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Old May 24th, 2009 (7:04 AM).
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    Hey! I was browsing this forum and noticed there are some skilled pixelists that could most likely assist me with my game. It's a dragonball game, completely original, programming, art, even the idea's are unique and innovative.

    This is an ad I posted on BYOND (a game developer site), quite outdated but it represents the game.

    The game will have a massive Universe, filled with NPC civilizations that will have advanced AI, and serve many purposes in the game. Planetary leaders will be able to control their civilization, and the options will be near enough limitless, slavery, development of militia, mining camps to gain resources, or just the average civilization with a mix, the options will be as open to the person creativity. Other unique aspects such as planetary effects, for example- a freezing cold planet would give a boost to endurance gain but increase the risk of injuries (yes!) and KI drain. Not only will they affect training, planets will have a variety of minerals that can be used to build technology, each planet will have a different amount in each time, meaning they can trade with other planets or conquer them through the war system.

    Bored of hitting the P-bag on Anime games? This game will have a very fun training system, missions will be encoroprated, you can do tasks for your civilization to gain an increase in experience which will be used on the skill-tree to unlock traits and customize new skills (these skills will have an enormous range of possibilities, so again, creativity is key). AFK training will not be possible, eliminating any possible abuse from players. A random mission would be something like a stay Saibamen killing off the slave workers down in the Saiyan mines, and it is your task to exterminate the threat. Once it is dead, the Saiyan would recieve a power bonus, experience bonus, and some money, the harder the task, the larger the bonuses. As for the combat system, it will have a lock-on feature and players will utilize various combo's to pull of their attacks, which will be very fun and invigorating, majority of KI attacks will be directed by the mouse for fluid motion.

    This is only a small bit about the project, I am sure many other aspects will be just as interesting, which you can always ask me about if you join. As a member, you will be continously updated and considered a key part of our team, just like everyone else.

    Now, to show you that progress is actually being made and this project isn't merely hype-

    Some of the art

    The backround log-in screen

    Much more has been done then this, about 200 icons and a great deal of code, in merely two or so weeks.

    What I need from you-
    You will need to work at a moderate pace, actually get assigned work done in a realistic amount of time. I don't expect you to keep up with me, as one of the owners, I will be putting full effort into this. I do however want you to pride yourself in your work, and the game that you are helping create. You will need a decent amount of skill, we are not interested in training pixelists, we want someone that can provide good work for our high quality game.

    What am I looking for-
    I do not mind what type of pixelist you are, be it a turf artist, creating buildings, GFX, techniques, whatever, all I ask is that you are good at what you do. However, someone with a range of skills would be great.

    What do you recieve-
    I do not know what is better then helping to create a fresh game on BYOND, I see so many horrible rips that plague this section, you will help give the section a better name along with the other titles. And, of course, full credit for your work, you will become a long-term member, one of the founders of this game. Your art will be mixed with other high-quality work and beautiful gameplay, a pleasure to see. Finally, as one of the people that help bring the game to life, you will be given an administration role, I feel it is best that the creators of the game tend to all of it's matters. Although, pixelling is very different from being an admin, and if you abuse your power, it is only right that we remove you. I do believe anyone of a decent maturity (which we are looking for) should be able to handle an administration role with no trouble, but this is not always the case. Other future games that will not be anime based will be profitable, and believe me, a good profit, my friend made 9k out of his game and you will recieve a good share as part of our team, if you help us develop such a future game.

    If you are interested, contact me at...

    MSN- [email protected]
    AIM- EternalETC

    Relevant Advertising!

