed Balin and all three climbed on the Tropius’ back once again. Jenny patted her Pokémon’s back before she screamed, “Okay Tropius, let’s take off again!”

    The grass Pokémon nodded and its leafy wings burst up. After the wings flapped a few times, he took off again. Once up high, he gave the loudest roar he ever emitted.


    After they saw that bright light, Jacob and the Xatu just stared at the building as if they expected more lights to come. The fireworks show was just getting started, though. They then saw two women and a Ninetales take off on the back of a Tropius that just recently roared. Soon, two officers came out.

    He titled his head while still watching the Tropius and his passengers flying up high. One of the girls and the Ninetales were what got Jacob’s mind scattered in utter confusion.


    Why would she be running away from the police? Also, why the Pokemon Center? Maybe the police aren’t looking for him after all? Those questions kept repeating inside Jacob’s head.


    His Pokémon’s scream gave him little time to try to come up with answers to his questions and instead made him turn around. The people from the Pokémon Center began to flee the building. Suddenly, Jacob nodded when he saw them.

    Probably someone will tell me what happened.

    As Jacob ran towards the people, Xatu followed behind.


    Lucas took the driver’s seat, quickly started the car, and took off in a hurry. He knew he might need to order his Noctowl to perform some attacks later on. Timmy popped his head out of the window.

    “Okay Eisen, get ready to attack, got it?”

    “Owl!” the Noctowl exclaimed happily. Eisen then flew up high and screamed his battle cry. “NOCTOWWWWLLLL!”

    Timmy just chuckled when he heard that and then let the cool breeze kiss his face.

    On the passenger’s side, Lucas’ hands started shaking and he frowned. His head felt foggy and cold. The chief was worried for both Jenny and Timmy, afraid that their argument might get this case nowhere. Not only that, he was afraid Jenny and Bunny might get hurt.

    “Are you sure battling is the way, Timmy?”

    “Of course! Come on, you too would probably use force if things don’t go your way, right?”

    One of Lucas’ eyes twitched. “Only in dire situations!”

    “And this is a dire situation! Jenny won’t agree to bring Bunny back! She even used her own Pokémon to get that woman from us! Come on chief, we tried to reason with her peacefully, but it didn’t work.”

    Lucas gasped and then sighed. He was at first uncomfortable with Timmy battling against Jenny, but at the end he knew that was the only thing they could do. Because of how Jenny was the one that started attacking them in the first place, it seemed fair.

    Not wanting to have conflicts about this, Lucas then thought about how Jenny helped Bunny. He was disappointed with Jenny, but like before still stood in favor of giving her a chance for a say on this.

    Hope she’ll come peacefully with us in the end, despite what we’ll do next.

    After he nodded, he answered, “Okay, maybe you got something there. However, be careful, all right?”

    “Don’t worry, I will. The battle will only be of Pokémon versus Pokémon. Hope that will make Jenny surrender.”


    The Tropius flew with ease, despite three passengers on his back. Bunny still took deep breaths. She still could not believe Jenny took a risk to save her in front of her peers.

    “You are now going to lose your job!” Bunny said with concern.

    Jenny giggled and answered, “Like I said, I’ll be able to go to another police station easily from one of my relatives. Nice of you to worry about me, though.”

    When Balin chuckled, Bunny glared at him angrily. The Ninetales stopped as soon as he saw her and then gulped.

    “Anyways,” Jenny continued, “I think we should hide at Oreburgh City for a little bit. Maybe then we can plan other hiding places and possibly brainstorm who could be my uncle’s murderer.”

    As the breeze touched Bunny’s face, she began thinking. For the first time tonight, she was beginning to have fun. Again, Bunny could not believe they got away once again and felt excitement shaking her mind.

    She grinned and then cheered, “Yes, we tricked them again!”

    At first Jenny’s eyes went wide, but then she laughed after she realized what Bunny meant by that.

    “Told ya so,” Jenny said with a smirk.

    Balin barked joyfully while Jenny giggled. Bunny continued to show her happiness by screaming in delight and punching her hands up in the air.

    It was short lived, though.

    There was a hissing noise, as if an invisible force slashed at the sky.


    “Tropiusssss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain.

    All three turned to look at Tropius and there was a cut on the top part of his front leg.

    “Now, who did that?” asked Bunny while her body and hands began shaking.

    One scream answered that question.


    The two women and two Pokémon turned around and saw a Noctowl close behind them. Their bodies shook and hearts drummed quickly when they saw the bird Pokémon’s childlike smile.

    “Good work, Noctowl!” screamed a male’s voice.

    Bunny, Balin, the Tropius, and Jenny looked down and saw Timmy’s head out of the police car.

    “Timmy? Now what, you’re battling us?” Jenny screamed, her right hand curled tightly into a ball and her breaths becoming deeper.

    “Yes, since it seems you’re actually helping the criminal. Now please, bring her back!”

    “Criminal? For the last time, she’s innocent! If you want proof, Ernest actually called me…”

    “To tell you Bunny is the murderer!” Timmy interrupted.

    “Told you so,” Jenny whispered to Bunny. The wanted woman nodded and shook her head. She could not believe it either.

    “Look, all of this can be forgotten if you just turn her in! If not, then it’s a battle!”

    Bunny had a weird feeling that Jenny would turn her in, but she was not sure why. She bit her lip, not wanting to make whining noises. Bunny felt that the policewoman’s half-closed eyes and frown spoke for itself.

    “Please, Ella. Do not turn me in,” Bunny whispered while shaking her head.

    Jenny just smiled and winked.

    “Then battle!” she screamed.

    Balin cheered and wagged his nine tails while Bunny grinned. This battle could get interesting.


    On the grassy area of route 218, the crowd, including Jacob and his Xatu, stopped there to watch the battle. This was one police chase scene no one wanted to miss.

    “This is going to be good!” said a chubby man in hiker clothes.

    “How will it end?” a skinny red haired girl asked.

    “I bet that the police will catch them!” a tall man in pajamas said.

    Jacob just sighed while the other people in the crowd chattered. They cared more about who would be winning then what if someone got hurt. All he worried about now was what injures would result from the battle.

    I hope Bunny will be okay.

    His mind suddenly went back to the question as to how Bunny was accused of murdering Ernest. He looked around and tapped his finger at a skinny man in a robe.

    “Excuse me, but what’s going on?”

    “I’m not sure, but this woman named Bunny’s accused of murdering Ernest Norrison.”

    Jacob’s eyes grew big and he held his breath. That was the last thing he wanted to hear.

    Bunny? Why she would be accused of murder?

    If it were true that Bunny was accused of murder, he for sure knew then someone framed her. More information was needed.

    “Do you know anything else?”

    The sleepy man shook his head. “Sorry, that’s all I know.”

    Jacob sighed, disappointed there was nothing else he could find on that case. He looked up at the sky and shook his head.

    That should’ve been me.

    He grunted and put his head down in shame. Whatever caused the police to catch Bunny, Jacob knew they were looking for the wrong person. It would be the right thing to turn himself him and tell the policemen the truth. However, he did not want to.

    My reputation will be ruined. I won’t be taken seriously. I still want to save Bunny, though. There must be a way…

    When he glanced at the sky again, he sighed, heartbroken on what to do.


    Timmy gave out a sly smile, believing this battle would be good.

    “Okay Eisen, let’s start out with Psychic!”

    The owl Pokémon’s eyes glowed blue and soon a rainbow beam was heading towards them. Before Jenny ordered an attack, the Tropius’ wings blazed white and he used them as a shield. When the attack hit the wings, it just bounced back.

    “Good thinking, Tropius,” said Jenny proudly. When he heard that, the grass Pokémon roared in triumph.

    Eisen snorted. He had thought the attack would make a critical hit. Timmy clutched his teeth before he decided on another attack.



    Sounds waves were emitted from that screech. It instantly went through Tropius’ ears, so he closed his eyes tightly. His passengers did the same, but Bunny and Jenny also covered their ears.


    “Too loud!” Bunny yelled, trying to make her voice louder than that screech.


    The Tropius really could not take it. Each second of that screech was worse than before. He felt as if the sound went through his heart and cut it piece by piece.


    Balin felt like crying, but he bit his lip. The noise was too much for him.


    Jenny could not think of an attack to call. Like Balin, the noise overtook her mind.


    Despite the loud noise, and covering his ears in the process, Timmy smiled. He got them where he wanted.

    “Okay, now go for Aerial Ace!”

    The sound waves were fading, but the battle went on. Eisen screamed, as if it could make him stronger, and flew rapidly. His head then rammed into the Tropius, which made the dual grass-flying type roar in pain. Bunny and Jenny held tight, and luckily no one fell. Laughter from the Noctowl could be heard.

    After a couple of seconds to think, Jenny smiled and got an idea.

    “Tropius, hit Eisen hard with Energy Ball!”

    The Tropius roared, and then a green shiny ball came out from his mouth. The Energy Ball attack soon hit the Noctowl squarely on the chest. When he saw that, the grass type snorted in accomplishment and smiled.

    “Nice work!” Jenny cheered. She heard both Bunny and Balin cheering too. “Now, let’s go with Leaf Storm!”

    The Tropius cried in triumph and he flapped his wings. Soon hundreds of bright leaves burst out and turned into a twister. The Leaf Storm attack was about to hit the Noctowl. However, he just stood there and smiled.

    That is odd…Bunny thought to herself. That Noctowl’s not doing anything right now, unless he is waiting for the moment to strike.

    Back inside the car, Lucas managed to see the battle. He shook his head and then sighed, not liking where the battle was going.

    I only hope no one gets seriously hurt.

    Timmy gritted his teeth. He needed to think of something or else Jenny would be able to call out more attacks. At that moment, he snapped his fingers.

    “Eisen, Double Team!”

    Ten copies of the Pokémon appeared. When Eisen screamed, it was louder then before because now there were ten of him.


    Everyone‘s eyes widened at the same time. They knew that Double Team could be effective in situations like these. The Leaf Storm attack sliced at all of them, but no sound of pain coming from the real Noctowl yet.

    What happens next all four should have known. The real Noctowl, who look like he was actually burning, instantly got out of the leafy storm, the burned leafs falling gently into the sea. Because the Tropius did not expect this to happen, he was not able to protect himself when the owl Pokémon slammed him right on his neck. The Tropius felt burnt marks on that spot.

    “Tropiussss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain. He felt dizzy now, his head swaying left and right.

    Because of the power of the attack, Bunny lost her grip on her Ninetales and then she fell down on the grass type.


    Balin’s jaws dropped and then he yelped. Already fires burned inside his eyes. He then craned his head and then huge flames were let out. Before the attack got to Eisen, he flapped his wings and then the flames went back to Tropius. The grass-flying type though turned away from the flames and then shot a glare at Balin. The Ninetales ignored the Pokemon, instead gritted his teeth and stared at Eisen.

    The Noctowl, on the other hand, took very deep breaths, thanks to both his Brave Bird and Gust attack being used back to back.

    “That’s the way to fight!” Timmy praised to his Pokémon.

    Despite being quite hurt, Eisen gave a small smile.

    At first Jenny was not paying attention to anything, her head too shaken up from Eisen’s attack. However, her eyes went wide when she heard a scream and saw Bunny falling.

    “Bunny! Tropius, dived down and save Bunny!”

    The Tropius roared and then dived down to catch up with Bunny.

    Time seemed to slow down for Bunny. She just stared at the stars and the moon. Her heart began beating faster and faster.

    Why me?

    Bunny never thought she would be in this kind of trouble. She hated how one little misconception could led her to her death. If she instantly ceased to exist, she would not be able to find out more of history’s mysteries.

    I am not ready to embrace death yet.

    After she took one deep breathe, all seem invertible. That is, until she felt a huge thump Bunny’s eye’s shot wide open and she saw she was back on the Tropius and also Jenny grinning at her.

    “This isn’t over yet.”

    The archeologist was at first speechless and her eyes wide with confusion. However, she then chuckled and began thinking of how the battle went so far.

    Bunny had to hand it to the two Pokémon. Both could endure strong attacks pretty well and both were smart battlers. She wished she were a skilled enough trainer to have her Pokémon battle on their own in very crucial situations. Her mind was interrupted when she noted the Noctowl’s deep breathing. She knew this was a perfect opportunity to attack.

    “Jenny, you better think of an attack while you still have a chance! Looks like the Noctowl hit a backlash from its last attack!” Bunny said urgently.

    Jenny nodded and then she smirked.

    “Tropius, trap Eisen with Grass Knot!”

    After he shook his head to concentrate better, skinny leafy vines exploded out from the leafy part of his neck and tied up the tired Noctowl.

    “Owl?” Eisen asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned around and saw his opponent smiling.

    “Yes, that should hold him!” Jenny exclaimed. Behind her, both Balin and Bunny cheered.

    Back at the moving police car, Timmy slammed his hand on the inside of the police door while Lucas just sighed.

    “You should do better then that, Timmy. Before you know it, she will be able to disappear with that criminal!”

    Timmy’s forehead moved up and down a few times. He began scratching his chin. If no attack were called upon soon, Jenny’s Pokemon would be able to use another attack.

    Sometimes preparations and training paid off in the long run. The Noctowl had turned his head halfway upside down and moments later he smiled when he thought of an attack to use.

    Eisen’s wings glowed white, like how his opponent’s wings did a few moments ago. With all the strength he could muster, the bird Pokemon struggled to get out. Both Bunny and Jenny gasped when they saw that.

    “Tropius, Sweet Scent, quick!” Jenny said after that attack first came to her mind. She hoped the attack would make Timmy’s Pokémon stop struggling to get out.

    The Tropius shook his head and pink powder came out. Before it managed to get to the Noctowl’s nose though, the bird Pokémon came out from the vines and flapped his wings rapidly. Everyone closed their eyes while the Gust attack was picking up When the Sweet Scent came to them, it went to everyone’s noses except for Tropius, who managed to not smell the scent. The grass Pokémon quickly turned around to see the faces of Balin, Jenny, and Bunny in a dreamlike state.

    “Oh…very pretty stars!” Bunny said.

    “So this is how night looks like. It’s too dark!”

    Balin, meanwhile, was singing.

    “Nine nine nine! Nine nine nine! Nine nine nine na nine.”

    “Oh, that’s good!” said Timmy, slapping a few times on the outside of the police car door. “Okay Eisen, hit the Pokémon hard one more time!”

    The Tropius sighed. He could not believe that his Sweet Scent could be that powerful. Too concerned for the beings on him, he did not notice the Noctowl flying towards him, wings not glowing very bright this time. His jaws dropped, very surprised at the owl’s speed. The bird’s body was engulfed in flames once again. Again, the Tropius was not able to protect himself when the bird slammed into his right side.

    Unlike last time, this one was dead-on and made the Tropius lose his balance. He roared in pain, the flames from the attack blazed on his right side. Soon enough, he was falling down, taking his passengers with him. Not long after, he lost consciousness.

    Inside the police car, both Timmy and Lucas cheered very loudly. Victory was in their minds for a little while.

    “Now that’s how to battle! Great job…” Timmy paused when he saw both Pokémon falling down. However, his mind was more focused on Jenny and Bunny, both still saying whimsical nonsense and not knowing what was going on.

    “Timmy, get your Pokémon now!” commanded Lucas when he saw the same thing. “And while you’re at it, tell Jenny to wake her Tropius up!”

    Timmy nodded. This has to be done fast or else disaster would befall the five of them.

    “Eisen, return!” Timmy said in an urgent tone.

    The officer quickly grabbed Eisen’s pokéball and then a red beam touched the owl Pokémon’s chest, which made him turn red and return safely back to his pokeball. Now another matter to handle was Jenny.

    “Jenny! Please, try to wake up your Tropius and then have him land you guys on safe ground!”

    Timmy bit his lip. He clenched one of his hands and felt hot sweat flow down on his cheeks. Gosh, I so hope her mind snaps back to reality.


    There were different reactions from the crowd. Some cheered, wanting to see the big splash. Others gasped, worried that they would get hurt. Some screamed and covered their eyes, not wanting to see this.

    Jacob could not breathe. He was worried that they would be hurt or maybe even killed. An idea then struck inside his mind on how to save them. The only problem was the crowd.

    I can’t let them see me using Xatu. I better hide.

    The man then turned around to face his Xatu and then used his hands to motion him to come closer.

    “Xatu, I want you to teleport us back to our house,” Jacob whispered when Xatu came close to his face. “However, not now. We need to get away to safer ground. I know where we can hide.”

    Both Jacob and Xatu dashed off with no one noticing.


    Down, down, down they went.

    What was more ironic was that it shook the three’s minds back to reality.

    “Huh…what happened?” Jenny asked while her eyes blinked rapidly. Soon, she stopped blinking and saw the sea in front of her. She gasped and she yelped. “Don’t tell me we’re going to crash down!”

    Balin nodded while Bunny said nothing. In just a few seconds, she was going to her watery grave. This time, it was appropriate for her to be very scared.


    “Come on, Tropius! Try to regain flight!” Jenny commanded while shaking the Tropius’ head. Nothing. He was still unconscious.

    The three screamed, knowing that a big splash was about to happen. Bunny closed her eyes, already preparing for what would happen. In less then a couple seconds, just a few feet away from the water, she suddenly felt a warm feeling inside her, as if her body temperature rose.


    It was a huge and loud splash. Water flew up for a few seconds and then sunk back down. Both Timmy and Lucas had their mouths wide open.

    Looks like Jenny did not listen to me. Couldn’t blame her, Timmy thought.

    He wished she had, though. All he wanted was to have Jenny get some sense into her and realize what she did was wrong and not what a police officer would do.

    That battle turned to a different direction.

    Timmy thought the battle would eventually make his friend surrender and have Bunny arrested. A failure, it was, and with disastrous results. He gripped the nothingness around him harder.

    My fault, my damn fault. Bunny’s dead. Jenny’s dead.

    When the police car got out of the bridge, Lucas parked it at a grassy area and then he and Timmy got out. When the officer looked at his boss, he could tell by his eyebrows and eyes he was not happy.

    “Why a battle again?” Lucas asked in a cold tone.

    Timmy was about to answer until something caught both his and Lucas’ eye.

    A bright purple-black light burst from the sea. For a few seconds it shined more brightly then the moon. There was even a very tiny hymn to it. But not long after, the little show was over. For the next few minutes, both officers’ jaws dropped.


    What Bunny felt last time was a warm feeling deep inside her body. For a second she thought she was going to be burned, as that feeling became hotter by the second. Even when Bunny felt water rushing on her, she still felt flames all around her body. In less then a couple of seconds later though, she did not feel water on her anymore.

    Ugh…I really need an aspirin.

    Slowly, she opened her eyes. At first her vision became blurry and wet, just able to see the colors gold and brown mixed together.

    “Glad you’re all right, Bunny.”

    Excuse me? Where am I?

    Wanting to know where she was and the person greeting her, Bunny rubbed her eyes and saw a man wearing a black jazz-like hat and a business like suit. All over his face were wrinkles and his light blue eyes were absorbing to see. Bunny just could not believe her eyes.

    “ Professor Alexison? What are you doing here?”


    Another big difference between "Da Vinci Code" and "Nothing, Everything." :D Besides the Pokemon battle, I have the officers find the main characters while the officers in "Da Vinci Code" almost got the main characters but not yet.

    Hope you guys like both the battle and the little twist at the end. Sorry if the battle is a bit rusty but I'm still learning how to write battles after that Sacrifice One Shot contest. ^^;

    Okay, for the big announcements. For the past couple of weeks I've been really revising the ending of Part One and most of Part Two of "Nothing, Everything" after thinking about your guys' reviews and also maybe a couple last minute changes I want to make. Pretty much what happened is I actually shed a few chapters, including the interlude I originally plan to put but then decided to put a few parts on Chapter Twelve. After I figure out most of the changes I'm going to do with the latter parts of this story then on the first page I'll edit the first page with Part One only having tweleve chapters and also will reveal the names of the last chapters (hoping they won't be that much of spoilers :D).

    Untl next time, see ya!
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    Somehow your "chapter with cops who unfairly arrest an innocent person and are too stubborn to take a look at the clues" coincides with my chapter about the same (on the other forum). Except yours (Timmy in particular) are especially stubborn - he wouldn't even let Jenny show him Ernest's note. It's the classic "guilty until proven innocent" thing...

    About the airborne battle - It was an interesting concept, but somehow I felt something was... missing. First, I'm wondering how two fully grown women and a Ninetales could have remained on Tropius' back for as long as they did, considering all the sudden movements made during the battle. Perhaps it's me looking too closely at the laws of physics... Secondly, why didn't Balin jump in the fray, perhaps blowing a nice Flamethrower into Eisen's face to help in the getaway.

    Nice save by Jacob though; however I still wish he would confess, particularly if he cares about Bunny's safety as much as he claims. Surely it's nothing more than stubborn pride (as indicated by his "reputation" excuse). And it is a nice lead-in to the next part of this mystery...

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    All righty guys, here's the next chapter! Again, thanks DarkPersian479 for betaing! ^^

    Chapter Eleven
    Intentions and Truths

    “Surprised to see me, huh?” Jacob Alexison asked with a grin.

    Bunny just blinked twice. Her eyes scanned the brown walls of the living room. Blue flowing curtains gently moved to the rhythm of the breeze. She soon saw both Jenny’s Tropius and her Ninetales sleeping peacefully with a Xatu on the furry mat. The woman got disturbed when she heard a yawn behind her.

    “Huh…where am I? Also, how I’m still alive and who are you?” asked Jenny while rubbing her eyes.

    At first Jacob froze and his eyes twitched; he had not noticed Jenny as a policewoman the first time due to his mind being more focused on saving Bunny. However, he shook his head and smiled.

    She did help Bunny. I saw it myself. Plus, she did not know it was me that killed Ernest.

    “Hello, Officer Jenny. Call me Jacob Alexision,” he said with a formal bow. “Also, this is my home in the most beautiful city in Sinnoh, Hearthome City.”

    Hearing his name made Jenny raise an eyebrow. Bunny laughed. She knew what Jenny was thinking.

    “Don’t tell me this is Professor Alexison, the professor you told me about earlier?”

