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Draconius GO
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Old July 9th, 2009 (11:58 AM). Edited October 20th, 2012 by BananasGoMoo.
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Pokemon Electrum
    Join Date: Dec 2008
    Location: Richmond, California
    Age: 26
    Nature: Lax
    Posts: 149
    Hack name: Pokemon Electrum

    Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

    Additional information about the hack: Err, dont really have a great storyline but i am going to have 3 regions (kanto, johto, hoenn) and all pokemon will be catchable, plus there will be different starters

    Finished percentage: i finished half of the title screen, and changed the font so far. and expanded the rom as well, in case i need it, so maybe 1/2%? (0.5%)

    Your hacking skills: basic/intermediate scripting, (very) basic mapping, inserting images (cant do tiles *yet*)

    What help or skill you're looking for: mapping, spriting (ow/trainer), creative person who can help with storyline, also preferrably someone who can insert tiles, but i'll be learning that soon

    Additional contact information: AIM: Snowballs3776573

    Additional information: preferrable to contact me on AIM or by Forum PM
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    Old July 9th, 2009 (12:57 PM). Edited July 11th, 2009 by monkeyman2092.
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    Aipom Awesome!!
      Join Date: Jun 2009
      Nature: Naughty
      Posts: 140
      Hack Name: Pokemon Dark Ruby

      Hack of: Ruby (USA)

      Additional Info on Hack: ... Uh?

      Percentage: 5%. All maps have been edited.

      My Hacking Skills: I'm good with mapping, movement permissions, wild pokemon data, renaming towns, and changing starters

      Skills I'm looking for: Professional Scripting, UNLZ.gba editing, sprite editing, sprite adding, sprite expansion, and titlescreen editing

      Contact Info: Private Message Only

      Additional Info: The scripter has to use XSE and has to edit in static mode

      Aipom, Pikachu, and Eevee shall take over the world very soon... Very soon...

      Map Requests Accepted JUST NOT FOR THE MAP RATING THREAD
      Old July 12th, 2009 (9:51 AM). Edited August 22nd, 2009 by AeroMaster7.
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      Pokemon Master
        Join Date: May 2009
        Location: Kanto, Pallet Town
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Adamant
        Posts: 72
        Hack name: Pokemon Rainbow Gem Version

        Hack of: Pokemon Platinum

        Additional information about the hack:
        Main Legend-Arceus
        Storyline-You're a son/daughter of a mobster who dissapered after you were born. After you got older and found out and you want to search for him but you need Pokemon so you decide to become a tranier. You're a begginer trainer starting in the region of Rainbow with new and old pokemon. You and your rival have a competitive history ever since you were kids and want to beat the Elite Four. There is a evil team called Team ZERO who want to capture Arceus and use its power to create a gem called the Rainbow Gem that harneses the power of the Rainbow Reigion and can control all Pokemon and Team ZERO wants to make them build a empire called Poketropilis so they can make a profit of off them. When you and your Rival find out about this you both race to The Heart of The Rainbow (Cave). To stop Team ZERO. Your goal is to complete the Rainbow Pokedex, become a Pokemon Master, beat Team ZERO, and find the true identity of your father.

        Finished percentage:

        5% Digital.
        100% Drawing Sprites For New Pokemon.
        100% StoryLine
        Your hacking skills:
        I can write up Storylines so If anything needs to be edited I can do it.
        What help or skill you're looking for:
        Mapping Crew x2
        for the roads/caves/region.
        Spriters x3 I will draw a rough out line for you to sprite (The Trainers also.). But my drafts are not excelent so don't be afraid to ask me."What is this?"[S]

        Pokemon & Trainer Sprite Adding

        Cry Creatorsx2


        Evolution Editor x2
        Text Editors x2
        Tile Editors/Inserters x2
        Story Editors x2

        Beta Tester x1

        PokeDex Editor to add Pokemon to and to edit them x2
        Banner Creater (So when you click on them it takes you to the Hack Page.) x1
        NDS File creators x1
        Title Screen Editor x1

        Gym leader Editor x2
        Trainer Editor x2
        Elite Four Editor x1
        Battle Frotier Editor x2


        Pokemon Editors (for creating where a pokemon is located.)x3
        Music Team(I will email you the songs I want in the game and you will convert it to bgm or whatever file it needs and insert where it needs to be btw i have MP3 files plus i need certain bgms and will be needed or stay)x2
        Overworld Editing team x3
        Additional contact information:
        Pm me or [email protected]
        Additional information

        My hack info is on Scrapbook, search it on this site, or click the link in my sig.
        Old July 13th, 2009 (7:13 AM).
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        Red Dead Revolver
          Join Date: Jan 2009
          Location: Orange Islands (=
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Modest
          Posts: 503
          Hack nameokemon power of one

          Hack of:fire red

          Additional information about the hack:no

          Finished percentage:10%

          Your hacking skills:I can handle basic things

          What help or skill you're looking for:only tile inserters!

