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Old September 14th, 2008 (8:48 AM).
Red Silvers Red Silvers is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
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Trainers you can't edit?

This is for Fire Red

I'm trying to edit trainers for my custom Gym. I changed Brocks Pokemon fine, and went to change the camper in the Pewter Gym (he's 08E). Normally his Pokemon are a Geodude (10) and a Sandshrew (11). I'm trying to change them to a Bellsprout (12)and a Bulbasaur (12).

When I load this trainer in Pet, his Pokemon are listed as Level 10 Geodude and a Level 0 ??. I edited the Pokemon to Bellsprout and Bulbasaur, and tested it.

He had Bellsprout (12) and Sandshrew (11).

So I tried changing the Pokemon again. Bulbsaur first, then Bellsprout.

He had Bulbasaur (12) and Sandshrew (11).

I really want to fix this but I'm not sure why its not working.

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Old October 3rd, 2008 (6:05 AM).
OAK OAK is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
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Can someone help me ???
I can edit the trainer and so but when i am talk to him in the game or he comes to me
he say somthink like that :ÄdjgkE""""""""""°^^^^^^^^999and some other symbols...
Please Help !!!
Old October 5th, 2008 (12:47 PM).
Daniel A.'s Avatar
Daniel A. Daniel A. is offline
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I don't under stand why you guys just don't use trainer edit. It is much easier and works for emerald. Search Juan on the memberslist and look at his threads. You'll find something about that if you are having lots of trouble..

Old October 5th, 2008 (4:27 PM).
DriveUMad DriveUMad is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 4
Im trying to edit a Fire RED english version ROMbut everytime I i load my rom with the PET ( or even with Trainer Editor ) I receive this error message"Run-Time Error 6 - Overflow"and the program crashes.The only trainer I can select without crashing is the second on the list "LADY"and also, all the other trainers have strange names like "û à", just some random letters, while most of the trainers don't even have a name, and when I try to edit something in the "LADY" ( which is the only accessible trainer ) I get this "Run Time Error 9" something with the script path. Please if someone knows how to solve this help me =T
Old October 8th, 2008 (11:54 AM).
nick11202 nick11202 is offline
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this is great and helped my hack!
Old October 15th, 2008 (12:45 PM).
md427 md427 is offline
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...The link didn't work... D=
Old November 25th, 2008 (12:36 PM).
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GReat tutorial! Thanks :D
I am teh Landshark. Feer meh.
learned to EV train in 3 days and am proud of it
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Old November 25th, 2008 (1:59 PM).
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Not only did you break the 4 word rule but you also revived a thread older than a month. For shame.

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