    Bunny beamed and nodded. “Yes, he is. The nicest and best professor I ever had.”

    “Why Bunny, I can’t believe you told her about me already! Perhaps she would like an autograph!”

    The professor and Bunny laughed aloud together. Jenny grunted though, despite thinking that seeing the two together again was nice.

    “Sorry to ruin your guys’ twenty year college reunion, but how did Bunny and I get here in the first place?”

    The two stopped laughing when they heard Jenny’s serious tone. Jacob coughed and then smiled.

    “Oh, sorry. Well, long story short, I decided to save you guys after I saw the situation first hand and found out Bunny was wanted.”

    That answer made Jenny burst out laughing. Both Jacob and Bunny raised their eyebrows. It took a while for the female officer to calm herself down.

    “It’s really amusing to me that you would help a criminal.”

    She said it too soon, as Jenny saw Bunny staring at her. She crossed both of her arms on her chest like a very angry mother.

    “Well, you are innocent.” Jenny laughed nervously.

    “And that’s why I decided to save Bunny. I knew she wouldn’t do such a thing,” said Jacob with a tiny smile. Inside his mind though, he gulped.

    “Oh…well, thanks, professor. I am quite flattered, even though it is true,” replied Bunny while her cheeks blushed light red.

    Jenny would have snickered at the sight of Bunny, but did not. Instead, she raised her eyebrow and scratched her chin.

    He seems to already believe Bunny’s innocent, even saving her.

    True, Bunny could be Jacob’s favorite student, but it was unusual to her for Jacob to come to that conclusion that soon. Not only that, him saving her only made things skeptical. However, Jenny sighed after thinking about it for some time.

    Maybe I’ll talk to Bunny alone about this.

    “Well, since you two look thirsty, why don’t I fix you guys up some drinks? Is lemonade all right?”

    “Oh, lemonade would be nice!” said Jenny with a nod.

    Bunny smiled and answered, “Yes, please.”

    “Okay, then. Well, they’ll be ready soon. I always like mine in a packet.”

    After chuckling, Jacob went inside the kitchen.

    “Nice guy, am I right?” Bunny asked with a smile on her face.

    Jenny twitched her mouth and her eyes blinked a few times. “He seems okay, I guess. However, don’t you think it’s weird he already assumed you didn’t kill Ernest Norrison? What if you did?”

    Bunny’s mouth instantly went from a smile to a frown and she glared at her.

    “You believe Professor Alexison has something to do with your uncle’s death?”

    Jenny sighed and made an unsure noise. “Maybe,” she finally answered with a shrug. “Look, I’m not saying he’s the murderer. However, he can give us some vital information, since you told Timmy earlier the two were friends. He could even probably know the murderer, since that seems the reason why he saved you in the first place. ”

    Bunny nodded and gave a smile, both of gladness and agreement. She then frowned when she saw Jenny’s eyes went wide.

    “Jenny, anything wrong?”

    Jenny took out a folded piece of paper out of her shirt pocket. Bunny gasped and grinned when she saw it, luckily not wet. Knowing what Bunny was thinking, Jenny nodded and then unfolded it.
    Carved in silence
    Icy feel underneath
    Tower the highest


    “Now, where did I put those Sunyshore City Lemonade packets?”

    Jacob checked the top cabinets on the left side of the kitchen, but he only saw plates and bowls. He then went and opened the top cabinets on the right side. There he found glass cups and yellow lemonade packets.

    “There they are!” he cheered as he picked the glasses and the packets up. Jacob was about to put them aside on the counter when he heard Bunny‘s voice.

    “What does that mean? Is it Ernest’s murderer’s hiding place?”

    “You know what…maybe not his hiding place. Something better. His house!”

    Jacob gulped. Hearing Ernest’s name, even though he knew he was not a suspect for now, gave him the chills.

    “His house?”

    “Yes. How can I be stupid! Carved in silence, icy feel underneath, tower the highest. My uncle must have written about my uncle’s murderer’s house!”

    Many revelations crammed into his mind at once. Now he knew that Ernest had a niece in the police force. That did not bother him too much, though. As long as he kept things quiet, then he should be fine. On the other hand, what Jenny said the first time startled him and made his hands shake.

    Carved in silence, icy feel underneath, tower the highest. I know what that is!

    His mind was too focused on that thought, not noticing that he dropped the two glasses. When Jacob heard them crashing down, he looked and saw that together they broke into a hundred pieces, which he just stared at.

    This is history breaking apart.

    “Professor Alexison? Something wrong?” asked Bunny.

    Jacob shook his head, getting back to reality.

    “No, I’m fine. I just accidentally dropped the glasses. Sorry, but you guys have to wait longer.”

    “It’s fine!” screamed Jenny.

    The professor grabbed a dustpan and broom and started cleaning the floor.


    “Well…I guess you are right. Most criminals actually have their hiding places at their homes, right?”

    “Yep. Should be because it’s a high chance my uncle knows his murderer.”

    “There are a couple of problems, though. One, no name. And two, no address, unless one of these words is a street name. Is it?”

    Jenny sighed in defeat. It was true that there was no sign of an address nor a name. Even though she knew her uncle could lose his common sense at times, she believed he would at least give a couple more clues.

    If he cared about his life so much, he could’ve said the name of the person chasing him!

    Jenny, without noticing, almost crumbled the paper until Jacob came. He was holding a tray, containing three glasses of pink lemonade, and then set it down on the coffee table.

    “Jenny, I overheard that your uncle is the late Ernest Norrison, correct?”

    “Um…yes,” Jenny said shakily, mind slightly numb. “Why do you ask that?”

    “Well, when I heard about you guys from a few people, I wondered how you two ended up in that situation. Sorry to ask, but how did that happen?”

    True, he knew he was the one that accidentally killed Ernest. However, he was curious how the girls were blamed instead.

    Thinking that question was innocent, Jenny replied, “I guess it’s okay. You don’t mind do you, Bunny?”

    Bunny smiled and answered, “No, everything is fine. I will tell him.”


    Again Lucas and Timmy were inside the police car. Throughout the ride back to the police station, there was utter silence. When they were a few stops away from their destination though, Timmy spoke.

    “I can’t believe Jenny would do such a thing. Now it looks like Bunny used her Psychic Pokémon’s Teleport once again.”

    Lucas gritted his teeth and felt his pulse racing with each second. He could not bottle up his feelings any longer.

    “That could explain why the divers hadn’t found them yet!”

    Lucas slammed on the steering wheel, but Timmy did not hear it. His mind was still on Jenny. Part of him wished it was a dream. Part of him also said maybe she was right, maybe Bunny was not responsible for Ernest’s death. He shook his head.

    Illogical! I don’t know what’s going on Jenny’s head.


    The officer turned around and faced his boss. While seeing Lucas’ concerned face, he smiled with his cheeks a blush of pink.

    “Oh, sorry. Many things on my mind,” the officer laughed nervously while rubbing his head.

    “Well, I was about to say the first thing we’re going to do in the morning is get a search warrant to go to Bunny’s hotel room. Maybe she left some documents and such over there.”

    Timmy nodded and sighed. He slowly took out from his pocket a small photo of a floor with writings on it.
    Check out the Lapras.
    First though, get Bunny Spruce.

    The male officer bit his lips and sensed his heartbeat drumming slower.

    The clues were in front of us! Again, why Jenny?


    Like when Bunny told what happened to Ms. Davis, it was hard for her to tell Jacob everything. Unlike Ms. Davis, who kept gasping when the two were in danger, Jacob behaved more as if it was an epic story. He too would gasp in some parts, but in other places he would exclaim happily or burst with criticism.

    “Wow, I can’t believe all of that happened in just a few hours! No wonder you two looked exhausted!”

    “Yeah,” Bunny said while chuckling. “I might be dead soon if this keeps up!”

    Jacob laughed out loud and then slapped his leg a few times.

    “Well, if you want, you guys can stay here for a while until the both of you come up with a plan to get the murderer.”

    Even though he smiled, Jacob felt coldness run through his spine.

    Maybe I should have turned myself in.

    That decision was stuck on his mind for quite some time. True, he could do that and then Bunny would be free. However, he thought more about himself. He knew his reputation as an accomplished archeologist and historian would be ruined. His obsession over that made him forget about Bunny’s own situation.

    Jenny did not say anything while Bunny talked. While her right hand rested on her cheek, her mind was busy thinking about that note she found. So many possibilities, but she was not sure where to start. One look at Mr. Alexison made her smile, though.

    Bunny did say the two were friends. Perhaps he can solve this little note.

    “Mr. Alexison, Bunny told me that my uncle and you were friends, right?”

    Jacob nodded and answered, “Yes.”

    “Well, here’s the note that Bunny talked about.”

    Bunny smiled, happy that the officer somewhat trusted her former professor. Jenny handed him the note to Jacob. He read it and then he chuckled.

    “I actually overheard you two talking about that note while making the lemonade, and I think I might know what he means.”

    Both Bunny and Jenny beamed. It was just pure luck. They did not search for this man but he had the answers.

    “Before I answer this question, though…Your uncle likes scavenger hunts, right, Jenny?”

    Jenny’s smile disappeared and then she glared at him with squinted eyes. Why would he ask that when her uncle’s murderer was on the loose?

    But he did save us…

    With that in mind, she sighed inside her mind and decided to answer his question very causally.

    “Oh yes, very much. He loved to play them when I was a little kid and would always make them up for his niece and nephews.”

    Jacob grinned. “The reason I said this is because I assumed what he meant is the location of the plates.”

    “Plates?” both Bunny and Jenny said in unison. A million guesses on what Ernest’s note meant and they would have never thought of that.

    “Wait, how did you know this paper might be it?” Jenny asked.

    Ernest wanted the girls’ trust. He wanted them to know what was up with those two, although he did not want to tell them the whole truth.

    “Yeah…you see, Ernest found the plates about a little over four years ago and he told me a little about it.”

    Bunny clapped her hands once. “Wait, four years ago? That was when I graduated!”

    Jacob smiled and continued to speak. “Yeah, he discovered it a little before your graduation. Ernest suddenly took the plates with him. That’s why I assume that paper is of the location of those plates, probably hidden somewhere.”

    No one noticed Jenny’s eyes twitching like crazy. She remembered how four years ago her uncle acted all weird those last few weeks, and it irritated her very much so.

    Now I know why he didn’t tell me that. One thing is wrong, though…

    “Why did my uncle take it with him?” Jenny asked.

    “Yeah, why?” Bunny asked also.

    “That is what I’ve been trying to ask him. He had not answered that question back. The only clue he told me is a note of the location of them and it’s not for me.” Jacob sighed and then shook his head. “Maybe it’s because of me and a few of my friends being nosy. Still, he shouldn’t have kept it a secret.”

    Being the person that had been through a thousand cases, Jenny thought of something. Maybe whatever quality those plates had were the cause for her uncle taking them. Plus, she wanted to know more about those plates. Jenny smiled. She could kill two birds with one stone.

    “Hey Doc, can you tell me a bit of the plates and why they’re important?”

    Pardon? First Buneary Girl to me, and now Doc to Professor Alexison. Does she have any respect?

    Bunny’s face flushed light red. She knew that if she were a professor, she would not like to be called that. One look at her former professor made her laugh nervously.

    “I apologize that my friend said that. It will not happen again.”

    To Bunny’s surprise, he chuckled and then smiled.

    “That’s fine. It’s nice to be called something besides Mister or Professor!”

    While Jacob was laughing again, Bunny glared at Jenny, who smiled and shrugged. Bunny just rolled her eyes, not wanting the officer to say anything else to make her mad.

    “Anyways,” Jacob was about to speak but then looked at the clock. “On second thought, tomorrow. It’s getting late.

    Both Jenny and Bunny looked at the clock on the wall and gasped. Two-fifteen in the morning.

    “Yeah, very late,” Jenny answered with a nervous laugh. “Guess we should go to sleep now, huh?”

    Bunny responded with a yawn too, which made both Jacob and Jenny chuckle.

    “Indeed, yes. Come on, I’ll show you guys to the guest room.”

    Both Bunny and Jenny nodded and the three of them went upstairs.

    Outside the clouds began to pick up but the moon’s light was able to poke though. Many Kricketune began chirping their love song and all the stars twinkled brightly.

    Jacob stayed in the living room and stared at the fireplace while the two ladies slept. He tried to sleep but could not. There was too much on his mind.

    So far I told them the truth, though not all of it yet. Technically, I did not lie.

    His little situation was common. He did not want to tell everything or else the trust will be lost. On the other hand, if it was kept secret too long, then an argument would erupt and that would cause more harm. A medium of both would be nice, right?

    The former professor sighed and blinked for a second. Once he opened his eyes, an idea hit him, something that he said to Jenny: a scavenger hunt. He never thought Ernest would do that, although it seemed plausible. The man did hide them somewhere.

    Jacob smiled. Finally, he was able to get something after four long years. He then frowned when he thought about the two girls. They were the ones that found the note, so it would be rude if he went on the trip without them. Would they accept the hunt, though? He had to make them come, somehow. If that were the case, then he had to tell them more of the past between him and Ernest. He had figured it out already, though.

    As long as I’m careful, everything will be fine. Now, how to convince them.


    Yeah, sorry that this chapter doesn't have much action, but I hope some of those revelations are still enjoyable in the least. ^^;

    Okay, like I promise, I also have a rewritten version of Chapter 10, or at least one of the scenes. If you don't really want to go back and reread Chapter 10 just to find that one scene change, then I have it under a spoiler.

    This scene is actually right after Noctowl used Brave Bird the first time:
    What happens next all four should have known. The real Noctowl, who look like he was actually burning, instantly got out of the leafy storm, the burned leafs falling gently into the sea. Because the Tropius did not expect this to happen, he was not able to protect himself when the owl Pokémon slammed him right on his neck. The Tropius felt burnt marks on that spot.

    “Tropiussss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain. He felt dizzy now, his head swaying left and right.

    Because of the power of the attack, Bunny lost her grip on her Ninetales and then she fell down on the grass type.


    Balin’s jaws dropped and then he yelped. Already fires burned inside his eyes. He then craned his head and then huge flames were let out. Before the attack got to Eisen, he flapped his wings and then the flames went back to Tropius. The grass-flying type though turned away from the flames and then shot a glare at Balin. The Ninetales ignored the Pokemon, instead gritted his teeth and stared at Eisen.

    The Noctowl, on the other hand, took very deep breaths, thanks to both his Brave Bird and Gust attack being used back to back.

    “That’s the way to fight!” Timmy praised to his Pokémon.

    Despite being quite hurt, Eisen gave a small smile.

    At first Jenny was not paying attention to anything, her head too shaken up from Eisen’s attack. However, her eyes went wide when she heard a scream and saw Bunny falling.

    “Bunny! Tropius, dived down and save Bunny!”

    The Tropius roared and then dived down to catch up with Bunny.

    Time seemed to slow down for Bunny. She just stared at the stars and the moon. Her heart began beating faster and faster.

    Why me?

    Bunny never thought she would be in this kind of trouble. She hated how one little misconception could led her to her death. If she instantly ceased to exist, she would not be able to find out more of history’s mysteries.

    I am not ready to embrace death yet.

    After she took one deep breathe, all seem invertible. That is, until she felt a huge thump Bunny’s eye’s shot wide open and she saw she was back on the Tropius and also Jenny grinning at her.

    “This isn’t over yet.”

    The archeologist was at first speechless and her eyes wide with confusion. However, she then chuckled and began thinking of how the battle went so far.
    Urgh, I know this isn't much, but I suddenly had this idea of putting at least one scene where Bunny begins to trust Jenny. At least it's something to spice up Chapter 10, right? ^^;

    Again, hope you guys enjoyed the short rewrite of Chapter 10 and this chapter! Last chapter of part one of this story I hope to have it posted before the end of my school year! ^^
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    Sorry to say this will be a short review...

    First about Jacob: You did mention that his unwillingness to confess to the killing is part of who he is, and the plot in general, but that still doesn't mean I'm not angry at him for choosing to do so. In any event, I did like seeing his initial reaction of shock when he discovered Jenny was a cop... I don't think he was expecting that, lol.

    As for the obligatory "Uncle Ernest Vague Hint of the Chapter," I'll hazard a guess and say that it could be referring to that temple in Snowpoint City (forgot its name) where Regigigas resides in the games. It's in the icy city of Sinnoh and (AFAIK) is the tallest structure there. I'm not sure if the Regis have any connection to the Plates, but it would be a good place to hide them.

    Well now it looks like Jacob might be joining Jenny and Bunny on this diabolical scavenger hunt. This'll be quite a crew, with a woman wrongly accused of murder, the mentor who actually killed the victim, and the police officer trying to find the guilty party and clear the innocent. And ow all three are in one nice, neat traveling party. Convenient, huh?

    Pardon? First Buneary Girl to me, and now Doc to Professor Alexison. Does she have any respect?
    LOL! Admittedly, Doc isn't as insulting as "Buneary Girl," but it's still funny how the little things get Bunny so worked up

    Hopefully, in the next day or so, I'll get your chapter BETAed, but there is a lot going on, and not all of it related to my upcoming appointment...

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    DarkPersian479: Yeah, Jacob wouldn't expect that. XD

    Maybe, maybe not. :X However, I think you'll like some of the guesses the three will go for. XD

    Well now it looks like Jacob might be joining Jenny and Bunny on this diabolical scavenger hunt. This'll be quite a crew, with a woman wrongly accused of murder, the mentor who actually killed the victim, and the police officer trying to find the guilty party and clear the innocent. And ow all three are in one nice, neat traveling party. Convenient, huh?
    Hehe, yeah. Usually there would be party of two teenagers, boy-boy-girl. Nothing against them, but half the time there's romance, which I'm actually not the biggest fan of. :X I think this party will be quite interesting though...

    LOL! Admittedly, Doc isn't as insulting as "Buneary Girl," but it's still funny how the little things get Bunny so worked up
    Bunny can't even accept Jacob likes being called Doc! Ya know what would be even more funny, Jenny having a carrot and giving it to Doc. XD

    Okay, sorry to suddenly post this chapter fast. but here's a couple of reasons. One, my beta reader DarkPersian479 is going to have eye surgery and pretty much we're trying to get a couple chapters done. Two, I need to study for finals, so at least I'll get this chapter out of the way. Man, I'm actually a bit worried about them. Cumulative! O.o

    Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this last chapter of part one!

    Chapter Twelve
    All in Perspectives

    Jenny got up before everyone else and looked around the house. She first went inside a room and then gasped and laughed. Papers and books were scattered everywhere, most on the desk and on the bookshelves. There was a homey air to it, and it smelled a lot like smoke from a fireplace. On the walls there were two carvings. Jenny went inside and looked first at the rock carving of a huge bird Pokémon spreading its wings. On the bottom, there was writing on it:

    Ho-oh’s Rainbows: All colors melted into one
    Thought to be the creator Pokémon of the Johto region
    Called the Rainbow Phoenix

    She quickly went and checked on another carving. This one was with a small cat like Pokémon with a long tail. Like the Ho-Oh one, there was carved writing on it:

    Mew’s Calmed Mind: Intelligent energy stored
    Thought to be the creator Pokemon of the Kanto region.
    Called Mother

    “Huh, two different perspectives. So it’s true,” Jenny muttered to herself. She had heard of those two Pokémon before, but did not really believe that everyone thought different things on those Pokémon. Why, she was not sure. She continued to look at both paintings until she heard a male’s voice.

    “Both are pretty Pokémon, huh?”

    Jenny jumped and screamed, her heart beating faster. She turned around and saw Jacob chuckling.

    “Did I scare you?” asked Jacob.

    “Don’t ever do that again, Doc,” Jenny panted while still touching her chest.

    “Sorry. Again, like the carvings?”

    Jenny nodded and answered, “Oh yes, very beautiful. I got a question, though. How come the regions have different ideas as to which Pokémon is, for example, the one that causes death?”

    Jacob laughed softly and replied, “Let’s just say as time goes on, perspectives and ideas change.” After he winked, he laughed again. “History is a very complex and fun subject to explore. All regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, have a unique past to them. History of those regions are the greatest epic stories around!”

    Jenny giggled and said, “Yeah, I admit history can be interesting, only if I don’t sit through a three hour lecture university course of that subject.”

    Jacob laughed harder then last time. Jenny just smiled, glad that the former professor was not offended by that remark.

    “Well, maybe later I can tell you some stories and histories behind those paintings and carvings. Bunny knew most of that stuff back at the university. Right now it’s time for breakfast.”


    “Anything?” Timmy asked while checking one of Bunny’s suitcases, which just had history books and a notebook.

    At ten in the late morning, the sun had already become bright. Timmy and Lucas rummaged through Bunny’s former hotel room. So far, they had uncovered little of interest.

    “No,” Lucas answered after he searched through the drawers. Only clothes were in there. “Found anything?”

    Timmy shook his head and Lucas responded with a groan.

    “Now, it’s obvious that we won’t get much here. Looks like we’ve to go back to the police station to sort this out.”

    Both Lucas and Timmy were about to leave until something caught Lucas’ eye. The chief slowly went to the desk and picked up a postcard of a large building with the sign PokéTech.

    Hey, Bunny:

    Guess what? I got the job at PokéTech in the marketing department! You won’t believe what our next promotional gig will be. We’ll have three clowns coming and quizzing some people and if they get three answers right, they’ll have a free Pokétech. I really am excited about it. And oh, I almost forgot. There’s a Renaissance Fair coming and that’s when we’re sending in the clowns. Well, hope to hear you soon!

    Take care,
    Violet Carson

    Lucas grinned while Timmy looked at him in a funny way.

    “I know who we can talk to.”


    Inside the dining hall, everyone was eating sausage and eggs on their plates. After Jacob finished drinking his orange juice, he spoke.

    “Now, to put it in summary, the plates are stone tablets and some of them have Unown texts carved.” Jacob paused and stared at Bunny. “Bunny, I think you remember visiting him a few times before and he talked to you about those plates, right?”

    After Bunny finished eating her eggs, she answered, “You know, now that I think about it, yes. He told me just a little bit of it, though.”