          Additional contact informationM me...

          Additional information:no

          my room base:
          Old July 13th, 2009 (8:42 PM).
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          Haz ya seen my hack?
            Join Date: Nov 2008
            Location: Australia- Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!, Oi, Oi, Oi!
            Gender: Female
            Nature: Docile
            Posts: 698
            Hack name: Pokemon Moon-Glow

            Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

            Additional information about the hack: Moon-Glow takes place in a new region of Daodon. The players father has been kidnapped some time ago and was thought to be dead until the region Proffesor tracks him down and tells the player to head to [insert name here] City where the people who have kidnapped him, Team Chaos, have placed thier base. The player gets a Pokemon, blah blah blah, does all the going to gyms, capturing Pokemon and being a hero/ine in genreal. That's the story. It's got new Pokemon and a few side queasts along the way.

            Finished percentage:
            For the first demo:
            Mapping: 80%
            Scripting: 25%
            New sprites: 0%

            Your hacking skills: I can map fairly well and I can sprite okish but suck at shading. I've just learnt scripting but cannot set flags.

            What help or skill you're looking for: I'm looking for a better spriter who also knows how to insert them, and a scripter.

            Additional contact information: PM me here or email me at [email protected]

            Additional information: To get the first demo out, all I have to do is script and insert Pokemon.
            DeviantART: Haz-Za


            Credits to Galukxy for this awesome banner
            Old July 15th, 2009 (8:00 AM).
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            can't stump the trump
              Join Date: Jul 2008
              Location: Poland
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Adamant
              Posts: 67
              Hack Name: Pokemon Shard

              Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

              Additional information about the hack: um.

              Finished Percentage: Pre-Alfa 1 - 100%, Pre-Alfa 2 - 56%.

              Your hacking skills: Only Mapping and very poorly spriting.

              What help or skill you're looking for: Scriptier and Music Inserter.

              Additional contact information: E-Mail: [email protected] and Hamachi contact(Name: Pokemon Dust, Password: None).

              Additional information: I am thanking in advance. And unfortunately perfectly I am not good at English because I am Polish.
              Old July 17th, 2009 (3:38 PM).
              razorwind razorwind is offline
                Join Date: May 2009
                Posts: 1
                Hack name: Pokemon Cult of Shadows

                Hack of: Fire Red

                Additional information about the hack:

                Finished percentage: 20%

                Your hacking skills:
                I can edit and index sprites,
                wild batlle scripts,
                create maps,
                replace logos,
                and insert some images.

                What help or skill you're looking for:
                inserting pokemon d/p sprites
                tile editing
                overworld editing
                or other skills may help

                Additional contact information:
                PM at either razorwind or J-CIPHER

                Additional information: it seems to be difficult to insert sprites and not have them mess up. I would really like some help.
                Old July 18th, 2009 (7:52 AM).
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                I own:POKEMON SPACIAL QUEST
                  Join Date: Oct 2008
                  Location: NORTHERN IRELAND
                  Nature: Relaxed
                  Posts: 13
                  HACK NAME::pokemon spacial quest

                  HACK OF::pokemon ruby

                  ADDITIONAL INFO::its based on the travel of celebi and the fight of lugia and ho-oh

                  FINISHED PERCENTAGE::8%

                  MY HACKING SKILLS::mapper

                  HELP OR SKILLS NEEDED::need o/w sprites of a big ho-oh and lugia but not mystery dungeon and i need a celebi sprite and a celebi event to take you to the past


                  ADDITIONAL INFO::i desperately need the celebi event and a ho-oh and lugia battle fight if it aint too much it would also be nice if i could have a detailed ho-oh title screen please
                  Old July 19th, 2009 (6:39 AM).
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                  Nostalgia Edition
                  • Silver Tier
                  Join Date: Jun 2008
                  Location: Far Awayyyyyyy
                  Gender: Male
                  Posts: 565
                  Hack name: Pokemon Johto Adventures

                  Hack of: Fire red

                  Additional information about the hack: my scripter is away for a few days. my hack

                  Finished percentage: 3%

                  Your hacking skills: mapping, spriting, bsic scripting, ow inserting, title screen changer, cant remember

                  What help or skill you're looking for: help make me a HM, extend frames on player sprite (is that possible?)

