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[RULES] → Please read before making a thread in Member Fanclubs.

Member Fanclubs This is for clubs focusing on a member here at PC (no anti-clubs).
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Old March 15th, 2009 (12:59 AM).
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There are certain regulations in place that must not be broken at any time.
  • Do not make yourself a fan club. The very purpose of a member fan club is to dedicate it to a member endeared by others. Making your own fan club not only nets you negative points on impression, but defeats the purpose of actually having a fan club at all. A member can ask you if you want a fan club made or you can ask them, but don't be petty, it's not a good reflection on yourself to be demanding a club be made for your recognition.
  • Do not harass members at any time. Dislike anybody? Then good for you, don't annoy other people in a thread dedicated to that person. It is against the main rules of the community to show disrespect towards others and it's common courtesy to stay out of the club so you don't ruin it for other people. Be warned, rule breakers shall face harsh penalties if this should ever occur.
  • Avoid letting conversation wander away from the focus of the member. It is understandable that focusing each topic solely on the member can get tedious from time to time and you are more than welcome to break out of that barrier and talk about other things at the same time. But don't take make that constant. Off-topicness in this forum applies to those that treat a member fan club like the Daily Chit-Chat thread, without any inkling of relevance to the member at hand. This isn't a problem if the member is involved, but there is a line in place for where off-topicness should stop. Adhere it and don't wander off on far tangents.
  • Do not make a club without the permission of the member. It is courteous for members themselves to know about a fan club being made for them, and at times they may not actually want one at all, so confirm with the member if they do want a fan club and then you must post in the Club Approval thread to confirm that this person has actually given you permission to make a club. Let it be known, your thread will not be approved if either of you neglect this rule.
  • When there is trouble, don't stay silent! Report it to a mod! See something that shouldn't be going on at all? Then report it straight away, don't leave it secret so people can just come across it by chance. In no way should anybody be spoiling anything with their annoyances, so if you see anything hinting towards a fight or basic rule breaking in general, report it and a staff member shall handle it as soon as possible.

Be warned! - Anybody seen breaking any of these rules shall face a 3 point infraction with expiration dates varying on the crime. So be sensible and I'm sure you'll have next to no problem with making use of this sub-forum.

Information for the moderated state of this forum can be found in the Club Approval thread. There are several guidelines that are to be followed here as well, so please do give it a read for further information.

Credit goes towards Marz and Midori Chi for original information.
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