    While everyone was silent for a moment, Bunny thought about Ernest. She wondered why he did not say anything about it. She tried to be understandable, however.

    Usually archeologists like to report on their new discoveries, though in a quiet manner. I guess he wanted to take the time to make sure everything is fine?

    Jenny slowly drank her orange juice with a raised eyebrow. Each sip was colder than the one before.

    So the plates are just tablets with Unown texts? There must be more to it than that…

    “Anyways, back to the plates. One book gives a bit of history of them. I think it’s called Carved in Silence by Bean Fenton.”

    “Oh, I have that book in my bag!” Bunny announced with a grin on her face.

    Jacob held his stomach while laughing out loud. Jenny too chuckled. Bunny’s cheeks blushed pink. She did not say anything, so she just continued drinking her juice.

    “Well, I bet the both of you will like that book.”

    Jenny moved her left hand as if shooing a fly and laughed.

    “Probably not, Doc. I would rather let you tell me more about it.”

    Jacob instantly smiled. Now he had them where he wanted.

    “Maybe there is,” Jacob replied with a sly tone.

    Both Bunny and Jenny raised one of their eyebrows. The way he said that made them feel uneasy inside.

    “What do you mean by that?” asked Bunny.

    “Well, last night I got to thinking. Jenny, remember when I said Ernest’s note could be of a scavenger hunt of sorts?”

    “Scavenger hunt?” That word left a sour aftertaste on her tongue. Her eyes then went wide. “Don’t tell me we’re going to hunt down those things!” she protested, her eyes burning.

    A scavenger hunt, and a good time to do it. Bunny sighed. True, she would be very excited about it, another artifact to find. Too bad that search might have to be delayed for an undetermined amount of time.

    “Professor, it sounds fun, but you forget that Jenny and I are wanted.”

    “I know and I had not forgotten that. Just hear me on this. This is a perfect opportunity for you guys to run away for a while until you can figure out this situation. That, and also those plates could be used as proof for Bunny’s innocence.”

    Bunny and Jenny did not smile or happily gasp. Instead, their mouths let out sounds of uncertainty. Jacob frowned when he heard them.

    “I’m not so sure,” Jenny said while her mouth moved slightly. “Can’t we just stay here? Also, do you know where the plates are?”

    Jacob shook his head and sighed.

    “No. I’m hoping though we can talk and plan about this first. Plus, I think it’s best to move about, just for a little while. Maybe the police will find you guys here.”

    Jenny had her right elbow on the table and hand on her cheek. She agreed that it was better for someone under the wanted radar to move very so often. Still, would they come here?

    Bunny twitched her mouth. Running away again was a good idea and at least they would do something else. From her four years in the field of Pokémon archeology though, finding artifacts could be dangerous too.

    “Same here.”

    Jacob sighed and wiped his forehead, getting off the sweat. He had put too much hope on this. The professor sighed and then smiled.

    “I understand, a bit too soon. Tell you guys what, I’ll let you two think about it for a few days. Agreed?”

    Bunny nodded with a smile. A few days time should be more then enough to think about whether she wanted to go find the plates.

    “Yes, that would be great.” Bunny then faced Jenny and asked her, “Are you fine with it, Ella?”

    Jenny was not that interested in getting the plates, especially with her being mad at her uncle. Rage began to build up inside. On the other hand, Jacob seemed to know a lot about Ernest. Maybe he would tell her more of her uncle’s secrets. Plus, this could be a chance to save Bunny. Jenny nodded while she had her right elbow still on the table and right hand on her cheeks. No smile on her face, however.

    “Yeah, it’s fine.”

    Jacob and Bunny stared at each other, thinking the same thing. The tone in Jenny’s voice sounded like she really did not want to do it. There was silence for a while until Jacob spoke.

    “Maybe we should take our minds off from plates and chases for a while. I know, why don’t we go and tend to my garden?”

    Bunny grinned and nodded. “That would be great!”

    “Sounds fun.”


    Things did not go so well for Lucas and Timmy. Inside the small kitchen, they questioned Violet if she knew anything about Ernest’s murder and of Bunny’s disappearance. Nothing from her. Throughout the interview, she held her anger inside. A few times though, the chief and officer noticed how mad she was after hearing her teeth clutching and fingers tapping on the round dinning table.

    “Now Violet, are you sure you haven’t heard anything of it? Not even on the news?” asked Lucas.

    “Again, no!” Violet answered as her finger drumming got louder. “The last time I saw her was at the Renaissance Faire. Besides, I was quite busy after that. I had to work double shifts at the PokéTech Company. I assumed Bunny hadn’t called because of her book she’s writing right now.”

    “Well, according to our records, Ernest Norrison died at nine-thirty, two days ago. There could be a chance that Bunny killed Mr. Norrison when you left the city.”

    Her finger drumming halted. Violet tried to hold her breath, but it was not working. She held it so hard, her face almost became red. Violet then burst out laughing and slammed on the table in the process. Both Timmy and Lucas stared at her as if she was the only person screaming in a crowded theater.

    “Lady, are you all right?” asked Lucas.

    Violet soon fanned herself with her right hand and took deep breaths.

    “Sorry, but Bunny Spruce would never do that. She’s the most nicest person I know, unless you call her Bun-Bun! She doesn’t like being called ‘cute’ things because she wants to be taken seriously.”

    Lucas sighed while Timmy shook his head. Dead end.

    “Come on, Timmy boy. This isn’t getting us anywhere.”

    Both Lucas and Timmy got up and left the kitchen.

    Violet continued drumming the table with her fingers, this time stronger and faster, to the beat and rhythm of a war song.

    Police are corrupted now these days. Bunny would never do such a thing, or would she?

    Maybe the police were not lying after all. Maybe Bunny did murder someone at nine thirty at night and she was now a runaway suspect. That was probably why she did not answer yet.

    Violet instantly got up and picked up the phone attached to the wall. She dialed the numbers and hoped that Bunny would call.


    Bunny was in the backyard reading Carved In Silence while Jacob watered the roses. There was one passage that she was hooked on reading:

    During the Region Fights against Sinnoh, the Hoenn knights found the plates. At that time no one knew the Unown language except for the very educated. They found them while getting the items from the destroyed cities. All of the items the knights found are put in their wagons, so that in time the plates are just considered one of the stolen possessions.

    After the end of the war, the plates are put in the island beach where Regice is assumed to reside. However, a decade later, the Hoenn War erupted. The king of Hoenn, King Mirra, ran away with the plates and then got killed by bandits at Twinleaf Town.

    Ring ring, ring ring.

    Bunny rolled her eyes and grunted. She set the book aside, took her cell phone out of her bag, and answered it.


    “Bunny, this is Violet! Tell me where you are!”

    Bunny’s eyes got wide and she raised one of her eyebrows.

    “Violet? What is going on?”

    “I’ll tell you what’s going on! Two policemen came and questioned me about your disappearance. They told me you murdered a man named Ernest Norrison. They even showed me a photo of what Ernest wrote and it said something, something, get Bunny.”

    Bunny thought her heart stopped. Now the police had questioned one of her friends. The search continued, and now Violet was very furious.

    “Bunny, tell me it isn’t true. You didn’t kill him, did you?”

    “No,” said Bunny simply.

    Bunny heard Violet sigh and laugh from the phone. The archeologist could feel her heart beating normally again.

    “Good. Seriously, it would take a nervous breakdown or something for you to do something that stupid. I say someone framed you.”

    Bunny sighed to herself. She knew it was no frame up.

    “Yeah, could be,” Bunny lied.

    “It’s too bad you have to run away from the police. From what the told me, they really want to get you.”

    “Yeah, they are. The real murderer is probably hiding somewhere.”

    “Ditto. Look, the police might come back again with more questions. It’s probably best that you don’t call me. Maybe they’ll eavesdrop or something. Well, I better go. Take care and be safe.”

    “Will do.”

    Bunny closed her cell phone and her mouth twitched at first. Those two were hot on their trail and it would be sooner or later that they would come. Thoughts of jail again made her body shiver.

    All of a sudden, she smiled. It was like all those great battles she had been studying. Bunny knew that if she did not want to lose, then a strategy must be put into use. For her situation, she must get away from Lucas and Timmy (and maybe all of the Jubilife Police Force) as long as possible until she got the plates. Maybe then it would be proof of her innocence.

    Thank you, Violet for the information.

    Her head turned and she saw Jacob watering the last few roses.

    “Professor Alexison!”

    When Jacob finished watering his plants, he turned around and waved at her.

    “Hey, Bunny! What is it?”

    “Count me in on the plates expedition!”

    After she said that, Bunny smiled widely and chuckled. Her decision was to do this project but at the same time have some fun with those policemen. She would worry about going to jail later. The determination of getting two things accomplished at the same time blazed inside her heart.

    Jacob grinned. One down, one more to go.


    While Jacob and Bunny were outside, Jenny was inside the study room. Instead of studying the carvings, she glared at her necklace for quite some time.

    Should I, or shouldn’t I?

    Her mind still had not decided whether she should go with that expedition or not. Jenny’s anger towards Ernest was still strong. She could not believe all that was for some stupid treasure hunt. She kicked the desk, the pain not bothering her much.

    We could’ve done a treasure hunt while he was still alive! I don’t care if anyone else found it. It’s theirs to keep!

    That gave Jenny another idea. She giggled.

    She for sure knew Bunny would accept that offer. With the plates being one of the most secretive artifacts out there, how could that history obsessed woman not resist? Also, if Bunny were to either be with her former professor or by herself, it would look more suspicious when the police found Jenny alone. Those plates too could be evidence for Bunny’s innocence. Lastly, this could be a chance to ask a few questions to Ernest about her uncle. Jenny chuckled Yes, everything so far went her way.

    “You’re really interested in those legendary Pokémon, huh?”

    Jenny jumped with a yelp. She turned around and saw Jacob. Her hand touched her moving stomach.

    “You scared me again, Doc!”

    Jacob chuckled and patted her head.

    “Sorry about that, miss. I came to say that Bunny told me she agreed to this expedition. I assumed that you’re still thinking about it, right?”

    Jenny grinned and answered, “Actually, I made my decision already. I decided to go to that expedition with you.”

    His heart drummed harder and faster. Now his mission was complete. On the outside though, he smiled and nodded.

    “Excellent. Well then, later tonight we should start planning.”

    Jenny nodded and replied, “Sounds grand.”

    Jacob nodded again and waved goodbye. He hummed happily while walking. Finally, he would find out what the deal was with those plates.


    Only a hint of sunlight peeked out from the closed curtains. It was hot inside, and the fan on the small sized bookshelf moved around slowly. Lucas was inside his office, his eyes blinking. Besides dealing with Bunny Spruce, he had what felt like a million cases to deal with. Who said being chief was an easy job? Right now his mind focused on Bunny the most, though.

    So far, nothing. Seems Bunny is ahead of the game.

    He grunted and then his head was lowered down.

    To top it off, Jenny’s helping her.

    After Lucas ran his hands on his head, he decided to look over his notes once again. He took out the tiny notepad from his desk and scanned through it. There, one note caught his attention:

    Professor Alexison- old friend of Ernest Norrison, former Professor of Bunny Spruce.

    “Maybe he can shed some light off this case,” Lucas muttered to himself and smiled.


    That night, the three were busy planning for the expedition filled with friendly arguments and a lot of joking around, especially with Jenny. Luckily though there was no bashing and such.

    First they decided what they should bring. There were some arguments on that, like if they should carry a lot or not. All agreed though that they would bring their Pokemon, money, food, clothes, and extra blankets. They knew that this region was mostly a forested area and that there was not enough money to stay in many hotels (Ernest would be the one signing in and out). Lastly, they decided to go by foot instead of Teleport because it would take up a lot of Xatu’s energy and there could be a chance someone might see them use Teleport, so that technique would only be used in case of emergencies.

    Another topic discussed was disguises. This was the fun one. It ranged from wearing wigs and Jacob’s clothing to even if both Bunny and Jenny should dye their hair. It was then settled that Bunny wearing a wig and Jenny changing her hair style and clothes should do the trick.

    The last topic debated and the most heated one was where to go first. The argument ranged from which cities to which region the plates could be in.

    “Maybe it might be in Mount Moon!” suggested Jenny. “It did say tower the highest.”

    “It could be any mountain,” Bunny retorted. “All mountains are really tall and have snow falling, assuming that was what ‘Icy feel underneath’ meant.”

    “Not all mountains have snow falling on them! Mt. Moon doesn’t, and I visited there a couple of times before! Besides, I think what my uncle meant by ‘Icy feel underneath’ is that mountain!”

    “I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, my friends. Mt. Moon is very far away,” Jacob said to end the argument.

    “At least it could actually be a good hiding place for a wanted person like Bunny,” Jenny said with a chuckle.


    Balin giggled softly to himself. Jenny chuckled again, not looking at Bunny staring at her as if she was her worst enemy.

    “What, I was just kidding.”

    Jacob sighed and shook his head.

    “Now, I think we should stop thinking about the locations of other regions for a while. Maybe it’s better that we focus on the locations in Sinnoh first.”

    Both Bunny and Jenny nodded, instantly agreeing to that comment.

    “Doc is right,” Jenny said. “The best place to start off is this very own region. However, where should we go first? There are like a million possible locations.”

    Bunny tapped her chin a few times. It was true that Sinnoh had a thousand location possibilities. Maybe instead of thinking of a thousand of them, a specific type of location would be better.

    “I know!” Bunny exclaimed after a long moment of silence from all three. “Since the plates have a historic background, it must be in some type of historic place, like old temples.”

    Jacob laughed aloud and slapped his legs a few times.

    Jenny nodded and said, “Yeah, that could be possible.”

    “Good thinking, Bunny! That’s quite logical. You know what, I know one possible location we can go to, and it’s not too far from here, The Lost Tower."

    “That Pokémon cemetery? Bunny asked.

    Jacob nodded. “So we’re all on the same page here?”

    “Yep,” said Jenny. “I’ve always wanted to go there.”

    “Count me in,” Bunny said.

    Jacob chuckled and said, “Good. We should get some supplies first, though.”

    Both Bunny and Jenny nodded, each smiling as well.

    “Now my friends, I think this calls for a toast. We’re embarking on something truly great here. Be prepared for what’s coming.”

    The old man got out of his seat and then lifted up his wine glass.

    “To history!”

    Both Bunny and Jenny lifted up their wine glasses and then both shouted in unison, “To history!”

    All three had their glasses gently touch together and then a cling sound was produced. Indeed, it was settled then.

    End of Part One


    Weeeeeeeee, got all of part one of this story posted! Don't know how since I believed my sophomore year at uni is harder than my freshman year. Maybe it's the procrastination! XD

    Oh, if you guys are wondering, Part Two is still going to be posted in this thread. ^_^ Also, I think you guys are going to LOVE the next chapter, which is actually the chapter I had most fun writing, hehe. :D

    Hope you guys enjoyed this. We're halfway through the story. :D
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    "Bun-Bun" FTW. My friend was sometime called that too, lol. I can't say she hated it, but...

    I stick by my previous prediction and say that the Lost Tower is barking up the wrong tree. Of course, in any good investigation, you have to look at all leads - and at least it will keep them on the move. And with Lucas and Timmy on their way to question Jacob, they better get moving pretty quickly...

    I haven't started on reading the BETA yet but it seems like this scavenger hunt is finally going to go into high gear.

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    All right, here’s the beginning of Part Two and Chapter Thirteen! Lets see if any of you can guess three reasons why I enjoyed writing this chapter a lot and why it’s my favorite. XD


    When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
    -Ernest Hemingway

    Chapter Thirteen
    It’s All a Contest

    One room was filled with many books on shelves and artifacts scattered all over the place. A little girl who did not look no more than nine and with curly brown hair was looking through some of the books.

    “Grandmother told me to find this one script. Oh, here it is!”

    The girl took out a script with a green cover and then ran but soon tripped and bumped onto the desk. Then a small box dropped as a result.

    “Ow,” the girl moaned while rubbing her head. She got up and stared at the box when she heard something.

    The music from the box was a haunting but beautiful sound to the girl. She smiled and felt as if the melody took her away from the world she was living in now and took her to a better one.


    The girl gasped and turned around. She saw both her skinny gray haired grandmother and a black and white haired man she never saw before laughing at her.

    “So this is the granddaughter you’ve been telling me about?”

    “Yes, Jacob.” She looked at Bunny. “Oh, Bun-Bun…”

    “Never call me that again!” Bunny grumbled and had her arms crossed.

    Jacob chuckled and the grandmother shook her head. “Sorry, Bunny does not like the nicknames I give her. Anyways Bunny, this is Mister Jacob Alexison, a friend of mine who also played a few characters at the theater I worked at.”

    “Now, I wouldn’t say that. Yes, I participated in a few plays, but only in my spare time.”

    The little girl tilted her head. “Then what do you do?”

    “Well, I’m an archeologist but I’m also a professor at the University of Canalave City.” He paused when he heard music from the box and the man grinned. “Speaking of archeology…” He bent down to pick it up and then closed it. “This box is actually an old artifact back in medieval times, the music telling the many stories of Sinnoh mythology.”

    Bunny’s eyes grew wide with delight. “Fascinating!”

    Jacob chuckled and messed up Bunny’s hair. He then put the box back on the desk and looked at Bunny’s grandmother.

    “Allie, I wonder, where did you get that artifact?”

    “Dennis found it at an auction. I swear, my husband keeps trying to get as many artifacts as he can without getting his clothes dirty!” The old woman laughed and gazed at Bunny. “Oh, dear, you have the script?”

    Bunny nodded and gave the script to her. Both Jacob and Allie smiled.

    “Good. Come on, Bunny, let’s start practicing.”

    After Allie left, Bunny was about to follow until Jacob poked her shoulder. She turned around and saw the old man smiling at her.

    “Let me ask you something: you like finding artifacts?”

    Bunny nodded and grinned. “Oh yes!”

    “Good. You know, when you’re older, you can always come to my university which has a good archeology program. Maybe I’ll be your teacher in a few years. Probably we’ll even go on an archeological trip together.” Jacob then winked.

    The little girl’s grin grew bigger. “I would like that very much.”

    Back in his living room, Jacob gazed at a photo of his younger self, the nine year old Bunny, and her grandmother. His fingers traced all over it with no sense of direction.

    I promised her we would go on an archeological trip together, and I kept it.

    He chuckled and gazed at the photo again. Jacob could not help but sigh from that memory when he and Bunny first met. It had been too long.


    The huge Hearthome City looked like a peaceful place anyone would like to live in. Many buildings like the gym and the church already had some bird Pokémon on top of the roofs looking at the cloudy sky. There were children playing around in the parks filled with flowers and butterfly Pokémon despite the cold breeze.

    The city was crowded with many people wearing fancy clothing, as if they were going to a ball. Today was the day the monthly Pokémon Contest commenced. Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny walked slowly on the cobbled road to go to the PokéMart and saw many people with their Pokémon. Some were grooming their fur while others were training them, flamethrowers and petals flying everywhere.

    “Don’t tell me we came at a bad time,” Jenny whispered. “Compare those nicely dressed people to us, we look like trash.”

    Jacob chuckled and stared at her for a few seconds. Her spiky hair was straightened and there was no hat on her head. Plus, she was wearing a coat over her uniform.

    “Don’t worry, Jenny. You’re fine.”

    “Yeah, at least you have no wig on your head!” Bunny complained while straightening her black hair wig.

    While both Jenny and Balin were giggling, Jacob smiled and said, “I’m sorry, but you have to wear it until we’re safe away from the public.”

    Bunny sighed in defeat; she knew that was true. Better safe than sorry. Her mind then went back to the plates. There was something in Carved in Silence that bugged her now for some reason.

    “Professor Alexison, there is something I want to ask you. In the book, there was one part where it said during the late 1600s, there was a debate whether the text on the plates are true or not. Why is that?”

    The former professor chuckled and then answered, “Bunny, my dear, it’s all about different perspectives.”

    Jenny ‘s mouth went wide when she heard that. Even though Jacob told her that before, she still could not believe that in history there could be different sides to the story.

    “Really? The plates too?” asked Bunny.

    Jacob chuckled again. “The plates, too.” He paused and grinned like a satisfied child. “Yes, even in the world of history, there will be different perspectives. There are ways to deal with that debate, though.”

    He stopped there for a few seconds, waiting for the moment to say the last sentence. Jacob could tell that Bunny, Balin, and Jenny were excited as to what he was about to say, as their eyes grew wide while he talked. He said that last sentence in a sly and deceiving tone.

    “You can either embrace it, challenge it, or forget it.”

    How he said it had both Bunny and Jenny’s mouths wide open and coldness freezing their hearts. It felt to them that the professor’s saying was true and should not be denied or else consequences would follow. There was silence for a while until Jenny spoke.

    “I’m lucky I’m not that person that carved the plates,” Jenny mused.

    That made Jacob laugh for quite a while. After calming himself down, he said, “Boy, I can’t wait to tell you the history behind those plates.”

    “How about now while we’re walking? Maybe start off with what Bunny meant by the ‘debate’ that happened in the 1600s?” Jenny asked with a big smile.

    Jacob returned with a grin. “Sure. To tell you the truth though, the book did not say much; not many documents exist on that debate. You see, one explorer from Sinnoh found the plates and then sailed to the Hoenn region to sell them.”

    “Sell them, why?” asked Jenny. “It isn’t just to get some money for booze, right?”

    Jacob sighed heavily and closed his eyes. “Sadly, yes. He didn’t want to sell those to anyone living at Sinnoh or else they would have cut his throat. Anyways, when that explorer showed the plates to one of the kings, he got furious and thought the writings on the texts were just myth and a huge joke. After the explorer said how their history is a joke, he got executed the next day.”

    Bunny shook her head and then commented, “Two lessons learned here: Never sell anything historic for wine and never make fun of another region’s history.”

    After Jacob laughed, he confirmed, “So true.”

    Jenny did not say anything or smile. Her mind began to digest what Jacob said earlier. The king and the explorer fought over one’s regional history and ended with one of them being executed. Reminded her so much like the time when she saw Johto and Kanto have their own history of which of the legendaries was their creator.