                  Additional info: its a anime based hack

                  Additional contact information: PM me
                  Old July 21st, 2009 (3:11 PM).
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                  Game Developer
                    Join Date: Feb 2009
                    Location: Canada
                    Gender: Male
                    Posts: 451
                    Hack name:
                    Pokemon Garnet

                    Hack of:
                    Fire Red

                    Additional information about the hack:
                    A hack about Silver from the G/S/C Series.

                    Finished percentage:

                    Your hacking skills:
                    Average Scripter.
                    Can replace sprites.
                    Can map fairly well.

                    What help or skill you're looking for:
                    ADVANCED Graphics Editor. By advanced I mean FULL titlescreen editing, and intro sprites.

                    Additional contact information:
                    MSN/Email - [email protected]
                    Old July 23rd, 2009 (2:58 PM).
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                    Cow343 Cow343 is offline
                      Join Date: Dec 2008
                      Posts: 9
                      Hack Name: Pokemon Revisited

                      Hack of: Emerald (USA)

                      Additional Info on Hack: a collaboration of all the generations, and pokemon contests and grand festivals in all four regions and mini towns accurate to the anime like Chocovine near snowpoint

                      Percentage: .5%i have finished changing the trade evolutions

                      My Hacking Skills: I'm good with wild pokemon data editing, renaming towns, and changing starters

                      Skills I'm looking for: Professional Scripting, UNLZ.gba editing, sprite editing, sprite adding, sprite expansion, and titlescreen editing

                      Contact Info: Private Message Only and yahoo messanger
                      This is my Pt team :D
                      Old July 27th, 2009 (8:53 AM). Edited July 27th, 2009 by ElectrifyingPikachu.
                      ElectrifyingPikachu ElectrifyingPikachu is offline
                        Join Date: Jul 2009
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 2
                        Hack name: Pokemon Aurora Destiny

                        Hack of:LeafGreen

                        Additional information about the hack:Takes Place In The Okaru Region

                        Finished percentage:Just Started

                        Your hacking skillscripting And Mapping

                        What help or skill you're looking for:Another Scripter, Mapper, And Beta Tester

                        Additional contact information: [email protected]
                        Old July 27th, 2009 (7:12 PM).
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                        Espada Cuarta
                          Join Date: Nov 2008
                          Posts: 56
                          hack name: Pokemon Bleach White
                          Hack of: Pokemon Platinum
                          Finished percentage: not that much
                          I need a spriter to make one fakemon. just send me a message saying you'll do it and I'll send you a picture of a drawing I did of it.
                          why yes I am made of awsome
                          Old July 29th, 2009 (11:53 AM). Edited October 16th, 2012 by wavedash.
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                          Accordion Thief
                            Join Date: Jul 2009
                            Location: Inside of a Probopass-shaped box
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Quirky
                            Posts: 4
                            Old August 4th, 2009 (8:57 PM).
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                            NintendoWalkthrudude NintendoWalkthrudude is offline
                            Creator of Pokemon Ninja!
                              Join Date: Aug 2009
                              Location: Boise, Idaho
                              Age: 23
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Sassy
                              Posts: 49
                              Hack name: Pokemon Ninja

                              Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

                              Additional information about the hack: PLOT:
                              Basically hundreds of years ago before Kanto, and the other regions were founded, one region called Naikhu (Nay-Koo) was the only region that was civilized. The region flourished, until a mysterious group of Ninjas came out of nowhere and started to terrorize the land. They searched through the region destroying forests, lakes, towns, villages, cities, and the dreams and goals of people. They did all that damage just to find the 5 legendary monsters that they required to rule the world. Registeel for controlling technology, Raikou for controlling electricity, Celebi for controlling nature, Groudon for controlling the land, and lastly their main goal was, Ho-Oh to control the climate. Did you help them, or did you just not care?

