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My Fire/Fighting Deck - Infernape

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Old June 14th, 2008 (9:04 PM).
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This is my first deck and was hoping for some help...

15 - Fire Energies
7 - Fighting Energies

1 - Charmander 50HP (69/130)
1 - Charmander 40HP (50/82)
2 - Charmeleon 80HP (24/102)
1 - Dark Charizard 80HP (4/82)
2 - Kabuto 80HP (67/100)
2 - Kabutops 120HP (6/100)
1 - Miltank 90HP (55/132)
4 - Chimchar 50HP (76/130)
2 - Moderno 70HP (56/130)
2 - Infernape 100HP (5/130)
1 - Infernape 110HP (22/100)
1 - Infernape X 120HP (DP10)
1 - Hippopotas 60HP (66/100)
2 - Hippopotas 60HP (51/130)
1 - Hippowdon 100HP (21/100)
1 - Hippowdon 110HP (29/130)

3 - Energy Search
1 - Energy Restore
2 - Dome Fossil 50HP
1 - Night Pokemon Center
1 - Professor Oak
2 - Potion
1 - Professor Rowan
1 - Poke Ball
1 - Pokedex
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Old June 17th, 2008 (7:06 PM). Edited June 17th, 2008 by Gamethief19.
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first of all, too many pokemon and not enough trainers.

1) take out night pokemon center, nice card but not very reliable
2) take out the pokedex and prof. oak and put in some more prof. rowan's or add team galactic's wager
3) try to put in some bebe's searchs and take out the energy restore-again a nice card but not always reliable, try night maintences they are a lot more handy
4) if your deck is good enough, you shouldn't need to use potions, instead use more pokeballs or even a dusk ball
-also, you dont have enough fighting energies to support both hippowdon AND kabutops. what happens if both of them are out at the same time. you dont have enough to power them both

sorry i dont have many ideas for pokemon, but trainers are always essential!
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