    She was interrupted when she saw two familiar people walk by and gasped. They looked as if they were keeping an eye on something. Beside them was a Kirlia jumping up and down, but the older man chuckled and patted her head.

    Timmy and Lucas!

    Knowing they would be caught soon, Jenny grabbed both Bunny and Jacob’s arms and then everyone ran, Balin following behind. Bunny and Jacob glared at the officer with raised brows while the Ninetales titled his head and kept barking.

    “What’s going on?” asked Jacob.

    “Timmy and Lucas are here!”

    Bunny gasped and her eyes went wide. “How do they know we are here?”

    “I’m not sure, really. They probably tracked us down.” After a pause, Jenny smiled when she saw a large dome with a door. “Come on, let’s hide inside that building!”

    In an instant, Jenny opened the door and everyone went inside.

    Not noticing them, both Timmy and Lucas just continued walking towards a different destination. They came to Hearthome City to question Jacob, but that was not what was on Timmy’s mind at the moment.

    Again, would Jenny actually do something like that?

    His mind could not let go of the thought that Jenny would help a criminal. Ever since she used Power Gem on him and Lucas, he kept thinking why she would do that. Bunny being innocent could be a possibility, but then the counterargument would be what Ernest wrote. Timmy halted and sighed.

    Maybe I should’ve let Jenny explain and not have been too stubborn.

    Timmy shook his head. The battle afterwards meant Jenny probably would not speak to him again. For now though, he would be focusing on finding Bunny and Jenny and go from there.


    Timmy cried out a confused sound and saw both Lucas and his Kirlia staring at him.

    “Come on, the sooner we get to Jacob’s house, the better!”

    The dazed officer’s eyes blinked a few times but then he nodded and the three began walking again.


    It was very dark inside the building, but Bunny, Balin, Jacob, and Jenny still kept running. After a few more sprints, they stopped to catch their breaths.

    “I think we lost them,” assured Jenny.

    All of a sudden, they were startled by flashing lights and then they saw a crowd. At first, the audience were talking and laughing but then they gasped when they saw them. The hundreds of eyes glaring at Bunny made her hands shake and sweat flow down on her head. Jenny and Jacob just stared at the crowd with wide eyes. Balin titled his head and his jaw dropped. The silence was broken, though when a female voice spoke. Also on the stage was a curly brown haired woman with yellow and pink attire and speaking under a microphone. Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny instantly stared at her while she spoke.

    “Hello, this is Momoan and welcome to the Hearthome City Pokémon Contest Hall! Today we’re having more coordinators competing for not only a contest ribbon but also to get one step closer to entering the Grand Festival!”

    Already bored with the introduction, Balin yawned and walked off without anyone noticing.

    “Now, to introduce our…”

    She paused when she saw Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny. One of her eyes went wide.

    “Excuse me, but are you three lost or something?”

    “No,” Bunny answered with a gulp.

    “Then why are all of you here?”

    Both Jenny and Bunny bit their lips and felt their skin tingle. Neither of them wanted to say anything, afraid the lady would ask more questions. When Jacob glanced at both of them, he smiled.

    Time to improvise.

    “Why my friend, we’re all here for the love of the contest!”

    Jacob did not expect it, but a few people chuckled. Why, Jacob was not sure, but that was fine. He just grinned back.

    Momoan’s eyes squinted. “Really? If so, why you three aren’t in the audience seats?”

    “Let’s just say we want to steal the show,” he replied with a smirk.

    Even more laughs and claps from the people. Their reaction somehow calmed both ladies down, so they smiled. Momoan, on the other hand, grunted. Jacob faced the audience and spread his arms wide.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I say this. The stage is set. Goals will be achieved. History will come alive!”

    Everyone suddenly roared in joy, and many stood up in standing ovation. Both Bunny and Jenny grinned.

    “He must be a really good lecturer, huh?” Jenny whispered.

    Bunny grinned and nodded. At the back of her mind though, she felt there was something more to that speech than just an introduction before the contest.

    While everyone was clapping, Momoan gritted her teeth. She then sighed and glared at all three angrily.

    “Look guys, we have a contest to get through and all of you are delaying things. You three better leave now this instant or else I’ll…”

    All of a sudden, screaming was heard from backstage. The crowd instantly stopped clapping.

    “That stupid Ninetales ate my Pokémon’s poffins!”

    Momoan, Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny instantly ran backstage, leaving the audience raising their eyebrows and asking each other what was going on.

    As soon as the four went to the locker rooms, they saw that the Ninetales had some purple cream on his mouth and a tall girl in a green glittery dress was already looking at Momoan. The Sandslash behind her kept hissing at Balin. No one noticed, though, that many coordinators began to crowd around them to see what was all the commotion.

    “Momoan, this Ninetales ate all of the poffins I was going to use for the contest. Whoever trainer this Pokémon is should watch her more often.”

    “I am. And for your information, Balin is a male,” Bunny snapped.

    The girl glared at Bunny, her face becoming slightly red. “Whatever. Look, your Pokémon can’t just eat someone else’s poffins. You know how hard it is to find the right berries and even harder to mix them? Seriously, what kind of coordinator are you?”

    Bunny felt her skin tingle and her eyes began blinking rapidly. “I am not a coordinator. Also, I apologize that my Pokémon ate your berries. Balin eats a lot.” When she glanced at her Pokémon, Balin licked the cream off his mouth.

    Not wanting things to be delayed anymore, Momoan screamed, “Look everyone, we’ve wasted time as it is. Looks like I got to call the cops before you guys cause more trouble.”

    The coordinator did not listen and instead continued talking. “Well, you still should have watched your Pokémon more closely, old lady!”

    One of Bunny’s eyes’ twitched and she felt her face burning. She then went and pulled out a piece of the girl’s dress. The whole crowd gasped, including Momoan, Jenny, Jacob, and Balin. The coordinator’s eyes went wide and then she instantly pulled off Bunny’s wig. Balin, Jacob, and Jenny had their mouths opened while everyone else laughed. Bunny’s eyes went wide and she felt her heart beating slower.

    “Hah, I see your hair’s already fading away!” taunted the girl.

    The only one not laughing was Momoan. She stared at Bunny for a moment and then she gasped.

    “You’re Bunny Spruce, the wanted criminal!”

    The crowded ceased their laughing. The silence and eyes staring at her made Bunny gulp and blink repeatedly.

    “I heard about you in the news this morning,” Momoan continued. “No wonder you and your accomplices are in here all of a sudden. That’s it, I’m calling the Jubilife Police!”

    When Balin heard everyone muttering, he instantly took action. His tails glowed brightly and then they slammed Momoan’s face. After Balin made a run for it, everyone followed. The woman’s face already had a bruise on her right cheek. The young girl and her Pokémon gasped when they heard Momoan’s breaths becoming deeper.

    “Are you okay?”

    Momoan did not say anything. Instead, she took out a cell phone and dialed.

    As Balin, Jacob, Jenny, and Bunny ran, they kept bumping into the other coordinators, many raising their eyebrows at them. There was one lady Jenny bumped into, causing her to ruin her makeup.

    “Hey, my makeup!” yelled a female while waving her fist.

    “Sorry, in a rush!” Jenny shouted.

    All four found the exit, got out of the building and then ran as fast as they could. The archeologist glared at her Pokémon like how a mother would look into her child’s eyes if they were in deep trouble.

    “Balin! Why did you have to wander off and eat the poffins?”

    “Nine, nine tales tales!” Balin explained.

    Bunny sighed and shook her head. “I will deal with you later.”

    The five still kept running. They passed through the gym and other buildings. Many times they made the people and Pokémon back up, not wanting a full speed collusion. It took a few minutes until they all got out of Hearthome City, at Route 209.


    In one of the neighborhoods of Hearthome City, all the brick houses almost looked the same except each was painted differently. All was peaceful and quiet. Timmy, Lucas and the Kirlia gazed at the neighborhood for quite some time.

    “Glad one of the officers returned Sandi to me this morning,” Lucas said while patting his Pokémon’s head. “Would’ve used her to travel to Canalave City, but some cases are in need of Pokémon that knows Teleport. It’s hard to find one with that technique these days, nonetheless catch them.” After a pause, Lucas looked at one of the houses and sighed. “All right, guess it’s now time to question this Jacob guy.”

    Timmy took a deep breath and walked to a blue house surrounded by vines all over and then knocked on the door. The officer waited a few seconds for the person to open the door. Seconds later Timmy knocked on the door again, since no one answered, and then after he stopped he waited. No one. Timmy grunted and shook his head. Both Kirlia and Lucas titled their heads.

    “Nothing. He’s probably out or something.”

    At first the chief clenched his fist, but then he snapped his fingers and gazed at his Kirlia.

    “Sandi, can you use your psychic ability to detect anyone in the house?”

    Sandi grinned and closed her eyes and began to hum. Lucas and Timmy gazed at her with wide eyes and smiling faces. After what seemed like forever, Sandi shook her head. Both men groaned.

    “Looks like he’s out for the day. Maybe we should wait here or…”

    Lucas was interrupted when he heard his cell phone ring. He answered it.

    “Chief Lucas here.” After a pause, his eyes went wide. “Where?? Okay, got it. Thanks.”

    The chief hung up and then he chuckled. Both Sandi and Timmy stared at him with great curiosity.

    “Things got more interesting,” he simply said.


    Huzzah, thus begins the adventure! :3

    Here are a couple of announcements I want to make:

    First off, I have here the (un)official Nothing, Everything website.. Basically in that website I have written commercials, soundtracks, banners, deleted scenes, etc. Also, you guys can comment if you want on the guestbook to chat what NE stuff you want. XD At the moment though it’s still under construction. :X

    Second, I’m actually having Jacob, Jenny, and Bunny being casted in the huge fanfic crossover “SPP: Secret War” and they’ll most likely team up with duncan’s characters for a while. If you must know, how in the heck they’ll be transported into that’s fic world: just think after this chapter, a what if situation. What if Xatu teleported them to a different place than the location next chapter…=O

    Okay, next chapter I’ll have it most likely Independence Day, July 4th! ^_^
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    “Oh, Bun-Bun…”

    “Never call me that again!” Bunny grumbled and had her arms crossed.
    The return of Bun-Bun, lol

    “Well, you still should have watched your Pokémon more closely, old lady!”

    One of Bunny’s eyes’ twitched and she felt her face burning.
    ZOMG IT'S JESSIE OF TR! Wow, apparently we learn not to call Bunny old, either!

    Not much happened, but this works really well as a "comic relief" chapter. Plus we know how the group (narrowly) missed Timmy and Lucas, despite the whole Contest Hall debacle. So now it's off to the Lost Tower, with possibly an advantage since the two officers will be tied up with an investigation at the Contest Hall. So the whole ruckus might have actually worked to their advantage...

    Meanwhile, my sick and twisted mind has come up with the perfect punishment for Balin for starting the whole poffin-eating mess... he should be "grounded" and sent to his Pokeball next time food comes into play!

    Well, that's about it for me for this chapter. LOL moments at the whole "chaos at the Contest", the "old lady" reaction, and "Bun-Bun" of course!

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    Decided to get this up early as tomorrow I'll be away for most of the day and then the next two days getting prepared for my relatives' visit on fourth of July. First off...

    Warning, warning! This chapter has a couple sexual reference jokes by Jenny, but it's not that bad. XD Also, thanks DarkPersain479 for betaing! Hope the surgery goes well! ^^ (And oh, I kinda made a last minute change after seeing that I have a huge plot hole in this chapter, so I added a part where Jenny and Bunny try to cover up their crimes...^^; )

    Chapter Fourteen
    Lost and The Lost Tower

    Outside the Hearthome City Contest Hall building, Timmy was looking at a black haired wig while Momoan was speaking. Lucas began jotting down notes.

    “That’s the wig one of the coordinators took off from Bunny’s hair!” Momoan explained.

    “Could be. Also, you say she was with two other people?” asked Lucas.

    “Yes. One had wrinkles all over his face, weighed over one hundred fifty pounds, white hair, and wore a black coat. Another had blue hair, weighed about one thirty, and also wore a coat, but gray.”

    Lucas nodded and was finishing writing down the notes. “I think we’ve enough info. Thanks again, Momoan. We’ll call you again if we need to ask more questions.”

    Momoan nodded and went back inside the building, muttering something about Bunny delaying things, with a few colorful words thrown around. Lucas sighed and gazed at Timmy, who smiled. The chief’s eyes went wide and he walked closer to the young officer.

    “What are you smiling about?”

    “Look at this.”

    He pointed to one spot on the wig where there was a strand of brown hair. Lucas grinned. Now things got more interesting. The chief dashed off, with Timmy looking at him as if his boss had gone mad.

    “Come on, let’s go back to Jubilife City. After that, take the wig to the lab.”

    Without hesitation, Timmy nodded and followed him.


    Out on the forested area of Route 209, all was peaceful and quiet, if a bit dreary. The Pokémon were flying, eating grass, or sleeping. The clouds began to pick up and grew darker. Light then instantly burst out of nowhere. The light faded and it revealed Balin, Jenny, Bunny, a Xatu and Jacob taking deep breaths.

    “Good work, Xatu,” Jacob panted. “Return.”

    After Xatu was returned, Bunny groaned.

    “Who does that girl thinks she is, calling me an old lady? That is immature, if I say so myself.”

    Jenny snickered and grinned. “Well, you do act like one and you have white hair already.”

    The officer was about to pull one of Bunny’s hairs, but halted when she saw her glaring with squinted eyes. There seemed to be a shade of red showing on Bunny’s cheeks. Jenny then closed her eyes and waved her right hand as if she did not have a care in the world.

    “Come on, lighten up. Stop thinking you’re more mature than her. Besides, you got more important things to worry about, like how to clear your name.”

    Bunny was about to open her mouth, but then sighed. She knew Jenny was right that it was more important to find a way to get herself out of this situation rather than worrying over name calling. After glancing at her surroundings a couple times, she raised one of her eyebrows when she saw Balin’s head down and whining softly to himself. Bunny walked closer to her Pokémon and petted him.

    “Balin, something the matter?”

    Balin continued to whine. At first Bunny titled her head, still unsure what was the problem. She then gasped.

    “Oh, now I know. It is about how I got mad at you, hm?”

    Balin slowly nodded, which led Bunny to sigh and put her head down in shame. It pained her to see her Pokémon mad at her that way, not realizing her temper could be deadly to the ones she loved sometimes.

    “Sorry, there. It is just that right now all of us are on tight watch and I am afraid one slip up will lead all of us to jail. You must understand.”

    At first Balin gave an unsure sound. He was afraid Bunny was still mad at him. Although, it was true her master was in a very bad situation. Maybe he should behave more.

    “Look, I promise to be nicer to you if you promise to behave, fine with that?”

    Both Pokémon and master stared at each other’s eyes for quite some time, but then Balin smiled and licked Bunny’s face, which made her giggle. Jacob and Jenny watched the whole thing unfold, so they smiled. Bunny then frowned; something just came up in her mind.

    “Now, where do we go from here? Momoan probably already returned the wig to the police.”

    “As long as no one recognizes us, then we should be fine,” Jacob replied. “I know I said not to use Teleport too much, but I think it is best if you two don’t get caught.” He turned around and grinned. “Glad that chase made this journey a little faster, though.”

    Bunny, Balin, and Jenny turned around and then three gasped in amazement. Not far from them stood a temple-like stone building. Their eyes slowly went up to the very end of it, five stories high.

    “So this is the Lost Tower!” Bunny squealed.

    “I assume we’re going to that place tonight?” Jenny asked Jacob with a smile.

    Jacob nodded and said, “Indeed. First though, we need to find an inn to stay for a few nights and also to buy some supplies, thanks to what happened at Hearthome. Oh, Bunny, since you’re wanted and do not have your wig, you’re going to be the one packing the stuff.”

    “Well, I’m glad that at least we made it,” Bunny said.

    The four continued walking, this time going to the entrance of the town.

    Back at the lab, the place looked more like a science classroom. The lighting was good and there were a few pictures of former and famous employees hanging on the white walls. There were beakers and tubes scattered everywhere. Some lab reports were left on the counters with built-in sinks. At least the room was spot-on clean. Outside the sun was beginning to set, ready to retire for the day.

    The skinny Doctor Valley stared at the wig carefully, but gazed the longest at the spot where the brown hair was. The long haired man scratched his small beard for some time, contemplating on it. Behind him, Timmy was shaking. He never saw this man before, but so far he thought he was a nice guy.

    “So, is this the wig the chief called me about?”

    “Yeah,” answered Timmy. “We believe it belongs to Bunny Spruce.”

    “Bunny Spruce?” At first, Doctor Valley stared blankly, trying to recall that name. He then smiled widely. “Oh, that wanted girl that killed Ernest Norrison? It’s assumed that she has a Psychic Pokémon.”

    Timmy nodded and said, “Should be true, with her teleporting and all.”

    “I see. Well, I can tell you guys really want that gal. Too bad it’ll be at least a couple of days until the DNA test shows if this hair belongs to her.”

    Timmy’s eyes went wide and his fingers began twitching. It would be not good news to tell the chief the search would be delayed.

    “There’s no other way you can speed this up?”

    “Sorry. If you were to take this to La Rouse City in the Hoenn region, then maybe you can get the results quicker than in this private lab. Of course, you would have to pay more.”

    Timmy groaned to himself, wishing for that too. Deciding that this would do, he smiled.

    “Well, hope this goes well. Thanks for checking this wig for us.”

    Timmy shook Doctor Valley’s hand, said goodbye to him, and left the room.

    As Timmy was walking down the brightly lit hall, he passed though white door after white door. Eventually he stopped and punched the wall, causing him to cry out in pain and rub his bruised knuckles.

    A few hours? Damn it, Bunny could be in Kanto already!


    Inside the PokéMart, the place had clean floors and bright lights. The building had supplies like potions and max revives on shelves for people with Pokémon to buy. There were also some food snacks for the weary traveler. Both Jacob and Jenny began getting potions and snacks.

    Something came up in Jacob’s mind after he picked up a few snacks. He had not heard the girls talk about finding the real murderer of Ernest Norrison ever since they first came to his house. It seemed to him that they were focusing on the plates for now. On the other hand, they planned on going to the Lost Tower later tonight.

    Nothing to worry about. I told them everything that was needed.

    For the past couple of days, Jacob had wondered if he should have told them more information on the subject of Ernest and the plates. At home, he had told them so far that the questions Ernest went through led him to hide the plates.

    Again, they got what is needed.

    Jacob sighed slowly. Something else bugged him and it was the text. If he knew the text to the plates, he would tell the girls. Maybe that text could also answer history’s oldest question: why the plates affected people so much.

    “Doc, are you okay?”

    When he heard that, Jacob turned around and gave out a tiny smile.

    “Oh, sorry. I was wondering why you two hadn’t talked about the real murderer of Ernest in a while.”

    Jenny smiled, as if she knew he would ask that one day.

    “Well, I’ve actually been thinking about it. I want to ask you this. Remember a few nights ago when you told me how a lot of people nagged Ernest about the plates?”

    Jacob nodded and answered calmly, “Yes.”

    “I’m pretty sure who murdered Ernest really wanted the plates.”

    The man’s eyes went wide and he felt a chill run through his body. Jacob wanted to run away, but his legs for some reason would not move. It was as if Jenny already cuffed him.

    At least she’s right that the person who nagged Ernest did kill him four years later. I shouldn’t worry though…yet.

    Jacob sighed and smiled, trying to conceal the truth from her.

    “Really? That sounds logical. However, why would he or she kill Ernest?”

    Jenny giggled and said, “I knew you would ask that. It can be either one of two ways. One, the murderer might’ve got the location from my uncle before, but got the wrong one. Another way is he got the location from him seconds before he died, so the murderer decided to kill him to prevent Ernest from stopping him.”

    Happy that Jenny came to those conclusions instead, Jacob grinned. He already knew how to get this conversation going.

    “Hm, interesting. But wait, your second conclusion could mean he might’ve gotten the plates already!”

    “True. However, everyone lies once in a while,” the female officer said with a wink.

    That pierced Jacob’s heart. His hands began shaking. He knew what she meant by that.

    “So he probably lied about the location.”

    “Could be,” she said, nodding. “Anyways, do you know anyone that nagged Ernest and might have killed him for those plates?”

    His hands shook harder. He knew that this officer could be a sharp one sometimes. Clumsy words could put him in jail, so he had to choose them carefully.

    “To tell you the truth, no. Ernest told me that a few news reporters and a couple of friends I never heard of that nagged him.”

    “Damn!” Jenny cussed as she snapped her fingers. “Well, I’m pretty sure it must be someone that wanted those plates and that he or she’s trying some other ways to find it now. Heck, maybe my uncle did tell the murderer truthfully the location of the plates. Would be cool though if that person comes here tonight and then Bunny can be cleared. Speaking of which, at least those plates will prove her innocent even if we don‘t find the killer.”

    Jacob nodded and sighed softly to himself. Close, too close. He hoped that they could get the plates before the girls found out he was the murderer of Ernest. That would be very much obliged.

    With those plates, Bunny would be proven innocent and I would find out the secret of those things. It’s a win-win situation.

    “You’re right, Ella. The sooner we get the plates, the better. For Bunny’s sake, for your sake.”

    Jenny giggled; she thought it was actually cute that he cared about her. When she grinned at Jacob, he smiled back.


    Brenda and her Misdreavus were taking a stroll, passing through a few small farms and the people saying hello to them.

    “Too bad I can’t do farming,” the old woman said to her Pokémon. “Looks peaceful.”

    “Mis mis,” the Misdreavus cooed while nodding.

    The two kept walking, now close to the town square, where the town’s main buildings like the Pokémon Day Care Center, the Pokémon News Press, and the PokéMart were at. Brenda glanced at a few people and waved at them as if she knew them very well, which they returned warningly. She stopped when Jacob and Jenny came out of the PokéMart.

    The combined snow-rain feeling she had a few days ago came back, only for a different reason. Seeing those two made her breathless again.

    I have a feeling those two are trying to find something important, and it might be here.

