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Old August 5th, 2008 (10:34 PM). Edited August 6th, 2008 by Loki.
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And just a few months back, I was commemorating everyone on their superb behavior. Hah, the irony makes me sick.

I hope you can understand even a semblance of how upset I am. I am - in all ways possible – extremely, extremely pissed off.

Let me address a few problems present tonight.

Consecutive posting is not allowed. Bypassing consecutive posting by creating a second account and posting “post breaks” in between them is even less allowed. There will be no yellow infractions for anyone who has the nerve to try this. It is a direct red infraction. I also will not be merging any posts that demonstrate the described offense. I will leave them in their full glory, so that all may see the unedited example of what everyone will not be doing from here on out.

Also. Plots are required. When? 100% of the time. If your plot is not in an OBVIOUS place, or, if this is easier to comprehend for you; if I have to go on a POKEMON JOURNEY just to find it, your RP will most likely not be accepted.

But I am not only irritated with those who have been bypassing the consecutive post rule. I am equally disappointed by those of you who failed to report it.

Therefore, I have had quite enough:

I am requesting that the Pokemon Lounge be placed under thread moderation soon enough.

Thanks for your time.

Update; All threads in the Pokemon Lounge are now under moderation.

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