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Old June 18th, 2008 (10:50 AM).
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    Yo, I'm back finally. And I realize the suggestive nature of the first sentence in my most recent post, but it's just a kiss. The story is that Elric went away into the military at 17 and spent the following 3-or-so years just being an unofficial, unsung guardian to Arlene. If it weren't for him, she would not be alive that day on multiple occasions.

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    Old June 19th, 2008 (3:14 PM).
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      This is the OOC from the RP itself:

      OOC: Well that's that. I hope everyone had fun in this. You can post your own endings if you want and continue your character story if needed, but the main story is over. Again, thank you for playing and enjoying my RPG.

      I would also like to add that this is probably going to be the last Pokemon RP and possibly RP I'll ever make. So I hope you enjoyed my work. I may be online from time to time but if anyone would like to keep in touch please feel free to PM me. Also if anyone is making an RP and would like advise or needs more people to join I wouldn't mind helping out. Also before I am planning to make a Pokémon dictionary explaining everything in the trilogy that I have created, explains plot holes, loose ends, characters and will have art. Be sure to check that out when I release it.

      Well again, that's how they say is that. Nice meeting you all. Have a good summer!
      The RP is over in other words. You may still post if you feel you need to but it's always nice to have a Personal Ending. So yeah, feel free to use the RP as a Journey RP if you want but again the main storyline is over. The Trilogy is done. I hope you guys had some fun in it. Well, see-yah around.
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