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    Net Labs/UG Founder
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      Location: Zombieville South Carolina
      Age: 26
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Calm
      Posts: 387

      Team name: Net Labs Inc. (Team Name changed from Forsaken Inc.)
      Team Leader: Me

      Current Members: Myself, Speedy G32, and Doctor Love
      Games in Development: Pokemon Phantom Dusk Version

      Games in the brainstorming process: NetMon (Not Pokemon related) (Will be an MMORPG if things work out)

      Current progress made (Phantom Dusk):

      Maps: 10%
      Character Sprites:70%
      Menu Graphics: 45%
      Tilesets: Basic tiles 90% Custom Tiles 10%
      Special Events: 0%
      Gyms: 15% (Rough Estimate, theres only 8 and I have 1 plus an optional gym/dojo like in saffron city in Kanto version games)

      Current Positions:

      Spriter/Mapper:Me (Working at a slugs pace trying to give the project form)
      Secondary Story Developer(s): BJfox
      Spriter: Doctor Love
      Mapper: Speedy G32

      Position(s) needed:

      Need: Back Sprite Spriters (Both Poke and Trainer), More Poke Spriters, More trainer Spriters, Coder, Another Mapper.

      Total # of Positions needed:Approx 6-8

      Timezone:Eastern Time (Us&Canada)

      Preferred Method of contact: PM on pokecommunity forums, You may also use VM or Email (I think my email is visible to users)

      Additional info:I am using RPG Maker XP w/ Pokemon Essentials and Various D/P tilesets. I am currently in the middle of adding D/P charsets and Trying to edit the windows so that my sprites wont look choppy. Im a n00b at scripting so scripters/coders I wont be able to offer to much help. However I am a fairly skilled sprite/pixel artist. I also am not willing to join another project as I want to do something of my own. If you are interested PM and I will PM you back. As well I will EDIT THIS POST to add new information such as updating team members and the approximate # of positions still needed.
      My Threads:
      Phantom Dusk Plot and Story:

      My Sprite Thread:

      Phantom Dusk is back in production with loads of modifications. Will be updating soon! -2012

      I Support:
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        Team name: Pokemon Twilight Group
        Team Leader: Heatransoul
        Current Members: Heatransoul
        Current Game title: Pokemon Twilight
        Current progress made:
        Sprites: 10%
        Mapping: 0%
        Scripting: 0%
        Position(s) needed:
        Timezone: EST
        Preferred Method of contact: Private Message
        Additional info:
        To all:
        I will tell you what each area should look like/how the sprites should look/how the scripts should work. Thanks!
        Also, you will get a NPC in the game!
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        The Golden Trainer
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          Team name:
          Team Data
          Team Leader:
          Current Members:
          Current Game title:
          Pokemon Purity
          Current progress made:
          Maps: [||||||||||]
          Sounds: [??????????]
          Pokemon Pics: [||||||||||]
          Position(s) needed:
          1. Spriter
          2-3 Open
          2. OverWorld Editor
          1 Open
          3. TileSet Artist
          1 Open
          4. Sound Person Thing
          Any Amount
          5. Scripter
          Any Amount
          Preferred Method of contact:
          Email at [email protected]
          Additional info:
          Made in Sphere
          I don't know what to put...
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            Team name: Victory Road Productions

            Current Game title: Pokemon Spirit Chronicles

            Current progress made: Quite a bit, but not where it really counts.

            Position(s) needed: Programmers and spriters, mainly, but artists, composers, and writers are welcome too.

            Timezone: Doesn't matter, our current staff is all over the world.

            Additional info: Pokemon Spirit Chronicles is a Pokemon fangame that takes the world of Pokemon in a different direction. In the style of JRPG's like Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire, Pokemon Spirit Chronicles will feature a massive, character-driven storyline that spans the entire world. Your decisions will even shape the world in some ways.

            PSC is set in a more medieval time period, where Pokemon still roam free, but the technology to capture them in the traditional way has yet to be invented. Instead, people can use mystical orbs to capture the spirit of a Pokemon. These spirits can be forged into weapons and armor for your party to use, allowing near limitless customization for your characters.

            Preferred Method of contact: Check the forum link in my signature.
            You can fill out a volunteer application form (in the Volunteer section) and we'll get back to you quickly.