                              Finished percentage: About 25% into the first beta which is two gyms

                              Your hacking skills: I am a story writer, scripter, and a mapper

                              What help or skill you're looking for: I need an OW spriter the player and the leaders/E4/Villains. I also need someone that can insert a world map for me.

                              Additional contact information: PM me here on PC or on youtube, same username on youtube as on pokecommunity.

                              Additional information: The first beta will be released once I find a good spriter and insert the map. I should be finished with the first beta on my own about August 25th.
                              Old August 6th, 2009 (7:56 AM).
                              Flamer's Avatar
                              Flamer Flamer is offline
                              Transforming Tyrant
                                Join Date: May 2008
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 12
                                Hack name: Pokemon Wymsy Version and Pokemon Zerxer Version

                                Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

                                Additional information about the hack: A pair of hacks based on the popular GPX+ site. Designed with a fairly narrow audience in mind, this hack will feature all 20 of the GPX+ Novelty Pokemon, (minus Bidofo), new trainers, gym leaders, elite 4 and frontier brains based upon members of the GPX+ commuity and a updated Hoenn dex to include a selection of Sinnoh Pokemon. Due to these features, it has already raised a large amount of interest with GPX+ users, excited at the prospecting of battling with thier favourite novelty Pokemon and seeing themselves in a game.

                                Finished percentage: 70%. The vast majority of the background data has ben put in. The trainer data still needs to be altered, but this is pending a thread regarding it being posted in the GTS+ forums. The only main task left to do is the sprite insertion.

                                Your hacking skills: Basic-Moderate. I've succesfully added all the stuff I need to, (minus the sprites which I'm having some trouble with) so my hacking skills are fine for this type of rom.

                                What help or skill you're looking for: Sprite Insertion/Creation. All the front sprites and icons have bee created, they just need putting into the rom. Backsrpites for the novelty Pokemon will need to be created, as will a few trainer sprites, (I have most of these done already though). I also need someone with experience in tilling to help troubleshoot a problem with some tiles I 'accidently' inserted, (long story). They basically need removing and the originals put back in, but I don't really wanna touch in in case I mess it up even more!

                                Additional contact information: You can find me on the GTS+ Forums, (currently under the name Lord Megatron there. I'm a GPX+ Mod so can't be that hard to miss!) Also active on the IRC there.

                                Email: [email protected]

                                Additional information: Could do with someone to create and insert a new title screen, but this is a secondary thing at the moment. Main priority is getting those sprites inserted
                                Old August 6th, 2009 (8:06 AM).
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                                Mr.Silver Mr.Silver is offline
                                Say Hello To Nurse Barbra
                                  Join Date: Jun 2009
                                  Location: The Ushimi region.
                                  Age: 23
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 670
                                  Hack name: Pokemon Aquajade

                                  Hack of:Ruby

                                  Additional information about the hack:Here

                                  Finished percentage:0.5%

                                  Your hacking skills:Pokemon insersion,mapping

                                  What help or skill you're looking for:Scripting,spriter and Beta tester

                                  Old August 6th, 2009 (2:17 PM).
                                  cat31093's Avatar
                                  cat31093 cat31093 is offline
                                    Join Date: Jan 2008
                                    Posts: 1
                                    Hack name: Pokemon Water Blue

                                    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

                                    Additional information about the hack: its a basic hack of fire red. It is just like pokemon fire red is the newer version of pokemon red.

                                    Finished percentage: 0%

                                    Your hacking skills: i am a mapper.

                                    What help or skill you're looking for: any help would be nice.

                                    Additional contact information: my email is [email protected]

                                    Additional information: any help would be nice and i want this to be a great hack so if you got skills hit me up.

                                    Old August 6th, 2009 (5:20 PM).
                                    Miror B.'s Avatar
                                    Miror B. Miror B. is offline
                                      Join Date: Mar 2009
                                      Location: Reno, Nevada
                                      Nature: Jolly
                                      Posts: 53
                                      Hack name: Pokémon XD: Surge of Darkness

                                      Hack of:
                                      Pokémon Emerald

                                      Additional information about the hack: It includes areas of Hoenn and Orre, and its main legendary is Kyogre.

