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Culture & Media Policies and Procedures
Rules, regulations and punishments posted in O.E.


Culture & Media provides members with discussion of the western culture. The aspects included in western culture covered here include, of course, entertainment; be it from books, movies, television, music, or sports. Whatever it is that is enjoyed in society's entertainment (with the exception of art) belongs here. Art, and Japanese-related discussion belong in their designated boards. Consider this thread your guidebook (survival book) to posting in this section and having an enjoyable experience.

Culture & Media Rules

Just a small note before the rules are listed: The global rules that are included in the PokéCommunity rules thread do indeed apply here. If you have not read these rules, I suggest you do so. They can be found here. You can also find a link to the global rules in the navigation bar typically found directly below the banner or in some cases below the welcome table. With that said, please read through the following rules as they are important in this section and will refrain from you getting a thread locked, an infraction, etc.

Also note, if you have any questions and would like answers, I encourage you to send me a personal message confronting me with whatever it is you're trying to know. Be it a thread that you want to make and are unsure of if it belongs here or somewhere else, a rule in question, or even a suggestion.

Below are the list of Culture & Media rules with a description on what they are and what will result in breaking them (the rule itself is underlined for the tl;dr type of people):
  • Remember to be polite in threads. We are not trying to bash someone for their opinion, since something such as this is bound to happen in any situation where opinions are asked of you, it is important to realize that that is disrespectful to the other person and is asking for an argument right there. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.
  • Remember to be respectful of decisions made by either myself or a higher ranked staff members. If a thread is locked, please do not cry asking why it's locked or demand it to be re-opened. Instead, politely confront whoever it is who locked your thread. Typically, the staff member who locked it will be the staff member who replied last to it explaining why it was locked. This will generally be treated with a verbal warning via PM. If it continues, you are likely to earn an infraction.
  • Though listed in the global rules, it is important to know that thread revivals are not allowed in this section. Any thread longer than a month old from the previous reply (with the exceptions of pinned threads) are generally considered dead. Replying to them will be reviving them and, obviously, is not allowed. This will result in a locked thread and a warning (with a possible infraction) to the member who revived it.
  • Though videos are full of entertainment, specific threads purely on a video clip, such as one from YouTube are not allowed. A thread of a specific artist or movie with details on what the thread is about that includes a clip of a song or a movie is permitted, however. Violation of this rule will be considered SPAM and will result in an infraction.
  • Though the entertainment industry is wide and has a lot to offer, threads relating to the same subject will result in threads being merged or locked. If there's already a thread on a particular artist or of a subject (one such as "What's your favorite band?") please don't make another one asking the same thing but, perhaps, adding a few words to fancy the thread up a bit. Remember to search for the thread you're looking to create before creating it.
  • Advertising is generally not allowed. This rule is rather vivid since this can include and exclude only one. The only thing, however, that will be excepted is advertisements of bands. If you found a band, or are in a band, and want to get opinions (not just advertise) please feel more than free to make a thread about them linking to the website. However, please remember to have something relevant to the asking of opinions on whatever it is you're linking to. Otherwise, it will be considered SPAM and the link will be removed from the thread, the thread will be locked, and you will receive an infraction.
  • Provide content and examples in your posts that ask of your opinions. If you are asked what you think of a specific artist, please don't say "I don't like her." or "She/He's horrible." or anything along those lines and then say "That's all that needs to be said." to get that character limit that you need to have when posting. It's important to have intellectual posts in this section, and you posting that isn't very intellectual. Posting things like that will be considered SPAM and will result in a warning (if you haven't been infracted for SPAM previously) or an infraction (if you have been infracted/warned for SPAMing in the past).
  • Simply listing names or artists, bands, books or anything of the like in threads in which you state what your favourite ____ is, will result in your post being deleted or you may be subject to recieving a warning or infraction. You must add your opinion or some detail to attribute to the discussion at hand.

Important Notes

There are a few important notes that are rather important when dealing with this section.
  • Discussions based on topics other than Western Entertainment, such as Japanese movies, music, anime, or manga, belong in their designated forum. In this case, that forum would be Japanese Entertainment.
  • Though this section is based on culture, art (including poems and other related discussion) is not included. Art has it's own category which can be found here.
  • Threads make up the foundation of the community. Without them, and members, it will not be here. It is important to know that if you have made a thread, and would like it locked, it will not typically be locked without proof of why it should be. If you would like your thread to be locked, please remember to state why you want it locked and provide examples of what happened in the thread that may lead to the thread being locked anyway, otherwise, it will not be locked upon request.
  • Rules listed above may be edited at anytime without update to the members of Culture & Media. Please be sure to check this thread often. New rules, or amendments to rules previously created, will be changed to red text.
  • If you would like a change in thread title, an edit to a poll, or a poll added to your thread, please contact me via PM with whatever it is you would like to add to the thread and I will be more than happy to do so.
  • When replying to a thread that asks for your favorite thing; be it music video, movie, artist, etc. it is acceptable for you to reply multiple times since your favorites probably change as much as mine do. Know that this doesn't mean you can reply every ten posts. Every few pages, yes. Don't reply every time your preferences change.

Thank You

Thank you for making your way to the end of the rules thread. Whether or not you skimmed through it and only read the important stuff, it's appreciative to both myself and you as now you don't have to worry about getting into trouble here (of all places, it's kind of embarrassing getting into trouble in
Culture & Media) Remember, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. You can do so by sending me a Personal Message or leaving me a Visitor Message with a thread in question. If you have any ideas on any Claim threads or anything else, please feel more than welcome to share them with me the same way.