            If you have any questions, you can ask us on our forum or send me a PM.
            Project head and lead composer for Victory Road Productions, working on Pokemon Spirit Chronicles.

            We have a team dedicated to seeing our project become a real, high-quality game, but we're always on the lookout for more help in every department. Please take a look at our blog ( and our forums ( and if you're willing to help, please PM me or, even better, take a look on the forums and submit a volunteer form.
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            When disaster strikes!
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              Team name: Pokemon shadow dimension
              Team Leader: Me (muzzyguy)

              Current Members: muzzyguy (me)

              Current Game title: Pokemon shadow dimensin

              Current progress made: just need a scripted and a little bit more work and bet1 will be complete

              Position(s) neededpriter (really need) scripter

              Timezone: uk time
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              .::Team name::.
              Reckless Ltd.

              .::Team Leader::.
              Lord of the Reck

              .::Current Members::.
              Lord of the Reck

              .::Current Game title::.
              As of now Pokemon Spacetime Edition

              .::Current progress made::.
              Story: 20%(50% in my head)
              Mapping: 5%
              Spriting: 1%
              Eventing: 4%
              Scripting: 50%
              Graphic Design: 5%

              Overall: 14.16%

              .::Position(s) needed::.
              Spriter(Charsets) - Open
              Spriter(trainer Backs and fronts) - Open
              Spriter(Tilesets) - Open
              Graphic Designer - Open
              RGSS Scripter - -Open

              Others may pop-up eventually

              GMT -4h during
              Daylight Saving Time

              GMT - 5h during Standard Time

              .::Preferred Method of contact::.
              Private Messaging

              .::Additional info::.
              The name of this game may change. Also this game is made in RMXP.

              *note - the scripter will not do any major scripts. manly edits of the pokemon essentials.
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                I would like to form a team to make a game of Pokémon.

                The game would have new pokemons, new design, among others ...

                The available positions are:

                - Writer: 0 / 2
                Take care of the plot of the game.

                - Pixel Artist: 0 / 2
                Take care of the pixel design in the game.

                - Designer: 0 / 2
                Will take care of the graphic without being in Pixel. He will create the title, among others ...

                - Script: 0 / 2
                It will create / modify scripts for the game.

                These are the places for the game.

                I have not set the story for the game, so I need two people, who are the writer to discuss the story with me.

                If we strive, we can create a great game for fans of pokemons.

                I have a huge desire to create a game. Therefore, amount this team for me.

                If you want to help me do the following:
                Post here what you want in your team and address for MSN, so I can add it to my contact list.

                Well .. I already have a title for the game: Pokémon - Dark Legend .

                Thanks to everyone now!

                My MSN is: [email protected]
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                Jealous Croatian
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                  Location: Croatia
                  Age: 24
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Adamant
                  Posts: 1,106
                  Team name:
                  Softwareclick Inc.
                  Team Leader:
                  Luka S.J.
                  Current Members:
                  • Alexandre
                  • Luka S.J.
                  • Gitz
                  • Diabolo
                  Current Game Title:
                  Pokemon Blue Chrome
                  Current Progress Made:

                  KANTO [|||REMAPPING|||] 80%
                  JOHTO [||||||||------------] 30%
                  HOENN [||||------------------] 22%
                  SINNOH [|--------------------] 2%
                  GAME SYSTEMS [||||||||||||||||||-] 95% (Revamping)
                  POKEMON GRAPHICS [|||||||||||||||] 100%
                  STORY LINE [||||||||||----------] 60%
                  TRAINER GRAPHICS [|||||||||||--------] 60%
                  TILESET GRAPHICS [|||||||||||||------] 80%
                  MUSIC FILES [||||||||||||||||||||] 100%

