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Idea Pokemon Fire Bomb

Started by 2spiner January 28th, 2009 5:17 AM
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Posted July 9th, 2009
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Story:This is my hack it a hack of Fire Red.The starter pokemon are Koffing,Pikachu,and Treeko.Your rival is Pokemon fire red player with a blue shirt and there is no hat and black hair.And the boy player PKMN SHINY GOLD RIVAL with black hair and the girl one is... I don't know yet but I will think of one.
Tools I am using:

and more.
3 people to make spirtes on the comments
Ideas for girl player
And some good scrip help.
Videos:Not yet
Screenshots:Not yet
More later.
Seen December 21st, 2010
Posted July 9th, 2009
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10.8 Years
Well the story is you are a kid that turned 10 and you can now get a starter pokemon and you can pick a Koffing,Pikachu,or Treecko.And you find out that Oak is not there and as normal in Fire red he keeps you from Route 101.Thanks for looking at some of the info.

New Gym Leaders
DP Pokemon
New trainer
New friend
New rival(s)
New E4 and CHAPION
Some Fakemon
New spirtes
New PC maker


This a Pic of the boy player
If you want to use it ask me first!
And if you pick Pikachu your rival will have a Treeko so here is a pic and here a pic of the first gym leader .I hope these help.


Eon Blue and Red are coming!!!

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Posted October 3rd, 2009
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I think it could be a good hack. But it does need a good storyline to go with it. I mean a longer one that explains whats going on with the region and who the main people are gonna be in the hack. I also think that the starter combo could be changed. Like Koffing, Electrike, and Bellsprout. (Just a quick example because of your Poison, Electrike, grass combo..) Good luck with this! If u would like I could script a little for u.. Im practicing with scripting and getting better. not the best but still :D good enough huh?
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Seen December 21st, 2010
Posted July 9th, 2009
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It is a hack of FireRed.You find out it late in the morning so you oversleep and so is your rival a trainer named David and a trainer named Sammy.The line was so big your rival thought it would be a good Idea to take the back with the grass.You go and you get attacked by pokemon.Oak come and them and he will led you to his pokemon room
and you can get a Koffing,Electrike,or Bellsprout.And you go get a Pokedex.But on Route 500 (Old Route 1) There is a cave call Rocky Cave you need to go in and fight Team Rocket Jessie and James.To save the champion Danny.There is much more thing but the only question is can you CATCH THEM ALL?
New Thing:
New Player
New Rival
2 new trainer
9 gym leaders
Sinho Pokemon
New Elmite 4
New Trainer Looks
And more!!!
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