    The Misdreavus gave out a childlike smile, as she had thought of the same thing too. Too bad Brenda did not notice it. Playtime would begin soon.


    In the heart of darkness Bunny and her Pokémon, Jacob, his Xatu and Jenny walked slowly out of the town to go to the Lost Tower. The noises of Hoothoot and Kricketot together produced a noise more annoying than a person scratching a blackboard, at least to Jenny. The female officer shut her eyes tight and tried hard not to listen. It was not working.

    “Ella, no!” Bunny screeched when she saw Jenny pick up a small rock.

    “Aw, come on!” Jenny pleaded while tossing the rock.


    After Jenny put down the rock, she snorted. Sky, Balin, Jacob, and his Xatu snickered to themselves and then the four continued walking.

    Just a few feet away, red eyes blazed from a bush.

    “Misdreavus, where are you?” screamed Brenda.

    Tonight at Solaceon Town, it became foggy. The old woman could not see very clearly, so she was having a hard time trying to find her Pokémon.

    Not again. She always like to cause some sort of mischief.

    She shook her head; she knew her Misdreavus was at it again.

    Probably she’s at The Lost Tower. I usually go there during this time, anyways.

    Brenda coughed and sprinted to her destination.


    The four entered the first floor of the Lost Tower. A few Zubat passed them, their wings beating loudly like hard rain. All looked around the stone walled place, the cold air piercing their bodies. Everyone shook except for Balin because of his status as a fire Pokémon and his fur. The grassy ground was filled with graves of the names of late Pokémon.

    “So this must be a graveyard for Pokémon, huh? How’s it a historic location, may I ask?” asked Jenny while rubbing her arms with her hands. “Dang, it’s cold!”

    “Yep, the Lost Tower’s a graveyard. It’s historic because two hundred years ago the mayor of Solaceon Town, Celis Almond, loved Pokémon so much, she ordered a five story Pokémon grave to be built. Sad though that she died before the project was finished.”

    Bunny shook her head. She thought that was tragic too. She knew though that Celis would be very happy if she were alive today.

    “I assume we will go to the fifth floor?” asked Bunny.

    Jacob chuckled and answered, “Yeah. The note did say Tower the highest.”

    As Jacob chuckled some more, all four of them went slowly up the stairs to the second floor. His mind kept repeating the same three words though.

    Soon, very soon…


    Up on the fifth floor, the Misdreavus just went through the walls and chuckled to herself. She looked around and saw that no one was on the fifth floor yet, but then she heard some voices coming from the stairs.

    “Hey Doc, I wonder. Whatever happened to the plates after that explorer got executed from the orders of that Hoenn king?” asked a female voice.

    “Oh, want to know, huh?” a male voice asked.

    “The king had his men dispose them into the ocean, right?” said a different female voice.

    The ghost Pokémon grinned and her eyes glowed red. She then floated and hid under the Giratina statue, laughing softly to herself.


    “Yes, that’s right,” Jacob confirmed with a nod. “After that, though, it was discovered by some divers a few decades before the start of the Colonial Era in the late 1800s. To make a long story short, those divers eventually fought over the plates and then they were scattered all over Sinnoh.”

    “Were they sharing the plates before?” Jenny asked.

    “Yes, they had. They first took turns keeping all of the plates, but that didn’t go so well. In the book it explains how there’s proof of that from a couple of journals.”

    At that moment everyone entered the fifth floor and gasped at what they saw.

    Unlike the other four floors, the fifth floor was filled with more blooming roses on the grassy ground. In the middle there was a Vaporeon statue squirting water. Beside the fountain rested sixteen stone tablets, each a different color. Both Bunny and Jacob’s eyes became wide and glassy while Jenny and Balin’s eyes were squinted and the Xatu and Sky’s mouths dropped.

    “Don’t tell me…”

    “Yes they are!” Bunny proclaimed with a squeal. “I made another discovery, although I was not looking for it!”

    “Let’s grab them right now!” suggested Jacob.

    As the two were dashing to get the plates, Jenny’s conscience told her that something was not right about this.

    Why do I have the feeling those things are fake?

    “Guys, wait!”

    All three Pokémon felt the same thing, so they started screaming. It was too late, though. Just as the two touched them, not only the plates but the whole garden scenery faded. When all disappeared, it revealed that the last floor was like the other four floors except there were no graves and instead there was a statue of Giratina. Bunny and Jacob’s eyes became wider and their mouths switched from a smile to an almost perfect circle.

    “What happened?” Bunny asked in a confused tone.

    Jacob was just speechless. Never in a million years had he expected this to happen.

    Trick? Trick? TRICK? So we came here for nothing?

    His right hand punched the ground and then pieces of dirt flew. Heated hatred began forming in his veins. Bunny, Jenny, Sky, and Balin stared at him with worried looks on their faces. They knew Jacob was pretty upset about this. Just close, so close.

    Not long after though, they suddenly gasped when they saw the Misdreavus come out of hiding and laughing out loud at all four of them. Balin growled and then inside his mouth, flames began forming. The Pokémon’s laughter made Jacob turn around and clench his teeth. His face turned light red, anger rising.

    “Balin, no!”

    Balin snorted and then shook his head. Too many times he made Bunny upset.

    “A Misdreavus? You’re the one that did this!” he screamed in deep breaths.

    The Misdreavus just chuckled and stuck her tongue out at him.

    “That’s it! You’ll pay for this! Okay buddy, hit her hard with Silver Wind!”

    The Xatu wings began beating hard and then glittery wind was fired towards the ghost type. As soon as the Silver Wind attack came close to the Misdreavus though, she just floated upward and the attack instead hit the statue. The ghost Pokémon then twirled around quickly and rainbow colored leaves suddenly came spurting out. The psychic bird used his wings to cover his face from the leaves, but a few scratched his forehead.

    That Pokémon is very quick, Jacob thought to himself while gritting his teeth.

    He was about to say an attack when the Misdreavus’ body glowed yellow. His eyes widened. Soon electricity crackled out of the ghost’s body and went towards the psychic bird, but luckily he flew underneath it and his wings began glowing. The Xatu then slashed at the Misdreavus’ face, causing her to scream in pain.

    Jacob grinned. “Great! Okay, now for Drill Peck!”

    The Xatu’s beak began drilling while he flew towards his opponent. The Misdreavus smirked, however. Her eyes glowed purple and she began humming. All of a sudden, the bird Pokémon stopped and gazed at his surroundings in confusion. Jacob gasped and then stomped on the ground.

    “Hey, what’s going on?”

    The Xatu all of a sudden began banging his head on the statue. That caused Jacob to stomp on the ground more.

    “Looks like Misdreavus used Confuse Ray,” Bunny informed with a hint of concern.

    The old man blinked and he felt his fingers twitching. “Xatu, snap out of it.”

    It would be too late then. The screech Pokémon giggled and then her body let out electricity again, which instantly engulfed the Xatu’s body. The bird crashed down on the ground and dirt flew up. Everyone gasped while Jacob ran and picked up his Pokémon.

    “Xatu, are you all right?”

    The Xatu blinked a few times and then cooed soothingly, “Atu.”

    Jacob smiled and then he returned his Pokémon. He leaped up in surprise when he heard an old woman speak.

    “Misdreavus, there you are!”

    Jacob, Bunny, Jenny, and Balin turned around and saw Brenda staring at them with great interest. Her mouth turned from a snarl to a smile.

    “Aw, I see you two again, the old man and the blue haired woman.”

    Jacob and Jenny raised their left eyebrows. They had never seen that woman before. Balin, Sky, and Bunny just stared at her with interest and confusion at the same time, their heads titled down.

    “Who are you?” asked Jenny.

    The woman chuckled and used her Pokémon’s pokéball to return her Misdreavus.

    “My name’s Brenda, and I go here every night to mourn for the Pokémon buried here and to also sense what their feelings are at the moment.”

    Bunny’s eyes went wide, surprised at that statement. She heard stories of people believing in ghosts, but she never met a real person that experienced it firsthand.

    “Sorry, but you said you are here to sense what most are feeling at the moment?”

    Brenda nodded and answered while twirling her hair, “I do have a weird sixth sense for knowing the feelings of dead Pokémon.”

    Bunny, Jenny, Balin, and Jacob gasped, too speechless on what to say about that. Whether it was true or not, it was still haunting to them. Brenda, on the other hand, giggled.

    “I wonder though, why are all of you here this late?”

    Bunny was not sure if any of them should answer that question. There could be a chance she might recognize her and Jenny. So far, however, she did not say anything about hearing news of a wanted person that everyone should keep an eye on. After trusting her, she was the first one to speak.

    “We believed the historic plates are in this tower.”

    Bunny took out the piece of paper in her bag and gave it to Brenda to see. The old lady soon laughed and shook her head.

    “It seems logical. Carved in silence, the gravestones. Icy feel underneath, this cold air. Tower the highest, this floor. You know what, they could be here.”

    Everyone gasped, not just by her answer, but by her wit too.

    Wow, she knew that right off the bat, Jacob thought to himself. Her Misdreavus is not the only one that’s fast.

    “How would you know that?” asked Bunny.

    “Misdreavus and the spirits would tell me if someone hid something here,” Brenda said with a smile before turning to face the statue.

    Everyone was silent and instead stared at the statue of the legendary ghost dragon. Bunny read the inscription of Giratina and it made her body shake. Staring at it gave it a weird aura to her. Somehow though, looking at the statue gave her inspiration for a new question.

    “I am curious. Brenda, you said you can tell the feelings of most of the spirits here, right?”

    Brenda nodded slowly and answered, “Yes.”

    “What do you actually mean by that?”

    Before Brenda answered that question, she gave out a tiny smile. That made Bunny more suspicious of her. The archeologist’s eyes stared at the woman with more focus.

    “It seems the spirits here will feel the same way together. They’ll feel happy together, they’ll feel sad together. It’s probably because they all faced the same fate and are now supporting each other. Seems logical to me.”

    Bunny nodded in agreement. She studied about people believing in sprits and their thoughts about them while a university student.

    “Anyways,” Brenda continued, “I think I see some sort of a red rock.”

    Everybody looked at where Brenda was pointing and gasped. Indeed, there was a red rock at the spot Jacob’s Pokémon crashed down earlier.

    Bunny squealed. “Balin, dig now!”

    The Ninetales nodded as he began digging. It took a while, but he managed to make a hole. Everyone leaned closer and saw there were a few plates on the ground, each of them small and in different colors. They all gasped and their eyes sparkled in awe.

    “Oh my gosh…” Jacob whispered. He felt his heartbeat getting slower.

    “All right!” Jenny cheered. “See, Bunny! Now we could use them to prove your innocence! Let’s get them now!”

    Brenda gasped when she heard Jenny said that. Something was not right when see said that. Jacob could see it in her eyes. He put his head down, hoping she would not see the guilt in his eyes.

    "Prove your innocence?" Brenda asked slowly in a curious manner.

    Both Bunny and Jenny felt their bodies trembling and their breaths became deeper. The officer silently thought to herself that it was a stupid slip up to say that. However, she laughed nervously and she began rubbing her neck.

    "Um, you heard how some historians don't believe the plates are true? Well, they thought she made it all up, so that's why we were on this expedition in the first place."

    Bunny gazed at Jenny for sometime and then she laughed nervously too. She admit, that was one good cover up. Jacob and the Pokemon just chuckled; both thought that was a great one.

    "Yes, all of it is true. I want to prove to them that the plates are true."

    Brenda shook her head and giggled. "Ah, I see. I'm actually curious about these things."

    Bunny nodded and she began grabbing a couple of the plates. Jacob and Jenny did the same. They each then set them on the ground and looked at them in interest. However, something was wrong.

    “None of them have Unown writing,” Bunny pointed out as she grunted.

    True. All eight of them had no Unown writing in it. Jacob groaned too. He knew these plates were real, since some of them did not have carvings on it. On the other hand, Jacob wished they had writings on them. That would then answer why Ernest wanted to keep the plates to himself.

    “You’re right,” Jacob finally said. “Not only that, he probably hid that book with the other eight plates.”

    “So what now, guys?” Brenda asked.

    “Knowing my uncle, he probably left another clue somewhere. Maybe on one of the plates.”

    Bunny and her Pokémon, Jacob, Jenny, and Brenda started looking at the plates for any clues. A Post-It, an object, another marking, anything. Finally, Brenda found one on the black plate.

    “Anyone care to know what this means?” she asked with a chuckle.

    Everyone came over and Bunny grabbed the note. After reading it, her eyes went wide.

    The start of the Region Fights. The start of the debate.

    Jenny and Jacob leaned in closer and they both gazed at it in confusion.

    “Start of the Region Fights, start of the debate. What does that mean?” Jenny asked.

    “Probably something to do with the Region Fights, I suppose.” He decided to check his watch and when he did, his eyes widened. “Oh my, it’s getting late. Guess we better go.” He turned to Brenda and bowed. “Well Ms. Brenda, sorry that we intruded here. Hope you have a good night.”

    “Good night to you too, everyone,” said Brenda in return.

    Everyone bowed back and was about to go downstairs but they then halted when Brenda yelled at them.

    “Sorry to ask you this, but is it all right if I can give you guys the tour of the Solaceon Ruins tomorrow? I thought all of you would be interested,” Brenda said with a smile.

    “The Solaceon Ruins?” Bunny answered, her eyes blinking.

    Again, a weird sinking feeling came inside Bunny’s body. True, the woman seemed nice but unusual. Although, she really wanted to visit that place for a while and now was a great opportunity to do so. Not only that, something told her that Brenda was helping them somehow…

    After Bunny made her decision, she stared at both Jacob and Jenny. The former professor and the officer both looked calm and nodded. After a few seconds, she nodded slowly back.

    Bunny turned around and answered, “Yes, that would be fine.”

    “Oh, good!” Brenda said gleefully. “Okay then, meet me tomorrow at my house. Don’t worry, you guys will find it. It’ll be the one with chimes moving.”

    “All right, we will!”

    After everyone went downstairs, Brenda turned her back to the statue. All of a sudden, she felt as if a blizzard just went through her body.

    “The spirits are even madder now,” she muttered to herself.


    Back at their inn room, Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny were talking about what just happened tonight and their plans for tomorrow.

    “Still mad at that Misdreavus?” Bunny asked Jacob in a concerned tone.

    “Nah, not anymore. We found the first eight plates. Now we need to find the other eight.”

    “Hey Doc, sorry to ask, but should we plan where we should go next right now?”

    Jacob shook his head and said, “No, not now. I just want to forget about tonight’s incident first.”

    Bunny did not listen to what Jacob said. Instead, for some reason, she decided to check the note again.

    Start of the Region Fights. Start of the debate.. Somehow when I think of the Solaceon Ruins, that message came back to me. Could it be a possible location for the plates?

    That realization made her grin and she was breathing harder. It felt good to her whenever she solved something. She opened her mouth to bring about the news, but then she gasped. Her mind went back to Brenda.

    Could Brenda have already solved the piece? She did not explain how she came up with the conclusion though…

    Bunny bit her lip. She hated it when someone managed to solve something before her. She never wanted to lose a challenge.

    “You know you two, I think I need some fresh air. I’ll be right back.”

    Jacob got out of his bed and left the room with both girls staring at him. As soon as the door was closed, Bunny stared at Jenny.

    “Maybe I should go talk to him?”

    Jenny smiled and replied, “Nah, leave him alone. Let him sort this out himself.”

    When Jacob went outside, he felt his heart beating faster and faster. He also thought he was not feeling so well.

    I think they trusted me too much for their own good.

    For the last couple days Jacob had wrestled with the decision: turn himself in or continue this quest for the plates (as he liked to call it). Again and again he worried about both the girls and his reputation. On the one hand, Bunny would be free, but she would hate him if she found out he was the murderer. Probably Jenny too since she seemed to take a shine to him.

    On the other hand, if I do get away with this and Bunny is proven innocent, that case will be gone. Besides, I have ways that’ll get us the advantage.

    Jacob suddenly grinned at that thought. He whistled and then returned back inside. Again, he believed what he did was right. Outside on a tree, a Xatu slowly shook his head and then hooted in defeat.


    “Be right back, going to grab some ice!”

    Bunny opened the door and was about to leave until she bumped into Jacob. Both fell to the ground, Bunny’s head on Jacob’s chest. Jenny was laughing and rolling on the floor.

    “Man Bunny, I didn’t know you’re that kind of girl that hops on guys in an instant!”

    Da- dum, da-dum, da-dum. Each heartbeat she heard from him made her eyes blink faster. The woman’s face turned red and then she got up, dusted herself, and laughed nervously.

    “Sorry, Professor. Did not see you there.”

    Jacob chuckled. “It’s fine.”

    While Jenny was trying to calm herself down and get herself back up, Bunny felt she should challenge her somehow. She then smirked.

    “Ella, I want to ask you this question. Do you always disappoint the men?”

    Jenny smirked back and replied, “Do you always bore them?”

    Both the officer and the former professor laughed out loud when Bunny’s face became red once more, this time out of frustration. Again, she hated it when she lost.

    Outside, the Xatu was watching the whole time and at first smiled but then put his head down and sighed. Soon there would not be many moments like that. He also knew he would have to show that to Jacob.


    Hehe, the plot's moving forwards with the first eight plates found! Will the next eight be at Solaceon Ruins? Wait and see next chapter! ^^
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    Ack, sorry for the wait, people! Besides me doing two one shots, two of my betas were having a bit of computer troubles...^^;

    Okay, this is probably the hardest chapter I had written for this story besides the ending ones. One, I think I might've put a bit too much into one chapter again. :X However, one of the reasons though is because some of the important stuff in this chapter carries over in Chapter Sixteen. Just be lucky I decided to have this chapter be in two parts ( Chapter Sixteen was orignally part of Chapter Fifteen) or else you guys might get a headache. XD

    Enough excuses, here's the next chapter! Thanks DarkPersian479 and duncan for betaing!

    Chapter Fifteen
    Unown to You

    It was late into the night and the clouds were moving slowly. Howls filled the air from many Absol and hundreds of Hoothoot and Noctowl. The majority of other Pokémon slept on. The harsh breeze growled softly, hungry for more destruction.

    Inside the group’s room, the Xatu stared at the three for quite some time. After hearing Jenny’s snores for a while, he nodded. Now was the time. The flying type slowly flew to Jacob’s bed and pecked at his head. Jacob muttered for a moment but got up and blinked a few times. His eyes went wide when he saw his Xatu.

    “Xatu? What’s the matter?”

    The Xatu did not respond. Instead, his eyes shined brightly in a blue hue and Jacob saw the window opening. After that task was completed, the Xatu flew outside. Knowing his Pokemon wanted this business to be done away from the girls, Jacob grabbed his coat, opened the door and ran out. As soon as he was outside, he saw his Xatu glaring at him.

    “Okay Xatu, please tell me what’s going on!”

    The Xatu began talking, flapping his wings in a nervous manner and pointing up with his beak at the second floor, where the opened window was. Jacob took a quick glance at it and then sighed. For a second he thought his heart stopped beating.

    “You’re talking about Jenny and Bunny, right?”

    The psychic Pokémon nodded.

    “And you’re trying to tell me this isn’t working out?”

    Again, the Pokémon nodded. Jacob at first glared at his Pokémon with a raised eyebrow, as if he was crazy, but then he laughed.

    “Oh, come on! This is just the first day of our journey and you’re already worried? True, quite a lot of stuff happened, but I think everything’s going to be fine. Plus, we already have many of the plates. We’ll find the rest soon.”

    The Xatu shook his head and his eyes blazed red. Jacob’s eyes widened and his mouth was about to open until he saw a light red mist coming. After the light faded, all was dark except he was seeing himself pointing a gun at both Bunny and Jenny. Jacob gasped.

    “Xatu, what the…”

    The former professor was interrupted when he saw himself talking to the girls, both looking wide eyed at him.

    “I’m sorry, Bunny. As much as I love you, I can’t risk you going to the police. Speaking of the police…”

    He pointed the gun at Jenny and she gasped. Jacob then pulled the trigger.


    Back to reality, Jacob crashed to the ground, taking deep breaths. His heart drumming rapidly, everything was shocking and unbelievable to him at first, but then Jacob snickered. He soon got up, dusted himself, and grabbed a pokéball.

    “You can’t be serious!”

    The psychic bird glared and gave him a stiff nod. Despite being serious about this, he knew Jacob would not believe it.

    “Also, you know I’m going to use that gun for another reason, but that’s only in case things go wrong. Trust me, I’m not going to use that gun on Bunny and Jenny. Return.”

    After his Xatu was returned to his pokéball, Jacob sighed.

    Xatu sometimes thinks things out of proportion.

    He took out a gun from his coat pocket and examined it for a second. Jacob smiled.

    Again, only if necessary. The girls will thank me for this.


    That same night, Brenda was telling her husband what happened. She told him about how she met three people, that they found eight ‘plates’ and they needed them to prove to some historians about Sinnoh’s myths being the real deal. Everything she told him just rushed to Thomas like a flood.

    “And tomorrow we’ll be going to the ruins!” she finished off in a happy note.

    Thomas’ eyes flickered. He was at first not sure what to do think of it. He had never heard stories of tourists going on a treasure hunt. However, he chuckled, happy his wife enjoyed that experience at least.

    “Glad you’re happy about what happened. On the other hand, something bugs me. You told me the spirits are madder now. Wouldn’t they suddenly appear and try to get the plates from them or something?”

    Brenda gasped and her eyes were lowered. She knew it was more of her husband’s spirit complaints. She smirked though; already she knew how to answer that question.

    “Spirits aren’t like in those B- rated movies, where ghosts come and take revenge on the person that murdered them. They have feelings too and know right from wrong.”

    Her husband shrugged. “Okay, fine. However, can’t you at least warn them, those tourists I mean?”

    This time the elderly woman bit her lips and put her head down in shame. Now that she thought about it, she did not warn them of the dangers ahead of them. Maybe she was just caught in the moment and could not wait to take them there tomorrow. She thought of a couple other reasons, though.

    “I guess I just don’t want to scare them. They seemed like great people, just an unusual group.”