                                      Finished percentage: Like, 1%

                                      Your hacking skills: I sprite, and insert those sprites. I map with the tiles I have. I have planned the hack out already.

                                      What help or skill you're looking for: A scripter, preferrably advanced. And a Map Tile Creator/Inserter.

                                      Additional contact information: My MSN ID is [email protected]. Feel free to contact me there, but NO E-mail. I would prefer you PM me, though.

                                      Additional information: It will involve special scripting, and brand new tiles.
                                      ~Miror B.'s Claims~
                                      Groovy Dancin' Ludicolos!
                                      Old August 8th, 2009 (11:10 PM).
                                      Jackie_Zelany's Avatar
                                      Jackie_Zelany Jackie_Zelany is offline
                                      Elite Trainer
                                        Join Date: Nov 2008
                                        Location: The Orange Islands
                                        Age: 25
                                        Nature: Relaxed
                                        Posts: 37
                                        Hack name: No current name
                                        Hack of: Fire Red
                                        Additional information about the hack: Its a multi region game
                                        Finished percentage: Haven't started yet
                                        Your hacking skills: Mapping, and basic scripting
                                        What help or skill you're looking for: Good spriter. Good Scipter. Overworld editor. Tile maker. World map editor
                                        Additional contact information: PM or E-Mail
                                        Additional information: Anything you guys could offer i can use thanks

                                        Team Darkair is Recruiting All Hackers
                                        Old August 12th, 2009 (9:37 PM).
                                        liuyanghejerry's Avatar
                                        liuyanghejerry liuyanghejerry is offline
                                          Join Date: Jan 2008
                                          Location: China,Xi'an
                                          Nature: Calm
                                          Posts: 219

                                          Hack name:Pokemon Special

                                          Hack of:Pokemon Emerald (J)

                                          Additional information about the hack: It has been translated into Chinese...

                                          Finished percentage:1%

                                          Your hacking skills:Scripting,Basic Maping,Basic Graph Hacking

                                          What help or skill you're looking for:
                                          1.How to change the teaching battle in the rom?(Change its Pokemon)
                                          2.World Map Editor...
                                          3.Title Screen Changer...
                                          4.Battle Background Changer...
                                          5.Text Box Changer...

                                          Additional contact information:
                                          MSN:[email protected]
                                          QQ(for those who know QQ):459277344

                                          Additional information:
                                          This hack rom maybe the first Chinese hack rom which has complete hacking idea...but I really need help...
                                          Zel,thethethethe,LU-HO,Darthatron,HackMew,ZodiacDaGreat,Juan,score_under,JPAN,Tamah-chan,I really appreciate your kindness and your help!:D
                                          Old August 15th, 2009 (5:24 AM).
                                          JasmineRain's Avatar
                                          JasmineRain JasmineRain is offline
                                          Team Rocket Grunt
                                            Join Date: Aug 2009
                                            Location: Wisconsin
                                            Age: 31
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Nature: Quirky
                                            Posts: 11
                                            Hack name: Pokemon : The Mystery of Professor Willow

                                            Hack of: Pokemon LeafGreen

                                            Additional information about the hack: I want to give out minimal information at this time, with the exception of to my Team/Helpers. But I can say that this game is not going to be a modification of LeafGreen, it is going to be a Fully new game, every character will be re-scripted from the ground up, instead of simply moving the characters to different positions in the game like SOME hackers do. I WILL NOT use Fakemon, however, I will be including Pokemon from every generation/region.

                                            If you have a Specific Question, please Conact me, and I'd be happy to give you the answer, I just don't want to post my whole script at this time.

                                            Finished percentage: 1% ( Very Small I know, the reason is because I am Writing out the whole story, then I'm going to go back and Hack the Game itself, I'm currently in the early stages )

                                            Your hacking skills: Minimal ( New to Pokemon Hacking )

                                            What help or skill you're looking for: Sprites, Maps, Banner's, Additional Scripter

                                            Additional contact information:

                                            Additional information: Ask me and I'll answer

                                            JasmineRain's PokePet

                                            Snowball the level 50 Articuno!

