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Old November 1st, 2008 (1:10 AM).
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This is my idea for a game:
Okay it starts out as most other ones do, the PC gets ready to get a pokémon from the regional prof. The male(Ray) meets up with the female(Lluvia) and they both head of to meet Prof. Sabino(Professor of Extinct Pokémon). After they find him, the male rival joins them and they get their pokémon. After leaving they all journey to win at least 8 badges to enter the pokémon tournament(there are 12 badges total). Along the way they must face the evil Team Storm who acts more like Team rocket in the beginning then becomes more evil later on. They will have to defeat team storm while trying to protect the legendaries from being captured by catching them themselves.

This game will be more concerned with legends and tradition than the real games. It will be based on the central part of modern Mexico and have about 50 fanmade pokémon as well as 150 old pokémon. Some old pokémon will be changed in order to be caught, like totodile and articuno having reduced stats.

Here are the important characters I've chosen:
Emilio - Male Rival
Adora - Female Rival
Maria - Mother
Adelio - Father
Madrona - Male Rival's Mother
Abran - Female Rival's Father
Sabino - Professor
Avanta - PC Storage Manager
Itz - Champion
Luna - Partner of Champion
Roderigo - Storm Leader
Nevado - Storm Liutenant(Ice)
Adriano - Strom Scientist(Dark)
Espera - Gym Leader(Ghost)
Barbara - Gym Leader(Electric)
Ignacio - Gym Leader(Fire)
Yaotl - Gym Leader(Fighting)
Maria - Gym Leader(Water)/Storm Liutenant
Araceli - Gym Leader(Flying)/Storm Liutenant
Arlo - Gym Leader(Grass)
Huemac - Gym Leader(Ground)
Pedro - Gym Leader(Rock)
Aurelio - Gym Leader(Steel) Twin
Argento - Gym Leader(Steel) Twin
Tonalli - Gym Leader(Psychic)
Acitlalli - Gym Leader(Dragon)
Veto - Elite Four(Special)
Erlina - Elite Four(Defence)
Fermina - Elite Four(Attack)
Cordero - Elite Four(Speed)

Any suggestions will be welcome.
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Old November 1st, 2008 (9:36 AM).
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- What is Team Storm's objective? What is their mission statement, or what are they after?
- Why does Prof. Sobino send for the main character and not someone else? Are they somehow related?
- What are the starters?

Here's just a few questions to help you expand your plot a little. Best of luck on this project!
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Old November 1st, 2008 (1:02 PM).
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At first, Team storm is just after catching pokémon for profitable gains; poaching, selling, harvesting goods like fur. Later on, they try to capture legendary pokémon to use for controlling the region.
Prof. Sabino gives pokémon to the best three graduating students from the nearby trainer's school, this year it happens to be Ray, Lluvia, and Emilio.
The three starters are Squirtle and two new of my fanmade pokémon; Oceleaf, a small catlike pokémon covered in tropical leaves, and Flamegret, a dualtype Fire/Flying pokémon shaped like a young eagle. Also Totodile and Croconaw can be caught in the wild, albeit with reduced stats.
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Old November 1st, 2008 (1:06 PM).
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I left my brain in its jar
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Ooh, that makes sense. Everyone's after world domination these days . And I like the idea of how the three smartest students are picked for it. Which rival gets the Pokemon strong against the one you pick, and which gets the one weak against the one you pick?
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Old November 3rd, 2008 (2:14 AM). Edited November 8th, 2008 by Xolotl.
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Circle always goes like this:
Male Character>Rival>Female Character>Back to Male
As both the boy and girl are given personalities, they are presented as different characters and somewhat rivals.

Here is also the pokédex I've created for the games

No. Pokémon Species Type
001 Oceleaf Leaf Ocelot Grass
002 Arbolot Tree Ocelot Grass
003 Jagrove Tree Jaguar Grass
004 Flarecon Fire Falcon Fire/Flying
005 Flareagle Flare Falcon Fire/Flying
006 Solaguila Sun Falcon Fire/Flying
007 Squirtle Tiny Turtle Water
008 Wartortle Turtle Water
009 Blastoise Blast Turtle Water
010 Onzatike Grey Cat Psychic