    That, and the spirits weren’t clear to me if the plates were what was causing them to be angry, just the presence of those people. Maybe they aren’t sure, either.


    The next morning Bunny, Balin, Jacob, Sky, and Jenny headed towards Brenda’s house. All the houses they passed so far looked the same: wooden with green roofs. Most had small gardens with young vegetables and fruits still growing. Everyone then halted and stared at a house, but this one had chimes that sang a sweet, tiny melody.

    This must be the house, Bunny thought to herself.

    The five slowly went towards the house, everyone shaking slightly. When they were inches away from the door, Bunny was the one that knocked.

    “Who is it?” Brenda yelled from inside her house.

    “The people that you met last night at the Lost Tower!” Jacob screamed back.

    “Oh! Hang on a sec!”

    The doorknob turned and the door opened. Brenda welcomed them with a huge smile.

    “Nice to see you all again. Okay, time to go!”

    After Brenda closed the door, everyone walked slowly while enjoying the morning sun. Because it would take them some time until they reached the Solaceon Ruins, Brenda decided to start a conversation.

    “You know, I didn’t catch any of your guys’ names. Care to share?”

    Everyone froze, as if Brenda already knew them and had trapped them. However, Jenny was the first one to have an idea, so she smiled.

    “Sure. My name’s Samantha.”

    Playing along, Jacob answered, “I’m Richard.”

    “Call me Anna.”

    Both Balin and Sky chuckled, liking the new names they gave themselves. Maybe those names suited them better than their original ones.

    Brenda smiled and replied, “Now that we’re acquainted, let me say that the Solaceon Ruins is my second favorite place to visit.”

    Back at home, Thomas stared at them from the bedroom window. His eyebrows rose, but then he shrugged. He was not sure why his wife wanted to give a couple visitors a tour of the ruins, but it was none of his business. After staring for some time, he went to his mirror and was trying to finish tucking his tie. He stopped midway through and turned around to watch the television when he saw two pictures pop up. One was of a young brown haired woman and one was of an old gray haired man.

    “We’ve some breaking developments in the case of Ernest Norrison. The Jubilife Police Station tells us that Bunny Spruce, her Ninetales, and two other people believed to be her accomplices were in the Hearthome City Contest Hall. Also, a piece of her hair from a wig that was found is now being tested. One witness says she wears a black jacket and baggy pants."

    Thomas’ eyes blinked many times and he felt his hands shaking.

    “That looks exactly like that small woman Brenda took off with.”

    “Her two other accomplices are described to be one blue haired woman and one old man with wrinkles all over his face, both wearing coats. The Jubilife Police Station asks for anyone to call their department if you have any leads in their case."

    Having already connected everything together, Thomas grabbed his cell phone and dialed.


    The Solaceon Ruins was on top of a steep hill, so there was a long stairway Brenda and the gang had to take. If one were to go up, there would be trees and healthy grass everywhere, thus it was a good place for people to train for the upcoming contest in the town.

    After a while, everyone made their way up and no one was tired yet. Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob gasped when the saw it. The huge gray building looked like there would be many floors they would have to go through. In front of the stairs were two statues. One was of a Pokémon on all fours with a gem on its chest and spikes as its tail. There was something menacing about his face and many markings were all over his body. Another was of a Pokémon who stood up, both of his arms had a gem and spikes attached. His face too could make people run for their lives and there were many markings on his body as well.

    “Dialga and Palkia…” Bunny whispered.

    Brenda chuckled. “Yep, the legendaries. Luckily though, not too many people come to the ruins, with stories of Unown’s mystic powers scaring them.”

    Bunny’s eyes went wide, which piqued her interest. When she was young, she loved studying about the myths and mysteries of Unown and thought one day she would find out the truth. That childish dream would soon come true.

    “What are we waiting for?” Jenny yelled happily as she ran up the stairs.

    Everyone chuckled and followed quickly except for Bunny. Something caught her eye. The archeologist kneeled down and looked at an inscription. The gravel cracked in a couple of places, most likely from old age. Her fingers traced on the stone, very rough on the edges. The only thing was that all the letters were in the Unown alphabet. Bunny titled her head.

    Unown alphabet? Hm, I think I can depict this code.

    “Bunny! Come on!”

    Bunny first gave a confused sound but turned around and saw her Pokémon, Jacob, Jenny, and Brenda waiting for her. She smiled and began going up the stairs with them.


    Inside Lucas’ office, his fist slammed on the desk and his eyes glared at Timmy angrily. A couple minutes ago the young officer told the chief of the news back at the lab and he did not take it too kindly.

    “A couple days at least?”

    “That’s what he said,” the young officer stuttered. “You know DNA testing, those things take time.”

    “I know, I know.” Lucas took a deep shuddering breath. “Still, Bunny could be anywhere now. Hoenn, Kanto, Johto…not even sure how the authorities over there dealt with criminals from another region.”

    Lucas knew the police system worked differently in each region. The culture of the police also differed. However, he was not sure how authorities dealt with criminals outside of their specific region. He was not even sure if they would contact the other region or take matters in their own hands. Having a worldwide search on Bunny would be too much. She only murdered one man, not a hundred.

    Gone, baby, gone.

    Always seemed like that. That little lady would not hesitate to get away from them. Lucas shook his head, though. Defeat was not the answer. The war was still going on and there was always a way.

    “Despite that, most likely Bunny’s still in this region. It takes a lot of power to use Teleport, so it’ll take a lot of energy to go to another region. Trust me, I have Sandi and she knows Teleport. After using it a few times, she gets tired easily.”

    Timmy nodded and slid his fingers through his hair. “Okay, I can agree to that. Still, we don’t know where she is. Now what we do while we wait for the DNA results?”

    Lucas smiled. “Well, I had Vincent and his crew go back to the museum to check for any blood or other markings. Also, I want to show you something.”

    The chief grabbed a small memory stick and put it in his laptop’s USB port. In an instant, a video was playing. There, Momoan was doing her introductions, but was interrupted when she saw Jacob, Bunny in her black wig, and Jenny. Bunny and Jenny were nervous, but Jacob began his monologue to the people. While seeing the video, Timmy raised an eyebrow and scratched his head.

    “Usually contests are recorded live, so I asked one of the cameramen for the memory stick. Also, I’ve kept rewinding, trying to get this new accomplice’s look stuck into my brain.”

    Lucas rewound the video again and stopped at the place where Jacob was doing his monologue.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I have this to say. The stage is set. Goals will be achieved. History will come alive.”

    Timmy could not help but snicker. “So he’s into Shakespeare or something?”

    Lucas shrugged. “Maybe. Still, I can’t help but smile at his last line, ‘History will come alive.’ Definitely Bunny’s accomplice, since she was a History major. I’ve also had Jeff look over this and give us a printed picture of him, Bunny, and Jenny.”

    “Good. Still, I find it ironic Jacob Alexison was gone the same day we were going to question him.” Timmy then snapped his fingers. “Maybe that old man is Mr. Alexison.”

    Lucas’ eyes went wide and he thought he was about to choke. “What? Are you serious?”

    “Think about it, chief. Bunny and Jenny ran away and then that murderer used Teleport. They probably went to Jacob, told him the situation, and started hiding.”

    Lucas looked down at his desk. He admitted Timmy had a point there and it all made sense. Still, maybe it was just coincidence that Jacob was on vacation and that old man was someone else.

    “We don’t want to jump to conclusions, Timmy boy. We’ll try to catch him first and then we’ll go…”

    He was interrupted when his phone rang and Lucas picked up it. He hushed Timmy.

    “Hello, this is Chief Lucas. Ah ha.” Lucas’ eyes went wide, but then he grinned. “Really? Okay, where?” He began scribbling down something on paper. “Okay, got it. We’ll be there in a sec. Thank you.” He hung up on the phone and smirked at Timmy. “I know what we can do now. We’re going to Solaceon Town.”

    Timmy’s eyes went wide and he held his lips tighter. “Why?”

    “A man named Thomas Silvermen called and told me he spotted a bunny and her friends there.”


    Inside the first floor of the Solaceon Ruins, it was mostly dark except from some light coming from outside and torches. There was dust scattered everywhere on the walls. Nothing was in there, complete emptiness. Soon though, everyone came in. Everyone except the old woman stared confusedly at the three stairways in front of them.

    “Hey Brenda, do you know which stairs we should go to?” Bunny asked.

    Brenda nodded. “The top right one. Why do you ask, though?”

    Jenny and Jacob stared at each other with confused looks, both thinking the same thing. They thought it would be just a little tour.

    “You believed the plates would be here, huh?” Bunny asked with a sly smile.

    Brenda stared at Bunny for a while. Despite her smile, she wondered how that woman figured that out. She first thought about not telling Bunny the truth, but was afraid she might figure it out. After what seemed like forever, she took a deep breath.

    “Yes. Although to tell you the truth, I’m not sure how that note is connected to the Solaceon Ruins. I just guessed the plates might be here. Maybe there’s an inscription of the Region Fights or something, though I don’t remember seeing one.” She shrugged.

    Bunny’s jaws dropped. She could not believe Brenda just “guessed.” She first thought the old lady had figured it out, which would have impressed her very much, not to mention scare her too. Now Bunny knew Brenda had not thought over the note at all.

    “Well, I do.”

    Bunny turned around to see Balin, Sky, Jenny, and Jacob, all had their mouths open. She turned back around to see Brenda chuckling.

    “Really? Care to elaborate?”

    Bunny smiled slyly again and nodded. This could be fun.

    “Well, ‘Start of the Region Fights,’ would reference to where the Region Fights started: Solaceon Town.”

    Bunny could not help but grin in triumph. She knew the Region Fights began in Solaceon Town. Before the town was filled with farmers, it was a small village surrounded by grassland and trees. It was a good trade place and many knights would go to the blacksmith to get new swords. When the war broke out, almost the entire village was destroyed, but eventually the town was rebuilt.

    “Next,” Bunny continued, “the line, ‘Start of the debate,’ is of the debate Hoenn and Sinnoh had on the four Regis. I do not want to bore you to death if I lecture you about that, though.” Bunny then smirked.

    Brenda had her arms crossed and grinned. She was quiet at first, tracing back to what Bunny told her. Brenda was glad at least her guess could be a possibility, even if she was not searching for those plates.

    “She’s just showing off, Brenda,” Jenny joked and giggled. Bunny glared at her and grunted.

    The old woman laughed. “Well then, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if I’m right,” Brenda said with a huge smile. “All right then, let’s go. I warn you though, don’t anger the Unown.”

    After Brenda was the first one to go downstairs, everyone followed. Jenny giggled to herself, wondering what would happen if they made them angry. While everyone continued walking, Bunny frowned and shook her head.

    That is very smart of her to just guess.

    Despite acting very gleeful while explaining to Brenda why the clue might lead to this place, Bunny hated it when people said they just guessed. She believed if there was a problem, you must solve it step by step. She admitted to herself that maybe she was too excited while lecturing a little about the Region Fights. She should have just been cold to her the whole time. Then again, if she was rude, Brenda would not hesitate to kick them out.


    Half an hour passed and already everyone was tired save for Brenda and Sky. They had went through four basement floors and were now heading towards the fifth one. The old lady smiled as she watched the gang gasping for breath. Like the other hallway stairs, this one was dark. At least there were a few torches that they passed by. Jenny looked around and knew it might be a little while longer before they would be at the last floor. She decided to pass the time by asking Jacob more about the plates. She wondered what happened to them after the diving incident.

    “Um, Doc, how were the plates found after they were scattered all over the place?”

    Jacob turned around and chuckled. “I knew you would be interested in this. Well, after the plates were scattered, they were found again during the Colonial Era. That time, Johto tried to take over control of some of the lands in Hoenn and Sinnoh. One of the explorers, Tyran Sinabo, found one of the plates at Sandgem Town. He then managed to find all of the plates after he conquered most of Sinnoh.”

    “He had the citizens dig and try to find the plates while trying to get the evolutionary stones, correct?” Bunny asked.

    Jacob sighed. “True. Eventually, he sold and traded both the stones and the plates, though the price of the plates was much higher than the stones. There were only sixteen of them while they found close to a thousand stones. After that, nothing much. There were a few journal entries and newspaper articles of the people who bought those plates. A couple told how they were killed because of a few people wanting them.”

    Jenny silently gasped to herself and put her index finger close to her lips.

    Kill for wanting those plates?

    Jenny thought about the plates when that question formed in her head. That reminded her of how she concluded that the real murderer killed her uncle because of the plates. She now assumed those plates had something that got everyone crazy for them, even Ernest and probably Jacob too, as he seemed to know a lot about those artifacts.

    “Really? Kill for those plates?” Bunny asked, eyes wide. “The book did not say yet what was really special about them.”

    “Don’t worry, I’m not sure either.”

    As everyone got out of the stairway and went inside the next basement floor, Bunny, Balin, and Jenny quickly sat down while Jacob just bent his knees and touched them.

    “Can we at least catch our breaths first?” Jenny pleaded while taking deep gasps.

    “Fine. You know, mountain hikes are longer then this, so you guys gotta get used to this if you ever go on one,” Brenda warned in a sweet but icy tone.

    The three sighed in relief, glad to catch a breath for a few seconds. Each took a seat, Jacob on the stairs while both of the girls sat on the ground.

    The former professor had his arms tangled around his legs and thought back about last night. His Xatu warned him of the future, which he thought was a joke. Jacob took a quick glance at both of the ladies and sighed. He might have run away from his crime, but at least he was helping both of the girls.

    What would be the reason to shoot them? Betrayal?

    He shook his head. That would never happen in a million years. The man opened his coat slightly and gazed at his gun while no one was looking. Just because he had a gun did not mean he would use it recklessly. He then buttoned his coat, not just to cover the gun but also because he was cold.

    Frustration began flowing inside Bunny’s mind. Again, she wanted to tell Brenda she should never guess problems like that and to think over the clue herself. Then again, the archeologist guessed this place, but that was when she assumed Brenda already knew the clue. Not wanting to think what would result if the plates were not there, she closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

    Unown. Unown. Unown. Unown.

    Who is chanting?

    When she opened her eyes, she saw an F-shaped Unown’s huge eye staring at her with great interest.

    “Unown!” the Pokémon cheered and closed its eye.

    The archeologist could not help but show off the biggest grin she ever made. “UNOWN!” Bunny spread her arms wide and she hugged the Pokémon tightly.

    “Brenda, I can’t tell if it’s happy to see Anna or not,” Jenny asked the old lady in a humorous tone.

    The old woman answered with a chuckle and Bunny frowned at that comment. This was the very first time she saw an Unown and excitement flared up both inside her mind and heart. The excitement soon faded away when the Unown got out of her hug, stared at her, and grunted.

    “Wow, so this is an Unown. Brenda, since you said you been here a few times already, perhaps you can answer this. Is it true Unowns can be in twenty eight different shapes? I hear that twenty six looked like the letters of the alphabet, one looked like an exclamation point, and one looked like a question mark,” Bunny explained.

    “Yes, that’s true,” Brenda answered, grinning. She then turned to glare at the F-shaped Unown and ordered, “Hey, Unown, why don’t you lead us to the last floor of the ruins?”

    The Unown nodded and floated to the stairs on the top right. Soon, everyone got up and followed.


    The downstairs to the last floor actually was the shortest one to take. When they entered though, no one except Brenda expected what the ruins had in store for them. As soon as they stepped in, more Unown were seen, about seventy of them, whirling around and chanting their name. Everyone gasped in amazement.

    “Oh my gosh, there are so many of them!” Bunny squealed.

    The Drifblim went to talk to a few Unown. The balloon Pokémon asked them a question and they nodded. Sky grinned and he and the Unown twirled around together.

    Bunny turned around and asked Brenda, “Hey, is it all right if I catch one of them?”

    When they heard that, a few of the Unown tackled Bunny. Everyone gasped.

    “I guess that is a no, right Brenda?” Bunny yelled after she got up and rubbed her arm, hoping she heard it despite the aggressive chanting of the Unown.

    After a few more tackles, all of the Unown floated away from the archeologist and glared at her. Their chants became more aggressive than before, which caused Bunny to twitch and walk back a few feet.

    “Don’t worry, Anna. Those guys won’t really hurt you. They just don’t want to be captured.”

    Just out of nature, Jenny and Jacob covered their mouths while Balin and Sky bit their lips. They did not want to burst out laughing or else face the consequences from Bunny. The small woman snorted and grunted at the same time. She knew the four were laughing behind her back.

    Deciding to change the subject, Brenda asked the group, “Hey, you guys don’t mind if we speed this plate searching thing, do you?”

    “Speed it up? No, that would be great!” Jenny answered with a nod. Everyone else nodded too.

    “Yeah, the faster, the better,” Bunny said sourly, still frustrated at the Unown.

    “All righty, then. These Unown usually know if there are things hidden in this place.” As Brenda turned around to face the Unown, the alphabet Pokémon gazed back at her. “Okay, Unown, there are these tablets called ‘plates’ and I believe they’re hidden in this floor somewhere. Do you guys sense them?”

    To the surprise of everyone, all of the Unown closed their eyes and they glowed red. A breeze came and caused Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob to try to keep themselves warm. Soon the whole floor became red. All of the script Pokémon chanted in perfect harmony that then thundered, drumming faster each second.

    Unown. Unown. Unown… Unown, unown, unown, unown...

    After a few minutes, the Unown stopped chanting and everything was back to normal. Disappointing news came when all of them shook their heads.

    Brenda sighed. “Sorry, no plates here. Nothing here noticeable to see, either.”

    Everyone saw Brenda frown, which matched her apology. The old woman clenched the left side of her chest. Her heart began burning slowly.

    “It’s all right, Brenda,” Jacob said with a small smile, trying to be a good sport about this.

    Brenda glared at the gang, which pained her heart even more, her hand gripping her chest tighter. She seriously thought the plates would be hidden in the Solaceon Ruins. It saddened her that the help was worth nothing. She wished to make this up, somehow.

    “Guys, if there’s anything I can do…”

    “No, there is nothing you can do. You guessed the location wrong. Thanks for nothing,” Bunny interrupted her in a tone of hatred and sadness frosted together.

    Even though Bunny heard everyone gasp, she did not care. Her mind thought about the plates for a long time. With those plates, Jenny would finally know her uncle’s secrets. With those plates, she would be cleared and not be wanted anymore. Now Bunny would still be considered a criminal.

    “Anna,” Jacob said in a worried tone, remembering to not use her real name.

    “And you know what? That was very immature of you to just guess the location. You cannot just assume it would be there! I showed you that note, so you could at least think that note through!”

    Jacob left his mouth open. He was about to say something, but he was afraid that could make Bunny speak rudely again. One look at Brenda’s frown and sad eyes made Jenny gasp. She saw how Bunny had been not nice to her for the last couple of days and knew that deep inside Brenda was hurt.

    Jenny turned to Bunny and had her finger pointing at her. “Come on. She’s only trying to help. Now say you’re sorry!”

    “No, you guys, she’s right,” Brenda answered finally after a long moment of silence. “There is really nothing else I can do. Also, it’s wrong of me to just send you guys here in the first place. Anna, I’m so sorry.”

    She was sorry, every heartbeat of it. Tears flowed slowly down on her dry cheeks. Brenda then sprinted up the stairs, much to everyone’s dismay except Bunny. Her head was down, still angry at Brenda.

    At least she agreed.

    “Brenda!” Jenny shouted as she followed her.

    After she sprinted, Jacob trailed behind. Both Sky and Balin glared at her in confusion. When Bunny looked at them, she too stared at them the same way.

    “What? This was Brenda’s idea to come here.”

    The Ninetales growled while Sky puffed and made himself bigger. At first, Bunny blinked, but then she sighed, having an idea of what they wanted her to do.

    “Fine, I will follow and check how she is doing, though I’m not sure if that would do any good. Come on.”

    Bunny sprinted and tried to catch up with Jacob and Jenny, her two Pokémon trailing behind.


    On the stairs to the second floor, Thomas was with Lucas and Timmy. The two policemen gazed uneasily at the stone walls, as if an Unown would appear and attack them.

    “So are you sure they’re here?” Timmy stuttered. He could feel the cold breeze piercing his skin.

    “Yes, I’m sure! I saw my wife with them and at first…”

    He was interrupted when he bumped into someone. The other person fell to the ground. Thomas kneeled down but gasped when he saw his wife crying.

    “Brenda? What happened?”

    Brenda was about to answer until Bunny, her Pokémon, Jenny, and Jacob caught up.

    Jenny took a few deep breaths and then spoke. “Brenda, look, you did a good job. Anna didn’t mean it like…” She paused and gulped when she saw Lucas and Timmy. Both glared back with widened eyes.

    “Jenny, Bunny!” Timmy yelled while pointing his finger at them.
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      Ugh, the reply box made my post disappear...

      I'll try and sum it up again.

      Pretty much, I read your first chapter, didn't really see any errors. I will continue to read the other 14(or more chapters asap)

      It gave me some inspiration for my story, as I hoped it would. I should try writing and see if it works out.

      Great story, I loved how you kept the first chapter shrouded in mystery and took on multiple POV's. It may to be tough to maintain them all in a chapter, but i'll see how you do.

      Triplets with IceDragon2439 and Buoysel

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      Hehe, hey Blue Angel! Glad the prologue inspired you to write. ^^ Ya know, that's what most people love about the prologue: multiple POVs and mystery. I hope you'll like the other chapters! ^^

      'kay everyone, Chapter Sixteen will have to wait. Busy trying to learn how to drive and also getting ready for school. It will come sometime in October, though. XD
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      Thanks DarkPersian479 for betaing! Third… hope you enjoy Mambo #16. A little Bun-Bun on the run, a little Jacob going to use a gun, a little Balin wanting some fun, and a little Brenda with her hun…

      *coughs* Ignore my bad parody. XD

      Chapter Sixteen
      Flares and Shots

      Bunny and Jacob turned around and screamed when they saw Timmy and Lucas. The couple twirled the other way too, but Thomas glared at the three wanted people while Brenda stared at them in confusion.