                  Positions Needed:
                  Spriter - This will specify on drawing the character sprites. The artist should to be able to draw trainer sprites in D/P format, and also the overworld sprite of the same character also in D/P style. The first task would be drawing a custom hero. The sprite can come from any base of any other sprite, while the overworlds should be strictly based on already existing Diamond and Pearl characters. We are really picky with recuitment and will only accept the person with the best sprite. The candidate for this position must present me with a sample of their work when trying to participate. This position is open for only one spriter so far, and we need dedicated Staff
                  Tileset Artist - This will specify on drawing the tile. The artist should to be able to draw tiles in the D/P color palette while they should look more like FR/LG ones. The first task would be drawing a Pokemon Lab. The tileset artist should be able to make scratch tiles and edit already existing FR/LG tiles into D/P color. The candidate for this position must present me with a sample of their work when trying to participate. This position is open for only one tileset artist so far, and we need dedicated Staff.
                  Video Maker - This will specify upon drawing pixelated and animated GIF images. Some first tasks would be creating a simple animated screen in an animated GIF image format. The candidate should be good at doing pixel overs and at drawing various pixelated images and doing multiple frames so they animate.
                  Scratch-Spriter - This will only focus on the person doing two frames that could be used for animation from scratch. These scratch sprites will only be of the legendary Pokemon so the candidate should be able to present me with some good scratch work.
                  KSA (Middle Eastern Time Zone)
                  Preffered Method of Contact:
                  Through Personal Messages
                  Additional Info:
                  The spriter selected will be allowed to make their own custom sprite and play a role in the game. They will also recieve a limited edition Pokemon Blue Chrome game (pre-release) that will have some tweaks according to their wants.
                  To anyone that wants to be a part of the team: You have to PM me and provide some sample work if you wish to be a part of this project.

                  To anyone in the team: You DO NOT have permission to accept anyone in the team without consulting me first and without providing me with some sample work. I will not tollerate people that are in the team inviting their friends over and sharing their copies of the Blue Chrome version. If I catch anyone with a copy of Blue Chrome version that I have not given them, I'll know exactly who has given it to you. If you are a part of the team and are giving out my game, you can forget ever being part of this team again.

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                  Pokemon Rogue Developer
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                    Location: New York
                    Age: 26
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Relaxed
                    Posts: 45

                    Team Name:

                    Team Maverick

                    Team Leader:


                    Current Members:


                    Current Game:

                    Pokemon Rogue

                    Current Game Progress:

                    A simple thread in Developement for now.

                    Positions Needed:

                    • Scripter (RPGXP Of course)
                    • Scratch Pokémon Spriter (Fakemon and D/P Pokémon) - front, back and menu icons
                    • Overworld Spriter (using a custom style)
                    • Trainer Spriter (scratch sprites only)
                    • Musician/SFX (i.e. Pokémon cries)
                    • Character designer


                    gmt -3 (Brazil), that one is pretty versatile since it's good for americans and also europeans.

                    Method of Contact:

                    - MSN, AIM or here on PC via vm/pm. If you want a job send me a pm or vm.

                    Additional Info:

                    I'm not picky, and all help is welcome but I will only take people who have proof of some kind of experience and can do good quality work (or are willing to improve over time). This game isn't something I'm keeping just to myself in the back of my closet. All team members will constantly be updated with the newest version of our work and can play it at free will, just so long as you get your part of the job done. >.>

                    Anyway we're more than a team, we're a family and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun working on this.

                    My Projects
                    <a href=></a>

                    Games I Support

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                      I'm creating a Pokémon game, been workin on it a while now, well, when i have time to, between work etc.

                      Im a 1-man-army, there is only so much u can do by yourself and i would like to know if anyone has or can make, all Johto Maps, all Hoenn Maps and all Sinnoh Maps for RPG Maker XP, Ive Done Kanto and Orange Islands, the maps you create do not need any Events, i do them a specific way, but, any help will be credited and apprechiated, any other things you help with will be credited also, if enough people want to help and know about this game, i will post screenies of it and progress reports etc. until then, no point is there really?! (Which is why im keeping this simple.)

                      Any help is welcome!