No. Pokémon Species Type
011 Eyratike Pink Cat Psychic
012 Pikerundi Mind Feline Psychic
013 Starly Starling Normal/Flying
014 Staravia Starling Normal/Flying
015 Staraptor Predator Normal/Flying
016 Rattata Rat Normal
017 Raticate Rat Normal
018 Coyocano Coyote Ground
019 Lobocano Wolf Ground
020 Caterpie Worm Bug

No. Pokémon Species Type
021 Metapod Cocoon Bug
022 Butterfree Butterfly Bug/Flying
023 Vidruga Caterpillar Bug
024 Pupalotl Pupa Bug
025 Itzmonarca Glass Insect Bug/Rock
026 Natu Tiny Bird Psychic/Flying
027 Xatu Mystic Psychic/Flying
028 Chatot Music Note Normal
029 Mankey Pig Monkey Fighting
030 Primeape Pig Monkey Fighting

No. Pokémon Species Type
031 Aipom Long Tail Normal
032 Ambipom Long Tail Normal
033 Slakoth Slacker Normal
034 Vigoroth Wild Monkey Normal
035 Slaking Lazy Normal
036 Pichu Tiny Mouse Electric
037 Pikachu Mouse Electric
038 Raichu Mouse Electric
039 Cocoati Chocolate Grass
040 Carbochon Gemstone Psychic

No. Pokémon Species Type
041 Carnivine Bug Catcher Grass
042 Bellsprout Flower Grass/Poison
043 Weepinbell Flycatcher Grass/Poison
044 Victreebel Flycatcher Grass/Poison
045 Vinepenth Flycatcher Grass/Poison
046 Ekans Snake Poison
047 Arbok Cobra Poison
048 Seviper Fang Snake Poison
049 Eleswift Spark Lizard Electric
050 Emerayo Conductor Electric

No. Pokémon Species Type
051 Exeggcute Egg Grass/Psychic
052 Exeggutor Coconut Grass/Psychic
053 Tropius Fruit Grass/Flying
054 Cirwana Plum Grass
055 Scyther Mantis Bug/Flying
056 Scizor Pincer Bug/Steel
057 Cobreburo Snout Steel
058 Platapir Snout Steel
059 Dantoro Smash Snout Steel/Fighting
060 Spinarak String Spit Bug/Poison

No. Pokémon Species Type
061 Ariados Long Legs Bug/Poison
062 Heracross Single Horn Bug/Fighting
063 Kecleon Color Swap Normal
064 Croagunk Toxic Mouth Poison/Fighting
065 Toxicroak Toxic Mouth Poison/Fighting
066 Muduga Mud Turtle Ground
067 Nochelaga Night Lizard Dark
068 Nincada Trainee Bug/Ground
069 Ninjask Ninja Bug/Flying
070 Shedinja Shed Bug/Ghost

No. Pokémon Species Type
071 Skorupi Scorpion Bug/Poison
072 Drapion Ogre Scorp Poison/Dark
073 Cacnea Cactus Grass
074 Cacturne Scarecrow Grass/Dark
075 Sandshrew Mouse Ground
076 Sandslash Mouse Ground
077 Ardoravus Rattle Fire
078 Cascardor Rattlesnake Fire
079 Scarmory Armor Bird Steel/Flying
080 Zubat Bat Poison/Flying

No. Pokémon Species Type
081 Golbat Bat Poison/Flying
082 Crobat Bat Poison/Flying
083 Nochelago Dark Wing Dark/Flying
084 Teddyursa Little Bear Normal
085 Ursaring Hibernator Normal
086 Geodude Rock Rock/Ground
087 Graveler Rock Rock/Ground
088 Golem Megaton Rock/Ground
089 Diglett Mole Ground
090 Dugtrio Mole Ground

No. Pokémon Species Type
091 Aluxo Imatation Psychic
092 Mawile Deceiver Steel
093 Growlithe Puppy Fire
094 Arcanine Legendary Fire
095 Houndour Dark Dark/Fire
096 Houndoom Dark Dark/Fire
097 Houndemise Dark Dark/Fire
098 Sneasel Sharp Claw Dark/Ice
099 Weavile Sharp Claw Dark/Ice
100 Bonsly Bonsai Rock

No. Pokémon Species Type
101 Sudowoodo Imitation Rock
102 Flinail Stone Claw Rock
103 Obsitalon Glass Claw Dark/Rock
104 Abra Psi Psychic
105 Kadabra Psi Psychic
106 Alakazam Psi Psychic
107 Adelita Soldieress Fighting
108 Machop Superpower Fighting
109 Machoke Superpower Fighting
110 Machamp Superpower Fighting

