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Old November 9th, 2008 (6:44 PM). Edited November 10th, 2008 by Fluffy Clouds.
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    I noticed that alot of people were having trouble inserting animations, and I learned along the way on how to insert them properly. Here, I will show you how to do so:

    Step one, open UNLZ:

    You'll see right here that the palette is garbled. Don't worry, it's normal.

    Step two, insert your animation:

    Inserting an animation is pretty easy. The top half of the image is the first frame, and the bottom half is the second frame. The image's attributes must be 64 (width) x 128 (height).

    Now, insert the image. Also, don't check the "Export Palette" box, because it won't serve a purpose here.

    Now, if you encounter your Pokémon, you'll see that the animation works, but the palette is garbled with the pallete of the Pokémon that you replaced. Let's go into that, shall we?

    Step three, replace the previous palette:

    Since we replaced Tangela's animation with another, it still has Tangela's palette. in UNLZ, at number 1263, Tangela's standalone sprite is there, which contains the palette for the animation. Let's replace it.

    Now, as the image shows here, check everything. Now test it again in-game, and you'll see that the palette is correct now! Congratulations, you successfully inserted an animation!

    If the animation's palette is still not correct, check the animation's palette in a viewer (out of UNLZ.) They have to match to show correctly.

    Don't ask about editing rotation or deformation when the animation starts, because I have no idea on how to edit that, nor do I know where that is.
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    Old November 11th, 2008 (3:04 AM).
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      good tutorial but i have a easier way of doing it
      good job by the way

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      Old November 14th, 2008 (9:52 AM).
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      learning asm
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        Sweet a nice, original tutorial.
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          how about inserting new sprites?
          So you can use them with the 25 empty spots?
          Old March 2nd, 2009 (3:00 AM).
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