                      Im trying to do every map from scratch, but im no spriter, i have no idea how to draw people, Pokémon, buildings or tilesets... I'm using, literally, what came with the starter kit and what was already on my pc (i started this project about a year ago, but dissowned it when i moved house, so tbh, i have no idea who i have to credit for anything i have so far, so sorry about that! but im sure you would recognise your work.)

                      For more information on what i want/need for this project, And, to help out, please PM me

                      To sum it up, i need:

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                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Quiet
                        Posts: 202
                        Team name

                        Team FirePlatinum

                        Programmed in C++
                        so that means i need unlimited programmers (need as much as possible but no n00bs. Plz none of those.)
                        i need scripters unlimited
                        i need people to rip the maps from roms to put in my game.
                        i need basicly everything and will have unlimited positions unless i say otherwise.



                        project lead

                        1ninjadude1701 (aka me)

                        about me

                        i'm a very creative person and want to make this special for others.


                        [email protected] or PM

                        Currently working on recruiting team members.
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                          Join Date: Mar 2009
                          Gender: Male
                          Posts: 729
                          Team name: Pokemon Garnet
                          Team Leader: pokemongarnet
                          Current Members: None
                          Current Game title: Pokemon Garnet
                          Current progress made: A ton of concept sketches and plot and such stuff
                          Position(s) needed:
                          pokemon Spriter
                          OW spriter
                          Coder ( Must be farmiliar with game maker coding)
                          Trainer Sprites
                          Music and sound
                          Attack Sprites
                          Timezone:North Eastern
                          Preferred Method of contact: PM
                          Additional info: Made using Game Maker Believe it or not, and i will provide concept sprites.
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                            Location: USA SC
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Careful
                            Posts: 7
                            Free Agent looking for work
                            Area looking for work: Spriter, map spriter
                            Timezone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
                            Preferred method of contact: Messenger MSN: [email protected]
                            Examples of work: I work with mainly character sprites or item sprites
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                              Join Date: Jul 2008
                              Location: Rust
                              Age: 22
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Relaxed
                              Posts: 1,197
                              Area looking for work: Mapper
                              Timezone: ACET +10
                              Preferred method of contact: MSN: [email protected]
                              Examples of work:

                              Additional Info: I can work with any types of tiles.
                              I'm looking for some good (When I say good,
                              I mean you can hold your own by yourself)
                              N**i Zombies players, to form a team or even a
                              clan, to play with casually.
                              Send me a PM with your Highest Level and your PSN,
                              and I'll get back to you.
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                              Pokémon Opal Producer
                                Join Date: Jun 2009
                                Location: Somewhere!
                                Age: 22
                                Gender: Female
                                Nature: Gentle
                                Posts: 485
                                Team name: Project Hiatu
                                Team Leader: Kitsukitty
                                Current Members:
                                Member names with a * are valid to DeviantART

                                driedzone* - Official Designer
                                Ann-chan1324* - Official Designer
                                Me - Official Designer, Spriter, Scriptor

                                Current Game title: Pokemon Opal
                                Current progress made: Battle scripts, Type scripts(Pokestarter) Pokedex currently being filled
                                Position(s) needed:
                                Pokémon Designers(2)
                                Move Animators(1)
                                Music Writers/Mixers(0)
                                Pokemon Cry Creators(0)

                                I will take as many as I need!

                                Timezone: US Eastern Time(New York)

                                Preferred Method of contact: For discussion or questions about the game, check my Profile and leave a message, private mail me, or email.(Email is found on my Profile; "Send Message")

                                Additional info:
                                Check the forum for more info.

                                If you want to learn more about my Time Zone, go here:

                                I really hope to find a new tile system, so if you know a better one than FR/LG, please tell me!

                                Pokémon Opal has become partner's with another game! We are now hideAki!