Relevant Advertising!

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Acceptability in Culture & Media
Some tips and tricks to posting accordingly in Culture & Media

I have been noticing a strong decline in the quality of posts that have been posted in here since my modship. Please be aware that Culture & Mediais not a forum in which posts such as those are acceptable without examples and reason behind them since it's an opinion-based board. Also know that Culture & Media is not a forum that you should go to just to up your post count.

I urge you to review your posts before posting them. I realize the
Culture & Media Guidelines are a little tl;dr, which is the reason why the rules themselves are underlined so they can be navigated quickly. Know that, also, consequences of rule breakers are listed in each rule.

Just follow the following checklist and your time at Culture & Media should go well.

  1. Does my post relate to the topic at hand?
  2. Does my post state a general opinion of said topic?
  3. Do I provide reasoning for my opinion?
  4. Overall, does this post reflect my intelligence in a positive manner?

I assure you, if you follow that simple list of questions and answer them honestly, your time at
Culture & Media and every other opinion-based forum would go by smoothly. A simple example of this would be the following post on the topic of "My favorite clothing store". The post is short, simple and to the point, which is all you really need to state in opinion-based threads. (Discussion threads are a different story, since Culture & Media has those types of threads as well)

(1) My favorite clothing store (2) is Hollister Co. (3) I find their clothes comfortable and reasonably priced for a name brand clothing company. Along with their clothes, they offer fragrances that really freshen up someone.

  1. "My favorite clothing store" provides insight of the topic at hand.
  2. "is Hollister Co." states your opinion on said topic.
  3. "I find their clothes comfortable and reasonably priced for a name brand clothing company. Along with their clothes, they offer fragrances that really freshen up someone." provides reasoning of your opinion.
  4. When all is said and done, you provide yourself a chance to ask yourself if this post reflects your intelligence in a positive manner.

Know that without providing reasoning for your opinion, your post will be looked upon as SPAM and will be dealt with accordingly. I would like all of the members who post in
Culture & Media to enjoy themselves and read intelligent posts that deal with various opinions. I encourage everyone to continue posting content in Culture & Media so long as you follow these tips in posting. Like I said, following these tips will bring you success in all forums on PokéCommunity.
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C&M Thread Types
Know the difference between them


Thread Types

I've been wanting to make this thread for a LOOOOOOOOONG time...

Like any other forum on PC; or any site for that matter, there are many forms of discussion. It's important to know the difference between each and every form of discussion before engaging in any thread. Most threads are based on opinion, some are based on common logic or knowledge gained. This is important due to the fact that you can't just go in a question thread and start a debate based on the answer given. That's barbaric, in my opinion, and gives you a negative light. With that said, the types of threads are as followed. Know that if a type of thread is not listed in here, it's due to the fact that it doesn't belong in Culture & Media.

Question Threads

Question threads are obviously regarding questions. This goes without say. Someone posts a thread with a question and members viewing the posted thread give their answer to the question. This does not end the discussion, however. Questions spark other questions and ideas, which lead to more discussion. These threads don't get posted often here, so it's important to know that these types of threads are, indeed, allowed. If you feel that you don't know if a subject that you would like to discuss is not allowed, feel free to contact me and ask me.

Official Threads

This one is short, simple, and to the point. Anything that's pinned to the top of the forum, divided by the sticky divider, are official threads. These generally refer to informative threads, such as this, rules, and claims threads; which can be considered as a sub thread type, if you will. Rules are obviously there to uphold the section and claims are there to offer members to claim songs, and others. Know, if you have an idea for a claim thread and would like to make one yourself, please contact me and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Discussion Threads

Discussion threads are the prime types of thread posted in
Culture & Media. These threads often drift from topic to topic, still remaining on the key discussion. For example, if you were discussing a specific artist, topics that could be included would be singles, albums, favorite music video, general discussion, etc. It varies from topic to topic, really. Often, you are allowed to be a bit off topic without getting into trouble and a new topic can be usually brought up at any point.

Debate Threads

Debate threads are more heated than discussion threads, but they hold the same concept. These don't happen (from what I see) often in Culture & Media. Civilized debates regarding choices made by an individual in the entertainment industry, a specific theme to a book, or other related discussions, are offered for debate among members.

Chat Threads

We've only had one or two of these in the recent times. These threads are basically discussion threads without a set topic to discuss. They can range from sports to books, to movies, to music, to celebrities, etc. etc. These are generally loosely moderated threads. If made popular, it may become an official thread and be pinned. But that's not expected to happen until at least 150 posts.

Poll Threads

Poll threads offer discussion based on a limited option of choices and a specific topic at hand. Typically, in
Culture & Media, this is mostly used for music. A suggestion to really get the full experience of poll threads would be to take some time to browse Other Voting Polls, as that's the main ring for poll threads and where the majority of them that find their way here are initially located at until moved by the Other Voting Polls moderator.

Opinionated Threads

These are what I call "Post and Go" threads. These should be considered poll threads... without the poll due to a wide variety of options available to choose. These threads include threads based on what your favorite of something is. Examples of this would be the "Favorite Song" thread. But this does not mean that you simply list or state your favourites, you must add your own opinion and state why they are your favorites.
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