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This thread is for archival purposes only.

As it has become apparent that most of the resources in the old thread do not work anymore, I have compiled a list of a few resources that you can use for your game.
I'll be adding new resources as I get the time to do so.

Old thread

If you have any resources you want to be added to the list, feel free to post them.

Please do not request resources in this thread, use Help and Request.



Bike Shop
Cerulean City - RM2K3kid
Celadon City
Celadon City Gym
Fuchsia City - RM2K3kid
Gym Tiles
Interior 3
Mt. Moon - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar
Pewter City - RM2K3kid
Rock Tunnel - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar
Safari Zone
Sevi Islands
Vermillion City - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar


Custom charsets - Avatar



A handy tutorial and tool for creating chipsets for RMXP can be found HERE- written by Flood.
Johto Set - Fangking Omega, Mateo, Kyledove, Remy and Cuddles
Pokémon Center & Mart - ~Azura
Autotile - Water - rm2k3kid
Autotile - Deep Water - rm2k3kid
Zelda Overworld - Crazy Weavile


Custom charsets - Avatar
Complete FR/LG set - Fangking Omega
D/P Male - rm2k3kid
D/P Male Poses - rm2k3kid
D/P Female - rm2k3kid
D/P Female Poses - rm2k3kid
Link - Crazy Weavile


Fonts - Tyler



Pokemon FR/LG Midis


All Pokemon - Dawson/PPN
Trainers- Dawson/PPN

Male Frame 1 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 2 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 3 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 4 - rm2k3kid

Female Frame 1 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 2 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 3 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 4 - rm2k3kid

Starter Kits

RMXP Starter Kit - Blizzy (Uploaded by The Dash)
Enhanced Starter Kit - French (Uploaded by The Dash)


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First 151 Pokemon Cries: Download

Flameguru's RMXP Pokemon Starter Kit: Download

Nobody should PM me at all regarding the starter kit. If there is a problem, too bad. Deal with it.

I will be updating the Starter Kit sometime this week. It's an edit of Blizzy's.


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Good morning every one, once again on a very rare occasion I am back to provide you all with a few things for your enjoyment...first of all let me just say that since I last left here it's been very hectic for me in life. New ideas new changes and new songs have been made to my very old game: mystic fog (part of World Adventure).

Some of these songs I have uploaded for your listening pleasure, just as much as it has been a pleasure to be a part of this community...

My Apologies but they are WMA files due to the fact that my music editor has lost its registry file thingy.

Intro Sequence:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5NSE4H19 - Part 1

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VXJS3D1Q - Part 2 - Pokemon Fight

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SBB0KPVP - Title Song

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VXBGAKR1 - Celadon City
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I8CXTDXE -Cerulean City

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=51XMTT8G - Lilycove City


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3UY8Z60X - Route 1

WWW.bebo.com/lburgeacoustics - My Music [email protected] - Music Requests for Pokemon...
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Here I have some sprites I made for RPGXP. These are characters
from Ruby and Sapphire.
Brendan Walking

Brendan Running

Brendan riding Bike

Birch and Norman

The Norman and Birch sprites ae missing a sprite place as you can see. I hope these come of
use to anyone. ^^
Seigo Takahashi


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Here are the first, second and third generation Pokemon cries in WAV format.

Generation 1-3 Cries

They have been obtained from my Pokemon Program Suite tool's resource files. No credit to me is needed, though would be appreciated.

Waterfall Autotile, Ripped by myself, not entirely perfect. But it does it's job. Has a 1 pixel width error which can be edited out.

Do include credits for the waterfall though (If you like)
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I Have Uploaded Some Trainer Sprites.(See Attachment) They Originally Came From Pokemon Elite 2000. Also I Have Uploaded My Map Supplies(See Attachment) So...Enjoy.;)

Also Here Are Some Megaman Sprites.

-Omega Zero-
For More Spites Go >Here<.

Also Here Is The Shinnoh Region Map.GIVE CREDIT IF USED

D/P Tileset RMXP Form.(Note: I am not a very good spriter but, I did my best.)GIVE CREDIT IF USED

RMXP Tileset Starter Kit(See Attachment)
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yeah, i finally found some dp stuff and packed into a zip folder:

i hope this helps a little...
There where many people who said that they are stolen from the game Pokemon Gale.
I didn´t remember where i got them because it was 9 months ago when i downloaded 2 different demos of DP Games without encrypted data and i just took the tilesets away...
Maybe you can ask the Creator of Pokemon Gale if you want to use them.


