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Ok, So I am sure you have heard of the std.rbh file that comes with XSE, right?
If you DO know of it, then you might wanna start looking into making your own .rbh files!

And RBH file, or RuBikon Header File
is a file XSE uses to add onto it's current data base... so to speak.
It read's this file, and it loks at the commands in it, and what they mean, much like how MSG_NORMAL really means 0x6 to XSE.. (Which means if you put MSG_NORMAL anywhere in the script, XSE will pop out an 0x6 right there, so long as you include teh std.rbh file with the compiling.)
Now, you may be asking, "What is so important though?"
Well, making your own can simplify your XSE scripting experience!
Do you have an offset you type often in your game?
(I do, I have to type goto 0x08003224 at the end of my scripts, since I use a single,
in my whole game, just reused all the time.
Well, using a .rbh file, we can make a define for it!
Lets sat I want to use [END] as my pointer instead of writing out that pointer all the time.
#define [END] 0x08003224
That line of code, inserted into a .std file, will allow me to type [END] every time I want that Pointer to appear!

Pretty handy huh?
Let me give another example.
Say you are into something more complicated...
say, pallet changing... with scripts, to change your char's clothes or something. I dunno ^__^
You can make a color chart out of these defines, so you can use writebytetooffset faster.
Simply find the color you want, the pointer to that color, and the 2 offsets of the bytes that define the color.
Now, writebytetooffset can only write 1 byte at a time, SO, we have to have it only write 1 byte at a time, so we would split the color red into 2 bytes, and use, say, [redpt1] and [redpt2] for the defines!
Pretty handy I think. (I know that was a terrible example but still!)
The key here is to find out something that is boring to type over and over, and try to find a way to make it easier on you.
(This does not work well with commands themselves... like lock, and such, if you want to temporarily change the name of a command use the #alias command (also found in the XSE tutorial)
Alias's don't go in RBH files just to let you know...


I saw someone had released a .rbh file onto the net, and I figured, I may as well too!

I made this quite a long time ago, back on the days of XSE V1.
I never thought to release it though!
Just paste this information into XSE, and save it as stdextras.rbh

#define [small] \c\h06\h00
#define [jap] \c\h15
#define [west] \c\h16
#define [waitkey_txt] \c\h09
#define [pause_txt] \c\h08
#define [pausebgm_txt] \c\h17
#define [playbgm_txt] \c\h17
#define [shift] \c\h0D\h08

#define [A] \hF8\h00
#define [B] \hF8\h01
#define [L] \hF8\h02
#define [R] \hF8\h03
#define [STRT] \hF8\h04
#define [SEL] \hF8\h05
#define [DPAD_U] \hF8\h06
#define [DPAD_D] \hF8\h07
#define [DPAD_L] \hF8\h08
#define [DPAD_R] \hF8\h09
#define [DPAD_UD] \hF8\h0A
#define [DPAD_LR] \hF8\h0B
#define [DPAD] \hF8\h0C

#define [+] \hf9\04
#define [LV] \hF9\h05
#define [PP] \hF9\h06
#define [ID] \hF9\h07
#define [NO] \hF9\h08
#define _ \hF9\h09
#define [1] \hF9\h0A
#define [2] \hF9\h0B
#define [3] \hF9\h0C
#define [4] \hF9\h0D
#define [5] \hF9\h0E
#define [6] \hF9\h0F
#define [7] \hF9\h10
#define [8] \hF9\h11
#define [9] \hF9\h1
#define [DBLCIRCLE] \hF9\h15
#define [TRIANGLE] \hF9\h16
#define [CROSS] \hF9\h17
#define | \hF9\hD1
#define [?] \hF9\hD2
#define [~] \hF9\hD3
#define [SPARAL] \hF9\hD4
#define [SPARAR] \hF9\hD5
#define [SIDE_U] \hF9\hD6
#define [L_EYE] \hf9\hD8
#define [R_EYE] \hf9\hD9
#define [@] \hf9\hDA
#define [;] \hf9\hDB
#define [PLUS] \hf9\hDC
#define [MINUS] \hf9\hDD
#define [EQUAL] \hf9\hDE
#define [SPIRAL] \hf9\hDF
#define [TOUNGE] \hf9\hE0
#define [TRIANGLE2] \hf9\hE1
#define [B_CIRCLE] \hf9\hE4
#define [B_TRIANGLE] \hf9\hE5
#define [B_SQUARE] \hf9\hE6
#define [B_HEART] \hf9\hE7
#define [MOON] \hf9\hE8
#define [NOTE] \hf9\hE9
#define [POKEBALL] \hf9\hEA
#define [ELECTRIC] \hf9\hEB
#define [GRASS] \hf9\hEC
#define [FIRE] \hf9\hED
#define [WATER] \hf9\hEE
#define [L_HAND] \hf9\hEF
#define [R_HAND] \hf9\hF0
#define [FLOWER] \hf9\F1
#define [EYE] \hf9\hF2
#define [EYE2] \hf9\hF3
#define [FRUSTRATED] \hf9\hF4
#define [:<] \hf9\hF5
#define [:>] \hf9\hF6
#define [|:<] \hf9\hF7
#define [:o] \hf9\hF8
#define [^^] \hf9\hF9
#define [>:)] \hf9\hFA
#define [D:] \hf9\hFB
#define ['_'] \hf9\hFC
#define [8O] \hf9\hFD
#define [D:<] \hf9\hFE
#define [LETS_GO] \hf9\hFF
If you like, feel free to comment / rep / Spread the word!
And dont forget, try making your own useful RBH FILES!
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    This is the most useful tutorial I've seen today!
    This could help many people including me!
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      This is the most useful tutorial I've seen today! Thanks a lot!
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