      “Jenny, Bunny? What the hell’s going on here?” Brenda shouted, her voice laced with anger and confusion. “Are you two criminals?” She then pointed at Jacob. “And you! You’re not Richard, aren’t you?”

      Jacob and Jenny gulped. The two opened their mouths, but no words came out. They had that woman’s trust, but they betrayed it. The news of them being criminals was too much for Brenda.

      Bunny glanced at Timmy and Lucas and grinned. There would be all sorts of chaos if they were to escape.

      “Sky, Ominous Wind!”

      The Drifblim giggled, blew in some air, and let out a black wind that swallowed Lucas and Timmy. Not long after, the two male officers crashed into the wall and dropped to the ground. Jenny, Jacob, and Balin stared at Bunny with shocked eyes.

      “We must leave now!”

      As soon as Bunny ran, everyone else followed. Timmy and Lucas got up slowly and rubbed their shoulders to ease the pain. The chief gritted his teeth and took out his pokéball immediately.

      “Sandi, Hypnosis!”

      The ball opened and the Kirlia burst out, her eyes turning blue.

      “You too, Eisen!”

      Eisen came out immediately, his eyes blazing the same color as Sandi’s.

      Bunny turned her head to see both Pokémon. Both need to be distracted somehow. She smirked.

      “Both of you, Will-O-Wisp!”

      Sky and Balin nodded at each other and both spat purple flames at Sandi and Eisen, causing them to scream and lose their concentration. Bunny motioned her hands for Jacob, Jenny, and her Pokémon to move and so everyone was able to get away.

      The chief screamed and stomped on the floor. “You two, try to tame the flames before it gets worse!” Lucas ordered.

      Both tried to get rid of the flames, Sandi rolling on the ground and Eisen using his wings. Not long thereafter, the two contained the flames and they sighed. Other than a few burn marks, they were fine. Lucas clenched his fist, his eyes bloodshot.

      “Sandi, Future Sight!”

      The Kirlia nodded and her eyes glowed purple. After Sandi’s eyes turned back to normal, nothing happened. Lucas grinned, though. That was expected.

      “Let’s make a move!”

      Timmy nodded and both men went chasing them. Inside the ruins, Thomas and Brenda just saw the whole thing with wide eyes. They trembled in each other’s arms.

      “Did you even know?” Thomas whispered in a cold tone.

      Brenda shook her head and stuttered, “I didn’t know they were criminals.”


      Outside of the ruins, Bunny, Jenny, Jacob, and the Pokémon were descending down the ruins’ stairs, each panting. While running, Jacob took out his pokéball.

      “Okay Xatu, Telepor…”


      Jacob was about to throw the sphere when all of a sudden purple lightning bolts appeared out of nowhere. Everyone screamed and jumped. The attack struck on the stairs and luckily no debris flew as a result. On the left side next to the ruins, the girls and the Pokémon got up quickly after being knocked to the ground. After Bunny and Jenny looked around, the two gave each other concerned looks.

      “Professor Alexison, where are you?” Bunny screamed.

      “I’m on the other side! You guys go back to Solaceon while I take this side!”

      Jenny gasped. “What? Why, Doc?”

      “I can’t use Teleport with those guys launching attacks at us! I’ll meet up with you two over there soon!”

      Both girls nodded, knowing that was the case. The two officers would not hesitate to keep attacking them every chance they got. Jenny, Bunny, Sky, and Balin dashed towards Solaceon Town.

      When they got out of the ruins, Lucas and Timmy saw the girls and Pokémon running one way and Jacob taking the opposite direction. Determination could be seen in the officers’ eyes.

      “Timmy, you get Bunny and Jenny while I get that old man.”

      Again Timmy nodded and the two went their separate ways.


      On the right side, Jacob was in the grassy area, far away from the ruins. He bumped a few people who were training, some yelling at him for not apologizing. While running, he threw a pokéball and his Xatu came out.

      “Xatu?” the Pokémon asked while titling his head.

      “One of the policemen is after me. Can you protect me for a while?”

      The Xatu gazed at his friend for some time. At first he was not sure because of last night, but the psychic type thought about it some more while inside his pokéball. Jacob would never shoot anyone, never. It looked like Jacob had some sense in him, too. Making his decision, the Xatu nodded, and Jacob grinned in return.

      Lucas also bumped into some people, most just staring at him in confusion and disbelief. Lucas’ eyes gazed at Jacob’s Xatu and smirked.

      “Shadow Ball at that Xatu!”

      The Kirlia smiled in a sly manner and formed a red and black ball. She pitched it towards the bird Pokémon and the attack hit him on the back, causing the Xatu to scream and grit his teeth. Jacob gasped and when he turned around, he saw Lucas and Sandi chasing them.

      “Great! Now, Psychic!”

      Sandi cheered, her heart racing in anticipation. Her eyes glowed with all colors blending together. A rainbow colored beam shot right out from her eyes and went towards the Xatu.

      “Xatu, hit back with the same attack!”

      The bird winced but then screeched, already wanting payback. The Xatu turned around, his eyes glowing the same way as Sandi’s, and a rainbow beam came out of his eyes. The two attacks collided, creating a small explosion and causing some people to cough. Jacob and his Xatu managed to get away. When the smoke cleared, Sandi gritted her teeth and shook her head while her master groaned.

      “Shock Wave!”

      “Dodge and then use Drill Peck!”

      The emotion Pokémon nodded and her body glowed yellow. Electricity flowed out of her body, darting towards the Xatu. The shock wave almost hit some people, but they screamed and ran. The Psychic Pokémon easily dodged the attack, dived towards Sandi in a spiral motion, and his beak began to spin like a drill. Jacob’s Pokémon soon crashed into Sandi and his beak drilled on her chest, a bruise mark forming. Jacob cheered and motioned for them to get away. For a few seconds Lucas stared at his Pokémon in horror, his mouth quivering.

      “Are you okay, Sandi?”

      Despite Sandi panting, she smiled and nodded. Lucas had his eyes wide, seeing Jacob and his Pokémon running away. He felt his chest burning.

      “After them!”

      The two dashed off and tried to follow them, but they soon got stuck at traffic in the form of a crowd. A couple hundred feet away, Jacob glanced at both at them, chuckled, and continued running.


      Thomas and Brenda were now outside of the ruins, the two walking slowly. The old woman had her head down and her fingers began twitching. The chaos outside was out of sight for both of them, the two instead thinking more about how Jenny, Jacob, and Bunny lied.

      “So what’s the deal with Ana, Richard, and Samantha?”

      “Well, the girls are Bunny and Jenny while the unidentified old man seems to be a new accomplice.”

      Brenda felt the pain inside her heart deepen. Ironic that she still thought of them as Ana, Richard, and Samantha. True, she would have reported to the police if she knew they were criminals, but she did not. She thought they were nice people that decided one day to go on a treasure hunt for the fun of it.

      “Basically,” Thomas continued, “Bunny was accused of murdering Ernest Norrison, but Jenny and the old man helped her out of this situation.”

      Brenda’s eyes went wide when she heard that name. It sounded very familiar to her. After taking some time trying to remember him, she gasped.

      “Wait, Ernest Norrison? The man you saw on that documentary on those pixie legendaries a couple days ago?”

      Thomas nodded. “Yep, that guy. Just yesterday she was involved in some kind of ruckus at a contest in Hearthome City, but they found a wig and a strand of hair on it.” The husband sighed and rubbed his forehead. Who knows what chaos Bunny and her accomplices are capable of? However, he grinned. “Come on, we need to go to the newspaper place. I think my boss will love this.”

      Thomas chuckled and ran. Brenda just sighed and walked slower. This was going to be a long day at the newspaper place.


      On the left side of town, Jenny, Bunny, and the Pokémon had just entered the city. While running, they bumped into a few people that thereafter screamed at them. That did not bother them; everything was a blur at the moment. The officer halted though, when she saw an abandoned one story building. There was graffiti written everywhere and wood covering the windows. The sign on top of the walls had the words, “Val’s Salon” fading away.

      “We can hide over there!” Jenny yelled while pointing to the building.

      Everyone dashed towards the building. When they went inside, they took quick glances at the place. Nothing much except the dusty floor and the web covered walls. The girls and the Pokémon sat down and took deep breaths.

      “Okay, I think we lost Timmy. We should be safe…”

      Jenny stopped there and raised an eyebrow when she heard Bunny muttering something.

      “Stupid Brenda. She thinks she can just guess locations. That leads to more troubles, like right now.”

      Even though Bunny saved Jacob and Jenny, her mind thought back to Brenda. True, the old woman seeing the officers being attacked would lead her to become suspicious, but Bunny did not care. There was still that grudge of how Brenda led the three of them to Solaceon Ruins in the first place.

      “Don’t tell me you think you’re more mature than her again!” Jenny screamed at Bunny while panting.

      “It is not about that! Do you not want to know what the deal with the plates is, too? Do you not want to know what secrets you uncle hid from you?”

      Jenny gasped. True, she wanted to know what kind of secrets her uncle hid all these years. That was one of the reasons why she wanted to go on this trip. She shook her head, knowing they went off topic.

      “That’s not the point. Seriously, you’ve been acting childish to that lady. Looks like it’s too late to apologize, though.”

      Bunny did not pay attention. She instead thought about her Pokémon’s safety. Both Sky and Balin needed to go inside their pokéballs fast. Bunny grabbed the spheres and was about to return her Pokémon when she heard a rush of wind. The two girls turned around and their eyes widened when one of the boarded-up windows exploded and Eisen flew inside the place with a scream and a smudged grin.

      “Balin, hit Eisen with Flamethrower!”

      Flames streamed out of the Pokémon’s mouth and the attack bolted towards the owl. Eisen tried to dodge it but screeched and felt the left side of his wings burning. After Eisen shook his burnt wing a couple of times and made the flames disappear, the owl grinned. Both Bunny and Jenny gasped when they saw the Noctowl flapping his wings rapidly and felt a sharp breeze pass through them.


      The attack was too fast. Balin screamed when he felt the right side of his body cut, blood dripping slowly on his fur. Timmy soon came inside the building and smirked.

      “Steel Wing!”

      The Ninetales let loose a spinning vortex of fire at him, but the owl just flew through it with ease, his wings glowing white. Eisen dived down on Balin and slashed the fox’s face. The fire type crashed on the ground, dust flying up. The owl Pokémon chuckled.

      Sky screamed and he blew in some air, making himself bigger. Soon he streamed out glittery wind, but Eisen smiled. The owl Pokémon flapped his wings and there was a slashing sound that dissolved the Silver Wind attack. Unaware, Eisen used Air Slash again, the attack opening a hole on Sky and deflating him instantly. After Sky went flying all over the place, he fell to the ground. Next to him, Balin took deep breaths.

      “Balin! Sky!” Bunny screamed in terror. She just froze right after.

      Timmy smirked when he stared at Jenny. He thought he already won, his heart beating a victory song. The female officer glared at him.

      “Come on, Jenny, it’s over. You two have been running away for too long.”

      Not far from Jenny and Timmy, Balin slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Sky on the ground, the fox’s eyes blazed.

      Jenny grabbed a pokéball. “I won’t mind battling you again. Besides, it’s you who needs a reality check. Jacob actually has proof that Bunny’s innocent.”

      Balin turned his head slightly to glare at Timmy. He felt his body burning. Something new was emerging inside the fox Pokémon—

      The male officer snickered. “Really? Shouldn’t he be here with you instead of having the chief chase after him?”

      —and consuming him too.

      Jenny’s heart drummed rapidly. She almost threw her pokéball up in the air, but halted and turned around when she heard growling from behind.

      Balin got back up with his wobbly legs and smirked. After he roared, his body engulfed in flames, the fire spiraling out of control. Everyone watched and gasped.

      “What is that?” Bunny screamed.

      “Flare Blitz!” Timmy stuttered. He then turned to his owl, knowing how powerful that attack could be. “Eisen, think of another attack before it’s—”

      —too late. Balin shot straight up, crashed onto Eisen, and the bird screeched, the flames licking all over his body. The fox Pokémon, on the other hand, crashed down on the ground and closed his eyes, his breathing becoming louder. Knowing this was a perfect opportunity to leave, Jenny instantly grabbed Bunny’s right arm.

      “Return Sky and Balin now!”

      Bunny was at first frozen at the event she just witnessed but nodded. She returned her Pokémon and both were out of the abandoned building. Timmy glanced at them angrily but turned back to his Pokémon. He needed to think of a way to prevent Eisen from being fried.

      “Try to use Defog!”

      Despite his chest burning, Eisen flapped his wings and misty fog appeared. Eventually the Defog technique paid off, the flames fading away. Timmy smiled but then frowned when he could not see Bunny and Jenny anywhere. He continued running, his owl following behind.


      While Timmy battled against Jenny and Bunny, Jacob and his Pokémon hid themselves behind a huge tree close to the edge of the hill. They saw Lucas’s head turn left and right while his Kirlia gazed at him with concern.

      “Where are you?” Lucas shouted. “Show yourself!”

      “He’s getting close,” the old man whispered to his Xatu. The Pokémon nodded back.

      Jacob opened his mouth to say a command but smirked when he felt something inside his pocket. He took out his gun slowly, careful not to let the bird Pokémon see it.

      Need to stop them, or at least one of them for now. For both girls’ sake.

      Jacob aimed for Lucas’ back and almost pulled the trigger, but the Xatu screeched and pecked his head. The man kept screaming and waving his hands. After the Xatu finished, he yelled at Jacob.

      Not far from them, Sandi’s ears wiggled. She turned around and grinned when she saw a Xatu and an old man arguing, knowing that must be the same bird she battled earlier. After the Kirlia dashed off, Lucas’ eyes went wide.

      “Sandi, wait!” The chief darted off after her.

      “We already talked about this before!” Jacob snapped. “You know I’ll use it on those officers to stop them from getting Bunny and…”

      Jacob was interrupted when he saw both Lucas and Sandi. The chief grinned while Kirlia glared at them, her body glowing yellow.

      “Got you, Bunny’s…”

      Lucas gasped and stepped back a couple of feet when he saw Jacob holding a gun. Danger was just a shot away. However, Lucas regained his senses and smirked. Intimidation would be his best friend.

      “I dare you to use it. I’m not afraid of death.”

      The Xatu screeched and flapped his wings frantically. Jacob grunted when he took a glance at his gun. This was his chance. Jacob’s fingers gripped the trigger, ready to pull.

      “Why don’t you try me, too?” Jacob said with a smirk.

      Lucas’ eyes went wide and gulped. He thought his dare would scare the old man, but it did not. Knowing he would get killed soon, Lucas whipped his head the other way to face Sandi and had his finger pointing at Jacob.

      “Get them!”

      A wave of electricity burst out from Sandi’s body and the attack came striding towards them. Jacob and his Xatu felt their hearts stop beating and they gulped silently. When the man took a quick glance down and saw nothing but grass and trees, he grinned.


      Before the Shock Wave hit them, both Jacob and his Xatu dived down. Sandi and Lucas stared in disbelief at first; both could not believe they jumped off a huge hill.

      “What the? No way can they—”


      Pink light suddenly appeared and the two could not take their eyes off of it. For a second they thought they heard humming and lightning. As soon as the glow disappeared, Lucas clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

      “Ki?” Sandi asked while staring at Lucas with a puzzled look.

      That smart bastard. Not even Sandi could do a Teleport that powerful.


      Back at Solaceon Town, Jenny and Bunny hid behind the Contest Hall building; luckily it was not open yet. They were quiet until Jenny broke the silence.

      “You think Doc got away from Lucas yet?”

      Bunny’s mind was not on Jacob. Jenny could tell in Bunny’s eyes she was still thinking about Brenda.

      “Now seriously, Bunny, this is getting ridiculous! So what if we didn’t get the next half of the plates? We’ll get the rest sooner or later!”

      Bunny did not say anything. Jenny put her left hand up and was about to slap the archeologist’s face, but then she shook her head and sighed.

      Bunny’s smart enough to learn from her mistakes on her own.

      Jenny suddenly gasped, remembering how Bunny too believed the next clue could be the Solaceon Ruins. The wanted person was so mad at Brenda, she forgot about that.

      “You know what, Bunny? I think you’re actually upset the plates aren’t at the Solaceon Ruins, since you guessed it too. You just want to blame the failed expedition to someone else!”

      That got Bunny’s attention. Her head and shoulders whipped the other way slightly and she glared at Jenny, eyes bursting into flames.

      “Excuse me? Me, upset the plates are not at the ruins?” She then gave a fake laugh.

      “Yes! Look, so far we got all the clues right in one try. You can’t handle that there will be times we might get a location wrong.”

      “Am I the one that wanted to go to the Solaceon Ruins?”

      “Well, you guessed too! Also, Brenda’s trying to help!”

      Their argument came to a halt when out of nowhere, pink light appeared and revealed both Jacob and his Xatu panting. Bunny and Jenny turned around and gasped.

      “Something the matter, Doc?” Jenny asked.

      “We better leave now! No time to explain!”


      “You hear about what happened here? Bunny Spruce has been spotted!”

      “Bunny Spruce, the gal that murdered Ernest Norrison and is now wanted?”

      Already at the newspaper place it was chaos. Many people were typing or taking phone calls. The journalists ran in all directions carrying a few stacks of paper. Some people were talking to each other about this new development. On one desk, Brenda glared at her husband while he made some phone calls to a few news stations.

      “Yes, Bunny Spruce and Jenny Emblem. My wife Brenda Silvermen told me she actually met them.”

      Brenda stayed silent, her eyes staring at the floor. Because of the busy air in the newspaper place, she found out more about Bunny in less than a few hours.

      She, murderer.

      She closed her eyes and imagined the little woman using a gun and then shooting an old man.


      Her eyes snapped open. Brenda clenched her chest and she began panting.

      She does seem to have this deceiving air to her, and thinks she’s all that…

      It all made sense to her now. Brenda began thinking back when she and that lady were at the Solaceon Ruins. First she remembered Bunny smirking at her after the wanted woman finished her explanation. Oh how that smirk touched the old woman's soul and stayed. Memories then fast forwarded to Bunny criticizing her.

      “And you know what? That was very immature of you to just guess the location. You cannot just assume it would be there! I showed you that note, so you could at least think that note through!”

      Brenda bit her lips and clenched her fists. She took one quick glance at her husband, still talking on the phone, and then at the news place. The reports of Bunny Spruce still spread—

      —like wildfire during an autumn day. All it took was a flick of fire caused by someone.

      “I hear too that she has accomplices again!”

      The blaze kept getting stronger and fiercer.

      “Oh man, the wanted Bunny Spruce in this town! We’ll be getting tourists here soon!”

      It would be a while until all of the flames were contained.

      “Hey, Jubilife City News Station, I got some info on Bunny Spruce, recent accounts of her at Solaceon Town.”

      As soon as the flames faded away—

      —half of Sinnoh would soon know the whereabouts of Bunny Spruce—

      —who deserves to go to jail.


      I really had fun writing this chapter. I experimented with a new writing style and also had fun writing the action scenes. I think I messed up a bit on the Pokemon battles, though. XD Ah well, again had fun at least.

      Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Next chapter shall be on November 4—mah birthday! =D
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      Heck yeah, today’s my birthday! I expect presents! XD


      Anyways, yes today is my birthday and to celebrate that I bring you guys the next chapter of “Nothing, Everything”! :D For the most part I’ll be busy on my birthday (half school related stuff and half celebrating, lol).

      Wanna say something real quick, though. I had fun with this chapter, but at the same time is not up to par like a few other chapters I did in terms of quality. It doesn’t have too much action, to say the least. Also, there might be still some of those pesky awkward sentences (tried to fix that, though). However, there’s a few important plot elements I put in there. Whoever guess the important stuff in this chapter I’ll give cake. :D

      Well, nothing else but enjoy! Thanks to DarkPersian479 for betaing! :)

      Chapter Seventeen
      Half of Sinnoh Knows

      Deep into the heart of Route 210, the place was covered mostly in tall grass, with many Pokémon hiding. Some Bonsly popped out of the grass after they saw pink light appear out of nowhere. The light faded and it revealed Bunny, Jenny, the Xatu, and Jacob. The three turned around to look at their surroundings. The Bonsly that gazed for one minute screamed and ran away the next.

      “Okay, I think we’re a safe distance from them,” Jacob pointed out with a smirk.

      “That’s good, but why can’t we go to another town?” Jenny asked.

      “Well, we’re pretty much in a rut right now. With us almost being caught twice, it’s safe to say that half of Sinnoh knows about us now.”

      Jenny nodded in agreement. From that flight battle at Canalave City to the contest incident at Hearthome City to the chase at Solaceon Town, everyone was keeping an eye on them now.

      —Back at Hearthome City, Momoan went inside the locker room to check on some of the coordinators. Everything should have been peaceful, the trainers either giving their Pokémon a pep talk or having them eat poffins. However, everyone instead stopped to look at the television screen. The lady’s jaws dropped when she saw a picture of Bunny.

      “Breaking news. We just got word the wanted criminal Bunny Spruce, accused of the murder of historian and archeologist Ernest Norrison, and her two accomplices, Jenny Emblem and an unidentified male, were found at the Solaceon Ruins. One witness, Thomas Silvermen, explained how he had just seen his wife with them. At the time, he didn’t know the three people were Bunny Spruce and her accomplices.

      “Last time we reported that they had been found yesterday at the Hearthome City Contest Hall and that a strain of hair is now being tested to make sure it indeed came from Bunny Spruce. No word on the results yet, though.”

      “That’s true. Now they’re hot on our trail. They probably got the lab results and are now questioning some of the witnesses.” Jenny sighed. “I’m wondering why we’re being attacked now?”

      “Everyone loves a show. If an unusual occurrence comes, it’ll attract many people. Not to mention, a very esteemed person got murdered.”

      That left a sour aftertaste in Jacob’s mouth. He knew that he lied, but it was a must. The professor grinned when he saw Jenny nodding, though she sighed in disbelief.

      “Okay, now that we escaped from those two once again, what’s next?” she asked, changing the topic.

      — In Jubilife City, many people crowded around the History Museum downtown. They were not there to look at artifacts inside, though. There was yellow CAUTION tape wrapped around the building. Two officers were in front of the loud crowd, trying to calm them down.