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                                  Join Date: Jun 2008
                                  Posts: 32
                                  • Recruiting a Team Member
                                    Team name: The Pokenitiative
                                    Team Leader: Me
                                    Current Members: Bards Swords (dialogue)
                                    Current Game title: Pokemon: the Scientist
                                    Current progress made: Plot synopsis posted in Plot idea section along with beginnings of extensive walk through.
                                    Position(s) needed: Since my main strength is plot writing, I need people who can bring Pokemon: the Scientist to life-This means Spriters, mappers, coders, music editors, ect
                                    Timezone: Central Time Zone
                                    Preferred Method of contact: you can always try me on my AIM: Playonwordsxyx
                                    Additional info: Take a look in the Plot idea section for Pokemon: the Scientist and if you like what you see, let me know if you want to join this team.
                                    - - - - - - - -
                                  Pokemon: The Scientist is in need of a team check it out and see if it interests you.
                                  Old July 5th, 2009 (1:30 PM).
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                                    Join Date: Jun 2009
                                    Posts: 44

                                    • Team name: Pokemon Jade
                                      Team Leader:smashmaniac2008
                                      Current Members:ozzlander, smashmaniac2008, Tornado(me), Fallen Angel, and toothman22
                                      Current Game title: Pokemon Jade
                                      Current progress made:We are just starting to get ideas down except we are 1% done with the story.
                                      Position(s) needed:Concept Artists, Sprite artists, Map Makers, and Music Makers, (i think that is all)
                                      Preferred Method of contact: just go to this link
                                      Area looking for work: Spriter, Mapper, Concept Artists, Music Makers (i think that is all)
                                      Examples of work:We have the very very very first part of story.
                                    • Ok, you are just getting out of bed when your rival comes in the door and says, "hey professor wants to talk to us right away, meet me in front of the professor's lab in 5 minutes." you get out of bed you go downstairs then your mom comes up to you and tells you that is waiting for you in front of the professor's lab, then on the tv screen it says, "BREAKING NEWS!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!! this just in, the small island off of the coast(choose what direction you want smash) has suddenly just burst into flames and is burning now, all the buildings and stuff are burning down right now, then everything stopped burning, and it was over everything was ash and it was just a horrible sight." Then your mom turns off the tv. and tells you to go now. Then you go, then your rival says, "finally you are here, now hurry lets go in, (you both go in) ok professor we're here, what do did you want to talk to us about now?" then the professor says, "There you are, ok well i was going to just discuss if you wanted to work in here with me. But something more urgent has come by me, i am sure that you 2 just saw that island mysteriously burst into flames and got destroyed. well, i want you 2 to go investigate for me, here are some pokemon you may choose which one you want. (you choose then your rival chooses). ok now you 2 go investigate the island is just 10 miles off the coast of here, here take these passes to go on the fairy, you 2 go together, and stick together.
                                    • Additional info: Plz join, currently only 2 members are posting in the forums and we need all the help we can get.

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                                    Off for the Ultimate Victory!
                                      Join Date: Dec 2008
                                      Location: Somewhere...
                                      Nature: Adamant
                                      Posts: 39
                                      Team name: AzureBlue Team
                                      Team Leader: I guess that would be me... Chronic
                                      Current Game title: Pokemon Azurite & Copper

                                      Current progress made:
                                      At this point, all the primary story has been completed (main events have been determined, names have been selected, region characteristics and details have been defined), still setting up minor details and additions to the gameplay. No progress has been made in other areas yet.

                                      Current Members:

                                      Position(s) needed:
                                      Scratch spriters (OW sprites, Pokemon sprites and Trainer sprites)
                                      Tileset artists
                                      Musicians (for cries, sounds, etc...)
                                      Coders (RGSS only)
                                      Designers (Character design, UI layout designers, and all similar stuff...)

                                      Timezone: GTM - 06:00

                                      Preferred Method of contact: PM System, MSN or email (PM for requesting a job)

                                      Additional info:
                                      Some of the expected innovations:

                                      Will include some old favorites like Headbutt and Whirlpool, recent additions such as Dive, Defog and Rock Climb, and new additions like Crawl, Scorch and Freeze; all as field moves.

