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Old May 25th, 2008 (4:37 AM). Edited May 29th, 2008 by ~Venus~.
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Welcome to the RP Dark Fusion !

Since Team Snagem's cooperation with Team Cipher failed, Team Snagems searches for a new partner to catch Pokémon from innocent trainers. Altough Team Magma and Team Aqua have their own problems, it was possible for Team Snagem's boss to find someone: Giovanni, the leader of the good-old Team Rocket. They start a project called
Dark Fusion with the target to get the Pokemon Jirachi after catching enough Pokémons. The only problem which handicaps the criminal teams are the "keys" (Regirok - the rock, Regice - the ice and Registell - the steel) who open the cave to the Moonlight Mountain where Jirachi lives in harmony with other Pokémon.

The 3 "keys" belong to a group of 3 Pokémon trainers from an ancient village who inherted the 3 leviathans by their grand-fathers and grand-mothers. Of course they know that those Pokémon are special but their special task is still a secret for them.

My own character:
Name: Venus, one of the 3 trainers
Age: 20
Pokemon: Regice, Milotic


2 other trainers (with the other leviathans), 1-2 members of Team Snagem and Team Rocket (each), Team Snagem's and Team Rocket's boss

If you chossed a character, please start every post with your character name like:

Now it depends on you to be faster than Team Snagem and Team Rocket. Release Jirachi!

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Old May 27th, 2008 (3:31 PM).
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Name: Bobby, one of the three trainers
Age: 16
Pokemon: Registeel, Charizard

Credit to Reminicing for the awesome theme!
Old May 28th, 2008 (6:32 PM).
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Old May 28th, 2008 (6:48 PM).
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Name: Shayne
Age: 17
Pokemon: Regirock, Ivysaur
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