      “People, people! Nothing to see here! Just a crime scene that’s under investigation. The museum will be closed until further notice!” one of them yelled.

      Everyone except for Violet began complaining and asking questions. Bunny’s friend just stared at the rampage around her.

      “I think some rest would be nice. We can’t just run away forever, right?” he suggested with a smile and a wink.

      —Back in Canalave City, Ms. Davis watched the television inside her bedroom. She bit her lips and her hands gripped the blanket tighter.

      “Chief Lucas McMane and Officer Thomas Darouse explained how both were attacked and they somehow escaped. Now, at the moment the two policemen are questioning Brenda and Thomas Silvermen. If anyone has any more information regarding this case, call the Jubilife Police Station. More on this as it develops.”

      The officer giggled. “Yeah, you’re right.” She then gazed at Bunny. “You agree, Bunny?”

      There was no answer from her. She did not even listen to Jacob and Jenny’s conversation. Instead, Bunny still held a grudge against Brenda. This time though, a new thought came. Something told her maybe Brenda was somehow responsible for telling the police. There could have been the chance she was not helping them look for the plates.

      When Jenny knew Bunny would not answer, she groaned; she already had an idea what was on her mind.

      “Bunny, for the last time, stop being mad at Brenda!”

      “I think Brenda called the police before meeting us today,” Bunny answered without hesitation.

      Jenny’s jaws dropped and she shivered while Jacob gasped. Both had never thought Bunny could think that way. Her demeanor was cold as ice, hot as searing pain.

      “What? Where you get that from?” Jenny complained.

      “Think about it. Brenda sees us before we meet her and then when we do see her, I let her read the note. She probably knows about us already, so she decides to take us to the Solaceon Ruins as a distraction and surprise us.”

      Jenny slapped her head. Maybe there could have been a chance Brenda had seen them on the news and had not called the police until much later, but that did not make any sense. Usually when one called the police, they would come right away. Also, she did not see Brenda carrying a cell phone to tell Timmy and Lucas to come. It was most likely Brenda’s husband who called.

      “Bunny, listen to yourself! I think you’re blowing this out of proportion. Did you see Brenda crying? I think she’s really sorry for not being able to find the last few plates. Also, I don’t think she would take us to Solaceon Ruins as a distraction. Timmy and Lucas would’ve come right away, the chief having Sandi and all.”

      “I agree,” Jacob said solemnly. “Sorry, but I also think you’re taking this Brenda thing too far.”

      “Besides, again you’re just mad you didn’t find the plates.”

      Bunny just grunted and walked away. She could still have debated with Jenny about her thoughts towards Brenda, but it would have been useless. What was worse, Jacob agreed. Jenny sighed and shook her head.

      “Has she always been like this?”

      Jacob gave her a weak smile. “Don’t worry, she’ll pull through. You’ll see.”

      “I hope you’re right,” Jenny muttered.

      Lucas and Timmy had been at Solaceon Town for a while trying to find Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob, but they had not found them. They strived to find more information by asking the people, but the two found nothing.

      The two men were now inside Brenda’s house and were questioning both her and her husband. They told them what they saw up to the point when Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny ran away from the ruins.

      “And then after that, that’s when I met up with you guys,” Brenda finished off.

      Timmy finished jotting down some notes and nodded.

      “So what you guys say is true?” Timmy asked.

      The old woman nodded. “I wish we could’ve given you officers more information, however.”

      Lucas chuckled. “It’s fine, Mrs. Silvermen. Your info is very important to us. Thank you.”

      Brenda lifted her head and smiled. “You’re welcome.”

      Both Lucas and Timmy smiled back, despite the situation at hand. The young officer then quickly skimmed through the notes and gave an unsure sound.

      “There’s one thing that bugs me, though. You said something about the three trying to finding something at the Lost Tower? What would that be?”

      Brenda bit her lips and gulped. She was reminded of how Bunny and the gang tried to find the other plates at the Solaceon Ruins, but after they failed to find them, the little woman became very mad. On the other hand, she was being questioned and the officers had the right to know the truth.

      “They were trying to find these artifacts called the plates.”

      Both Lucas and Timmy gazed at her in confusion. Questions arose. Why the plates? Do they have anything to do with Ernest’s case?

      “Wait, the plates?” Timmy asked. “I heard about those. They’re artifacts that are rumored to have inscriptions of the myth of Sinnoh. Why were they looking for them? Also, you said something about a clue on one of them?”

      “They mentioned something about how they want to prove a few historians wrong. Also, yes there was a clue, but I don’t remember the exact words. Something about Region Fights, though.”

      Timmy just nodded and wrote down more notes. However, Lucas chuckled. He thought it was amusing that would be their reason for finding the plates.

      “Well, I think they lied to you. Before you say anything, I’m not too sure what would be the reason, seeing as I just heard about this today.” The chief sighed and shook his head. “Okay Timmy, let’s go.” Both got up and then Lucas went to shake both Thomas and Brenda’s hands. “We’ll let you know if we need to question you two again.”

      The two walked towards the door and they shut it slowly but softly. Thomas and Brenda stared at it for some time, but then the husband broke the silence.

      “I’m not sure what’s going on,” he whispered in a hissing tone, “but I sure as hell know those three are in big trouble now.”

      Brenda just stayed silent. She wondered if Bunny would at least apologize. Not for just being rude to her, but lying too.


      In an area where there was not much tall grass, Bunny tried to heal her Pokémon, her Drifblim first. Sky was on her lap while she stitched the spot where he was cut. After a couple more stitches, Bunny laid him down on the ground.

      “Sky, can you blow yourself up?”

      Sky gave a reassuring sound and took deep breaths. After becoming a healthy balloon again, he cheered. Bunny smiled and used a potion to spray him. Sky cheered even more.

      “Okay, Balin’s turn.”

      She first grabbed a soda can and then released Balin, his eyes heavy and legs wobbling. However, he immediately grabbed the can with his mouth and finished drinking it after one long gulp and cheered as well.

      Bunny chuckled. “Okay, you guys can play now.”

      Glad to hear the news, both Sky and Balin dashed off and headed towards the tall grass. Bunny sighed, went to sit on a huge boulder, and soon thought about Brenda.

      Maybe Jenny is right. Brenda had nothing to do with the two officers.

      After some time thinking over, most likely Jenny was right. It was illogical for Brenda to just call the police and tell them to wait until later. She would agree to that. However, Bunny still believed Brenda acted immature.

      Again, she should have at least thought about the clue. It was her fault we did not find the plates.

      She gasped. Jenny was probably right too on Brenda just wanting to help. She remembered how Jenny told her she was just mad that the location was wrong and because of that she had blamed it all on Brenda.

      It cannot be. I would never let anyone else take the blame if it was my own fault.

      That realization stabbed her right into her bones. Bunny touched her lips gently. She clung to the idea of blaming Brenda so much, it now hurt.

      She would wrestle with her thoughts on Brenda for the rest of the day.


      Back inside the police station, Lucas was close to the water cooler. He sighed and shook his head, his mind thinking about the man that almost shot him. It was still shocking to him that the old man would do that. At least electricity scared him, or so Lucas assumed. One thing troubled him, though. The image of that man flashed before his very eyes.

      Could that man be Jacob Alexison?

      Maybe Timmy was right. Lucas began putting the pieces together. A couple days ago Jacob was not home and he instantly got a call of an incident dealing with Bunny, Jenny, and an unidentified man. Another call then came that dealt with the girls and that accomplice at Solaceon Town.

      Not one hundred percent sure why Bunny needs another accomplice. She has a Psychic Pokémon with her!

      Lucas felt his heart skip a beat. He began thinking about how Jacob and his Xatu, a dual Psychic-Flying type, went down and then pink light emitted—

      —just like back at Canalave City.

      It made sense, Professor Alexison being Bunny’s former mentor and all. So he might have been an accomplice since the beginning. Conclusions like that could lead to chaos in a case, so he sighed. He knew that the answer would have to wait.


      Lucas turned around and saw Timmy staring at him in confusion.

      “Yes, Timmy?”

      “I’ve been thinking. Brenda said something about Bunny finding the plates. Something doesn’t add up. Why are they trying to find them? Also, why at the Lost Tower? Would they go to that much trouble to prove to a few historians?”

      The chief grunted silently to himself. Yes, he thought that reasoning was not believable. They were runaway criminals, for goodness sakes. There must be something more to it than that. After some time, Lucas smiled.

      “Something tells me they could be related to Ernest Norrison’s murder.”

      “That’s what I’m thinking about too. Still, the thing is Bunny and Jenny ran away. They wouldn’t just go on a treasure hunt, would they?”

      Lucas chuckled and closed his eyes. “This makes the case more fun, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s exciting figuring out a mystery.”

      Even though the chief would hate it if he did not catch Bunny, he was glad this ride was not boring. Not boring at all.

      “Lucas, Timmy!”

      Both turned around and saw a skinny man dashing towards them. Vincent the Twig, as most his peers called him, had orange hair and his face was traced with wrinkles. When he came close, he panted and rested his hand on the water cooler.

      “Vincent, something the matter?” Timmy asked.

      “I got back from the museum and found no blood.”

      “Okay, that’s good to hear,” Lucas said. “However, why are you shaky all of a sudden?”

      Vincent took out a folded paper and gave it to Lucas. The chief unfolded it in a hasty manner and his eyes went wide because of what he saw. There was a picture of words scribbled on a painting of two Lapras together during a sunset.

      “Center of the Library, 2244,” Lucas whispered to himself.

      The chief scratched his chin and grunted. That changed things. Originally he thought there was only one message— to get Bunny. Now a second message?

      Timmy leaned in to see the picture and he too gasped. “Wait, Ernest wrote another message? Know what that means?”

      “Not sure. I actually checked quickly to see if this could be Bunny’s address, but it’s not. She’s residing in Sunyshore City at the moment.”

      “How about any other addresses with 2244?” Lucas suggested.

      “Well, there’s a library at Canalave City with the address 2244 Waterfall Avenue. Does the message ‘center of the library’ ring a bell?”

      “Really? Why a library…” Timmy paused for a second. “No, maybe it’s not an address. It’s just coincidence, unless Bunny lives in the library. I admit, some criminals do hide in the weirdest places.”

      Lucas began thinking about the message again. He remembered the two girls were getting a note back at the Canalave City Pokémon Center. Not only that, he realized the plates were indeed the real deal. The chief grinned. Those numbers—

      “—must be a password.”

      Both Vincent and Timmy stared at him weirdly.

      “Password? Why would a password be there?” Vincent asked.

      Lucas chuckled. “Timmy, remember you told me about the plates?”

      “Yeah. What’s that got to do with this message?”

      Lucas smirked. “Everything. Think about it. Not only had Ernest left the name of the murderer, but he probably also wanted someone to get the plates, hence the message.”

      “Okay, I can understand that. However, who? We already assume ‘E’ is his name,” Vincent pointed out.

      “Good question. The only thing I can say is most likely that person hasn’t come yet. At the moment his cell phone record is being checked, so he must’ve called him or her to come, but for some reason wasn’t able to make it.”

      “How about ‘library,’ then?” Vincent pointed out. “I still think that message relates to the Canalave Library.”

      Lucas’s eyes snapped open and he felt his muscles stiffen. He almost forgot about that word. Library. He still believed the girls somehow got a password for the PC system. Puzzles were not his forte. His eyes went wide with realization and then he once again chuckled.

      “Perhaps it’s a puzzle and the word ‘library’ has nothing to do about it and instead ‘center,’ thus the Pokémon Center.”

      Vincent glanced at the paper and nodded. The chief had something there.

      “Oh, kind of like those math problems where there’s unnecessary information?”

      “Exactly,” Lucas said. Both officers then saw the largest grin the chief had ever made.

      The game was not over yet. There was still a lot of time left and they would win.


      Night fell once again and everyone sat around a campfire. Bunny stared at the flames with her hands on her chin and saw Balin and Sky talking to each other and Jenny eating a sandwich. The archeologist gave a weak smile, happy both Pokémon were okay again. She then sighed. It seemed this night made everyone forget about the incident at Solaceon Town. Maybe that was best, letting some steam out. Still, for the past few hours her mind was on Brenda, but this time in a different direction.

      Should I really be mad at Brenda? She was just helping. Who am I kidding? She should have predicted if there were any plates in there if she can predict the emotions of ghosts.

      She thought back to how she reacted to Brenda’s question if there was a way to make up for the mistake she had done.

      “Guys, if there’s anything I can do…”

      “No, there is nothing you can do. You guessed the location wrong. Thanks for nothing,”

      Brenda was immature. It was Brenda’s fault the plates were not there. Bunny’s heart sank.

      Do I think that way?

      Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Jacob speak. She turned around and saw him putting some wood on the ground.

      “Bunny, are you all right?”

      Bunny shook her head. “No.” She paused. Thoughts of her flaws got Bunny back to talking. “Professor, am I selfish?”

      Jacob chuckled and asked, “What made you think that?”

      “Maybe Jenny is right. I always think I am more mature than other people I know. That, and also the reason I am mad at Brenda is because I was upset the plates were not at the ruins, and I blamed her for it.”

      Jenny stopped eating and her eyes were opened wide. Part of her was glad Bunny had already learned from her mistakes. On the other hand, she thought about how mean she was to her. She could have reasoned with her in a nicer manner.

      “Bunny, I’m going to say this as a good friend and not a professor. Please don’t think too much of yourself. Maybe there is something you can learn from your peers,” Jacob reasoned with a wink.

      Bunny gasped but then put on a smiling face. Even though she knew it might take some time getting used to, she would eventually respect others in a formal fashion. She was glad at least to have someone like Jacob around.

      “Still, I cannot help but wish I could go back and apologize to her. Not only that, I want to explain to her why I was a wanted criminal in the first place.”

      The officer sighed but grinned. “Maybe I was being too harsh on you. I guess your anger is understandable, with you being wanted and all.” Jenny grinned. “Don’t worry too much about it. We all can lose our temper at times. As long you learned from your old mistakes, everything should be fine, Bun-Bun.”

      Bunny gasped in terror at first. She could not believe she used that nickname. For a second she wanted to punch her. However, she forgave her just like that and giggled. Mistakes made and learned. Bunny frowned though when she saw Jacob’s head down.

      “Are you all right, Professor?”

      “I can’t help but think now we’re lost. What are some other possible locations of the last eight plates?”

      Both Bunny and Jenny scratched their chins. Again, a dead end. If the plates were not at the Solaceon Ruins, what other possible locations could there be? Maybe not the where, but the what. Bunny then grinned.

      The start of the Region Fights. The start of the debate. Sounds like…

      Bunny snapped her fingers. “Snowpoint Temple!”

      Jacob and Jenny gasped and their jaws dropped.

      “Snowpoint Temple? What makes you say that?” Jenny asked.

      “First, I finally know why Ernest wanted me to help you and to get the book Carved in Silence. He knows I would be able to figure out that clue in a history book.”

      Jenny chuckled and had her right hand on her hair. “Can see why he doesn’t just let me figure out the clues myself. Need a historian of sorts to help out.”

      “A little history lesson first. There is a legend of how Regigigas created the three other Regis: Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. The four stayed together for a long time, but then the three separated and created their own region, Hoenn. There are different interpretations as to why the three Regis separated from Regigigas, though.”


      Jacob laughed and clapped his hands. “Ah, I see where you’re getting at.” He then turned to Jenny. “Well, Jenny my dear, Regigigas had been ordering those three to build Hoenn. Later they left. Here’s the catch, though. The Sinnoh people thought the three Regis were being rude for not listening to him and let him do all the work, thus Regigigas kicking them out. The Hoenn people though believed Regigigas was ordering them around too much, so they assumed that the Regis left on their own accord.”

      “Hm, then it’s the different perspectives thing, huh?” Jenny mused.

      Bunny nodded. “Yes. Seems like what he means by that line is Regigigas, and his statue is at the Snowpoint Temple. Actually, in the book it also says how the Hoenn Knights found some of the plates at the temple during a huge battle there. Seems like history is repeating itself.” The little woman smirked.

      Jacob bit his lips and glared at the ground. Most likely Ernest planned this out in advance, something just in case. He could not help but smile though, again amazed with both girls figuring this out.

      “Speaking of the plates,” Jenny said, breaking the silence, “I just realized something. We got the first eight plates. Seems like we got them before the murderer did.”

      Jacob silently gulped. He felt his heart race faster and faster.

      Actually, the murderer got them. You two found them at the same time he did.

      Bunny chuckled, only to realize that too. “We did find them before the real murderer did. However, will we be able to find the rest before he does, not to mention finding him?”

      “We’ll be able to find them in no time tomorrow. Even if we don’t see the murderer, at least we’ll have the plates to prove Bunny’s innocence,” Jacob said with a grin.

      And also I’ll be able to not worry about the police finding out the truth.

      “Same here,” Jenny agreed. “Many times murderers do get away, but I’ll be happy at least Bunny will be cleared.” She turned around and saw Bunny nodding.

      “That’s settled, then. So, I say our next destination is Snowpoint City. However, tomorrow since we’ve been through a lot today.”

      Both girls nodded. It was a long day and some rest would be welcoming. Bunny got up and smiled.

      “I will be playing with my Pokémon for a while.”

      After Jacob and Jenny nodded, Bunny walked and patted both Pokémon’s heads. In return, they tackled her down to the ground and she began wrestling playfully with them.

      Jenny giggled before she sighed and put her head down. She looked at her necklace, the green jagged pedant gleaming from the moonlight. Thoughts about her uncle invaded her mind again. This journey started out just wanting to find the murderer, prove Bunny innocent, and dig out the secrets her uncle left behind. She began thinking about how this was the last scavenger hunt and a good one too. She found the first eight plates and tomorrow, possibly finding the last eight. Maybe there was some hint of humanity and foolishness left in the old man. Jenny laughed softly to herself and shook her head.

      Knowing him, he’s full of surprises.

      On the other hand, lying got them there in the first place. That was what got her angry at Ernest. Still, if he had not lied, would this scavenger hunt exist?

      While Jenny was thinking, Jacob stared at Jenny’s necklace. For the last couple of days he had seen that jewelry, but he was not able to comment about it until now.

      “Nice necklace.”

      Jenny gave out a confused sound but then laughed.

      “Oh, that necklace. Uncle Ernest gave it to me as a gift for graduating from the police academy.”

      “I think it could be one of the artifacts,” he said with a wink.

      Jenny giggled. “Could be, knowing him. Still, I wished he hadn’t lied to me in the first place.”

      The old man gave out a tired smile. “Don’t worry, I wish he hadn’t either to me.” Jacob let out a sigh.

      The two were silent, Jenny gazing at Jacob for quite some time. She could tell from his eyes that he was deeply hurt about this too.

      Up on a tree, the Xatu shook his head and hooted sadly to himself. He could not believe his master and friend almost shot Lucas. Oh no, Jacob would never do that, he was just kidding —shooting policemen, never. Maybe that glimpse into the future was wrong. What the Xatu thought was a joke came true, and maybe that event too. He knew what he had to do.

      The stage was set already. Next would be for goals to be achieved, and the Xatu would try to stop that from happening.
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      Old November 4th, 2008 (9:35 AM).
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        Ah nice, and the plot thickens. Hello there Bay! I hope you dont mind, but I think I'll review on this forum instead, as I am trying to get as far away from Serebii as possible. So er...I dont have the greatest review, but it is something tangable.

        I liked essentially everything, this chapter seemed to flow a bit better than the previous two, and the plot was of course up to par, but two things bothered me:

        1. Description. I'm not saying there wasnt any, but there was not a lot of description either. Maybe it's your writing style, or the fact that most of the authors that advise me are sticklers for description, I dunno.

        Like in this line here:

        Deep into the heart of Route 210, the place was covered mostly in tall grass, with many Pokémon hiding. Some Bonsly popped out of the grass after they saw pink light appear out of nowhere. The light faded and it revealed Bunny, Jenny, the Xatu, and Jacob. The three turned around to look at their surroundings. The Bonsly that gazed for one minute screamed and ran away the next.
        Maybe one or two lines setting the scene and describing either Bonsly or Bunny, Jenny, the Xatu and Jacob, or heck, even their surroundings. Then again, that might not be your style, and if not, its all good.

        2. The news report about the murder kinda bothered me. Not the way you wrote it, but perhaps for some odd reason, it hit me as a satire? I dunno, I took it as a satire on the news when they report someone has been murdered, not really incorporating any feeling or emotion into it. I think you wrote it nice, but the premise behind it got to me. Thats probably not the way you intended it to be, but it did add something to the story.

        So yeah, sorry for the crappy review, I'm a bit distracted by the seven tv's brodcasting stuff about the election ;]

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        Old November 9th, 2008 (10:20 AM).
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        Hey, Manaphyman. It's cool. :)

        On the's the thing. I don't want to put too much description to slow the story down. Also, I'm trying to only describe the important things. Lastly, I want to describe the emotions more than the surroundings. I believe describing the surroundings is important, but I think describing the emotions are more important. The thing with Serebii is I can understand description is important, but at the same time I wonder what kind of description those reviewers are talking about. sorry for the rant. ^^; Not too long ago a few members and I talked about how some of the Serebii reviewers might go through with description the wrong way. Not saying Serebii's bad, though. (I love their fanfiction section too and also there are some reviewers that explained how to do description the right way). XD;

        And your comment on the news reporter...I admit I did that satire of sorts in my first fanfiction. XD; However, this time I wasn't trying to protray them like that. The puprose for those scenes is to have everyone's reaction when they heard about Bunny and the gang found at Solaceon Town.

        Again, thanks for the review and hope you'll still be sticking around! ^^
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          No, I understand. I guess I'm so used to the constant demand for description of practically everything on Serebii. Actually, I prefer your style better, as you said, you describe emotions and key things like that. Although its not what I'm used to its part of your writing style, and thats part of what makes this fic so intresting and unique.

          Yeah, duncan helped with description for me, some reviewers do go overboard though, myself included. ;]

          Really? At any rate it was an entertaining scene to read. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm definetly going to stick around.
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