                                      Restructures the TM/HM System by implementing extensions (i.e: Dive is returned to the HM list, resulting in 9 HM's available (This one was great... I'll never understand why they took it away))

                                      New evolution methods (Toughness, Exposure to Weather), new abilities (Commune, Frenzy, Gleam), and new moves (Volt hammer, Vine Swipe, Pitch Black).

                                      + nearly 100 new Pokemon, and new type combinations (i.e: Fire/Ghost, Ice/Fighting).

                                      Travelling went a level up: inter-regional travel is now on stage. Maps now require a wider range of skills to be conquered.

                                      New teams on scene: Team Vita and Team Necro, both more real-like and more passionately evil than ever.

                                      A catchy story since the very beginning, and all actions you make will affect your success in unexpected ways.

                                      New items on display like Brutal blade and Fire Charm.

                                      Seasons appear and weather types are enhanced (Windy, Depths).

                                      Entirely new music themes will be used in the project.

                                      For participating on the project, each member will receive bonuses on the game itself, like event-only areas/Pokemons before others and character style changes, and, as well, a resource package from the project development (gameplay scripts, tile and music packs, etc...) for use on other projects.

                                      (Information about this and any other aspects of the project can be requested by any of the contact methods.)
                                      Old July 7th, 2009 (10:13 AM).
                                      Birdybot's Avatar
                                      Birdybot Birdybot is offline
                                      -insert witty phrase here-
                                        Join Date: Jun 2009
                                        Location: In a place.
                                        Age: 21
                                        Gender: Female
                                        Nature: Jolly
                                        Posts: 160
                                        Team Name
                                        Team Arceus

                                        Team Leader
                                        That would be me, Birdybot.

                                        Current Members
                                        Just me.

                                        Current Game title
                                        Arceus' Galaxy (will possibly change)

                                        Current progress made
                                        Not too much, since I have no team. At the moment, I've managed to get the first and second towns done, but I really need better sprites and stuff. I have the story all planned out, though.

                                        Positions needed
                                        Pokémon spriter
                                        Trainer spriter
                                        Other stuff spriter (tilesets, trainer cards, HP boxes, town maps, etc)
                                        Very experienced scripter, who would be able to do stuff from making attacks to rearranging the PC system and stuff.

                                        I'm in England, not too far from the 0 line, so GMT (+0)

                                        Preferred Method of contact
                                        The PM system to apply for to be on the team, and then email if you can if you get the job

                                        Additional info
                                        Just a bit about the project you'll be working on. I think it'll be fairly good when it's done. It is ambitous, aiming to be a long game where the player starts in Kanto, then moves to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and a new region called Arato. It should involve going to space in a rocket to save the world as well and I intend on making a shortened version to go along with it, which just has the Arato region.

                                        Old July 9th, 2009 (3:42 PM).
                                        incognito322's Avatar
                                        incognito322 incognito322 is offline
                                        let's look towards the future!
                                          Join Date: Dec 2007
                                          Location: Switzerland, France
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Naive
                                          Posts: 264
                                          Team name:
                                          Team SunOpal and MoonOnyx, or Team SOMO for short.

                                          Team Leader:
                                          me, incognito322!

                                          Current Members:
                                          just me, officially

                                          Current Game title:
                                          Pokemon SunOpal and Moon Onyx

                                          Current progress made:
                                          .25%, just finished mapping the first town, lol.

                                          Position(s) needed:

                                          Overworld Sprite Maker, in D/P Style
                                          Scratch Pokemon Spriter, fronts, backs, and icons
                                          Scripter familiar with Pokemon Essentials
                                          Scratch Pokemon Trainer Spriter, fronts and backs for storyline characters. (I make tiles in D/P style, if anyone wants to know,)

                                          as in the one I live in? GMT-6:00, that is Central Time for US & Canada

                                          Preferred Method of contact:
                                          PM me or just post on my thread in the Plot and Story Idea Space subforum

                                          Additional info:
                                          Once all members are recruited, and the game is making progress (first town to first gym), I'll have the thread moved to the Games Showcase subforum. If you want to see a little of what I have to offer, visit my thread, called Pokemon Niohe Adventures. I'll be adding pictures as I continue making the maps.