                                            Hacks I Support:


                                            ( Seriously, This is the Best Hack I have Ever Played )

                                            ( Have you SEEN the Graphics on this Thing... WOW! )
                                            Old August 15th, 2009 (10:45 AM).
                                            k1ng0fh3artz's Avatar
                                            k1ng0fh3artz k1ng0fh3artz is offline
                                            NOOBIE HACKER
                                              Join Date: Aug 2009
                                              Location: CHESTERFIELD Va.
                                              Age: 27
                                              Gender: Male
                                              Nature: Relaxed
                                              Posts: 60
                                              Hack name: POKEMON BLOOD DIAMOND

                                              Hack of: FIRE RED

                                              Additional information about the hack: well i would like to add some diamond pearl POKEMON and possibly new ones if i can find someone that wants to make them or fuse them i like fusions because they look nicer then ones from scratch but any ways i need town/ city name ideas... elite 4 ideas and the missions in the game ideas i basically have how you get the starter pokemon done any help with this game will be omegaly appreciated/ added to the credits and will get to enjoy the game we worked on before we post up BETA 1 on the website/this forum thanks

                                              your homie,
                                              Marty (k1ng0fh3artz)

                                              Finished percentage: haha like 1% i have the first town mapped and i added a sprite that tells my email info so if they find glitches they can lemme kno ha im a way noobie scripter and sort of a noobie hacker i kno basics.

                                              Your hacking skills: Mapping in A-MAP 1.90 (ill be creating the towns and citys and caves and what nots

                                              What help or skill you're looking for: i need lots of help so if you can join up welcome aboard im sure we can work out the team name and the game name just something that popped up in my head

                                              -title editor-
                                              -scriptor(s)should know alot-
                                              -music editor(s)-
                                              -POKEMON CREATORS-
                                              -world map editors-
                                              -O.W.\Sprite editor-
                                              -anyone that can do edits in unLZ(for titles intro editing[you kno how gengar and tha nirdoran are fighting] and changings the trainer sprites/oak/HIRO[MAY] any helps)-
                                              -more IDEAS!-
                                              -Banner creators-
                                              -new tilesets if anyones interested haha (basically i just was thinkn maybe a new POKECENTER AND POKEMART and a few new Buildings not much-

                                              any proof of work youve done and stuff would make your chances greater in gettn in because i want to kno your good :p but its ok honestly idc who helps

                                              Additional contact information:
                                              [email protected]
                                              PM me here
                                              text me 804-399-5705 (lemme kno why and who you are so i dont not txt you back lol)
                                              --IDC HOW YOU REACH ME JUST LEMME KNO-
                                              NOOBIE HACKER WITH A PLAN

                                              T3am Bl00d Diam0nd
                                              Skills needed!!!

                                              -music editor(s)-
                                              -anyone that can do edits in unLZ-
                                              -world map editor-
                                              -more IDEAS!-
                                              -Banner creators-
                                              -new tilesets if anyones interested haha-
                                              - Scripter-
                                              -title editor-
                                              Old August 16th, 2009 (7:00 AM).
                                              Waleed.K's Avatar
                                              Waleed.K Waleed.K is offline
                                                Join Date: Aug 2009
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Posts: 22
                                                HACK NAMEOKEMON SOUL CLEAR

                                                HACK OF OKEMON FIRE RED

                                                STORY AND MAPS BUT DONT HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW TO CHANGE THE STORY AND REGION.

                                                FINISHED PERCENTAGE:BARELY 5 PERCENT

                                                I MEAN ILL BE WRITING SCRIPTS AND PUTTING SINNOH POKEMON.

                                                What help or skill you're looking for:ILL NEED A STORY CHANGER[WHO WOULD CHANGE THE STORY AND REGION MAPS.

                                                CONTACT INFORMATION:[email protected] or [email protected].
                                                Old August 16th, 2009 (10:15 PM).
                                                darkraininja's Avatar
                                                darkraininja darkraininja is offline
                                                  Join Date: Jul 2008
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Nature: Jolly
                                                  Posts: 23
                                                  Hack Name: None of yet
                                                  Hack of : Fire Red
                                                  Information : Set in Johto and Kanto, it will have nothing to do with the G/S/C series
                                                  Finished Percentage: 0.5 it may be embarrasing i know but i'm working on it by myself at the moment until i get someone to help.
                                                  My Hacking skills: Im good with advanced map 1.92 making towns and routes
                                                  Help im looking for: people that have a lot of knowlege in Scripting
                                                  Contact information: Just PM me

                                                  Additional Info: Any sort of help would be much appreciated.



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