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Old June 28th, 2009 (8:38 AM).
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In memory of the king of pop, nightlight productions puts foward to you..
Pokémon Moonlight Version!
A hack of firered, started, 28th June 2009..

What is this "Pokémon moonlight..?"
Pokémon Moonlight is a indepth epic adventure, brought to life, by a 13 year old boy, (With a huge imagination) Pfft, im 13, and what, Im still able. Anyways, this hack will feature..

Totally new scripts.. Designed and thought up, but me myself and I.. (Nothing will be ripped of, like some n00bs do)
All new situations.. or problems.. Not only new situations and problems, but new ways, that the player will sort them out..
List cleared up later..

Haha, you're the new kid in town! Everyone knows, the new kids usally end up being boring, or just plain sad. But you, were different, you liked to have fun. You and your parant have just moved to Prutah, a region, which is far older than others. Luckally, you moved, when the new FAD was beginning (Fashion/fun all-people do) which was raising a Pokémon.. You really wanted one.. But your MOM was all like "No, you're too young," however you ignored her.. The following night, you heard howling outside, which kept you awake through the cold night. You went to check it out, as it was annoyting you so much, then, you spy a hurt Poochyana (I forget how to spell Pokénames..) You rush it inside your home. and asked your MOM to nurse it better, seeing as she was the number one nurse in Johto.

Obviously, this Pokémon couldn't care for itself, so your MOM finally gave in to your want's.. (Is that even a word..?) The folowing day, you wake up, with Poochy next to you, and run downstairs for some grub. You instantly notice your MOM's not there, then spy a note on the table.. you read it and it says, "H-ellp.." You jumped at the thought of what had just happened.. Strangely, a force brought you to start a adventure, in your new region.. looking for some awnsers.

Clear up of list..
New enviroment with new things to do.. Steping/Jumping stones, on water.. Stealing from Pokémon trainers (You will have a Yes/No to Steal from trainer) to get by.
And some other stuff I CBA to describe/say..

Other notes..
Honestly, I CBA'ed to hack atm, but expect something.. Very soon..

Something to look at..
Theres nothing here.. >.>

Seeya Dudes &Dudette's....
Back from break.. Learing back everything to restart the hack.
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Old June 28th, 2009 (11:57 AM).
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Wow, looks good. You want me to help map for you? I'm not an expert but I'm ok.
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Old June 28th, 2009 (2:34 PM).
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Are there any other features? New scripts and such are nice, but they're in every hack. Do you have something newer or more exciting? Sorry if that sounds rude but your features list is short and lacking an "oomph".
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