No. Pokémon Species Type
111 Articuno Freeze Ice/Flying
112 Helabubo Ice Owl Ice/Flying
113 Nevacabur Ice Owl Ice/Flying
114 Krabby River Crab Water
115 Kingler Pincer Water
116 Llorala Weeping Ghost
117 Lotad Water Weed Grass/Water
118 Lombre Jolly Grass/Water
119 Ludicolo Carefree Grass/Water
120 Jacriso Water Runner Water/Flying

No. Pokémon Species Type
121 Carvanha Savage Water/Dark
122 Sharpedo Brutal Water/Dark
123 Magikarp Fish Water
124 Gyarados Atrocious Water/Flying
125 Totodile Big Jaw Water
126 Croconaw Big Jaw Water
127 Feraligatr Big Jaw Water
128 Buizel Sea Weasel Water
129 Floatzel Sea Weasel Water
130 Kafling Calf Normal

No. Pokémon Species Type
131 Miltank Milk Cow Normal
132 Tauros Wild Bull Normal
133 Spoink Bounce Psychic
134 Grumpig Manipulate Psychic
135 Chupaveja Drain Dark
136 Mareep Wool Electric
137 Flaaffy Wool Electric
138 Ampharos Light Electric
139 Koffing Poison Gas Poison
140 Weezing Poison Gas Poison

No. Pokémon Species Type
141 Tentacool Jellyfish Water/Poison
142 Tentacruel Jellyfish Water/Poison
143 Alcafe Dunce Normal/Flying
144 Alcazul Dimwitted Normal/Flying
145 Goldeen Goldfish Water
146 Seaking Goldfish Water
147 Horsea Dragon Water
148 Seadra Dragon Water
149 Kingdra Dragon Water/Dragon
150 Cinchou Angler Water/Electric

No. Pokémon Species Type
151 Lanturn Light Water/Electric
152 Dorness Transport Water/Ice
153 Lapras Transport Water/Ice
154 Dorasal Gold Scale Steel/Water
155 Acerfin Dolphin Steel/Water
156 Wailmur Ball Whale Water
157 Wailord Float Whale Water
158 Doramur Hybrid Water/Steel
159 Wailfin Hybrid Water/Steel
160 Eevee Evolution Normal

No. Pokémon Species Type
161 Leafeon Verdant Grass
162 Flareon Flame Fire
163 Vaporeon Bubble Jet Water
164 Jolteon Lightning Electric
165 Venteon Updraft Normal/Flying
166 Dusteon Desert Ground
167 Glaceon Fresh Snow Ice
168 Espeon Sun Psychic
169 Spireon Underworld Ghost
170 Umbreon Moonlight Dark

No. Pokémon Species Type
171 Inocente Innocence Ghost/Flying
172 Difunto Spirit Ghost/Psychic
173 Solrock Meteorite Rock/Psychic
174 Lunatone Meteorite Rock/Psychic
175 Spiritomb Forbidden Dark/Ghost
176 Aerodactyl Fossil Rock/Flying
177 Cranidos Headbutt Rock
178 Rampardos Headbutt Rock
179 Anorith Old Shrimp Bug/Rock
180 Armaldo Plate Bug/Rock

No. Pokémon Species Type
181 Lampaligo Twilight Dark/Dragon
182 Jiboescoto Darkness Dark/Dragon
183 Nictoboa Dark Serpent Dark/Dragon
184 Calabeza Skull Ghost
185 Seniomuro Afterlife Ghost/Fire
186 Katrina Satire Ghost
187 Serpendos Twin Snake Rock
188 Quetzi Shorttail Grass/Dragon
189 Quetzalli Longtail Grass/Dragon
190 Tepequetzl PlumeSerpent Grass/Dragon

No. Pokémon Species Type
191 Ka Lightning Electric/Dragon
192 Gi Hurricane Dragon/Flying
193 Ge Macaw Fire/Flying
194 Cuculcan Morning Sun Grass/Flying
195 Zumbazul War Bird Fighing/Flying
196 Tecalipoca Smoke Mirror Dark/Steel
197 Dioyuvo Rain Diety Water/Psychic
198 Diafuenta Spring Diety Water/Psychic
199 Cipactli Continent Water/Ground
200 Coladeiblo Extinction Rock/Ghost
201 Mew Origin Psychic
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