                                          A new journey awaits!
                                          Old July 10th, 2009 (4:37 AM).
                                          Joltz's Avatar
                                          Joltz Joltz is offline
                                          Pokemon Galactite
                                            Join Date: Jul 2009
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 30
                                            Team Name: Team Galactite
                                            Team Leader: Me; Joltz
                                            Current Members: Joltz
                                            Current Game title: Pokemon Galactite
                                            Current progress made: Not an awful lot really. Twinleaf Town and Route 201 is made. Scripts done. And everything else needs done.
                                            Position(s) needed: OW Spriter, Trainer Sprite Designer aka. non-OW, Eventer (I will do some of the Events), and thats it I think.
                                            Timezone: uh... Bulgarian Time... Rofwl.
                                            Preferred Method of contact: Please could everyone PM me.
                                            Old July 12th, 2009 (3:01 AM).
                                            Vaskituh Vaskituh is offline
                                              Join Date: May 2009
                                              Posts: 91
                                              Guys my project is close to being finished, and whoever accepts to help me will be able to see that, the biggest problem as of now, is that i don't have a Town Map yet, and i don't know how to do one, specially considering the in game maps, so if someone could help me i would be really thankfull, please contact me via PM.

                                              Thank you in advance
                                              Old July 14th, 2009 (9:50 PM).
                                              murkage7's Avatar
                                              murkage7 murkage7 is offline
                                              Maxwell leader of team Magma
                                                Join Date: Jun 2009
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Nature: Adamant
                                                Posts: 7
                                                I have a production team called FlyingPandaProductions we create all kinds of MMOs and sometimes ROM remakes of pokemon

                                                We are working on a zombie MMO but i want to get started on a new more personal kinda MMO then the others. Our pokemon MMO, pokeunited online. I need people that can do something not just kids who think joining they can create a game. Im talking about scripting even basic scripting, HTML Java anything that can help
                                                If your interest post here your skill, also if you have any prior work in your field so i can see your work maybe post an url or a photobucket anything like that

                                                LEADER OF TEAM MAGMA ON PWO
                                                CREATER OF 3 ROMS!!! (REMAKE OF DIAMOND AND 2 WHOLE NEW ADVENTURES
                                                OWNER OF FLYING PANDA PRODUCTIONS
                                                OWNER OF NEW ONLINE POKEMON GAME POKEUNITED!!!

                                                Old July 15th, 2009 (4:55 AM).
                                                rando serian rando serian is offline
                                                Platinum League Ghost Leader
                                                  Join Date: Jul 2009
                                                  Location: Las Vegas
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Nature: Gentle
                                                  Posts: 28
                                                  Free Agent looking for work
                                                  Area looking for work: Storyline Writer
                                                  Timezone: -8 Hrs GMT Pacific Time Zone
                                                  Preferred method of contact PM or YIM

                                                  Examples of work: Now this is where it gets difficult, almost all of my old work has been published or is in the process of being published, except for one but that's being turned into a series of video games so I'm not exactly sure on ability to retain anonymity on the internet if I use any of them. I guess I could use one of my two upcoming internet series synopsis for an example but as I like to keep my work secret until it comes out, I’d rather not. I could use one of my fan-works, but then if my real life identity was discovered I might get into legal hot water. So what I’ll do is if you want an example of my work, send me a PM and I’ll send you a sample.

                                                  Additional Info: I am a professional writer that likes to do fanwork from time to time. It keeps me sharp, especially since the last time I had free time between published materials was almost a decade. I had nothing published between 1995 and 2004, I believe... I could be wrong on the years... Oh and I only help with projects that interest me... so at least have something interesting either in basic plot or character art...

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