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Hey guys, I've been away for a while (some of you might remember, I was in charge of the project "Pokémon Chromatite" which was being made in Sphere. Anyways, busy with uni, exams are almost over and I'm getting ready for a 1 month vacation and I'm back in business, so in the next few days expect to see a thread by me with a game that will look even more professional than Chromatite did :P

Here's some links with resources as a contribution to the community.

Warning: The text in red includes links to other forums, as far as I can remember linking to other forums in this forum is prohibited unless it's in your signature. But since this thread might be an exception since some forums contain useful resources I'll leave it like this, if the mods decide to remove it then so be it :\

Serebii Sprite Resources - All kinds of pokemon sprites.

Serebii Sprite Resources II - More resources.http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=2884312&postcount=1

Coronis Manga Sprites.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Currently ripping all MD sprites. (Brazilian website)

The Videogame Atlas - All (or most of them anyways) maps.

The Spriters Resource - Lots of pokemon stuff.

Pokémon Elite 2000 - All Pokémon, Trainers and Items Sprites.

Pokémon Safaris Imagedex (Spanish website) - ALL the pokemon sprites, images (including cards and illustrations), animations, etc.

Psypoke - Sprites from ALL pokemon games, including animations. Not as good in terms of graphical resources as Pokémon Safari is.
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I dont know if this has been done already but I could never find any ranger style bases, so I made a few of my own in different body shapes and skin tones (they're based off a few of the npcs in game)

They're not all that great but I thought I'd share them as a start for anyone who might have been looking for these types. I'll make surfing and bike riding sprites later


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Due to popular demand, I'm posting my FRLG charset templates.
They're not the best, but you should be editing them before using them (hopefully :P).

Credit would be nice, but it's not needed.

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Alright, people have been asking where I got all my FR, LG, and R/S/E tile sets. And I tell everyone that I compiled all of the tile sets on my own. But it didn't occur to me that not everyone has all of the tilesets, so....here they are. These are all the tile sets from Fr/LG, and R/S/E.

I categorized them; Caverns Dungeons, and Underwayer; Towns, Cities, Routes; and Indoors. Note: These are not my custom tile sets, these are only the official tile sets. Do not ask if I will release my custom tilesets, which I will, but not for a long time. Also, these tile sets are not doubled in size, like most game makers need them to be, so this fits with sphere only I guess, but whatever.

Captain Arcane

Caverns, Dungeons, Underwater

Towns, Cities, Routes



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Many tiles ripped from Red Version, a few minor edits, and some tiles from Gold to have different tiles for the inside of caverns.
The only tiles I believe I am missing are Game Corner tiles, Celadon Mansion specific tiles, and angled table corner tiles.
Other than them, it's pretty much everything! (At least as far as I've checked.)

For Rm2k(3), I may colourize it sometime but I've got held up with other things...



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Hey guys!~
So does anybody remember the 146 DP Character Sets that Rm2k3Kid ripped and converted to RMXP format? Well, those supposedly got lost forever when his server went down, right? Since then a lot of people have been looking for them.
I asked Rm2k3Kid whether he had them, but they were on his old computer which is fried lol. So I searched my old computer's download folder; and surprisingly enough; I found them! I've uploaded them to my own server now.
Download all 146 DP Characters.

I will quote what RM2k3Kid said regarding credits.
"If you use them, please credit Rm2k3Kid for ripping them and Nintendo for making them."

DO NOT give me credits, as all I've done is found them and uploaded them.
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I am editing sprites for my game, I will be editing thing I find from others mostly. soon I will be editing a bunch of Mystery Dungeon sprites for RMXP. Here is the character from pokemon collesium made by desgardes edited by me.


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here is the shallow water autotile. I checked everywhere n couldnt find one so i recoulored the original water. btw its my first. Can someone plz rip the sides and rounded corners for the shallow water and for me n the community? that would be awesome. can someone make animations out of these? cuz i tried n it failed.