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OOC Thread:PokemonWorld:Overrun with Darkness

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Old June 30th, 2008 (12:57 PM).
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Hey is this where you start a RPG???
If so, then heres mine
Opd Pokemon World:Overran with darkness
Okay, this is my first RP so it may not be to good.

Plot of story:The Pokemon world is being overrun with darkness and evil.The Legendary Celebi is trying to put a stop to it.The legend Darkrai is trying to make more.

1: No swearing.Saying 'he swore' is okay though.
2tay on topic!
3:Follow the basic RP rules.
Dont start to play without my permission.When you apply for this, ill look over your entry before replying.You can Pm me if you want.
Okay, here is how you make your player.

Pokemon species:
Side:Which side you are on.Celebis or Darkrais.If you want to make a new side just ask and ill think on it.
Weapons:No invincible weapons.

Heres mine!
Pokemon species:Machop
Name: Daggier
Personality:Cruel and bad tempered
Side:Whisperers of Darkness(Darkrais.Celebi's is Blades of light)
Likes:Bringing pain to others
Dislikes:Not bringing pain to others
Weapons:two daggers and a long sword. One dagger is black and doubles his attack.
Okay!You may enter youre applyance...watever.
Celebi's side is Blades of light.
Darkrai's side is Whisperers of Darkness.(If you didn't catch it earlier)
I did this RPG on another site and it went pretty well.
Oh, and I need someone to be Darkrai and Celebi.YOU MAY NOW ENTER!!!!!
DARN!!! I didn't get a MODs validation!!!!
Can someone validate me please?
*feels stupid for not reading rules*
"I shall spacialy rend you with my Spacial Rend!!"

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