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DABBLE: Adventure Of A Lifetime (demo)

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Old August 6th, 2008 (5:18 AM).
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Instead of a really intense, hardcore over-detailed mapset that would put most mappers to shame, here's something I've been working on for a little while. It all started when I started playing Wills' wads such as IOGW and The Archives Are Doomed - and subsequently, ripping Midis out of them and doing some tiny tomfoolery WADs of my own. My humor is dry and bland any way you cut it, but here's the fruits of a collective 12 hours of work spread over about 2 months.

I give you all a one-episode demo of the most awesome mapset ever, DABBLE.


The year 2008. Your name is Darkhaven, and you have been convicted of being a dipmuk under the grounds that you entered a bank screaming "Cleeman", then you proceeded to attempt to rob said establishment with a length of rope. You don't remember doing any of that, and you are sure you were framed - but what the hell can you do about it? Nobody loves you except your extremely beefy gay lover who isn't even human (so he doesn't count), and nobody believes you anyway because of the nature of this conviction. What are you to do indeed... What will happen to you? Will you serve out your life in prison? Be put to the death, as is the usual case with dipmuk allegations? Or even worse... Will you rot in The Pit?

As ordered by the Hell High Council (situated snugly between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana), you are sentenced to relive the very worst moments of your life, starting with your eighteenth birthday. Shocked by the lack of justice, you cry and cry, begging your captors for death - or at least torture - instead of the horrors that they have placed upon you. Kicking and screaming, you are pulled away from this world and wrenched forth into the Spirit World, where the Pastmaster awaits you. You are at his mercy now... In his hands lie your ultimate fate, whether you are trapped in the hell of your past forever, or if you walk away, still haunted to the core by the nightmares. It looks like a lose-lose situation all the way around, but only time will tell the true outcome of this dark phantasm.


Developed with GZDoom 1.x, which you can find here : If you do not have a computer capable of GL or hardware rendering, you can either turn it off and use the software renderer or get regular ZDoom here : Note that some graphical glitches may occur
in any software-based rendering mode. You must have one of these two programs in order to play the game. You must also have a working copy of doom2.wad. If you do not have one, you can get a free version here :

Levels were designed with Doom Builder v1.67. Level scripts were programmed in a form of C and compiled with ACC, which is distributed with all Doom Builder versions.

Graphics were made in MSPaint. Credits go to Apogee Software (Rise Of The Triad textures, used in Episode 1 Mission 3; Rise of the Triad sky textures, used in every level) and Fenris Wolf Software (Rebel Moon Rising textures, not seen in this demo). Original packaging for this "game" and texture ripping from other games done with Extendable WAD Editor.

Sounds were made using Audacity and are based on sounds from Doom 64 : The Absolution and Rebel Moon Rising. Music comes from various artists.


"God I hate this show."

The sounds that come after this are just classic.

A remake of a remake.

"I demand you give me what is mine!"

You can hardly say an 8 ounce European bird can carry a 1-pound coconut, after all.
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Old August 7th, 2008 (2:37 AM).
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Doom remake! Yes tuhyis is excellent
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